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January 13, 1967
A meeting of the Urban Renewal Policy Committee was held
on Friday, January 13, 1967 at 10:00 A.M. in Committee
Room #2, Second Floor, City Hall.
The following members were present:
Rodney M. Cook, Chairman
Edwin L. Sterne
George Cotsakis
John Flanigen
Hugh Pierce
Mr. Frank Etheridge
Mr . E. Gregory Griggs
Also present were :
M r • M • B • S a t t e r f i e. I d , E x e c u t i v e D i r e c t o r , ·
Atlanta Housing Authority .
Mr. Les Persells, Directo r of Redevelopment,
Atlanta Housing Authority .
Mr. Howard Op e nshaw , Atlanta Housing Authority
Mr. Colli e r Gladin , Planning Enginee r , Ci t y
of Atlanta .
Mr. Elme r Moon, Assistant Building Official .
Mr. Geo r ge Berry, Comptroller ' s Office .
Se v era l m e mbe r s of the City Planning Staff w e re pr ese nt ; also ,
se v er al representat i ves of other City departments we r e 1n
atten d a nce .


Chairman Co ok i n tr odu ce d Dean Will i am Su t tl es of Ge o rgia State
C ol lege wh o , in t u rn, intr odu ced se v era l oth er rep r esentatives of
Georgia State w h o w ere pre s e n t, i.e., M r. V. V. Lavroff,
Comptroller; M r. J am i so n, Ar c h itect i n c h ar g e of physical plants
and Andrew Steiner, Georgia S tate Consu l tant.
Mr. Steiner distrib u ted copies of Georgia State College's
M aster Campus P l an, prepare d by Robert an d Company Associates,
and gave a brief resume of t h e Report, with major emphasis on
He commented the purpose of the Plan is to
provide a guide to the physical development of Georgia State
Urban Renewal Policy Committee
January 13, 1967
Page 2
College in an urban environment.
To satisfy four specific
questions raised by the Policy Committee on April 22, 1966,
Messrs. Lavroff and Steiner submitted the following:
Certified original of minutes, including a resolution therein,
of the Board of Regents meeting in which they accepted the
Georgia State Master Campus Plan (original attached hereto
and made a part of these minutes by reference); (2) Copy of
letter from the Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority, under
signature of Edgar J. Forio, Chairman, dated November 28,
1966, agreeing with the general philosophy of the Master Plan
and expressing Grady Hospital's willingness to consider mutually
advantageous development of the total area (letter attached
hereto and made a part of these minutes by reference); (3)
Eliminated all proposed classroom facilities north of Edgewood
a n d ( 4 ) I n c o r p o r a t e d t h e b I o c k p r e s e n t I y o c c. u p i e d b y t h e P o I i c e
Station into the Master Plan for possible future expansion.
Mr. Gladin explained the Housing Authority has prepared an
a me n d m e n t to th e Ge o r g i a S ta t e U r b a n R e d e v e I o pm e n t Ar e a
i ncorporating the block bounded by Gilmer Street, Butler Street,
Decatur Street and Piedmont Avenue (containing 4.6 acres of
land) and approval of this additional block by the Policy
Committee is necessary i n order to facilitate final clearance
of this amendment .
At this point , Chairman Cook excused himself from the meeting ,
stating he was due at the Legislature .
Mr. Persells then offered the following comments and suggestions,
stating they were not related to the approval of the project
amendment , but to the Master Plan as a whole :
