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Dear Sir:
1i1 you please help me get the follo ing information fro
Supre e Coart f
Before I start my next year ' s crop, I wou.1d like to get things
straight , as the Supre e Court has changed maJly things that our
Constitution and Fore Fathers stood for .
First : I would like to sell ucy· hogs, but all of the are whit
and I don ' t kno
hether I can sell my hogB unle&s I have an equal
number of black ones to go along with them .
Second: I would like to know if I ill be pre itted to plant white
and black peas in separated rows of equal lengbt, or ill I have to mix
them together?
ould it be permissable to seperate my white and black cattle
by use of fence . or do I have to let them run togeth~r?
Fourth : My white coon dog won ' t hW1t with ID¥ black dog . Should I gt
an injunction to make them hunt togethez? The black dog wont
' even hunt
coons~ and the white dog won't hunt birds. Do you suppose the judge can
use leg l perauation on this, or ill Kennedy send troops to make the
hunt together?
If they convict our Governor and send him to concentration camp , ay
I take him mixed peas and parboiled u .s , coon met ruid blackbird pie to
6Uppl eLt the di t the Yallkee6 are jawming down our throat?
I ould like to get a copy of the words to the Star Spangled Banner .
My copy i all ixed up with Old Black Joe, and it just doesn 't soun
right . I want to l arn the ational Anthe ver ion so I can be 10~ right.
5 , 000 year ago oses sai : Pick up your shovel ,
I will send you to the Pro ised Land. tt
ount your aas
5 , 000 year l ter Roosevelt said , "Lay down your shovels, sit on your
ass, lit:,ht u!, a c~ilel, this,!!!. the Promised .Land."
tr tch out , l.ennedy will tak
away your shovel, sell
el, kick your ass, and give the nigger the Pro.aised L d.
1:ow if you don't
your c
dog and
lad I"
en.nedy wa6
eric n.
Tree I (
I wish I were free.

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