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ATLANTA (Pi—Kicking and push-
ing marked a street sitdown dem-
onstration that tied up traffic for
several blocks in the downtown
area Friday.

Three white persons and 10 Ne-
groes were arrested on charges
of blocking traffic and disorderly

Before police arrived, several
hundred persons milled around in
front of Leb’s Restaurant, a target

| of the demonstrators. Several dem-
| onstrators were struck, kicked,
|pushed and dragged across the
pavement by white spectators. In
some cases, spectators tried to pull
protestors from the intersection to
permit cars to pass.

It was the first such street dem-
onstration in efforts to desegregate
downtown restaurants which did
not join in an integration move by
other eating places recently.

The demonstrators were mem-
bers of the Committee On Appeal
For Human Rights. Earlier some
of them had picketed Leb’s Res-

Two demonstrators were taken to
a hospital for treatment after the

Picket signs were jerked from
the hands of demonstrators and
torn to pieces by onlookers.

The 13 arrested persons were
picked up bodily by police and
placed in a paddy wagon after
they refused to move. At police
headquarters, they refused to get
out of the wagon until officers per-
suaded them that one of their
number, an injured woman, would
get medical treatment sooner if
pes bs voluntarity:


wXo a od dN —

affic Tied Up
By Sit-Down Demonstration

The 13 got out and dropped to
the pavement. Trusties dragged the
men and carried the women inside.

During the earlier picketing,
Thomas Taylor Tolg, 22, Oxford,
Ohio, was arrested when he re-
fused to move away from the door
of Leb’s on a police command.

Civitans Members
Of Convention Unit

Ocala Civitans have become
members of the Ocala Silver
Springs Convention Bureau —
results of a meeting this weekend
with the club’s board of directors.

Directors of the club voted
Thursday to enroll all Civitans in
the Bureau, making it the first
local service organization to take
such action. The decision was at-
tributed to successful handling of
the Civitans’ area council meeting
by Harry Helvenston, Convention
Bureau executive director.

Meeting at the Verton Gay resi-
dence, the club directors also dis-
cussed projects for the coming
year The list includes fruit cake
sales to aid the mentally retarded,
sponsorship of Boy Scout Troop
115, and a little League Baseball

Program Chairman Bill Resor
announced that the next Civitan
luncheon meeting will be at 12:15
p. m. tomorrow. Featured speak-
er will be Bill Ray, new publicity
consultant at Homosassa Springs.



Only 2 Weeks


Prospective studenis at Central,
Florida Junior College have only'|
two more weeks to apply for en-
roliment in the 1963 fall term,
Dean of Students Terry U. O’-
Banion announced.

Deadline for filing application
for the new term is 4 p. m. Aug.
9, O’Banion said. Classes begin
Aug. 19.

During the summer, 385 stud-
ents — predominantly new fresh-
men — have completed applica-
tion for admission for the 1963 fall
term, O'Banion said.

The first-time student, whether

Weapons Testing Unit
Slated For Eglin Base

Sikes, D-Fla., says the Air Force
will establish a weapons effec-
tiveness testing organization at
Eglin Air Force Base Aug. 15.

Sikes says the new program, to

be set up without an increase in
personnel, will be assigned the
mission of developing concepts
and doctrine for Air Force com-
bat support forces. The aim is to
provide a solid basis for planning
combat operations and to obtain a
new approach io Weapons . and

Ocala Star-Banner

he is an anita high school

graduate or college transfer, a

submit a formal, application

takes a compulsory “itt
tests administered by
completes a program of
ment by college counselors
then ready to enroll f
courses to complete

lynew students
tests must

on campus, when 2
who have not taken fhe

ew students
earlier this

ents in day classes
§ am. Aug. 19 at the Op

Aug. 22 in the Science Building
Auditorium on the CFJC campus.

Registration days will be Aug.
21 for returning students; Aug. 22
and 23 for new students; and from
6-9 p.m. on Aug. 22 for evening
classes. Both day and evening

Sunday, July 28, 1963


Remaining For
ents To Register .


ret ey

classes will begin Monday,, Aug: :

On the basis of early) applia:

‘| tions of new students

alt fady counseled for courses

oH] exe officials predict a contin-—

ing upswing in Soe aa Suring

hy aay

Atlanta Woman:


Is Assaulted © ~
By 3 Negroes

ATLANTA (P — A 49-year-old
white woman told police sheswas

raped by three Negroes ¥1
night after being forced n
automobile in the downt -


She quoted the Negroes as.say-
ing “you can’t say a Negro“hasn’t
had something to do with you.'")

Police said they found the wornan
in a hysterical condition.

She gave this account:

She was walking near a, motel

- |on Carnegie Way when the Negroes

drove up, pointed a pistol and told
her to get in the car or they would
“blow your head off.” 9" ™

The trio slapped her around,
then drove to an area off Techwoed
Drive where she was dragged from
the car.

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