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might lol!le ach·ertlslnf .
15. The Internat ional
cleliberate · ct) In 1 21 ilnd 192 , tkey Lithuania have beeli digested by tile Coni•
on t
epressions, (The J ewis
monist Jews) - with a few Gentile stoogea
Jewish Council
to front for them. Two and a half million
met at Basie, Switzerlancl, In 1879 and drew
Protocol XX, 20. "Economic,
J ews in Russia occupy nearly an governenemI.
up the Protocols of the Learned Elders of
crises ltave betn produced by 01
m ent positions and live in luxury with the
2. Bead carefully arrd judge for yourself ~ion" as the formula for their ·pJaa to capfor the goyin (Gentile) by no
fi n est ca1·s and mink coats while the Gen•
about what ls wrong with 'America.
-ture control of e world.
ot er means an the wit drawal
tile population lives in slavery and squalot
16. Jews claim the Protocols are forof money fr om circ.u lation."
as their slaves. LAZAR KAGANOVICH,
1ttop Uiis plo~ whicll ll.aa been ,teadily pro- geries. A forgery is an unauthorized copy
J ewish brother-ht-law of STALIN was the
of an original. The Jews never question the
gressing for many yean, and especially th e authenticity of the original Protocols whick the panic of 1893 which was caused by
Jut 20 years, and now .hu its key men 1- • were written in Hebrew. The important simply and sudden y withdrawing a large Union.
~:he desired positions of power, ready to fact is that the Jews are carrying the plot amount of gold from the New York Stock
World War m Is to exhaust the ·nation!I
Exchange and s t ding it to Montreal. so that they will agree to a J ewish world
puU th.e strings wkic11 wij) submerge Gentile out to the letter.
lmmanity fore..-er.
. · rr 17. The Russian Revolution was fi- "The Federal Re erve Conspiracy" docu- government. The Jew-controlled United
4. E very Senator and Congressman 1s nanced by J ews Jacob Schiff, Otto Kahn & ments the details of this operation from ' Nations is to be the world government; the
tonstantly v~t~ng on questiona concerning P a ul W arburg, ~f Kuhn, Loeb & Company, economic journals and from little-publicized 0ag of the United Nations is taken from
tile world cnsJS, yet few ltave the guts to New York bankers. They advanced 48 mil- Congressional invef;tigations. The money the Oag of Israel and Russia.
panics of 1907 (which occurred in a year of
tell the people what 18 baek of the entire lion dollars and trained 276 Jewish revo- general prosperity) 19Zl and ·1929 were
28. The world· ' crisis is made by
world crisis and ~o advocate m easuret to lutionaries in New York City on the lower .:aused in the sam e ,way, and the details are
East Side who were shipped to Russia in similarly docum ent('d,
5. Rather than endure the smear that 1917 to direct the overthrow of the gov22. THE HOU E OF ROTHSCHILD, Loeb & Co., and who was r ecently appointed
would come their way, many members of ernment and set up the present CommuJewish banking · house., loaned m oney to Chair man of the U. S. Atomic Energy
Congrese are willing to sell their own f u- nist government of U. S. S. R. They passed
tue generations into slavery. Spineless through Germany (with whom we were both sides in Wor ld War I (in line with the Commission by EISENHOWER), ROTHSProtocols plot).
