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May 12, 1967
A regular meeting of the Urban Renewal Policy Committee was held on
Friday, May 12, 1967, at 10:00 A. M. at the Atlanta Housing Authority,
824 Hurt Building.
All members were present as follows:
Mr .
Rodney M. Cook, Chairman
Edwin L. Sterne
Hugh Pierce
E. Gr egory Griggs
John M. Flanigen
George Cotsakis
Frank Etheridge
Also present were:


Mr. Collier Gladin, Planning Direc t or, City of Atlanta
Mr . George Aldridge, Direc t or, Community Improvement Program
Mr. Jim Kluttz, Atlanta Planning Department
Mr . Robert Sommerville, Executive Director, Atlanta Transi t Company
Mr . M. B. Satterfield, Executive Director, Atlanta Housing Au t ho rity
Mr. Les Persells, Director of Redevelopment, Atlanta Housing Authority
Mr. Howa rd Openshaw, Chief, Planning-Engineering Department,
Atl a n ta Housing Authority
Mr. J ame s Henley, At lanta Housing Authority
Mr . By r on Attridge and Mr. Lynn Hewes, King & Spalding, At t orneys
Mr . J a ck Glenn and Mr. J. B. Blayton, Members, Board of Commiss i oner s ,
At lant a Housing Authority
Chairman Cook cal l ed t he me eting to or der a nd expl ai ned the purpo se o f
this meeting is t o hear a p re s entation from Al derman Q. V. Wi lliamson relative
to the Rockda le Ur ban Renewa l Project Area . While awa iting his arrival,
the committee conside red schedu l ing o f dates f or the deve lo per's
presentations on 7.6 a c re s in the Raws on-Washington Proj ec t Area, scheduled
for 22l(d) (3 ) development. It was unanimou sly de cid ed t o hear from all
developers who had s ubmi tted bid s on Wed nesday , May 31, 196 7 , beginning at
3:00 P. M. It was al so a gr eed that each developer would be given a fifteen
minute presentation period, with f i fteen mi nutes al lowed f o r questions and
an swers. Each committe e member was presented wit h a synopsis o f each proposal
for revi ew. Mr . Perse l l s also rep o rted that developer's presentations had
been held on Parcel 73 in the University Center Pro ject Area .
At this time, Alderman Williamson arrived at the meeting along with
Senator Leroy R. Johnson and representatives of various Negro organiza ti ons.
Chairma n Cook stated that a few days ago certain charges were made t o
him concerning the Rockdale Project which he felt was of a serious natu r e
and shou ld be presented to this com:nittee for consideration and disposition
as it sees fit. He then turned the meeting over to Mr. Williamson.
Alderman Williamson stated he had discussed this matter with the Mayor on
Urban Renewal Policy Committee
May 12, 1967
Page 2
Wednesday; that he had also met with membe r s of the Atlanta Summit Leadership
Conference, the NAACP, Op e ration Breadb a s ke t, Atlanta Voters Lea gue and
other organizations that are terribly concerned about urban renewal in Atlanta
because "Negroes have gotten nothing but the brunt of being kicked off the
land"; that they have not been allowed to participate in urban renewal at any
level and have not been allowed jobs nor investments in urban renewal property;
that the only land Negroes have gotten out of urban renewal was land the
colleges bought which "they paid for out of the nose and paid more than anyone
else paid for similar urban renewal land"; that the Wheat Street Baptist
Church is a prime example - they paid twice what the land was worth for the
(d)(3) development they erected on it, to the extent that the project was almost
economically unfeasible.
Mr. Cook stated that some statements already made by Aldennan Williamson do
not coincide with the facts and he asked Mr. Persells if he cared to respond.
