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October 3, 1966

To: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
From: Dan Sweat

Subject: Low Income Housing Program, City of Atlanta

In accordance with your verbal direction ‘of September 28,
1966, the following program is recommended to meet the requirements
outlined for acceleration of the City's housing code compliance program

an adequate
and development of imaciexnate supply of low income housing.

The program as outlined herein is desigged to accomplish

two major objectives:

1. Relocation of a maximum number of low income families
from the worst slum areas and demolition of substandard structures

prior to June 1, 1967.

2. Acceleration of construction of authorized public housing

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units and development of new public housing resources with target dates

of June 1, 1967, and June 1, 1968.

In order to accomplish these goals the following major

recommendations must be considered:

1. Adoption by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of a strong

policy of Housing Code Enforcement and issuance of a clear

implementing directive to all officials charged with such implementation
and operation of the Housing Code Compliance Program. (Copy of

proposed policy attached)

2. The Housing Code Compliance Policy adopted January 1,
1965, be revised to provide for priority treatment to ''clearance,
code enforcement'' areas and firm designation of Title I Urban Renewal
areas on a 2-year maximum delay schedule. (Copy of propesed revision

attached. )

3. Addition of a minimum of 14 new positions in the Housing
Code Compliance Division, including 10 additional inspectors and four

clerical employees,

4, Adoption by the Atlanta Housing Authority of an innovative

and energetic program of public housing using all available resources

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of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, including lease

and purchase of renovated private housing under the ''turnkey"' program.

5. Encouragement of and assistance to private,, non-profit
and profit housing developers by the Atlanta Housing Authority for the
construction and development of private and semi-public housing resources
for low income and moderate income families, utilizing the '221"

programs as well as private capital.

6. Immediate review of all pending and authorized public

housing projects and initiation of necessary action to complete all

scheduled projects prior to June 1, 1968.
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