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Meneks Corner S.C.
July 31.'63. RTE 3.
Mayor Ivan Alben Jr.
Atlanta Ga.

Dear Sir.
Newspaper account of your testimony in regards the ‘Castro Brothers’
lop-wided G6ivil Rights Bill I read with disgust and loathing.

in their power mad eagerness to win for themselves the votes of a class of
people who are ill fitted and morally and mentally unfit te vote, the ‘Castro
Brethers:* arrogantly, contemptuously and otherwise utterly disregard the Civil
Rights: of decent and respectable Whites throughout the nations Whites who should
have the right to choose their associates and: their children's associates.

God made Whites and God made colored. In his infinite wisdom he did not mix
them. Today,unprincipled Whites have the effrontery to mix the races as though
the Almighty Dod had made a mistake. Oh how I loatk amd despise such.

Between 80 and 85 percent of the negro race are morally, mentally, and other-
wise unfit to have the privlege of voting.
They breed like cats and dogs and are easily led and influenced te vote in ble
blocs: regardless of the harm or benefit to their state or nation.
Unprincipled politiciams whe do not hesitate to stoop to anything know this.
ind because of this knowledge they woo the negro vote with a Civil Rights Bill:
feoling the negroes by preaching what they do not practice.

How illuminating, how very illuminating it would be to publicize the follow-
ing:- How many of the Kennedy children: children end grandchildren of Supreme
Court justices: of lesser Justices attend schoold attended by negro children.

How many of such children are taught by negro teachers?

How many of such children attend churches where negroes and Whites sit to-
gether?How many of the above named class go to negro doctors for medical advice?

How many of the above named class have negroes living in homes adjacent to
their homes, or even-in close proximity?

How many of the above named class would welcome or encourage their child-
ren to marry into the negro race, or vice-versa?

dust why are there no negroes among Kennedy's personal bodyguards?

Just why were no negroes included in Kennedy's recent trip abroad?

Other things coulé be ascertained and if the truth were known- HYPOCRISY
of the worst kind would be uncovered amongst those bent on cramming willy-nilly
down the throats of respectable whites the nefarious ‘Castro Bres,' Bill.

If the negro race only realized it, the respectable White Southerner is a
far better and more worthwhile friend than the unprincipled politicians in Wash-
ton and elsewhere.

I know megroes for whom I have a lot more respect than I have for the
‘Castro Bus.'and the other political hypocrites who fool the negro race.

IT IS PATHETIC, DISGUSTING, and NHUSEATING in the extreme to know and read
about the loud-mouthed Whites who are traitors to their race and their nation by
supinely being YES MEN for the ‘Castro Bros.' in endorsing the contemptible CRB.

On the other hand, this nation should be more than proud of men like
Strom Thurmond and Donald Russell of S.C.: Geo. Wallace of Ala.,: and Ross
Barnett and Joe Patterson of Miss. All have the courage to fight for the best
interest of this nation.

The ‘Castro Bres.' and their numerous YES MEN should be sent to the Congo
where they belong and not be allowed to make a CUBA of America as they are doing.

Ch how I loathe and despise those who would ruin this great nation.

LC. 3D pK

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