Senator Johnson asked that they be allowe d to state their position, after which
they would be happy to answer any questions or clarify any statements, but
to interrupt with questions during the presentation breaks the continuity of
Mr. Williamson continued to state that after analyzing urban renewal in At l anta
f or the past ten to twelve years, taking into account "what goes on" at the
Atlanta Housing Authority, particularly in public housing, these org ani zations
wonder if Atlanta shouldn't get out of the urban renewal business; tha t Atla nta
mu st let Negroes participate and become a part of urban renewal i f i t is
t o survive. He s t ated t hat Negroes a l so have serious problems wi t h e xisting
public hous i ng a nd these organizations a l so wonder if Negroes wou l dn' t be
better o f f living in slums on the ir own land than in some of the public
hou s ing in At la nta. He cited the Ea gan Homes as an example and brief l y
d i scussed some of the deplorable conditions e xisting in this p r ojec t , su ch a s
r oach and r odent infesta tions and t he Au t hority's refusal to e x te nninate the
premise s and de nying the tenants t he ri gh t t o do so at their own expense.
He empha s i z ed t he city requires private owne rs t o do this. Other problems
he mentioned were t hat t e nant s we r e not a l l owed to have a te l e phone extension
upstairs and e ntry ways to the a pa rtmen ts are rec e s s ed and do no t have
adequate lighting ; a case of r a pe was cit ed a s be i ng a t tributab le t o this.
He stated further that t e n an t s a r e r eluc tant t o compl ain f o r f ear of being ev icted
by the manageme nt; that these tenants , in many i ns tances , rather than live
in this proje c t under bondage , would be better o ff in s l ums with freedom.
He went on to say that the c a se at po i n t is that thi s is the type of thing
urban renewal and public hous ing is producing in Atlanta and it must be
stopped. As to the question of Rockda l e, he stated that two years ago a
group of Negroes began ini tia l efforts t o organize this community and devel op
support of area resident s for a plan f or Rockda l e; subsequently, a community
organization was formed and working with the Atlanta Housing Authority,
assembled a proposed plan for Rockdale according to their rules and regula t io ns.
He stated that propo s als by three other developers were also submitted, t wo
of which were later disqualified because they did not abide by the rules o f
bidding; however, two weeks later, following a meeting of the Housing Authori t y's
Urban Renewal Policy Committee
May 12, 1967
Page 3
Board of Commissioners and passage of a resolution by them, these same two
plans were reinstated, notwithstanding their previous disqualifications, and that
this is the basis of their complaint. After this, Mr. Williamson stated it is
his understanding from sources that he can secure information from that the
Housing Authority narrowed the consideration to two top plans - the Douglas-Arlen
and Rosen proposals - and he was told by staff membersof the Authority that both
of them were about equal, but when he receives information that somehow plans can
be reinstated that do not meet the bid proposals of the Authority, then the
Douglas-Arlen group knows they are at a disadvantage; that it is the same old routine
of urban renewal - Negroes aren't allowed to participate because the Douglas-Arlen
group has Negro participation, even though Rockdale is a Negro community and will
serve Negroes. He stated all they are asking is that the plans be judged on merit
and where the Douglas-Arlen plan is as meritorious as any of the others, and Rockdale
being a Negro community, it should be given to Negroes; that if Negroes can't
participate in urban renewal at all levels, then the City Fathers should leave
them in the slums, rather than uproot them and take their property; that the time
has come when he felt this needed to be said publicly.
In reply to questioning by Chairman Cook, Mr. Williamson named the Rosen and
Chruckrow proposals as being the two which were disqualified and then reinstated.
He then called on Senator Johnson to speak.