rjthout such loans there CHILD estate, MORGENTH.A.U, EINcreatures engrossed witll the egotism of the then at war ) by permission of Paul War ' 1. The lnformation printed here Is not
available from any of the regular channe).ll
of Information which are contrelleil bl 0111!
C. DouglCl!l DIiion
Undersecreta ry of St ate
Importance of their positions and thinking
they are the all-wise m entors of the , nation
passing on its vital questions, whereas they
are guilty of the grossest hypocrisy of all
aimes in evading the one and aJl important
l&Bue whicll is the foundation of all other
1uestfons. They are presidina over the diw•
I on of e white race.
David Lilienthal
First Chairm a n
Ato mic Energy Com, inion
Gen. Herman Feldman
Quartermaster Gene ral
T.S .D., U. S. Army
burg's brothe1l', who was the Kaiser's Chief would have been I o war as neither side
of Espionage, and permission of the Ger- could afford war. But the J ews wanted
man Chancellor, Von Bethman•Hollweg war in order to h.t e Gentile destroy Gen(Jew). Trotsky and Lenin were the lead- tile, aud to bring un world chaos and to
ers. All attempted assassinations and assas• seize power in the interim due to the
inations of Czars were carried out by Jews. emergencies created,
23. WILSON Put the U. S. into the
18. BERNARD BARUCH gave $50,·
to bale out the J e_wish banking int~reata
DROW ·w1LSON'S cam ai~ ,
STEIN, and the r est of their Jewish conspirators.
29. Why do J ews talk of the crisis we
ha ve with Ru sia ? They control the governments of Russia, England, Franre, Israel, and
If.he U. S. T he crisis is their own making,
br ought about by them in ord~r t o put us
in a military straitjacket to them.
But It's going to last a good many yea11a!"
ANN A knows the plan of the P roto coll.
She supervised t1'e hiring of more than a
million while she was in that job. It will
take ten years to unscramble the Red net•
work she set up if America does not paSI
out before.
35. She was backed bv BERNARD
BARUCH for her position. She is a friend
of EISENHOWER. BARUCH is the secret
President of the United States. EISENHOW·
ER is his mouthpiece. EISENHOWER, 0 11
BARUCH'S advice, opposes the BRIC.KER
amendment so our Constit ution can be set
aside and world government set up, and t:h.e
White Race destroyed.
36. Jew EINSTEIN caused the Atomic
. Energy traitor, KLAUS F UCHS, to be released from jail in Canada and brought to
the United States, where he acted a~
the world's leading atomic energy spy.
EINSTEIN was a str ong supporter of traf..
EINSTEIN in a letter to Jew WILLIAM
FRAUENGLASS, New York ·teacher, ad-
David D11blnsq
Ruui a n-born World Wide
Labor Leader
vised all wit nl'sses to refuse to ann, er
questions before Congressional commltteee.
37. JC'wi:..;h inte ·national banker fore •s
that baekt>d EISENHOWER for President
also backed STEVENSON. TRUMA followed the Jewish i strurtions. 'l'he Jewi.'l
international hankers,
erol'd, n ·
�6. Many mem"bers of Congress desire to
Jead a life of hypocrisy and escape the real
lsaue, leamg it for others, who, in like
manner, leave it for others, and all touch
it not. Thus the internal enemy -has a free.
and untrammeled field in which he is moving rapidly forward to the climax.
. 7. Needed is a simultaneous effort of a
large rroup of Senators and Congressmen
to expose this plot because there is protection in numbers. The public could thus
