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Somewhere in Georgia,
July 30, 1963.

Dear Mr. Allen:

Please take note that I did not address you as Mayor, for in my
opinion, and tens of thousands more Georgians, the only piace you
could qualify for mayor would be Mount Bayou, Miss.

It is no secret, and is general talk over the state, that. Hartsfiel,
Martin Luther Kir and the whole Negro Bloc Vote that plus sone good
citizens in Atlante that were blinded at the time of the fact you
voud turn out to be another Benedict Arnold, put you into offtce. Now
chose good citizens are rueing the day they did it, and Hartsfield,
King and the Negros in general have such a strangle hold on you,

that you have to do exactly what they dictate to you.

You are not May7of Atlanta, you are only a "Yes™ man to Luther King
und Hartsfield, and may God have pity on the City of Atlanta and its
cood citizens during the balance of your term. I wonder how you ferél
when you wlk down the streets of Atlanta and have to meet face to
face with the good people that help put you in office, knowing just
how they feel toward you now. Sure when your term is up you will run
again, Luther and Hartsfield will see to that. Sure you will get all
or the Negro vote, but practifally none of the white vote, and thank
God theres not eough Negros to put you in again.

After your trek to Washington, and the stand you took, selling your
City, your State ad the entire South down the river, you are just
-bout the most dispised man in the South.

You covld resign, go crawl in a hole and pull the hole in behind you
and let us all forget you ever existed.

Actvally I feel sorry for you.

From a Georgian that is ashamed to admit he lives near Atlanta, as
long as you are the "Yes™ Mayor.

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