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The Ivan Called Allen Had Right
Of Free Speech But Thurmond Didn't

There was a Louis Pasteur, who rendered great
service to mankind, Now there is a John Pastore,
Catholic Congressman from Rhode Island, who
is chairman of the Senate Commerce Commit-
tee. He looked like an angry schoolboy who had
been chastised by the teacher in the Ivan Allen
hearing on TV last Friday in Washington, D.C,

Allen was urging passage of the public ac-
comodations part of the atrocious civil rights
bill and, in fact, urged passage of the bill, en
toto. (Atlanta’s Chamber of Commerce opposes

Storm Thurmond, a member of the committee,
former Governor of South Carolina and a con-
gressman from the Palmetto State, was trying to
get some sense out of both Pastore and Allen,
but Pastore angrily denied his continuance on
the subject. That’s a great new procedure under
the Kennedys. If you don’t follow the Kennedy
party line, your right to free speech is knocked

What. we’re Catia to is not Pastore, however,
but the Allen named Ivan. We never-knew, &ny-
one named Ivan who wasn’t a\Russian’ until we
came across Atlanta’s dear Mayor, whom The

Constitution now hails once again as giving the

senators and the nation “a look at one of the
keys to Atlanta’s greatness; its sense of fairness
and local responsibility in racial matters.” How

The heading on the editoria was truth enough,
though, saying — “Allen May Have Put Cart Be-
fore Horse.” We think they ought to recommend
that Allen be put before the cart, Because he is
some part of a horse, if you know what we mean.

About this Ivan business. The Mayor of At-
Janta, an Allen named Ivan, must be staying out
in the sun a lot with that ‘blond complexion of
his because it appears to us that he is turning
altogether pink. He is making defeated candi-
date for Mayor of Atlanta, Lester Maddox, look
pe ers every time the Ivan called. ‘Mayor enete

e eed language is

‘ing to GUT the right of a pri

Jenkins, the lay preacher. The hypocrite! aes
as foe ane Mayor, just call him Ivan the Teri
ne ible Ir told niet Co mm 2a C 4

is beginning to creep .
editorials. me, other _ day Life Magazine,



questioning the protection of a Judge’s son who,
in a drunken escapade, hit another car and
killed four people, got off scot free at the trial.
Life asked pointedly: “What the Hell goes on!”

We would like to add: Damn a Southern who
would follow the atheist-inspired Supreme Court
of the United States and the Kennedys in try-
te business man
to run his business as he chooses, hire the people
who can help his business as he chooses, serve
the people he chooses, and generally trying to
make laws that are exclusively the right of The
Congress to make, under the constitution of the
United States. We have a new and strange “Law
of the Land.” The 90% is supposed to bow to the
remands of the 10.5%.

Small wonder we lose state’s rights; the hon-
orable men who, led by Jefferson, conceived the
Bill of Rights and the Constitution, must be
spinning in their graves at the flagrant, illegal
and fraudulent manner a bunch of ham politi-
cians on the national level are trying. to
trarily sack the rights of men engaged"i
Enterprise... for their own political gain
the Negro bloc vote. .

This country became great only because of the
Free Enterprise system and we say that it is now
long past due for men of courage to listen to the
words of Governor Ross Barnett of Mississippi,
and we quote: —

“If we had half the courage of our forefathers
we'd lick this thing.”

Now the type that Meredith of Ole Miss calls
members of his own race — the burrheads —
are blocking traffic in Atlanta, standing in front
of cars as they try to progress in traffic, and
this is the sort of thing encouraged by the Na-
tional Administration ot by the Chief of the}
Atlanta Police Department, good old Herbert

sd ait have b dio what s 8 aa
Great aay int sini i vay .

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