be ar oused, and once aroused, would gin
them its support, and smear of indh'iduals
~ould not take place wh.en a goodly number
act simultaneously.
S. Communism was set up by .Jews
In 1917.
9. It is the Jewish plot to enslave the
Gentiles and ~o Tole over them as kings
•ver slaves.
10. The Jews consider this their destiny
"the chosen people".
oacKeo oy w a:n;no -n u-ui: nruun i,uc u
Company on .the promise that he would
obtain passage of and sign PAUL WARBURG'S "Federal Reserve Act of 1913" which he did - which placed the banking
reserves of the United States under the
control of the Jewish international bankers. ROTHSCHILD, KUHN, LOEB, and
LEH~AN, ~tc.
.. --~
--- -----~ ~- -
Jews in complete charge of the United
States - BERJ.~ARD. BARUCH as head of
War Industries Board, P AUL WARBURG
as head of banking interests, and EUGENE
MEYER who now owns the leftist paper
"Washington Post" and also controls Allied
Chemical ,and Dye, head of the Liberty
L oan drive. BARUCH spent 10 bilijon
dolJars of allied money, giying his own
19. The public thinks the Federal Re- companies .the choicest contracts , on which·
serve banks are goTernment· owned, but he also could fix prices, and . made himself
they are privately owned, the geographic a m ulti-m illionaire by fleecing the people o(
dispersal of twelve to represent decentrali- ~he United States.
zation just being window-dressing as they
all are dependent on the Federal Reserve 24. BARUCH has spent his life carBank of New York which is under control 'rying out the plot of the "Protocols of the
of the Wall Street Jewish ·i nternational Learned Elders of Zion" while representb~bn.
· ing himself to the public as "Elder Statesm an" and "Advisor to P residents". He pre20: They collect the dividends resulting tends to be a patriot by advising America
from the interest payments of the U. S. what it should do (or protection against,
government on its bonds sold to the Fedwhich lte and his gang hat1
er al Reser ve Banks, financed by deposits of
America in their plot.
3U. W h y dICl Truman m r:111;,, m aJJpmm
ing a five-man civilian boartl Atomic Energy
C9mmission, appoint four Jews as members?
shown to be a member of two Commu.nistfronts, yet backed by BARUCH' for the
position. Other Jew members, W. W. WAYMACK, R. F . BACHER, and LEWIS L.
oniror tne won as omnnea
eir·~,l"'T'I,___ __
tocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" have
complete control of both the Democratic and
Republican parties;
With · their unlimited supply of money,
they can buy anything. Protocol III., 11.
"With t he aid -of gold - which .is all in our
hands - we shall create universal economic
crises which will bring industry to a standa
31. Why does Eisenhower now appoint
LEWIS L. STRAUSS, Jewish Kuhn Loeb
banker, as cbafrman of the U. S. Atomic
Protocol IV., 4. "To give the G-entiles no
E nergy Commission?
t ime to think, their minds must be diverted
32. Why did E isenhower appoint Jewish - thus all nations take no note of their
Austrian-born P rof. ARTHUR F. BURNS common foe." ,
his Economic Advjser? (The Protocols say
t he Jews must occupy the positions of eco38. The United States is already captm·ed.
nomic advisers) .
Its government i$ under the control of its
33. Why did Eisenhower appoint ,Jewess 11 million Jews headed b:y the BARUCH,
cations Commissioner, and J e w SAMUEL

