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Box 20, Folder 2, Document 70

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1344 Lanier Boulevard, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30306
.August 1, 1963
Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hal l
68 Mitchell, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia
near Sir:
We have a few comments to extend relative to your recent testimony before
the Senate Commerce Commission.
Your remarks to this Commission were exactly what any citizen of Atlanta,
Fulton County,and the State of Georgia would expect to emanate from you.
Now people in all parts of the United States have been enlightened to the
fact that Atlantans have developed a profound propensity for electing
Cretins to represent them in the Mayor's Office. In this respect they
deserve precisely what they have, nothing.
Anyone who would embrace the sick philosophy of such insidious dolts as
Jacob Javits, Hubert Humphrey, Clifford Case, Joseph Clark , Kenneth Keating
and Company obviously belong t o the same cabal clique of "New Frontier"
social reformers who would integrate anything and everything thereby attaining a l ittle worldly Utopia where everyone is equal and lives harmoniously
by the Golden Rule. We trust these de spots will finally be satisfied when
they have eventually reduced .America to a second class nation of Plebians.
The framers of the United States Constitution would revolt in horror at the
attempts to warp and desecrate it by the radical progressive liberals. Given
time the American people will eventually take care of these tyrants at the
polls .
Yours very truly,
~. ~
f'- .. - , ~
C. A. and Frances Laderoute

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