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Mr. Homry Rasiitt o/o NavSWERK, Madison Aves, Now York
Sine ;

% read your article "The Riek Takers" in today's issue
Of NENSWIRIK and heartily comond yous Poratt mo to state my
pertiquler case.

I purchased a saall established beauty parlor {catering to an
allewhite clientele) five years ago. I amply three operators.
Just the other day, « colored women entered by shop and
desired sone work performed on her head, I informed said
wonen that neither I nov my girls were experienced on ‘cinkyt
hair. She became indignant and threatened me with picketing
and reporting me to the entiediscrimination division of our
| \etates Now, the irony of all this, te thet there are two
Inice colored beauty shops within a rediue of 5 blocks of ay
pince. When I told her of this, her reply west “Don't you
dare tell me were to go".

Ie this the sort of thing the Kennedys want? Will they sub-
ise mo if I go bankrupt? Wil they mke my mortgage pay~
om my building and also the monthly payments on the
mortgage covering the fixtures that I purchased? who
omply my 3 operators vhen I am compelled te lay them off?
*% the Kennedy politicians and planners the parsons you

© to that ahould recognise the need of maintaining «

of “wusiness confidence?*

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