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December 21 + 1966

Mr. Harry 8. King ©
2474 Black Forest Trail, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Re: Continental Colony Zoning
Dear Mr. King:

I attach herewith a copy of all the letters which were
on el Schwaemmle’s wall the other night which ee Th to

our zoning.

It was very nice meeting you and Mra. King, and I shall
be glad to answer any other questions you may have. I hope
you will see fit to enthusiastically support this project
because I honestly feel it will be the finest that has been
developed in Georgia.

Incidentally, I strongly suggested to Mr. Schwaemnle
that he set the fees on the club and he has done so. The
initiation fee will be $150.00 per family, and the dues will
be $10.00 per year up to five people and no dues above five.
I feel this is most reasonable as it will apply to all people
who join. The same regulations for use will apply to all
apartment dwellers as welt as residential members.

With kind regards, I am
Sincerely yours,

o/b ( Clifford oxford
Attchs. i

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