Mr. Johnson stated he felt this matter was of enough importance and seriousness
tha t he had interrupted a speaking engagement in California to return to Atlanta
today for this meeting; that because of his absence from the city he had no t had
an opportunity to prepare for the meeting as he should have. He then st at ed "I
bel ieve with all my heart and soul that we have been discriminated against be c ause
we are Negroes and that if we were not black, we would have been awarded the Rockdale
Project". He then explained that he drew the charter of the Rockdale community
organization and they began working on a plan for the area long before the bidding
was opened; that they were successful in securing a sponsor, builder and
archit ect and eventually a plan was submitted t o the Housing Authority according
to the bid pr oposals. He stated furt her that after so doing and while waiting
on a de cision , and believing in the operation of democracy, they were info rmed
that po litic al influence was being used to get the Rosen plan approved; tha t he
immediately began to investigate and pose questions, among o thers, as to why the
two proposa ls which were disqualified were reinstated; that the foremost thought
in the Negroes ' mind s at this time was "you folks happen to be of the wrong hue
and you are not going to get it"; that they were told by the Housing Authority, as
stated by Alderman Williamson, both proposals were good and a ssuming this is so,
then he felt it incumbent on the City Fathers t o " bend over backwards" t o award
the development to a Negro group, compos ed of Negro architec t s, lawyers, real estate
brokers and builders, who are loc al ly based and have a vested interest in the heart
of a Negro community and will represent Negro people who were moved from the area
and will probably move back whe n housing is available. He also noted that Rockdale
is in the heart of his senatorial district and Alderman Williamson's third ward.
Senator Johnson stated further that it greatly disturbs them that on the one hand
they have been told by members of this connnittee that no decision has been made and
�- ---· . .
··- - - -- - - - - - - -- - -- - ~
Urban Renewal Policy Committee
May 12, 1967
Page 4
on the other hand he gets a call in California saying the Rosen plan had
already been sent to FHA by the Ho using Authority and he submitted this is
a serious matter. He further commented that after talking with member s of
FHA and persons alrea dy engaged in 221 programs, it is his understanding
that even if their pla n was submitted to FHA, it would be altered before
bein g returned; that you never get plans back from FHA exactly like they are
submitted. He cit ed as an example the Allen Temp le Project. He went on t o
say they had also been told Negroes had nev e r built anything this big; t hat
the ti me wasn't right and there was a question of the ability of the Union
Baptist Church to administei the project since they had no previous experience.
Senator John s on stated their position here in the 196O's, whether it is i mmediately
managing or selling, is to do ri ght; that most of the reasons cited agains t
their proposal are not meritorious arguments since the project would be Federally
regulated anyway. He again ci ted Allen Temple as an example. He the n concluded
by ·stating t hat all they are seeking is "a fair shake of the dice and don't deny
us because we are black"; that they feel there is rank discrimination somewhere
in the Rockdale project and they are asking this committee to right it.
Mr. Cook asked Mr. Johnson who told him they would not get this project because
they were Neg roes.
Mr . Johnson rep lied "Mr. Cook you know that I cannot reveal my source of information
anymore than you could, but as surely as there is a God in Heaven I, and we, have
been t old we would not get this project because we are black". Mr. Johnson did
say that hi s source of information had the contacts to know whereof he speaks.
At . this time, Chairman Cook and Mr. Gladin excused themselves from the meeting
t o keep a previous appointment in the Mayor's office. They did no t return during
the remainder of the meeting, although they had hoped to. Mr. Griggs presided
as Chairman during the rest of the me eting.
Reverend Sam Williams then addressed the committee briefly on three points: (1)
that so much time has to be spent by Negro es keeping vigil to see that even token
justice is done; (2) the c ruelty of denying Negroes because of historic disabilities
imposed upon them whi ch they themselves did not p l a ce upon their shoulders; and
(3) the fact that Negroes should be al lowed to share in the financial rewards
flowing from urban renewal. Reverend Williams also s tated he was personally
familiar with the Eagan Homes situation because a member of his congregation lived
there and he agreed these things must be corrected.
Reverend Grier, representing Operation Breadbasket and a group of ministers,
and Reverend Dorsey of Operation Breadbasket , both endorsed the remarks of Alderman
Williamson, Senator Johnson and Reverend Williams .
Mr. Griggs assured Messrs. Williamson and Johnson that it is of great concern
to membersof this committee that the charge of racial discrimination in Rockdale
ha s been made.