!flAU, W ARBURG gang.

Edward M. M. W arburg
Charles I. Schottland
Head of
Kulrn, Loeb Co.

11. To accomplish this t hey create wars,
revolutions, and depressions in order t o
1eize the power during the resulting chaos.
12. For hundreds of years this has been
the Jewish plan on the instr uctions of their
Grand Sanhedrin of Constantinople ln it.a
Vengeance Protocol of 1492.
13. To do so, they have cornered the
world's gold supply and have sold the world
the fiction that gold is wealth, b1stead of
the land and commodities being recognized
as wealth. By their control of gold, they
han enslaved all nations to them threugh
loans. They hold the world in an economic
14. By their control of gold, they control the means of propaganda, smearing all
newspapers and publications who do not
kow-tow to their wishes, and also shutting
off all foreign news they do not wish a
aation's people to hear. Every regular
aewspaper in tlte land talks of tlte world
erisls, but not one dares to tnform tile pubw
lit; !( Pa• Je~ plo, beJlba.. P.e ~risf • Tlle1.
Social Security Chief
Ali~ -
commercial banks throughout the country
-YOUR -MONEY. The U. S. government
pays interest on its own credit and the
Jewish international bankers collect it. In
1946 on a national debt of 246 billion, the
interest was 14 ½
million dollars a
day .
Today, 1954, the National debt is 276 billion
doilars. Can you see where th e money
power lies? By their control of gold 'th e
J ewish international bankers get richer
while Gentile America gets poor er and
poor er. In the "Protocols" they say they will
drain the entire pr oduct of material and
labor off the land into their treasuries.
21. The Congress "abdicated" in 1913
when it passed the Feder al Reserve Act.
The Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve Banks met behind closed doorl!I
and has more power than the Congress of
the United States. Said Board of Gonrnors is not responsible to the public nor to
Congress and has repeatedly s1town that
It ts under tlle control of the international
l)anker. By; raising tltt redil!lcount rate _(a
Harry Dexter White
Treasury Dept. Spy
BARUCH spent $10,000 to bring the Communist ch urch burners ,back from Spain
where they burned r eligious leaders alive
after covering them with kerosene. (Tim e
Magazine, J a n. 2, 1939.)
w oria w ar
1 was forced on Ger-
James P. Warburg
Worl d Government Leadel'
Lewis L. Strauss
Chairm.:in of 'Atomio
C ommission
B. GRONER her assistant? The Protocols
say t hey must control all communications.
ANNA M. ROSENBERG, who attend-
Louis Rothschild
C hairma n of
Marit ime Board
Hyman G. Rickover
Chairman Peacetime
Atomic Energy Commission
One hundred and sixty miJlion American
Gentiles r uled by 11 million Jews. A nation
within a nation. And in the world, billions
of Gentiles are ruled by 16 million world Jews.
39. DAVID SENTER, political writer for
ed Communist front meetings according to
sworn testimony by RALPH DE SOLA, the Hearst papers, on lu\y 6, 1953, states
hireil 10,000 p eo p e fo
anh t n- 'th at the .man beltind t'he guns in
many by the Jewish International bankers (Atomic Energy) project, (The New York- EISENHOWER administration is SIDNEY
who squeezed Germany financially for this er, September 15, 1945). This included the JAMES WEINBERG, Wall Street investpurpose. Jew, SAMUEL UNTERMEYER, spies JULIUS and ETHEL ROSENBERG, ment banker of GOLDMAN, SACHS and
brought about the boycott of Germany in GREENGLASS, SOBEL, GOLD, KLAUS
COMPANY. It is clear that the EISEN1933 for this purpose.
FUCHS and others. SIDNEY FIELDS, HOWER CABINET was hand-picked by
26. World War II was for the pur - writing in the New York Mirror Novem- WEINBERG·s man, General LUCIUS
pose of the Jews doing to Germany what ber 15, 1950, describes the p~wer ANNA CLAY, whom WEINBERG made Chairman
they did to Russia in World War I, causing, had while in charge of the nation's man- of Continental Can. Jews WEINBERG and
reTolution and establishing Communism.
power: Tomorrow MRS. ANNA M. BARUCH rule EISENHOWER, that i1
assumes her duties a& As· definite.
27. World War III is being arranged
by the Jews · in order to bring the entire sistant Secretary of Defense in charge of
While focusing our attention on the
world into Communism, which is Jewislt the nation's manpower. There are about enemy from without, the enemy from
11uper capitalism, \\'ith the Jews controlling 115 different U. S. government agencies within has captured the United State
