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Manta, Gerry O32


Pp. 0 47 4899

November 21, 1966 REAL ESTATE LOAN 5=° rENT

AREA “94


RE: Proposed Apartment Site
East Side Proposed Extension
Mt. Gilead Road

I have made an on site inspection of the subject property
this 2lst day of November, 1966 for the purpose of deter-
mining the feasibility of the proposed project.

I have been in the mortgage loan business in Atlanta for
twelve years and have made several loans in the Fountaine
Bleau Subdivision which adjoins the subject property. I
am also an appraiser holding the MAT designation and have
made appraisals on houses adjoining the subject property.

Based on my personal inspection of this property and seetne
the proposed plot plan showing a 150 foot buffer zone betweer
the apartment buildings and the homes on Black Forest Trail
(homes nearest to the apartment) and knowing the type apart-
ments that are proposed on this site, I do not feel the
single family homes will be affected adversely. In fact, i*
is my opinion as an appraiser that this proposed developmert
will provide the most desirable buffer between the single
family residential subdivision and the area zoned commercial
which will be developed in the near future with various types
of improvements. It is also a buffer from the side view 9°
the Greenbriar Shopping Center.

In review, it is my opinion that an attractive apartment voro-

ject on this site would be a proper improvement and woul? not
adversely affect the value of the surrounding property.


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Terry B. Knight

Assistant Vice-President


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