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April 29, 1969

Mr. Edwin L. Sterne

Atlanta Housing Authority
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Edwin:

Please express my regrets that I cannot be present at the

dinner honoring M. B. Satterfield for his years of service on

the Atlanta Housing Authority, and his additional years of service
in the low income housing field beginning with the Techwood
Project in Atlanta in 1936.

Iam sure that Satt has a warm feeling of real accomplishment
when he looks back over the years of his satisfactory work in
providing housing for the poor. All of the good that he has done
could be multiplied by the number of days of pleasant existence
which thousands of Atlanta families have enjoyed.

Atlanta stands at the very top in America in recognizing the
fundamental need for low income housing. Ona relative basis,
we have outstripped the other national cities in building these
fine units; and, Mr. Satterfield has been the Executive Director
during this period of greatest accomplishment, and he is entitled
to the grateful appreciation of the people of Atlanta.

Please express my gratitude, personally and officially, to Satt
for his major contribution during these dynamic years.


Ivan Allen, Jr.

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