the government as they do now in the concerned .with manpower." Mr. FIELDS
government. 'l'he power passed from the
SoTiet Union and all other Communist quotes Mrs. ROSENBERG: "Today we are
countries - Poland, llungary, Czechoslova- In for a long pull ••• I would not dare estl• people to the state about twenty yeau
(See ther Side)
lda1 Roumanla. China (Estonia. Latvi" an4 ,nate how long. Nobody would believe :me.
�llgo. No longer are the three fflvlslom of gov,
ernment, Legislative, Executive, Judicial of equal
power as was intended by the founding fathers.
· 41. Only the form of a Republic is mamtained, deceiving the people into believing they
have a Republic. They have same on local level
only, not on a national level.
42. The Executive is all powerful. Con·
gress is powerless. By p a t r o n a g e and by
- trategy the Executive gets his way. He can buy
. egi ·lation. Congressmen admit they have no
check on the astronomical budget figures they
vote for, and once voted, the Executive can
1pend it at will with no check up. The Executive
appoints the Supreme Court Judges and so
con ols that also.
43. The invisible Jewish government hM
been in control vf the U.S. since- F. D. R. took
office, and also controls WINSTON CHURCHILL, England, France, the Soviet Union, Israel,
Hu~gary, and Czechoslovakia, Poland, and R oumania.
<\4. The land ln Israel 1.s owned by the
Jake Arvey
Political i oss of
U 'ted States by the National Jewish Fund.
A ab had occupied part of this lal'ld for 1 ,31?()
nd pf rt 1.,700 years. The Jews c ame m
of the world and murdered the
and pushed nearly a million into the
dese where 850,000 still exist.
45. WINSTON CHURCHILL sent his war
messages to ROOSEVELT through BER·
NARD BARUCH who had his apartment in the
dorf Asto ·a in New York.
46. ANTHONY EDEN recuperated from a a
m:. at the Rhode Island home of the daughter f J~v, OTTO KAHN, one of those who
c1a1.ced the R i:;slan revolution. Mrs. OTTO
KAHN was :teted by Bolshevist Russia like an
Ca> To cause wars to consume the American
entile manpower whicll should be the seed of
a nation.
> To replace the consmned American
faken to Russia to be tried, without protection of "9 ~ i;l.Qt. all.ow@d .to Will ttu, - , .
the U. S. Courts and U.S. ConstitutiOll.; and trial
Protocol 11•1 says "It ls lndispens1ble
by jury. It makes it a crime to say anything retor our purpose that wars, so
flecting upon any r ace, or group, and this law
far as possible, should not result In
the J ews want so they can proceed unhampered
territorial gains; war will thus be
in their plot, and it will be criminal to accuse
to the economic ground....
Our lrtternational rights will then
(j ) Universal Military 'fi'ainlng Is for the purWipe out national rights, in the proppose of getting the young men of America under
er sense of right, and will rule the
control of the J ews for 8 year pe1iods and with
nations precisely as the civil law o:t
the military whiphand over them, they will be
States rules the relations o:t their subforced t o study and accept Communist propajects among themselves."
ganda . Those who accept will be given the ad54. EISENHOWER advocated the LEHMAN
vancement and allowed to study for the positions of doctors, dentists, lawers, etc., but those Inspired legislation to admit 214,000 ad<llttonm
who r ebel a gainst it will be chosen for floor Immigrants <mostly Jews, you will see> to rescrubbers, etc. place the Gentile Americans destroyed in the
Korean war. Eighteen gullible Republican Sena(k) The Human Rights Convenant, drawn up
by . ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, DEAN ACHISON, tors sponsored this legislati0n which they would
and two Russians, gives the government of any have voted against the previous ye\lr had TRUMAN introduced it, but now they consider they
member nation of the United Nations the right, have
a "Republican;' President. Since the end ot
Jf it thinks itself threatened, to curb t he -f reedom World War 11, ACHESON let fn - five times as
the press, and impose martial law, and to many Immigrants as the w allows and 77 per
~ake over all industry and all labor. _ _ _
cent of them were Jews. Congress stands supineJ
Herbert Lehman
La.der in
Marxist Phl-t
Albert Einstein
Max Rabb
Sidney Hillman
30 Communist Citations
Secy. to ~abinet
Mon behind F.D.R.
This is the means they intend to use to spring
the trap on the United States and take over the
government with their dictatorship. They are
also pushing to do the same thing by urging