Mr. Cotsakis then stated he had to leave the meeting on a previous commitment,
but before departing he stated for the record that in all the meetings of the
Urban Renewal Policy Committee
May 12, 1967
Page 5
Policy Commi ttee he had par t icip ated in he had never heard the word Negro
mentioned, nor had he received any indication of racial discrimination
as far as any particular proj ect is concerned.
Senator Johnson commented "you don't have to say the word to do the act".
Mr . Persells then responded to the charge s as follows:
As to no participation on the part of Negroes in planning, he s tated there was
a cons iderable period of time whe n there wa s little, if any, par ti cipation
in urban renewal planning by whites or Negroe s; that the planning and action
that went on took place at the off icia l level and the participati on of
the cornmunity at large was extremely limited; that only within the last two to
fo ur years were people outsid e o f o ff icials really brought into planning
in urban renewal to the extent of actual participation. The first effort at
involving parti cipation on the part of persons living in the project area t ook
place in the West End Project through a Ci tizen s Advisory Corranittee, whic
still functions. The second effort t ook pla ce when the Buttermilk Bo ttoms North Avenue Project (which was combi ned wi th Bedford-Pine) was initiated ; the
c itizens residing in the project area fo rmed an organization ca lled "URESCUE"
whi ch, from that day f o rward, actively and fully participated in every planning
decision affecting the area; that this organizat ion has had a profound
effect on the urban renewal plan f or this area and he expected it to continue
to do so.
Mr . , Persells commented further t h at at some point you have to d evelop a basis
f or discussion; in the case of Rockdale the people were moved, the land cleared
and then came the question o f utilizati on of the l and; that it was determined
many years ago that Rockdale would be used f or schools, playgrounds and
residences, with an incidental po ssibility o f furnis hing a service shopping area
for the 1500 families that would live in the are a . The allocation of 1500
units was based on a limitation on sewers, documented by the Sewer Departme nt.
Mr. Persel l s stated further the initial concept was f or single family
r esidences, however, this was never possible, t opographically or financia l ly.
Mr . Perse lls said further that for a long time prior t o this there wa s, in
Atlan ta, a gr ow ing consciousness of t he importance of good urban desi gn , one
reason being there ha d been several i llust r a tions of awards made on a flat
do ll ar s ystem whe re t he redevelopmen t s had not been too good, so i t wa s
ult i mate ly determi ned tha t in multi-fami l y developments it would be de s irable
to make the offe ri ng s at a f i xed land pri ce and awa rd t he b i d base d on
compet i tive design c rit e r i a ; t hat a pri me reason f or this change in policy was
to avoid the type o f pr ob lem mentioned by Mr . Wi lliamson whe re Wheat Street
Baptist Church overbid on the land . He s tated t hi s was a very unfo rtunate
situation but could no t have be en avoid ed at that t i me wi th the existing laws .
I n adopting the fixed land price s y s tem, Mr. Perse ll s s tated an elaborate
procedure was e s tabl i shed to insure that awards wo uld be on the basis of
design criteri a a nd not po litical or o ther f acto r s . This procedure involved
staff reviews and recommendations, ora l presentat ions by developers and
recommendations from e xperts in th e fi eld of planning, architecture and housing.
�Minu te s
Urban Renewa l Policy Commit tee
May 12, 19 67
Page 6
Th is procedu re wa s f ollowed i n the case of Rockda l e . The se r ecommenda t i on s
were then presented t o t he Urban Renewal Poli cy Commi tte e who s pen t in e xc e ss
o f f ive hours ev a l uating the f our proposa l s . The pr opos a ls we r e t hen pre sented
t o t he Board o f Commi ssioners o f the Ho using Autho r i t y a nd t h ey discussed
t hem v ery c arefu l l y, howev er , no de c i sion ha s been made by t hem.
