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September 22, 1967

A veguliar meeting of the Urban Renewal Policy Committee was held on
Petday: ee tember 22, 1967 at 10:00 A. M. in Committee Room #4, Second
Floor, City Hall.

ne following members were present:

Rodney Cook, Chairman

E. Gregory Griggs
John M. Flanigen


Hugh Pierce

Frank Etheridge
Edwin L. Sterne
George Cotsakis

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Also present were:


. Howard Openshaw, Director of BEEEYETOPEERE: Atlanta
" ibesian Authority
Mr. Les Persells, Associate Ricecutive Director, AHA
Mr. Collier Gladin, Planning Director, City of Atlanta
Mr. Don Ingram, Central Atlanta Progress, Inc.
Mr. Byron Attridge and John Izard, Attorneys for the
Atlanta Housing Authority

There were also other staff members of the Atlanta Housing Authority
present; the press and representatives of other city departments.

The Chairman called the meeting order and the following business was

1. Parcel D-19, Motel site across from Fulton County Juvenile Court,
Rawson-Washineton Urban Renewal Area.

Mr. Openshaw briefly recapped the sequence of events relative to this
property leading up to this meeting and stated that the original closing
date of January 10, 1967 has been extended twice with an additional

5% of the purchase price being paid with each extension, plus an additional
6% of the unpaid balance so that up to the present time, they have paid
$156,000 earnest money on the property and $10,352 interest. He then read
a letter from The Edwards Companies requesting approval to assign their
entire interest in Parcel D-19 to the American Realty Service Corporation
who proposes to construct an Admiral Benbow Inn on the property consisting
of 252 units at an estimated cost of $2,500,000. The original proposal

by The Edwards Companies was for a facility of 470 units at an approximate
cost of $6,000,000. (For complete details of letter from The Edwards
Companies see copy attached hereto and made a part of these minutes).

Mr. Openshaw stated the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, before
acting on this matter, would like a recommendation from the Policy Committee.

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Urban Renewal Policy Committee
September 22, 1967 Page 2
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Mr. Op sented site plans and photographs of the Admiral Benbow Inn

ind st: a considerable step downward in comparable developments.
Mr. Gladin stated he did not feel we should compromise the development of
this site.

Chairman Cook asked about the legal status of an assignment of this property
to American Realty Service Corporation,

Mr. Izgard stated this would be within the discretion of the committee,

There was then some discussion about the possibility of a motel being able
to secure a liquor license since a church was located within 40 feet (to the rear)
of Parcel D-19. This question was not resolved, but it was the feeling of

the committee thet development of the site would be doubtful unless a motel

could obtain such a license.

After other brief discussion, it was the consensus of the committee that they
would not object to The Edwards Companies assigning their interest in Parcel D-19
to American Security or some other company if the quality of development is not
to be compromised. It was the opinion of the committee, however, that the

second proposal for the Admiral Benbow Inn was substantially inferior to the
original proposal and it was rejected.

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2. Status of West End Shopping Center.

In compliance with the action of the committee at the August 18 meeting, Mr.
Openshaw stated he had mailed a letter to thirty major shopping center developers
throughout the country inviting their comments on the proposed redevelopment of
the West End shopping facility. A copy of this letter, along with a listing

of the thirty companies, had previously been furnished the Chairman and other
members of the Policy Committee. Mr. Openshaw stated some did not respond

for various reasons, five needed additional information and others were interested
in being kept informed,

The discussion then centered around the following questions:

1. Whether or not to allow the Star-Tex group to proceed with their
proposed motel development on property north of Oak Street, across
the street from the proposed West End shopping center?

It was the consensus of the committee that the Star-Tex group should be given

an opportunity to redesign their proposal and before making a final decision,
that Mr. Herbert Ringel, Attorney for the group, would be allowed to appear

with his clients at a special meeting set for Friday, September 29 at 10:00 A. M.
to discuss the matter with the committee,


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Urban Renewal Policy Committee
September 22, 1967 Page 3


. Should Parcels 22 and 23 be offered as one tract and as a part
of this decision, should the Adalaide Apartments be acquired and
offered in conjunction with these two parcels?

The committee concluded that the Adalaide Apartments should be acquired and
included in the development of the motel parcel in any event. It was pointed
out by Mr, Openshaw that Karl Bevins, City Traffic Engineer, has insisted
that Oak Street be left open and one way as it now is. He stated also that
if the Star-Tex proposal doesn't go through, the Housing Authority would
acquire the Adalaide Apartments and offer it in conjunction with Parcels

22 and 23.



quest by Gulf Oil Corporation to exclude from the West End Plans
additional 50 foot parcel on Lee Street for expansion of the

existing station at the corner of Oak and Lee Streets, already excluded
om the Plans; whether or not the station should be included in the
West End Plans and acquired for the proper development of the shopping
éenter and failing acquisition of the station, the question of upgrading
it to blend with the redevelopment of the area?


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The committee voted unanimously to defer a decision on this matter pending
an appearance of the Gulf people before the committee at the special meeting
previously set for Friday, September 29, 1967 at 10:00 A. M.


4, Offering of Parcel 20, lying at the off-ramp to I-20, for motel


The committee requested that the Housing Authority proceed to immediately
place this property on the market for motel development,


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned,

Approved: Respectfully submitted,
By ) af /} /
{ elit Sh i .
| AE eo Hg V4 ie ¢ Mt a “ a }
Rodney Cook //Chairman /f/ Joanne Parks, Secretary



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