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Public Accommodations
Q.u estionnaires Check:ed
Mayor James L. Barnard expressed disappointment
yesterday fa the number of replies received to the City
Council's call for desegregation of public accommodations.
" It was a little less than I expected. I had hoped
more firms would let us know how they stand," Barnard
However, the m ayor said he
doesn,t f eeI th e Ia:ak of r esponse
is so m uch an unwillingness to
integrate as it is an aversion to
filling out a questionnaire.
"A lot of people don't like to
be bothered with surveys and
blank forms," the mayor said. "I
know I don't."
Replies Tabulated
However, Barnard said the s1g..
mficant fig ure 1s not that 11 restaurant owners said they would
open their facilities and only one
said no, but the large number
who did not r eply.
Requests were mailed to 175
restaurants and 117 hotels and
A strict interpretation of the
questionnaire could mean most
of those not replying are against
integration but the mayor doesn't
think this is so.
Barna.rd's comments yesterday
followed a tabulation Thursday
night of replies to a request for
desegregation mailed late last
week and early this week.
The request was mailed to es- Already In
tablishments offering .. public a c- E ven though it had been less
commodations, particularly r es- than a week when returns were
taurants, hotels, motels, theaters tabulated, Barnard said the bulk
and bowling alleys, some of which of the replies the city is going to
have already integrated.
receive is already in.
The request followed a meeting When the council met with the
last week between the City Coun- Negro committee an agreement
cil and
a committee of Ne- was made to m eet again in two
gro leaders. The Negroes were weeks (next week) to review the
particularly interested in obtain- resul ts.
ing a list of places that would of- In the absence of more conclufer services to them so that they sive retu rns, which are not ex:,vould not be em?arrassed by be- peeled, Barnard indicated the
mg refused service.
council will have to take another
The reque t for desegregation approach , probably by m eeting
asked for returns only from per- wi th owners of the motels hotels
sons who would comply with the and restaurants.
request and not from those who i.--~ =
- ~====-====-=···=--::::... --1


would not.
Tl ee Against
Returns tabulated Thursday in- l
· eluded 12 from restaurants, including one which said it would
not desegregate, and 16 from her
tels and motels, two of which
were against it.

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