At thi s point , Mr . Per s ell s com.~ ented t hat no on e had a tt emp t ed to infl uence
him in thi s matte r o r con t ac ted him ab out it exc ept Mr. Wi ll iamson an d Mr .
J ohnson; that whe n the y visited his o ffi c e he a dvis ed them a t t hat t ime that
he wa s a s ta ff member , no t a de c i s i on o r po li cy make r , and he woul d be remi s s
in hi s duty if the s t a ff had i nfl uence on policy t o the exten t t hat it was .
an overr id ing fa c t o r , ra t her t han a r e commendat ion, and such was no t the ca se
wit h Rockdale .
Mr . Per s e l ls commented on the s tatement that Ne groes do not hold re sp onsible
j obs i n urb an renewal , or t hey hold l ow type j ob s. He s t a t ed this is s imply
no t an a c curate s tatement ; that there are a number o f Negro peop le involved
in urban renewal a t h i gh and l ow l eve ls and their jobs are open f o r inspection ;
that there are v acan t j ob s wh i ch are yet to be fi lled and when quali fie d Neg r o
peo p l e ca n be f ound , who a re will i ng t o a cc ept t he job at the salary it c arri es ,
he would per so na l ly re commend them f o r empl oyme nt.
As to the allegation , by imp l i cat i on o r dire c t statement, tha t there ha d bee n
no previous la nd purchases invo lving Negroe s and t he que s tion o f t he Ne gro
colle ges pa ying more f o r uban re new al land t ha n anyone el s e, Mr. Per se l ls s a id
t ha t p r i o r to Ro ckdale, awa rds were stric t l y on t he ba s i s o f the h ighest
bidde r, wi t h some c on siderat i on g i ven t o des ign f acto rs, and he could r ec all
onl y two ins ta nces when awa r ds we r e made o ther than t o the high b idder and
these ha d c lear-cu t re ason s which h ad no thing to do with the qu e s tio n o f ra c e ;
that t he re hav e be e n seve ra l ins tanc e s whe r e Neg r oes hav e been s ucc es s f u l
bidder s , f or e xamp le, Ci t iz ens Tr us t Company; f urther, at the t ime the
Unive r si ty Cent er Urb an Renewal Proj e c t was being planned, it ap pe are d that
it wo uld be impo ss ib l e t o f inanc e a proj e c t of t he size des i r e d by t he co l l e ges
and so the col le ge s , i n o r der t o make t he project fe a s i ble and se cure t he land,
ag reed to pay $40 , 000 an a cre; t ha t h e had neve r heard them comp la in ab out
this ; that Whe a t Str eet Ga rde n s , again, wa s a n unfortuna t e se t o f circumstances,
but t hey related t o the t i me and s ituation as i t was t hen; t ha t bas ed on his
exp e r ience, t he Negro co llege s would have pai d more f o r t he l and wi thout
the be nef it of the urb an renewal project. Mr . Pe rsells did no t comment on the
pub l i c hou s i ng , except t o s ay the things mentioned in regard t o Eaga n Horne s
ar e not who lly accurat e and do no t fairly repre sent the si t uation a s i t i s.
