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Box 20, Folder 33, Document 73

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Vi ctor A. Schroeder, Manager of ·o evelopment
Owne rs: W. R. Hawn • J . Verne Hawn
"The shoppi ng center with built-in Spring"
December 9, 1966
Mr. Fred J. Schwaemmle , J r .
Continental Development Corporation
1871 Plaza Lane, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia, 30311
Dear Mr. Schwaemmle:
As managing partner of Greenbriar Shopping Center, I woul d
like to state that we would welcome well planned and we ll
constructed high-class apartments in the Greenbriar area.
We feel that this area is now and will continue to dev elop
into the h u b o f Southwest Atlanta. We exp ect to see well
pl a nned office and bus iness d e v ~ lopments aro und us, and this
type of dev elopmen t c ertainly c a ll s fo r t h e suppor t o f
multi -fami ly dwellings .
We would oppose l ow rental apartments o r a ny type of housing
that would downgrade the area. We feel that luxury t ype
apar tments would be a d e finite asset to the area .
V ry t r uly your s ,
A. R: ~~«n,
R . Hawn
3700 Redwine Road, S.W. • Atlanta, Ga. 30331 • Telephone 344-8310 • Area Code 404

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