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Dear Sir:

Will you please help me get the foilowing information from the
Supreme Court?

Before I start my next year's crop, I would like to get things
straight, as the Supreme Court has changed many things that our
Constitution and Fore Fathers stood for.

First: I would like to sell my hogs, but all of them ,re white
and I don't know whether I can sell my hogs unless I have an equal
number of black ones to go along with them.

Second: I would like to know if I will be premitted to plant white
and black peas in separated rows of equal lenght, or will I have to mix
them together?

Third: Would it be permissable to separate my white and black cattle
by use of fence, or do I have to let them run together?

Fourth: My white coon dog won't hunt with my black dog. Should I get
an injunction to make them hunt together? The black dog won "t even hunt
coons, and the white dog won't hunt birds. Do you suppose the judge can
use legal persuasion on this, or wili Kennedy send troops to make them
hunt together?

if they convict our Governor and send him to concentration camp, may
i take him mixed peas and parboiled eggs, coon meat and blackbird pie to
supplement the diet the Yankees are jamming down our throats?

I would like to get a copy of the words to the Star Spangled Banner.
My copy is all mixed up with Old Black Joe, and it just doesn't sound
right. I want to learn the National Anthem version so I can be 100% right.

5,000 years ago Moses said: "Pick up your shovels, mount your ass, and
I will send you to the Promised land."

5,000 yeers later Roosevelt said, “Lay down your shovels, sit on your
ass, light up a catel, this is the Promised Land."

Now if you don’t watch out, Kennedy will take away your shovel, sell
your camel, kick your ass, and give the niggers the Promised Land.

I'm glad I am an Americen. I wish I were free. I wish I were a little
dog and Kennedy was a Tree !{

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