He then made brief concluding commen ts on s everal othe r po ints rais ed by
Messr s. Williams on and J ohnson. He s t a ted th er e had b een an ass umption made
that the two proposals me ntioned (Douglas-Ar len and Ro s en) were equal , but he
could assure everyo ne tha t whe n a decision is reached, it will be bec au s e the
two were not equal. They had a l so assumed that the Rosen pr opos al doe s
not involve Negro pa r t icipa t io n , but Mr . Per sells stated t hey might well include
local Negro participat ion , j u s t as Douglas-Ar len does; t h at t h e Ro sen group has
agree d to "spin o f f" po rt ions of the t ota l development, in the same manne r a s
-~-- -- - - - - -
Urban Renewal Policy Committee
May 12, 1967
Page 7
the Douglas- Arlen group anticipated spinning off the whole of the projec t ,
to a non-pro f it organiza t ion , however, Rosen was explicit in his desire to
retain control of the development. As to t he capability of the Union Baptist
Church t o c arry out a project of t h is magnitude, Mr. Persells state d that t o
let thi s be t he gove rning factor in the de cision would be wrong; tha t t he
assump tion has to be ma de .that such an organization would employ pro f essionally
skilled peop l e who could assist them in ma nagement activities. As t o the
Rose n propo sal be ing submitted to FHA , Mr. Persells stated it was submitted
to FHA f or a preliminary review to determine i f it was acceptable to FHA without
having t o make major ch anges; i f i t had been r eturned, another proposal would
have been s ubmi tted to them; furth e r, it is not accurate to say that pla ns will
not be deve l ope d a s submitted to FHA becaus e they will change them; that i f this
were t r ue, compe ti tions would not be he ld; t hat while minor changes might be
sugge s ted becau s e of topographic cond itions or other reasons, it doe s not mean
the basic concept or layout of the developme nt would be altered.
As to Negroes sharing in the financial rewards of urban renewal, Mr. Persel l s
stated the bu lk of the f inancial rewards which would accrue to Negroes or whites
would be in the development stage; after the structures are built, it lies
with the continuing ma nagement.
Mr. Persells conc l uded by saying t hat he hoped they could continue to opera te
without rega rd to race , creed or color and involve the community as a who l e in
planning a c t iviti es oriented to urban renewa l projects; that we shou l d no t
condemn ourselves by past mistake s, but pro fi t f rom them and move f orward.
There we r e then ques t i ons a nd ans wers .
Mr . Glenn st a ted he was the n ewe st member o f t h e Bo a rd of Commiss ione rs and in
the meeti ngs he had attended race had never been me ntioned and to h is knowledge
no dec ision had been made on Rockdale. He pointedly asked "has a dec i s i on been
ma de and was r a ce an issue?"
Mr. Griggs stated the Po l icy Committee had ma de a recommenda t i on to t he
At lanta Housing Authority a nd rac e was not a n is sue; tha t no decis i on has been
made yet by the Authori ty.
Mr . Pierc e s t ated he would like it clarified about the charge of reinsta t ing
disqualif ied plan s.
Mr . Persells explained that at no t i me were any o f the f ou r pr opo sals set aside;
that in thei r initia l r eview o f the propos al s, which is to determi ne if they
are in proper order t o be accepted, t hey did discover minor t echni calities
in the Rosen and Chruckrow p ropo sa l s . The Rosen proposal did not submit a
bid bond , nor a total dev elopment cost, although suffic ient information was
available to arrive at this figure . The Chruckrow proposal failed to meet
the exact specifications with respect to their drawings, however, after consultations
with the Authority ' s legal counsel, it was felt these were merely minor irregularities
and not sufficient reasons f o r rejecting the propo sals since the s e irregularities
did not affect any of the design criteria ; consequently, the Board of Commissioners,
Urban Renewal Policy Committee
May 12, 1967
Page 8
under the provisions of t he o ffering, waived the se irregularities, but up to
this point there was no cons id eration given t o the proposals on the basis o f
merit and they were under cons tant review and still are. As a result of this
situation Mr . Persells stated it wa s determined that the wording in the offering
was too ambiguous and subsequently an addendum to the offering was ma de,
setting forth in greater detail the speci fi cations for bidding.
Mr . Pierce asked i f any of these exceptions were ever mentioned at the Policy
meetings, t o which Mr . Persells answered negative ly, explaining that it was
felt this was a re sponsibility of the Board of Commissioners, whose meet ings are
a matter of public reco r d.
Mr . Wi lliamson con tended that if the Douglas-Arlen group had not "dotted every
'i' and cross ed every 't' t hey would be ou t of the ball game".
