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solve the. Negro's problems? is the Negro actually a

now spreading across the nation

citizen’? If 50, whois to blame—the white man? You get unexpected

“answers to these and. other questions from a leading Negro busi-
/nessman He | is. $..By Fuller, interviewed in Chicago by a member of
the. Staff of ay! s. News & Warld Report.” His conclusions; A Negro,

ifike. anybody ae car oe} ahead arity by hard work ond enterprige. |

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we et hit ta lags on Oyite SGresteingdery tn thi Noth

Q Has that oorket geownmnch ty eee ve ae?

A Yee, tei thy 4Ve Voi t
thier OT ie ul white
1 wil \ hi fl Tetras, Bae it cud? "Piven
pi yas uel ache! i Colored yeas 1

GO How thany eviploves do you have alt

A We hia ‘ 1 }

Q Iiow mare of those wre white?

A About AO | ent of them are yw lijte
tieclddy Sethe aes yhoo SOU
ahout WG wi tle ard? wll

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; errs « World Report, Ine.

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'Q Would you
found ainond all races’

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GQ th what way de thew tre Nis?

A lls whith War.
hose thie Nw supers TAO
viethen Negro

Q@ tn gonernd, what cl
problem in this conmeutr

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U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT Augos 19, ay


3. 8. Fuller. ot $5. Wine rather 4 level of boanads chs ;

* Sess otained by few men--whitel ar Negro. Io addition. to

; Re if

% Jeight other corporgtions Among ther

the Fulle¢ Producn C ompony, which ploduce: « ‘nationully
“SHineiiwn line. of cormeatics ane allied products, he contrat:

Nm * in Ghicago, oO real estate! frust in NewYork, and tie,” Couries"
I tt um fr chalty off Kewspupers ‘terving ‘Negra veer st in ht cago, New

ae ‘Dattod ond Pittebrah.

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Ae They Had: sonyat! eltibiaty Seana Wives stk very

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Vay yy tit rer diy) tesh lage he po Wana wint te saat hina the

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QO Tile Newroey: tive Aut Hunted ese ilime: Why ody. that’ ms

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winapi | Onis, Thee wuibet aie hia Negiot - fa) bean
Fee Fea TOM wire Deatocd ctiat chit Uiyriet The wylett: Gy kay dius
Wd Nines this ‘athens tae wl wits Lan tselith Mion, Net eage,
Hhab aes were ot, ye iita te, newer, 408 Nels
Chey Shoda ‘Rel heed Avy the wsalvesy hy ches? m a
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Phe Se Lit roku boll Now, obit phe © We RBM eos Aho pt
thie Wa ‘atl Whe the ante i hin CPs Thty* tht WL yeiae |
Pl ewbhe see lye Hho ean We fracas iu biteas pare erelgeath 4 by
PUdPN. ees (min a er liars
@ i von mead opatinde the li be Courts
ibhicrty | Sots 5
Aj WA Mal fy ‘Liar
OG) Are dhe Cli deyeiatrAtions “idee Ve tgiaeel
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nis 9 depe Eee store!

Centre te!
fay will Bunt eine YOM eabveb aie cin uandomi kr

© air petra re

Fytiy Le lin heal

ave Piotr

Fuller inspects Operations af his cosmetics plant in Chicago

Borh of poor parents in Louisiana, Mr. ‘Fuller went to
school on.y Gs for as the sixth grade. Moving to Chicago
dso. Young man, he started the Fuller Products Compony iv
135 on capital of. $25. Today its gross sales came to mare

yihan 10 milion dollas o year. While he opposes the views
and tactics being used by “'militant’’ Negroes, Mr. Fulley
describes himself os an “integrationist--pointing out thar
mony of Wis employes are white:

then wh ties speek Hig fer the Mepia praish os i gl vide,
A!) wine Newroes dengonatratinug. As it this

small OVrerecity gl

whi A
STAD TH Slane: in, WEIS
tlie Sugireve ls

Q Art the Black: \husline really imipertaut om the Negro
A. Ne tl er ot bine Fada Money tives Valin ove pot
Ur ita eaicis, VPS os Eater Gy uniter! anil ies (erie Mee
las ot tae tals bh io tiedn auvninee Ge en nul
tee WHefiscit thar oc hear so nich about the fretias
tio of the Negro?
Y AP ccutie fhe. have beet plesk! fqp se. pede ie
tellin iio, on the rates Ad iain wesw spapors
Q Bo you ever owt of voilitiat Negroes colline van Wwe
Vnele Tom?
A Na Nts wall Wea Lucle bon Vee ait }T iid
tds, Tun”) betatnge Do oiplow white che. And 2h

‘(af eeya'y employ ol ohh ¥g WOR aRs paral

@ What abeuwt Me selnaye of son militant Negroes thet

Neuro ombderatels age sailmervient. to whites?
A { thts tla Chagas Vey ilbitorik vt wi at j ’
MSD Kine scar ol MOK Uhat eve iat chobid Aue
Ware (i } isi’ lini wth Voges ih
hy i Li ‘ '
j re TT i tha ‘ Bilt "
1 ' hay iit tly ar ri : , bet
) j ; i cuted dy) Vivi aya
Qe ou fel any other | Newen OM hrdlios 19 ivhey
wheal vn Whe sane Wier Chet yon tid
A i w how, dyt a ' ‘
' ie '
fers ' i
© What aba a it 1 ! ile i
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