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November 3, 1967 ig
Mr. John M. Flanigen , Chairman
Zoning Committee

2h5 Third Avenue, S. £.
Atlanta, Georgia 30317

Dear Mr. Flanigens

The Atlanta Branch NAACP strongly urges that the request to re-zone the tract of
land situated on Sewell Road near Fairburn Road to allow the construction of some
650 public housing units be disapproved because of the fellowing reasons:

ae The schools located in the Cascade heights area would not be able
to accomodate the children of parents moving into the new projects.
In this connection, the existing schools have already reached a
saturation point, with the elementary school utilizing a local
church for additional class room space.

b. The northwest and southwest areas already have more than their share
of public housing units which have created many problems in sewage,
schools, recreational and service facilities etc.

c. The area adjacent to the proposed site to build these units is one
of the nicest residential sections in the city open for Negro
occupancy. Every effort should be made to maintain racial balance
in that neighborhood. Further, present community patterns should
rewain constant, and every effort made to maintain the present level
of property values and property. zoning.

Approval of the above re-zoning request by your committee would lend confirmation
to the obvious attempt by the power structure to systematically relocate Atlanta's
Negro citizens to the southwest and northwest sections of this city.

The NAACP has made it clear to the Mayor, the Atlanta Housing Authority, the
Atlanta Housing Resources Committee, the U. S. Housing and Urban Development De-
partment, the Zoning Committee, the developers and the press, that we are
opposed to any further public housing apartments and privately developed apart-
ments in the northwest and southwest sections until such a time that the north-
o_o southeast areas receive their proportionate share of that type of

Respectfully submitted,

wel 7 Exec. Secy.
Atlanta Branch, NAACP

RBF scab
CC: Mayor Ivan Allen

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