Since the individual buildings in the total complex are
bein g designed by various arch it ects , he suggested that
some c on tr ols should be written into the Maste r Plan to
i n s u r e a n d e f f e c t u a t e m a x i m u m c oo r d i n a t i o n a n d c o r r e I a t i o n
of bui ld i ngs , pedestrian malls, etc .
Scheduling of parki ng should be given further consideration
since it appears off-hand that it is programmed late 1n
the plan, rather than as early as it will actually be
�~ ~-- ----·-..._
_____ ·~---- - -----
Urban ~enewal Policy Committee
January 13, 1967
Page 3
Suggested that copies of the Master Plan be transmitted
to the various city departments, city u t ilities, private
utilities and the Rapid Transit Authority, with a request
for their written comments and/or recommendations so that
in the future implementation of Plan recommendations,
Georgia State would have the benefit of their findings .
Suggested that within the Plan there should be a clarifying
statement as to the uses contemplated west of Ivy ar:id why
it is important that the Campus extend into this area.
Because of the proximity of the prope r ty across Edgewood
to the Central Business District and its potential tax
producing capabilities, there should be a clarifying statement
as to why it is important that the housing contemplated
north of Edgewood be directly across the street from the
Campus, as opposed to say a few blocks away convenient
to public transportation.
Noted there was no indication in the Plan as to how the
s t u d e n t s w o u I d m o v e f r o m t h e g r o u .n d I e v e I t o a n o t h e r I e v e I
(escalato r s , elevators , etc.)
Mr . Lavroff s tated this will be a part of the de t ailed
design planning .
( 7)
Noted that on Page 20 of the Master Plan, there is a
s tat e men t" •. . • . storm arid sanitary sew er s ar e comb i n e d
i n th is area . . . •• " and sta t ed that since F e de r a l f u nds ar e
i nvolved the r e i s a necessity · fo r separating t he s t o rm a nd
sa n ita r y sewers , t herefore , th e Housing Autho rity w o ul d li k e
s ome r ecommendat i ons on t he pa r t o f the C oll ege as we l l
as t h e Ci t y wi th r espe c t to ut i l i ties i n t h e ar e a.
In reference to Ite m (3) , M r . Stei n er sta te d t h ey d o p r opose
t o mail c o pies o f t h e P l an to a l l memb ers o f t h e Board o f Alde r men
a nd w ill be happy to co m p l y w i t h M r . Per s e l ls suggest i o n .
Mo ti o n was t h en ma d e b y M r . Sterne , seconded by M r . Pi e rc e
and carri ed unanimous l y as fo l lows :
( I)
Th e C om m ittee to o k the G eo r g ia Sta te M a s t e r Campus Plan
und e r a d vi se m en t.
U r b a n R·e n e w a I P o I i c y C o m m i t t e e ·
· January 13, 1967
Page 4
Approved the additional block (bounded by Gilmer
Street, Butler Street, Decatur Street and Piedmont Avenue)
as an amendment to the Georg'ia State Urban Redevelopment
Area; in so doing, it was the Committee's understanding
from Mr. Persells that this approval would, in no way,
represent an approval of the Master Plan, per se, and
would not commit any member to any future urban renewal
projects in this area.
Set a public hearing (as required by law) on the one block
amendment to be held at the next regular meeting of the
Policy Committee on February 17, 1967.

