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George 0. King Sr.
4152 Powers Ferry Road N. W.

Atlanta D5 Georgia July 31, 1963

Mr. Mayors

I notice you testified in Washington for the entire Civil Rights pro-
gram. This is your privilege; but I do not think you represented the
general thinking of the City of Atlanta and certainly not the State of
Georgia. The trend is that the Mayor, amd other City officials for that
matter, must definitely cater to the negro vote to hold their jobs; for
the simple reason that the negro is going to control the Cities. This
will probebly be good for the State. Most of the wuite voters are leav-
ing the Cities. The negros that are not going North are going mto the
Cities. I travel around quite a little and I find the people are rather
disgusted with their Capitol City. This should cause considerable devel-
opment of residential sections outside of the Cities; and business, parti-
cularly services and retail, will follow. I look for considerable development
of small tows in Georgia. Rural Georgia, will stop coming to Atlenta for
recreation and trade, end perhaps develop their owm. They will make their
money in the Cities, since the Government and big business is there, but
they will spend it elskwhere,

I find this quite true in other States, particularly in the Piedmont of
South Carolina. This may be the best thing that has happened to us so
far; it may be good.

In our own city the good solid home owning people are moving out; most

of which are city tax payers and voters. They are being replaced by cliff tue
dwellers in high rise apartments; most of whom are transient; pay very
little city taxes, I understand,and I doubt if consistant voters. I also
notice a trend for motels moving into the City; all of whom are non tax
payers and non voters. Why do you suppose Lenox, Belvedere, and others
moved so py outs except to get nearer to these home omners moving out

of the City. Of course, the City will try to force their way in on then;
but this will take time, as well as other things will take dime and lots

of it.

So, it is quite interesting just to sit on the side line and watch this
Chess Game, with high stakes; with all the Kings, Queens, Bishops and pawns,
and try to figure the next Man's move.

So be it, Yours truly *
A ] f)} 25 Bs
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