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Sep t eQbe r 22 , 1967
A re gu la r me e t i ng of th e Urb - 1 Renewa l Policy Commi ttee was held on
Fri ay, Sep t embe r L2 , 1967 cJ t 10 : 00 A. rr. . in Committe e Ro om #4 , Se con d
.,loo r, City· a 1 .
The f o llo ii .g
he rs \ve r e pre s ent :
Mr . Rodney Coo k , Cha i rman
Mr . Z . Gregory Gri gg s
Mr . J ol n . Flani ge n
Ab sen :. :
1' r . Hugh Pie rc e
· r . Fr ank Ethe ri dge
Mr . Edwi n L. Sterne
M_ , George Cots a cis
lso p· esent we re :
Hr . ·Ho\,1ard Open s h.:n-1, Di re c tor o f Red eve lo pmen t, Atlanta
Housing Authori t y
Mr . Le s Pc rs e ll s , As s ociate Exe cutiv e Di r e ctor, AHA
Mr . Coll i er Gladin , Pl anning Dire ctor , Ci ty of Atla n t a
·r . Don Ingram, Ce ntra l Atla n t a Prog ress , Inc .
1r . Byro n Att ridge and J oh n Iza r d , Attorney s f or th e
Atlant a Hou s i ng Au t hor it y
The r e we r e a lso othe r staff members of t he Atla nt Ho u sing Au thority
p res ent; the pre ss and r ep r esentativ e s of othe r c i ty departme nts .
The Chairman c a lled the mee ing o rder and th e f ol l owi ng bus ine s s wa s
con sid e r ed :
Par cel D- 19, Motel s ite a c ross fro m Fulton County Juvenile Court ,
Rawson - Washin~ton Urban Renewa l Area .
Mr . Openshaw brief l y re c apped t he sequence o f events re lativ e to this
prope r ty leading up t o thi s meet ing and sta t ed t ha t t he o rigin a l c l o sing
da t e of January 10 , 1967 h as been e x t e nded tw ice with an addi t i onal
5% of the pui chase pric e b e i ng paid \vith each e x ten s i o n, p lus a n additiona l
6% of the unpaid balanc e s o t hat up t o the present time , they hav e paid
$156 , 000 earnest money on the property and $1 0, 352 i nte r est . He then read
a letter from The Edwards Comp a nies requesting approval t o assign their
entire interest in Parcel D-1 9 to the American Realty Service Corporation
w o proposes to construc t an Admi ral l3enbou Inn on the property consistin;;
of 252 units at an estima t ed cost o f $2, 500,000. The origi na l proposal
by The Edwards Companies was for a facility of 470 uni ts at an approximate
cost of $6 , 000,000 . (For complete details of lette r from The Edwards
Companies see copy atta ched he reto and made a part o f these minutes ) .
Hr. Openshaw stated the Hous i ng Authority Board o f Commi ssioners, before
acting on th i s ma t ter , \vould like a r e commenda tio n f r om t he Po l icy Coramit.-:ee .
U b n ~enc,>al Policy Corn, i - ee
Septe .. ber :C: 2 , 196 7
Pa ge 2
Mr. odensh w pres ent ed site pl a n s and photographs oft e Admiral Benbow Inn
ends ate i - is a considerable step downward in compa rable developments .
~r . Gla ins ate
this site .
he did no- feel we s hould compromise the development of
C. airn an Cool· asked abo ut the le g al status of an assignment of this property
to me ric an neal ty Servi c e Corpor tion .
Mr . Iz rd s tate d this \rnuld be within the discretion of the committee .
There 0as the n some d i scussion about t he possibility of a motel being able
to ecure a liquor lic ense sinc e a church was lo c ated withi n 40 feet (to the rear)
of Pa rcel D- 19 . Tis question was not resolved, but it was the feelin g of
Le CO i1'.ITl l. t ee th 2t develo nme nt of the site would be doubtful unless a , ote 1
could ob o in such a license .
_ fter othe b rief di s cussion, it \-i as the consen sus of the committ ee that they
wo ul d not obje ct to The Edw a rds Companies a st igning their interest in Parcel D- 19
to .merican Se c urity o _ some other company if the quality of development is not
to be compromised . It was the op inion of the committee, however , that the
second proposal f or the Admi ra l Be nbow Inn wa substantially i nfer ior to t he
original proposal and it was reje c ted .
St a tu s of \Jest End Shopping Center .
In compliance ,.-iith the action of the committee at the August 18 mee ting , Nr .
Opensha ·I s ated he had mai led a l etter to t h irty maj or sho pp ing ce nte r developers
throu ghou t the country inviting their commen son the proposed redevelopment of
the West End shopping fa ci lity . A copy of this letter, al ong with a listing
of the thirty companies , had previously been f urn i shed the Chairman and other
r.,embers of the Pol icy Commit tee. Mr. Op enshmv st ated some did not respo nd
for vario s reasons, fi ve needed additional informat!on and others were interested
in being kept informed.
The discussion then centered around the following qu es tions:
\Jhether or not to alloi, the Star-Te.- group t o proceed with their
proposed motel development on property north of Oak Street , across
the street from the proposed We st End shopping center ?
It wa s the consensus of the committ ee that the Star - Tex group should be given
a n opport unity to re design their propos al and before making a final dec i sion,
t hc t Mr. Herbert Rin gel, Attorney for the gro up, would be allo\·J ed to appe .: i r
wi t h h is clients at a specia l meeting set for Friday , September 29 at 10:00 A.
to discuss the matter with the committee .
Urbar~ ene,,ia l Poli cy Commit ee
Sep·embc r 22, 1967
Should Parcel s 22 and 23 be offered as one tract a nd as a part
of this de ci sion , should the Adalaide pa trnents be acquired and
in co njunct ion with these two parcel s?
The co~nitt~e concluded t hat t he Ada laide Apa rtments should be acqui red and
included in the deve lopment o f th e mtel parcel in a y event . It wa s pointed
out by Mr . Op e nshaw t hat Karl Bev ins , City Traffic En•inee r , h as insi s t ed
that Oak Street be left open and one way as it now is . He stated also that
if the Sta - Te,~ propos a 1 oesn' t go through , the Housing Au thority would
acquire the Adalai e Apartmen sand offer it in conjunc tio n with Parcels
22 and 23 .


?eq est by Gulf Oil Corporation to exclude f om the ~es t End Plans
an addi tionai 50 foot pa rcel on Lee Street fo r expansion of the
c isting sta tion at t he corner of Oak and Lee Streets, a l ready e xcluded
f rom t e Plan s; whether or no t he statio n should be included int e
We st Enci Plans nd acquired for the proper dev~lopment of the shop ping
¢ente and faili ng a cqu isition of the station, t he question of upgrading
i to blend with the redevelopment of t ·e a rea?
Th e committ ee voted una nimous ly to defer a de cision on this matter pending
an appeara ce of the Gulf people before t he committee at t he special meeting
previously set for Friday, September 29, 1967 at 10 : 00 A. M.
Offe~ing of Parc el 20 , lyin~ at the off-ramp to 1- 20 , f or mo tel
developmen t .
T, c committee requested that the Housing Author ity pro ceed to i IDL~ediat ely
place this p r ope rty on the market for motel dev•elopment .
T' ere being no fu rther business, the meeting was adj ourned .

"J:d.."7~·' l~k**"1:

Approved :
Respectfully submitte d ,
1 /
Jo anne Parks , Secreta ry

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