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Mrs. Alton L. Bland
Blandhill Farms

Route 1 July 28, 1963.
Pineville, North Carolina

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr-.;
Atlanta, Ga.

Dear Mayor Allen,

I must say I have deep respect for your courage

end sincerity in backing the civil rights legis-
lation in the Commerce Committee hearing. I have
seen nothing to equal it since the racial crisis
arose. It must have been very hard to take o stond
s0 unpowulear in your area. I wish I could appleud
the wisdom of your decision to testify.

I know it has been trying to cope with Negro demon-
strators in a city the size of Atlanta. It is much
easier to give in to them, Weighboring Charlotte
has done much of this. However, the more I rend

of their aspirations the more I feel that their
demands are insatiable. Where will they stop?

Also I cannot see any ultimate good to the notion
evolving out of the social mixing of the two rsces,
nor how it csn bring any more happiness to either

When the Supreme Court made it's fateful decision

to definecthat the schools nust be integrated, they
opened Pandora's Box... I think it was 2 great mise
take, Perhaps we will need this legislation and the
the enforeing of the school integration to the let-
ter all over the nation to wake veonle up. Gondi-
tions may be so unpleasant that they will demend that
the legisl2tion be repealed, and the 14 wmendment

be inltered. to correct the mist-ke, 2s in the case
of the 18th Amendment. Whatever happens we are in
for a great denl of racial trouble in the yerrs to
come in the North and South.

Sincerely yours,

Lidia. S2onus

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