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Atlanta, Ga.
July 29th 1963

Mr. Ivan Allen *
Atlanta Mayor
Atlanta, Ga.

Dear Mr. Allen:

I was not suprise.when I heard over the. news and read in the
Atlanta papers of your indorsement of Kennedy's Ungodly, Undemocratic,
Unchristian, Unamerican, Unconstitutional, Communistic race mixing
civil rights bill. You were the only politicial figure from the
southern States, A lone wolf all by yourself,agitating , encourging ©
any such ungodly, unchristian, undemocratic, Unametican, Unconstitut ions
Russian dominated, Communsitic,fréédom depriving unlawful mess.

Mr. Allen; you call yourself a Democrat and then support any
such legis&@ation as that. That would deprive all business people of
any say-so over their business what so ever. The Attorney General
littleBobbyKennedy could come into any state and
take over. The Governor's word nor yours would not be any more than a
puff of wind. Bhat would be how much attention he would pay to any
thing the Govonor you are any other Mayor would say. If he wanted
to close your business up he would do it. It would not matter to him
about your wife or children whether they would suffer on account of
their father be throwed out of business on account of communist
dicktorial powers that had been devoted to him by such men as you
and lot others.

You testified before the Yenate Commerce Committee that failure
by Congress to pass this civil rights bill would mean would mean a
new status of discrimination. Just what about Discrimination, how
much discrimination do you practice. How many nigger girls clerks
or typiest do you have in your office, how many do you think Bobby
or John Kennedy have igntheir offices, just like you mot any. They
are like you, they don't praticecit them selves, they want to pusi
off on some one else. Some one else don't like to mix—up or
associate with niggers any more than you do.

1 just can't see how you and the Kennedy boys being a mwmber
of the white caucusion gentile race could turn your back ypon your
race, which inclodes, your father and mother, your wife and children,
your brothers and sisters and other relitatives and friends.

I am a@ business man. Just how many business people do you think
would vote for you, for any thing after endorsing any such communistic
legislatiun as that. Any man, or any one who stamps his approval on
such legislation as that is indorsing blood shed, mob vilance,
disrespect, dishonor to law and order. Disrespect to the officers
of the law.

_. Whet is old Martin Luther King, nothing but a low violatér,
agitating and encurging disrespect, dishonor and Gisreguard to all
law and order. All he is preaching is communism and over-throw of
the goverment according Claud Lightfoot a commmnist leader who was
convicted under the Smith acct. as a communist party leader said King
wag @ comaun ist party leader seeking to overthrow the U.S. vermeht

Sincerely yours, Frank D. Sheitling trews a” AE

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