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Raymond Q, Hix Sr,
2856 Diana Dr, SW
Atlanta, Ga, 30315
July 31, 1963

Ivan Allen,
Mayor ? of Atlanta,

You say that the responce, in favor, of your ASSASANINE statements
before the Senate Committee is two to one in favor of them, ONLY
niggers, reds and pinks would be in favor of them as you put them before
that committee,

IF that unamerican statute was put on the books, it would finish the
few liberties that still remain to the American Citizen and make a
police state of the United States as Atlanta is today under your

I was born and raised inside the city limits of the city of Atlanta
but I am beginning to be ashamed of that fact because of its dirty

I have been wondering HOW long it would be before you would be
assasinated for making such statements before a so-called FREE America,
You do not have to worry about me as I wouldn't put my life in danger
by trying to eradicate such VERMIN as ya,

I voted against you when you ran for the Office of Mayor and I believe
that I would have voted for a nigger before I would have for you as
they would at least have had the decency to have let the majority of
the population have some rights left to them and not make a police
state of the city limits of Atlanta, I do not believe that they would
allog; the nigger law breakers go scot free after they had been arrested
either, as many have under your regime,

I do not believe that I can express myself any stronger against your
stupid statements before the Committee, also the statement that we do
not have any more communists in the city of Atlanta than we have men
on the moon, I believe that we have PLENTY of them in Atlanta - look
at the number of whites that are picketing with the niggers and others
that are agreeing with them,

Un-Respectfully Yours


Raymond Q, Hix Sr,

First Ammendment to the Constitution of the United States of America -
the freedom of speech,

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