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April 28, 1967
A regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning and Development Conunittee
of the Board of Aldermen was held on Friday, April 28, 1967 at 2:00
P. M. in Committee Room #1, Second Floor, City Hall.
The following members were present:
Rodney Cook, Chairman
E. Gregory Griggs
Charles Leftwich
George Cotsakis
John M. Flanigen
Q. V. Williamson
Jack Summers
Also in attendance were:
Collier Gladin
William F. Kennedy
Pierce Mahony
Earl Landers
Howard Openshaw
Les Persells
The Chairman called the meeting to order and the following business was
Mr. Gladin explained that the Planning Department, with assistance from
other city departments and agencies, have been preparing the annual request
for recertification of the Workable Program, which is necessary in order
for the city to continue participation in a variety of federal programs;
that it is hoped to submit the recertification to the Board of Aldermen
for approval on May 15 and to HUD immediately thereafter in order to
allow them two additional weeks of review time. He stated further that
prior to today's meeting, a draft copy o f each of seven sections were
. forwarded to each member for review and he then asked for any questions
o r suggested changes in any of t he individual draf t sec ~ions .
Mr. Kennedy of the departmental staff briefly commented on each draft
and the foll owing is a listing of them and the recommendations of the
Codes and Ordinances - Under Item 4, relative to the number of
appeals filed during the past twelve months as a result of
code enforcement, it was requested that the figure reflecting
the number of cases resolved by the committee be changed to
accurately show that the commit tee itself had resolved all the
cases which had been brought before it, even though some of the
cases might be pending before another governing board.
Comprehensive Community Plan - No changes.
Planning and Development Committee
April 28, 1967
Page 2
Neighborhood Analyses - No changes,
Administrative Organization - No changes.
Financing - No changes.
Hou s ing For Displ aced Famili e s - The committee asked that the
total number of families displaced during 1966 (shown as 162)
be verified; that it seemed rather low. Mr. Persells stated the
Housing Authority could document this figure.
Citizen Participation - No changes.
The committee then unanimously adopted the following resolution:
WHEREAS, the City of Atlanta is constantly . working to solve the
problems of urban blight and decay and,
WHEREAS , the City of Atlanta is committed to a positive working
relationship with the national government in an attempt to solve urban
problems of mutual concern and,
WHEREAS, recertification of the City of Atlanta's Workable
Pr ogram for Community Improvement i s necessary in order to cont inue to
r ece i ve gran ts-in-aid under a va riety of federal aid programs and ,
WHEREAS , t he ·city of Atlanta ha s made out standing pr ogress in
1966 in meeting its goals f or t o ta l community i mprovemen t .
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor a nd Board o f Aldermen
of the City of Atlanta, as f ol l ows:
That the attached report,
Review of Progress under the
Workable Program for Community Improvement, is hereby adopted.
That said report be forwarded to the Regional Office of the
Planning and Development Committee
April 28, 1967
Page 3
United States Department of Housing and Urban
Development for their review no later than June 1,


Mr. Mahony of the departmental staff gave a brief status report on
the Land Use Plan, ~tating it is expected to have it in a final draft
form by July so as to begin consultations with the committee with a
view toward final adoption.

Revision of Zoning Ordinance
Mr. Gladin briefly commented that the staff feels it would be desirable,
as a n initial step in updating the entire ordinance, to rev~ew it for
certa in kinds of deficiencies which should, in turn, give.a clearer under~
st a nding of where the ordinance is lacking in its basic approach to both
development and enforcement; tha t while most of these deficiencies are
obvious to the admin{strative sta ff , it was felt it would be desirable to
have an outside review of the ordinance from a more objective standpoint,
point i ng o.ut both the kinds of deficiencies and the areas where it may
substanti a lly differ from other ordinances employing similar concepts .
and accord i ngly, the American Society of Pl a nning Officials has been
employed to do such · a review. Mr. Gladin stated also that he anticipated
b r inging this matter before the committee a round the middle of May for

Survey and Planning App lic a tion for Na sh- Bans Area
Mr. Gladin exp la ined tha t an in i ti a l mee ting had been schedul ed with
representatives from all the a r ea civi c c lubs, chur che s a nd other groups ;
the purpose o f thi s meet ing , a nd ot her s i milar one s t o f ol l ow, will be t o
acquaint the s e area repre senta tives with the c ity ' s plans f or their area;
to hear their problems and s o l u tions; t o ascertain their fee l i ngs about
an urban renewal pro j e c t f or t heir area , and t o s o licit thei r support; in
turn, it is hoped the s e repre senta tives will keep thei r r espec tive neighborhood
informed of all the s e activities .

Combi ning of Buttermi l k Bottoms - Bedford Pine Projects
Mr. Persells brought this matter to the committee's attention, explaining
Planning and Development Committee
April 28, 1967
Page 4
that HUD has stated that since we are simply adding the areas and budgets
together, no new resolution is required and the documents can be presented
to the Regional Office and unless this committee wishes to restate the
position taken by the Urban Renewal Policy Connnittee in approving the
combination, no further action is required.
The conunittee felt no further action was needed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted:
Col lier Gladin
Planning Director
Joanne Parks

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