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Box 20, Folder 2, Document 3

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485 Tara Trail, N. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30327
26, 1963
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
The press announcement of your support of Kennedy's "Public
Accommodations" bill is humiliating indeed to the vast
majority of Constitutional loving Americans, and especially
to your white constituents in Atlanta. It can only be
interpr e ted as an o bvious attempt at political pander.
It is quite a depressing r e velation, after an enigmatic
period, to observe an individual, whose initial political
support was fostered by a business community, bow to base
p olitical p ressures and prostitute the very ideals of this
same bus iness community.
You must find it very difficult these days to shave without
a mirror.

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