Mr . Johns on stated it was their understand ing the Policy Corrnnittee wou ld make
a re corrnnendation to the Housing Authority , who would be responsible f or making
the final decision, but since a re commendation fr om the Policy Corrnnittee is
tantamount to approval by the Authority, they felt it was their responsibi li ty
t o dis cuss the matter with the Pol i cy Committee and they are here today because
they thought no deci sion had been made. Mr. J ohnson stated furth er that he
and Mr . Williams on vis ited Mr . Cook in hi s o ffi ce and were told that a decision
had been made by t h e Po li cy Corrrrnittee and Mr . Cook suggested they s ee Mr. Persells;
that they did visit with Mr . Persel ls who, in turn, suggested they take the
matter up with the o ther members of the Policy Committee, resulting in today's
meeting . He also mentioned that when Alderman Cotsakis le ft the meeting, he said
he would not return to the meeting to vote because thi s Committee had already ma de
a recommendation; that if this is the c a s e , then everything said today has been
to no avail. He said further that the Ho using Authority permi ts a laxity of
rules for some and requires o thers to "toe the mark" and this is where discrimination
begins. He submitted that if the Douglas-Arlen group had not submitted a
performance bond, they would have been eliminated.
Mr. Williamson asked when must the Housing Authority publicize its decision.
Mr . Persells stated not later than Monday.
There being no further discussion , Mr . Griggs thanked everyone for appearing and
the Committee then went into Executive Session.
In Executive Session, Mr. Sterne commented that the Policy Connnittee, after
studying the four proposals very carefully, and after having the benefit of
written recorrnnendations from the experts, did make a recommendation and the
final decision rests with the Hou sing Authority; that there is some merit to the
statement that generally speaking the Board of Commissioners tends to follow
the recommendation of the Policy Corrnnittee; that while he is aware of the
Senator's explanation of the insidious way the race issue comes up, he could
truthfully say it never entered his mind at any of the briefings or meetings he
-· •
... .,.J. - --

- - ------
_________ _______________
Minute s
Urban Renewal Policy Committee
May 12, 1967
Page 9


Mr . Griggs stated he was "dumfounded" when Mr. Wil liamson and Senator
Johnson came to his office and made the charges they did; that he was
completely unaware o f any racial prejudice connec ted with Rockdale.
Mr. Persells stated the bids were opened legally on March 15 and the
Housing Authori ty is obligated to reach a decision and notify the successful
bidder within 60 days, after which they have 10 days to sign the contract
In answer to questioning by Mr. Griggs, Hr. Persells stated the Board of
Commissioners will have all four proposals before them at the meeting, with
a favo rable recommendation from the Policy Committee on the Rosen proposal.
Mr . Pierce recalled that he had to leave the meeting of April 25, 1967, at
whi ch the four proposals were discussed, prior to its conclusion and at
the time of his departure, advis e d the Chairman that up to t h at point, he
favored the Rosen plan, based on the plans he had seen and the recommendations
that had been given it by the va rious experts; however, he stated that at that
time he was not aware of the exceptions which were made, o r the questio n of
the race issue, and he requested that if the Chairman did vote favorable for
him, that it be stricken from the record.
Mr. Sterne, a l so being a member of the Board of Commissioners, sta ted he
wanted to make it clear that the waivers which were granted took place pr ior
to any hearings and it was afterwards that the detailed presentations were made
on all four proposals.
After other brief discussion, the Acting Chairman stated that if today's
presentations had altered the position of any committee member, he would entert ain
a motion to reconsider the matter.
Mr. Pierce so moved and simultaneously moved that the Douglas-Arlen pr opo sa l
be a pproved. These motions died for the lack of a second.
The Acting Cha irman then entertained a motion to reaffirm the previous de cis i on
o f the -commi t t ee.
Moti on was made a nd seconded by Messrs. Sterne and Flanigen that acc e p t ance
o f the Ro sen p r oposal be reaffirmed, s aid motion being adopted by majori ty
vote, with Ald e rma n Pierce voting a dversely.

Respectfully submitted :

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