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Board = December 13-14, 1966

The Committee on Buildings and Grounds reported that for several
years a study of a campus plan to show the outermost limits for Georgia
State College has been in process; that recent adjustments have been com-
pleted as a result of obtaining the Atlantic Company property; that the
approval of the Master Campus Plan will facilitate a rapid decision in
final clearance of urban renewal properties now in process with the
Atlanta Housing Authority; and that this plan would provide for ultimate
expansion of the campus to include approximately 60 acres,

The Committee reported further that in President Langdale's
recommendation for approval of the proposed Master Campus Plan for Georgia
State College, he pointed out certain items which are necessary to satisfy
the Urban Renewal Policy Committee on the block of property bounded by
Piedmont Avenue, Gilmer Street, and Decatur Street.

Mr. André Steiner of the architectural firm of Robert and Company
presented the preliminary outline of the amended campus plan for the future
development of Georgia State College which would provide the necessary
physical facilities for this fast growing institution. He was assisted by
President Noah Langdale, Jr., in this presentation, and by Mr. V. V. Lavroff,
Comptroller of the College.

Following a discussion of the Master Campus Plan as outlined and
of the conditions to be met in satisfying the requirements of the Department
of Planning of the City of Atlanta, upon recommendation by Chancellor George
L. Simpson, Jr., and the Committee on Buildings and Grounds, with motion
properly made, variously seconded, and unanimously adopted, it was

RESOLVED, That the Board of Regents of the University System of
Georgia shall and it does approve in principle, the Master Campus Plan
as prepared by consultants for the Georgia State College.

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Board of Regents shall and it does
hereby declare its intention to support the devalopment of the Master
Campus Plan of the Georgia State College to the extent that funds are
made available for this purpose.

RESOLVED FURTHER; That the general approval of the Master Campus

Plan includes the intention of the Board to comply with the conditions

required to meet the policy of the Department of Planning of the City


of Atlanta, as stated in a letter, dated June 3, 1966, from Mr. G. Eric
Harkness, of the Department of Planning, Cilty of Atlanta,to Mr. V. V.
Lavroff, Comptroller, Georgia State College,

This is to certify that the foregoing is a true, correct, and compared

excerpt from the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Regents of the
University System of Georgia held in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 13-14,

This twenty-second day of December, 1966.

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Mrsf Hubert L. Harris
Assistant Executive Secretary
Regents, University System of Georgia

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