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finri .Ni&n; anh Q!nurler, Wed., J uly 31, 1963
Robert Kennedy Is Accused
?'Of tirring R~cial Violence
~tvn s1pp1
(A~) - Missis- son's att?ck on the Kenn edy ad- ~nited States, is ~ar ~ore respon- '.
s chief lega l officer Tuesday ministration drew a lecture from s1ble for the racial violence and t
accused Atty. Gerr. Robert F. Sen. A. S. Mike Monroney, Doz- Kennedy of sending Justice De- Okla., presiding over a civil rights
\.tf. par~ent age~ts !J:lto the South bill ~earing, that P atters_on h!ld
tls to __ilir-__l!l2. racial violence.
damaged his own case with " mt ~ Td. Kennedy h1rs - demon- temperate language."
en strated to the nation his imma- Patterson said:
iti turity, irresponsibility and fiend- "I firml y believe that the pres·
?ho ish delight" in wield.i!!.gt ? ~ ent U.S. attorney general, with the
e State Atty. Gen. Joe . atter- approval of the President of the
ge - - - - - - -- -- - - - - - - - - - - -- -- ,
troubles we are having through- ~
out this nation th an the _ruthless ~
leaders _ who -:1re sponsoring and ~
promoting racial unrest.
"I make this charge because I a
know as a matter of fact that
down in my state· agents and representatives _of the U.S. Depart- F
ment of Justice are ever present l\
where there is racial trouble and P,
instead of working with the duly
elected and responsible officials in s
an eff01: t o prevent violence ano t
disorder , these agents of the U.S. t
attorney general actually aid , abet
and encourage violation of state I
laws and municipal ordinances, I
assuring the agitators that if and J
when arrested the Department of I
J ustice will come to their rescue. I
Sen. Philipu A. Hart, D-Mich.,
said he was shocked by P atterson's attack on the P resident and 1
the attorney general and said:
"We'd better not be diverted by
th is kind of personalizing."
Patterson replied:
"I say again, without apology- ·
those two individuals have taken
their powerful offices and used
them to bring about racial ~it ations."
Patterson testified at a Sen te
Commerce Committee hearing on
a bill to outlaw discrimination in
theaters, sp , restaurants and
other public accommodations.
He de~
ed the administration's. ci~
ro~. as •
constitutronal, pat:!Da~ c an
l"mfm'son's a ttack was similar
in some respects to that delivered
July 12 by Gov. Ross Barnett of
Mississippi. Barnett accused P res. ~
ident Kennedy and his attorney
general brother of "sowinq .tJ!!
sA.,eds of bate ~nd violenc~ •

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