passage of standby mobUtzatlon legislation, for
which BARUCH appeared before Congressional
committe~s and for which he has made public
speeches irl advocating that the President be
given complete authority to mobilize everyone
from 1 7 to 70, in event of attack or threat of
attack l>Y Russia, a threat he and his gang will
bring about at the desired time, because they
control the ~overnment of the Soviet Union, as
well as of England~ France, Israel, and the
United States.
48. Jews keep themselves segregated and
do not intermarry but they want t he Gentiles
to intermarry with color ed races. Why not, then,
the Jews? Oh, no, they consjder them selves "the
chosen people" to rule over all the other races
of the world.
ly by while all thi"s goes on as though it were a
little child and not supposed to know.
55. HENRY MORG.Arfl'HAU JR., Secretar.Y.
of the Treasury, with HAS.RY DEXTER WlilTE,
Under Secretary and COJlll1\unist (who committed
suicide when exposed) and liAROLD GLASSER
- all Jews in charge of our Treasury - gave to
the Communists money Plates complete with
three plane-loads of secret ink and four planeloads of secret paper for Pl'inting our money in
East Germany to pay two Years salary to Communist soldiers. Jewish refugees br ought mill·
Ions o:t this money to the U. S. to set up in business.
56. More Koreas are to come in the future
to consume more American manpower which
should be the seed of thlS nation. We now have
our men scattered in 63 COUntries, according to
U. S. News and World RePOrt Dec. 25, 1953.
57. More letting doW11 ot the Immigration
Laws ts to come, to let IJ1 ltlore J ews t o take the
place of the conswn~d AJnerican Gentiles.
58, When the United ~tates Is worn down
m!l be lhotl "l1l18 1B your lut chance. Wll"'
(f) He refused to win the Korean war.
<g> He gave the Commumsts everythlng they tne J ews pull the dlctatorshlp, they wm 1hoot
a sked In the truce negotiations, including giv- you or put you in concentration camp1. Yo
ing up the strategic island of Cho and two others. have presided at the · passing of the United
States a nd the passing of the white race. Yo11
<h> He is against tax reduction, although he let It happen. Now get together In one mlghtY,
had promised it.
elfort to stop It. This ls reality. You have o~
<D He has refused to clean out the Reds ID one chance left and that le to arrange a slmul·
government positions.
taneous outcry by a group o:t your fellow mem<j> He ts against McCARTHY and never talks bers o:t Congress to Indict this conspiracy bJ
against the enemy from without. <In line with the size of which the Capone gang and the
the Protocols wherein they say they will dlvert Mana a re Infants. The Jewish Antt-Detamaoon
the attention or the people whlle they ao tnerr . tea gue, irs .B'Ilat B"ntn, tne Amen can JeWlSD
work o.f the· plot.) To give the Gentnes no mne congress, · are sunverS1ve conspiraoes carrymg
to trunk, their mimls must be cllvertea .•.tnll9 out the .Tew plan. ni.ey are a "Gestapoff m
an nations wm. take no note o.f their common every communlty. The Jewtsh communl1le•
everywner e runy cooper ate-none cn:savow It..
have been taught It ror hunareas or yeara.
<k) He Is for the United Nation s [which Is to
The Protocols of Zion are being fulfllied. Act
be the Jewish World Government].
now or your posterity will be slaves forever!
Q) He appointed the pro-communist Harvar d
BENJAMIN FRANKL.IN predicted this ln h1a
President CONANT as High Commissioner ot Convention S peech ln 1784, and you have carried
It out and brought It to the point at which the
Cm) He appointed the BARUCH-WEINBERG trap \s a.bout to snap. Get together at once and
chosen BOIIl.EN as Ambassador to Russia, he undo lt or be prepared to take the consequence•
lsmar Baruch
Chief of Civil Service
Dr. R. Oppenheimer
Former Atomic Energr.
Pla nt Bou
Sidney J. W einberg
Directs Invisible
Leon l(eperlln9
Truman Financi•I
being a ROOSEVELT-TRUMAN favorite interpretc and advisor, who still contends the Yalta
and Teheran decisions were right.
(n) He appointed the ROOSEVELT-TRUMAN
favorite General WALTER EDELL SMITH as
and you and your posterity, will be wiped out
or go into slavery forever. There la no tlme to
In case you think we ate preludiced, b:\stor,,
for more th
1,000.. years indicates that wh
men who knew the J aps wer e on their way to
attack us at Pearl Harbor and did not alert om
forces there.
(o) He sponsored the legislation to a dmit 214,
000 additional aliens In the next three years and
secured lts passage.

