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Chairman of the Fulton County Delegation

Dear Sir:

The Planning and Development Committee, at its January 27th meeting,
discussed a Bill to incorporate certain land adjacent to the City of East
Point. This review was made in response to Representative Lane's (of the
126th District) letter of January 12 to Mayor Allen requesting comment
on this proposal. ' at) 34
After reviewing maps of Land Lot *@%#eof the 14th District, which

consists of 24 parcels of land and noting their relationship to the

corporate limits of both Atlanta and East Point, I was asked to relay to you

the following three major observations Ae Cen

1. That the area of uaeaeoupe rated Fulton County under consideration
was contiguous to Atlanta and East Point corporate limits, therefore,
this area would provide one direction in which the City of Atlanta
could expand in the future. This consideration is important because
in order to maintain a healthy regional center Atlanta must have
ae he lity of growth.
2. One of the City of Atlanta's major water mains supplying
water to a large part of iaanderoonated south Fulton County is
located in Welcolm All Road, which runs north and south through
the area under consideration. Approximately 1600 feet of water
main, havidg-an ia value of $32,000 must be, continued to
be maintained*by the City of Atlanta in order to provide uninterrupted
service tolFulton County.
NT sae Tanta,tathe:

ae -_- ——

affected in such a choice: “eq wake-th® @6eision through a referendum.

| Adan

DRAFT (continued)

3. Atlanta, in the past, has taken the position of letting the
citizens affected in such a choice make the decision through
a referendum. Therefore, the City of Atlanta feels that
regardless of the preceeding two conclusions, that no official
stringent objections would be made providing the delegation

choses to take this course.

ParinSetis pode. on vols —— “ae %

pi Qiin reithod .
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