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Thomas J. Tate, Jr, Manager

"The shopping center with built-in Spring"

December 1, 1966

Continental Development Corporation
1871 Plaza Lane, S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia


As manager of Greenbriar Shopping Center, | would like to add
my support to your petition for re-zoning of property in the
Greenbriar area.

Let me say that we, obviously, have an interest in multi-family
development of this property; consequently, we naturally would
be interested.

Let me further state, however, that our interest goes beyond
the Greenbriar Shopping Center and the additional business
that this development would generate.

If Atlanta Metro is to support two million people by 1983, it
becomes apparent to us that the available land located this
near the central business district should be zoned for multi-
family units.

In other words, the professional opinion of consultants whom we
have employed state the highest and best use of this property
would be multi-family development. This is not to say that

all property within a certain distance from the central bus-
iness district should be zoned multi-family family. We are
saying that the land contiguous to a development such as
Greenbriar Shopping Center leads itself to high density develop-
ment. Of course, this has been true around Lenox Square as

well as practically every other regional shopping center through-
out the country.

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2841 Mt. Gilead Road, S. W. - Atlanta, Ga. 30331 - Telephone 344-6611 - Area Code 404

Continental Development Corporation
December 1, 1966
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Let me emphasize that this opinion is that of the management
‘of Greenbriar; in that, it does not necessarily reflect the
view of each merchant. | felt that my opinion should be voiced
and hope that we are able to have honest differences of opinion
with all interested parties.

All professional information points to the fact that this is
another step important to the continuing growth of metropolitan

Sincerely yours,

DRemaa J. Doe yf

Thomas J. Tate, ur.


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