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3269 Amhurst Drive, N. W.
Atlanta 18, Georgia
August 1, 1963

Honorable Ivan Allen
Mayor Atlanta

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir:

I have never written to a public official before except
to make a request of one kind or another.

I know that you will receive many, many, letters calling
you all sorts of names. I know that you will even be criticized
by those who you have tried to help.

This is to say "thanks" for helping the country and the
Congress to cut through the decoys and propaganda and look at
the real issue.

Atlantans will not have to hang their heads this summer
as they visit friends and go to conventinns in other cities.
Your grand children can be proud that you said "out loud" for
the whole world to hear what so many are thinking but lack the
courage to say.

Sincerely yours,

wcomith fa Clickage

Samuel B, Ethridge

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