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bec: Mr. Dan Sweat, Jr.

Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.

O A\ 101 Marietta Street Bldg. e Atlanta, Georgia 30303 e Telephone 688-1012
T. M. Parham ‘

Executive Administrator

December 9, 1968

Mr. F. A. Stauffacher, Director
East Point Housing Authority
1669 Cleveland Avenue

East Point, Georgia

Dear Mr. Stauffacher:

Thank you for attending the meeting of the Citizens Central Advisory
Council of EOA on November 19, 1968. The meeting was very helpful to us
and creating improved understanding of some of the policies of the Housing

At that meeting, representatives of the Regional Office of HUD, Housing
Assistance Section, read to the group from 4 "circular" dated 3/22/68
which was trensimtted to local Housing Authorities from Washington HUD
(Mr. Don Hummel) in regard to "social goals for public housing."

Mr. Hummel indicated that as a matter of national policy, urgent and
major social objectives included:

More attention to resident's dignity,
privacy, and personal safety. Special
attention should be given to the elimi-
nation of unnecessary rules and regula-

Leadership to achieve better and more
coordinated social services fer project

Increased training and employment of tne-
ants in project management.

The development of equitable systems for
handling grievances.

Greatly expanded participation of tenants
in project management affairs and programs
designed to strengthen the self-sufficiency
of tenants.

Mr. F. A. Stauffacher
Page two
December 9, 1968

Mr. Hummel's directive indicated that national and regional offices of HUD
should give attention to these matters, but stated that "it is the local
Housing Authorities who will make the goals a reality. It is they who
must examine their own operations and make the changes called for by their

He recommended immediate review of the following:

The raising of income limits where they
have substantially fallen behing changes
in the comnunity.

The liberalizing of the definition of income
with the respect to the income of minors.

The adjusting of rental policies and require-
ments for the examination of tenants to mini-
mize the difference between public housing
and normal real estate practices.

The use of the statutory authority to con-
tinue in occupancy an over-income family
when it is unable to find good housing

in a suitable neighborhood.

The liberalizing of regulations limiting
the number of employees wno may live in a

The adoption of a simple and equitable

The simplification of rules and regulations.

The provision of adequate measures for
safety and security of tenants.

The adoption of procedures where tenants,

either individually or in a group, may :
be given a hearing on questions relating to
Authority policies and practices, either in
general, or in relation to an individual or


The upgrading of levels of maintenance and
the appearance of buildings and grounds with
the maximum tenant participation and, where
possible, tenant employment.

Mr. F. A.. Stauffacher
Page three
December 9, 1968

Among other things Mr. Hummel also suggested that local Housing Authorities:

Develop a two way communication with
tenants concerning basic policy; afford
the tenants full opportunity to organize,
including the provision of m2eting rooms
and access to tenant lists and bulletin

Give residents the opportunity to parti-
cipate in the determination of management
policies and practices, subject to general
principles of HAA, such as rental and occu-
pancy policies; rules and regulations;
charges for breakage and damage; eviction
policies, etc.

The Central Citizens Advisory Conmittee would like to ask what action the
Atlanta Housing Authority has taken or contemplates taking, to comply with
the recommendations of Mr. Hummel. We are especially interested in the
points listed above and would appreciate a reply, if possible, by December 17,
1968, the date of our next meeting. :

Sincerely yours,


C Erwin’ Stevens, Chairman- ~ ~“*" - ~~~
Central Citizens Advisory Committee


cc: Mr. Edward Sterne, Chairman Mr. Frank Ethridge

Ware, Sterne & Griffin Ethridge and Company

636 Trust Company of Georgia Building Suite 100

Atlanta, Georgia 5100 Maple Drive, N. E.
‘Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. George F. Craft, Vice Chairman :

Chairman of the Board of Mr. Jack F. Glenn

Trust Company of Georgia Chairman of the Board of

Trust Company of Georgia Building Citizens and Southern National Bank

Atlanta, Georgia 35. Broad Street, N. W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Me. d. B. Blayton

Mutual Federal Savings and Loan

205 Auburn Avenue

Atlanta, Georgia

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