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1702 Ezra Church Road, N. W,

Atlanta, Georgia 3031,
September 14, 1967

Dear Sir:

This letter is pertaining to the rezoning of the southwest
corner of West Lake Ave, at Simpson Road, It comes up for re-
zoning September 18, 1967. Rezoning would do an immense amount of
damage to our property and to our community, Rezoning from
residential to commercial status would bring about an immediate
devaluation in our property values. Another imminent danger is that
the rezoning of this piece of property would provide grounds for the
rezoning of properties on each side or adjacent to it. This would
open a flood=-gate for the establishment of businesses and most of
them would be of a honky-tonk nature down Simpson Road and up West
Lake Ave. This would cause some of our neighbors to sell and run
and those who couldn't sell and run would have to stay and suffer,
We have pleaded with the zoning commttee for over ten years to
consider the west side of West Lake Ave, as a proper place and line
to stop or call a halt to commercial rezoning. The zoning committee
and the entire Board of Aldermen have seen fit to grant us this
plea each year for ten or more years. By their just and judicious
decisions, we have been able to maintain the tranquillity and proper
image of our community. We are deeply appreciative of this kind of
action and it is our hope that it will continue,

The residents of this area make up thirty or more families,
This area is composed of two blocks of West Lake Ave; one block of
Simpson Rd; and all of Kzra Church Rd. The area falls in precinct
7A. The residents are stable citizens. They vote in all elections.
Because of previous rezonings which have had a deleterious effect
on our community, we are constantly on guard to prevent any change
in the zoning of our community area. We are against the establish=-
ment of a filling station or any other kind of commercial establish-
ment on the afore mentioned property. As in the past years, we look
to you for a just and fair decison and also we admonish you to be
aware of any behind-the-scene maneuvers which would work against us
and to frown upon such tactics,

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September 14; 1967

Our closing statement is that we sincerely hope that this property
will not be rezoned and we will be permitted to enjoy the fruits of
our investments and the tranquillity of our community for the rest
of our lives;

Sincerely ey

eres H. Ingram 7
pth» fotlanl

Martha Pollard
Secretary ay .
Pes Ap pees |

Charlotte Warrior
Chairman of Committee
concerning Rezoning

The Triangle Neighborhood
Community Club

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