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Clare L. Bromley
2631 Northside Drive, N.W.
Atlanta 5, Georgia

July 27th, 1963

The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.,
Mayor of Atlanta,

City Hall,

Atlanta, Georgia.

Dear Sir:

You were not voicing the opinion of the people whom it

is presumed you are serving when you appeared yesterday
before the Commerce Committee in Washington, D. C. As
you well know, the business and the political interests -
not to mention the tax-paying masses - are unalterably
opposed to the Kennedys! pending Civil Rights legislation.

Playing politics, as a candidate or nominee, when running
for office, is anticipated but, once in office, it is
expected that, of all officials, the Mayor will represent,
speak for and protect the best interests of all the people.
Your performance, as the Chief Executive of Atlanta, in
speaking ONLY for political expediency, is inexcusable in
my opinion - and the people of Atlanta are due a public

In any event, I think the people are entitled to a full

and complete clarification of the apparent previously pre-
pared statement which you read before the Commerce Committee

Ge Le ey

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