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January 9, 1967 ye


Honorable Ivan Allen, Mayor Fs
City of Atlanta

City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Allen:

On January 19, an application submitted by the Continental
Development Corporation is to be heard concerning rezoning
of property adjacent tothe Greenbriar Shopping Center for
apartment uses.

Although I have no personal interest in the corporation
requesting zoning changes, I feel that the best interests

of the City of Atlanta will be served if this application

is approved. It is my understanding that the West End
Businessmen's Association, all of the merchants at Greenbriar
and others are in favor of the rezoning as requested.

If you can recommend approval of these zoning changes, I
shall appreciate it more than you know.

With kindest personal regards, I am

Sincerely yours,

Sho tohuy abr

George F. ae ot

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