Mr. Openshaw presented for action the following requ e sted
plan changes in the · West End Urban Renewal Area:
Pa r cel 1.... 15, John C. Theisen
751 Park Street, S. W.
Requests plan change to 11 Not T o Be Acquired" to p ermi t
continued operation of supermarket.
Agrees to sell contiguous
parcel 1-4 to Housing Authority .
(M-1 zoning district) .
Rec omm e ndation of West End Local Citizens Commission appointed a sub-committee to study this request and determine
if the present op era tion could be upgrad e d .
The Policy Committ ee withh 1 1d any action , .pending a
r e p o r t f r o·m t h i s s u b - c o m m i t t e e .
Parcel 11 - 39, H.
541 Lee Street
L. DeF o or, et a l
Requests p l an change to 11 Not To Be Acqu ire d" t o remove
existing two-story frame residence in poor condition to
a ll ow expansion of Gu l f Station on adjoining Parcel 11 - 1.
(M-1 to C-2 zoning district).
Recommendation of West End Local Citizens Commission Rejection.
�[ ---;-.-.:-:

-."JC.=-. ., -=-~-= = = ==--- -----· ·- ----·4·- ~ . -

-- -· -...._. . ____ ,..______ _ ___ _ _ _
Urban Renewal Policy Committee
January 13, 1967
Page 5
(Continued from Page 4)
Mr. Openshaw stated this would be · the only piece of prope.rty
in a two b Io ck are a (between Lee Street and Se a rs) that w o u Id
not be acquired.
Mr. Persells thought it pertinent to state that originally the
Plan contemplated acquisition of this property, however, the
G u I f S t a t i o n w a s e r e c t e d -u n d e r a Bu i I d i n g P e r m i t i s s u e d a f t e r
the Plan had been developed, but before it was approved,
therefore, i t could no t be prevented - this relates to t h e land
owner and not the lessor.
Mr. Sommerville felt any action at this time would be premature
and not in the best interest of the West End Plan .
Motion was then mad e , seconded and duly c arried, that this
request be rejected. ·
Block 27
Boy s 1 _ C I u b ,
Inc •
Re qu es ts plan chang e to designat e Parc e ls I thru 8 11 To Be
Acqui r ed 11 , and r eclassify Block 27 f or institutional use (Boy s
C I u b) .
Re comme n dation of Wes t End Local Citi z ens Co m mi s sion App r ov a l , a lthough not unanimous .
F ollo w ing a brief d i scussion , this r equ e s t w a s defe rr ed fo r
f u rt h er s tudy .
Parce l 5 7 -2 , F ulton Coun ty
1368 Luci l e A v e nu e
Req u ests p l an c h an g e to p e rmit this parc e l to be developed by
a major oil compa n y .
( R-6 zo n in g district).
Mr. Openshaw stated this property is scheduled for re siden tial
Upon motion by Mr. Cotsakis, seconded by Mr. Sterne and
unanimous vote this request was rejected. Mr. Gladin stated it
Urban Renewal Policy Committee
January 13, 1967
Page 6
might be in order to offer to the County the idea of a
higher density residential use of this property but he was
not prepared to make any specific recommendations at this
Paree I 44-24
Mrs ._Berry_Blackwood
Requests permit to operate day nursery in R-6 zoning district.
Recommendation of West End Local Citizens Commission Approval.
Motion was made, seconded and duly carried that this request
be approved.
Westview Drive
City owned remnants
City proposes to sell remnants for apartment development.
Requires plan change from R-6 to A-I zoning district.
Recommendation of West End Local Citizens Commission r ejection .
Because of the uncertainty of exactly what the City owned
along Westview Drive and other factors, this matter was de f e r red
fo r furthe r study and Mr . Openshaw was requested to have a
map a t the next meeting ind i cating city - owned remnants along
We s tview .


M r . Pe r s e l l s e xpla i ned that w i thin t he Bedfo r d -Pine Ar e a, the
Eco n omic Opp o rt un i ty Atl a n ta Org a ni za t i on des ire s t o temporarily
uti l ize a vaca n t r e s ident ia l s truc t u re at 365 L i n den Avenue in
c o njunction wi th the ir n e i g h b o r hood s erv i ce s ce n ter program .
Specifically, they wa n t t o u s e it f o r pre-sc hoo l age and mentally
retarded children u nde r a day-care t y p e of program.
Mr . Persells
stated the matter had not come before the Local Citizens Commission
but he felt they would approve it.
In r es ponse to a question, Mr.
Satterfield stated that EOA•s urgency is they presently have a tutorial
Urban Renewal Policy Committee
January 13, 1967
Page 7
program underway in this area and they don't want to break this
continued activity.
The question of temporary use was discussed by the Committee,
and with the understanding that use of the premises would be temporary,
the matter was . approved.

As a matter of information, Mr. Gladin e x plained that the official
guide lines for preparation of a Demonstration Cities Application for
Planning Funds has been received from HUD and that the City
anticipated completion and submission to Washington by March I;
that this will result in a considerable step-up of activities in
t h e P I a n n i n g D e p a r t m e n t a n d i t m i g h1t b e c o m e d e s i r a b I e a n d n e c e s s a r y
to call additional meetings of the Policy Committee to keep abreast
of the situation.

There being no further business to discus s, the meeting was adjourned.

**** * ****

App r ov e d :
Ro dney
Respectfully submit t ed ,

. ,-. Coo K
/ /
/1" ' ,
, /~ ;_, /
~ L _ i...L/_ - - ,-L _1/
---J oan n e P ar Ks
S e cr e tary

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