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October 3, 1966
To : M ayor I v an Allen, Jr.
From: Dan Sweat
Subje ct: L :-w Income H using Program, City of A tl anta
In accordance with your verbal d irection of Septe mber 28 ,
1966, the following program i s recommended to meet the requirenients
outlined for acceleration of the City's hous ing code c omplian ce program
an adequat e
and devel opment of :io:xasri:Ewp:J supply of l ow inc ome housing .
The program as outlined herein is deeitmed to accomplish
two major objectives:
Relocation of a maximum number of low income families
from the worst slum areas and demolition of substand rd structures
prior to J une 1, 1967.
A cceleration of construction of authoi-ized public housing
�Page Two
units and d e ve l opment of new publi c hous i ng r e sour ces with tar get d ate s
of June 1, 196 7, and J une 1, 1968 .
In o r der to a cc omplish t hese goal s the following maj or
re c omme ndati on s must be c ons i der e d :
A d opti on by the May or and B oa r d of Aldermen of a s tr on g
polic y o f Ho u sing C ode Enfo rcement and is sua n ce of a clear
implementing directive to a ll offici a l s charged w ith such i mplem e n tation
and opera tion of t he Housing C o d e C ompli ance Program.
(C opy cf
proposed policy a tta c hed)
The Housing Code Compliance Policy adopted January 1,
1965 , be revi sed to provide for priority treatment to "cle a r a n c e ,
code enforcement" areas and firm designation of Title I Urban Renewal
r as on a 2-year maximum delay schedule .
(Copy of prope sed revision
att ched.)
A d dition of
minimum of 14 new positions in the Housing
C ode C ompliance Division, including 10 additional inspectors and four
employees .
Adoption by the Atlanta H o using Authority of an innov tiv
d energetic progr m of public housing using all
v il bl
�Page Three
of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, including lease
and pur chase of renovated private hous i ng under the ' 'turnkey" pr o gram.
Encouragement of and assistance to private,,. non-profit
and profit housing developers by the Atlanta Housing A uthority for the
c onstruction and d evelopment of private and semi-public housing resources
for low income and moderate income families , utilizing the
programs as well as private capital.
Imm.edi te review of all pending and authorized public
housing projects and initiation of necessary action ·to complete all
scheduled proFcts prior t o June 1, 1968.

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