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Laurens, S.C.
July 31, 1963

Mr Allen-Mayor of Atlanta
Dear Allen;

How are you getting along mixing of the races,you said
wanted a Federal law passed to inforce mixing of the races.Deep down
in your heart you dont believe in mixing of the races,Are you might
be playing politics are some game to get bitsiness interest or gain
something else.You know if the Civil rights bill are passed same
just want work and never will, Mixing of the races anywhere want do,

I am lost to understand why the Good white people of Atlanta elected
you,you certainly have hurt the ercat City of Atlanta on the stand
you have taken on the Civil rights Question,

Do you believe inter marriages of the nbn mixing of the races

or allowed same will bring inter Marriages, then our Country is gone,
will be called a mix breed Country,0Oh how I hate see Atlanta hurt

by your talks,How would you like to see the White Women of your
great City swim in same swimming pools with black Negro men,That
would be awful,Mr McGill Editor of Atlanta Constitution is in favor
of mixing the races,I understand he is a imported Yankee from the
North to Atlanta,He is trying to tell the Good White Citizens of
Georgia what to do,I am glad to say the good white people of Georgia
is not paying ahy attention to you and McGill also former Mayor
Hartsfield.Mayor Harstfield was only playing politics for business
gains,That applies to you,I am happy. to know the white voters of

the great State of Georgia will not attention to you,and the
former Mayor Hartsfield also McGill ‘the Negro lover from the North
trying to tell the good white people of Georgia what to,You all are
only loosing your voice speaking trying, tq tell the white people

of Georgia to mix with black Negros.You'@ Negro he is fifferent race
from the white people and has different Ideas,Wake o1d man before its
to late,YOU ARE OLD AND SHOULD KNOW BETTER.I dont know if you are a
Georgia borned person,you might have come from the North,Time for
old man like you to wake up,knowing mixing of the races just want do
and Never will,

yours truly.--By

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