He ts against the W ALTER-McCARRAN
Immigration Law.

to evtct them eventually-Babylon, Spain, Franoe,
Eng1ana, ana as recent as 1939, Germany. ADG
It will happen in America.

(q) He ls for raJsing the debt llmlt of the United States.
<r~ He ls fo! keeping up the foreign spending
to fmance socialistic governments in other countries while tearng down the United States.
(s) He ls a gainst bookburning but wants U. S.
citizens taxed to supply Red slanted books to
foreign libraries.
(t) He Is for Universal Military Training,

1. Or ganize Into a group wtlllng t ..

America by simultaneous action.

2. Outlaw Communisln.
3. Make treason during peace time a crime
punishable by death.
4. Outlaw the Anti-Defamation League.
American Jewish Congres1 and American
Jewish Committee.

Undersecretary o:t State, who fs one o:t the nve

ever these people h ave settled, lt was necessary


What You Can Do





�Isadore Jac:k Martin
Liaison Man ·
White House and Congress

A lfred G. Katzin

Simon E. Sobeloff

Rabbi Hillel Silver

in c:harge of all
U. N. Personn~I

District Federal Judge
Vice Pre6. A.J.C.

Top Zionist
Powerful in Washington

tiles with Jewish immigrants from E urope and
c) To consume the money of the Ameri.can
Gentile population by the direct and indirect
taxes necessary to pay the interest t o the Jewim international bankers on the national debt
and to pay national budgets brought a bout by
the cost ·of the wars and the preparation for
(d> To en.force non-segregation in order that
Intermarriage of White and colored races <which
always results in colored offspring> will be
brou 0 ht about and thus cause the passing of the
whit; race, which race the ~ews consider their
only o stac e to the fulfillment of their pr otocol p1ot, as they teel. the n- superior intelligence
<as they call it) • ill enable them to easily rule
over a ,orld of colored races.
(e> To set aside our Constitution by means of


ill'i'h t e United Nations and then
over;nm.e t to the United

Na ons w
w111 be a Jewish wortd government.
<fJ In any world governmefit-we--will whave
7 per ce,1t ot the vote, being 7 per cent of the
worlct · population. They will outvote us and
will s.11p millions of black and yellow people
into tne Umted States and with non-segregation laws, the white race will melt away, which
I.II ti.... Jew plan.
( ,) Fair Employment Practices Commission;
E >C, the Genociue treaty, the Human Rights
Couvenaut, and Universal Military Training are
all Jewish Communist measures pushed by the
Jewish controlled United Nations.
(l I F ..KP.C. i, to force employers to hire Corriu to and colQred people with no freedom of
le( in order to break down white control of
Ind t y, "·1 al,;o to brh g about inte1marriage
oi h . <: an. co ored o, no11.-scgregat1011 m inry
r 1er t ~e wiµing ou ol the whit"'

! Thtt Genocide treaty


LorQe you to ·be

of the country would inform the people. Papers
daily speak of the world crisis yet not one of
the r egular commercial dailies has the guts to
come out with the truth of the Jew plot. They
would lose some Jewish advertising dollars __
so better to have wars and the dissolution of the
United States a nd the passing of the white race
than to lose t hose precious Jewish advertising
d llars The newspaper s need to also arrange
sinntlt aneous exposure of the plot.
49 . J ews 'b rought on W or Id W ar 11 and
· _
Its aftermath had us fight it in order to re,
move the h~o barriers, Germany a nd J apan
from Russian expansion in order to make the
present World crisis.
50. The Jews caused the st ooge TRU~
- A CHESON gang to build up R ussia to present
a threat to the United States which they could
then ~e to put the United States in a military

J. Irwin Shapiro
Head of State Dept.
of Investigation

Dr. Leo Pasvolsky

Nathan felnsinger

M anly Fleisc:hman

Drafted U. N. Charter
with Alger Hiss

Chairman Truman's
Wage Stabilization Boerd

Defense Prod. Adm.
under Truman

enough and the· Russian H-bomb stockpile is
built up enough so that Russia can win then the
Jews will bring about World War 111 to exhaust
the white race so that the remnants left will
snbmit to world government in desperation
which will be a "Jewish World Government". '
59. They state they Will then forbid the In•
termarriage of whites With wh1·tes · Whites will
be _ allowe~ . only to mar!y colored peopl-=~ in
order Mtot dissolve
t thwhite r ace.
er ' ey ,ge
e United \Nations "Human
R ights Covenant" passed, which gives all mem her governments t he Tight to "impose martial Ia_w
if they consider themselves threatened, t hey will
have their Russian friends perpetra te a n event
which they will eall, a na tional threat . enabling
the gQvermnent to put the United States under
m artia l law, a nd then you will actually have in

d ictatorship strait-jacket, which is fast on the being the Jewish dictato r: hiP which is now al·
ready in t he seat of power but h as not yet pull51. '.Phe Jews caused F.D. ROOSEVELT to
ed the st rings.
give Manchuria a nd Poland to the Commuriists
61. EISENHOWER is completely subserva nd to divide Germany . ••• see the results.
lent t o the J ewish Plotters and is carrying forFR:ANKFURTER, directing t he State Departward _their P rotocols Plot steadily.
ment, gave China to t he Communists and sen t
That lfi why:
General . MARS~ their st ooge, to spend 13
(a) He wants the United Nations to be able
months breaking down enemies of Communism
t o set aside OW' ConstitutioJ'l, which will bring
in China.
the destruction of America, a nd the setting up
52. They caused the Korean w-tr to follow by
of J ewish World Government under the United
having the U.S. refuse t o a rni the Sout h KoreNa tions.
ans, a lthough knowing R ussia armed the Nor th
(b) He proposed and secured passage of t r eatKoreans to the teet h, and by withdrawing our
ies making our soldier boys subject to foreign
troops and announcing we would not defend
courts. Surely he cares naught about protecting
Korea. Colonel ALFRED G. KATZIN was U.N.
our American boys.
representative to Korea, now in charge of all
(c) He retused . to bloekade Red China.
U.N. personnel. Why worry about military secrets when Jews are in such key positions·t
(d) He reiused to cut of! aid being given t~
so-called a ilies, who were tl'\&dlng With Red
53. Thl:i caused the invasion they desired,
then they thre:w our t _oop in the_e
id ... con
~ent ot Congress, m Violatio:u 01 l'ubhc Law No.
(e) He retus~d th ena_ble fHIA.L'IG KAl·SHEK
~ but cau1:1ed adoption oJ. the policy wheieb.Y.
to mvade the mamJand.
way .

has appointed a committee to study it, which
committee he has handpicked of those in favor
of it, and appointed JULIUS ADLER, a Jew, as
62. Eisenhower has moved the Jews Into
top position in our government , in readiness for
the day when they will "snap the trap."
~a) He has appointed Jew LEWIS L. STRAUSS
as Chairman of the Atomic Ener gy Commission.
STRAUSS is a member of KUHN, LOEB CO.,
In vestment banker s.
( b) He has appointed Jew ARTHUR F . BURNS
his Econom ic Advisor.
<c) He has appointed · Jew MEYER ROBERT.
GUGGENHEIM, Ambassador to Portu?al.
(d) He has appointed Jew LOUIS ROTH·
SCHILD, Chairman of the Maritime Boa r d.

( e) He appointed Jewess FREDA HENNOCK,
F ederal Communications Commissioner.
(f )
H e has appointed Jew SAMUEL B .
GRONER, Assistant Federal Communications
( g) He has appointed Jew MAX RABB, his
White House Assistant.
- <h) He has appointed Jew - I:"'" JACK MARTIN;
liaison man between White House and Congress.
(i) He has appointed Jew CLARENCE D.
DILLON, (LAPOWSKI) Ambassador to France.
63. The Gentiles have been willing to
share America with the Jews, but the Jews are
not willing to share America with the Gentiles.
The Jews want it all , anti to make the Gentiles
their slaves.
. 64. The J ews - cry - Anti-Semitism- whenever
accused, but the correct name of Anti-Semitism
is "Jew consciom,." If a group is guilty o1 a cnme
against others, then they should be d&;1·ied as
a grou • j st as you woul decry the ca
&ang, to1 the &ame reason.
14ember1 o1 ColliNU. Awa.ken XIOW or fOQ

Stuart Rothman

So licitor, La.bor De pt.

Murry Snyder
Asst. Sec. of Defense
Charge Public Re lations

1. F orm gr oups of fellow Legislators willing
to save America by taking simultaneous action.
2. Outlaw the Anti-Defamation League,
America n .J ewish Congress and American Jewiilh
3. They have \.rained Military Government
Unit s" a nd in a trial run in nine cities moved ln
and imposed Martial Law in the name of the
United Nations. This was a dress rehearsal
for what is to come.
4. Eisenhower's reorganization of the defense
s y stem ls the BARUCH Plan, which puts the
.final authority in one man, the Ch a.frma.n oL
the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
5. The State National Guard units evecywhero
have purposely been prevented from getting
ammunition and equipment by the Federal
Government. This is to prevent them from
resisting the take-over" when it comes.

The most efiactive move anyone ca,1 mli.Ke to
help preserve freedom in our beloved country is
to read the PROTOCOLS carefully so you will
know the plan, then make the Protocols available to others.
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Sent postpaid anywhere in the world. Quanity
priceil on requeit.
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Federal Reserve Conspiracy, price same a
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