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ENATE BibhL 111

By: Senators Johnson of the 42nd, Wesberry of the 37th, Macintyre of the

40th and a = >
A 3iLL

To be entitled an Act To amend an Act known as the ''Metro-
tan Atianta Rap'd Transit Autherity Act of 1965,"! approved March 10,
amended, particularly by an Act approved
50 as to authorize the Metropolitan
transit Authority to publicize its activities and functions; to
orize sa.d Authority to invest and teznvest anv and all idle funds or
Monies a4 certain specified investments, lo authorize said Authuvity te
exercise the power of eminent domain and the procedure
with; to change the provisions relating tc the optaining of personai services
by the Authority: to repe conflicting saws; and for other purposes

Section 1. An Act known as the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid

1965, approved March 10, 19¢5 (ura. Laws 1905, p

approved Macch

tting in Section

{a7 T
« Qf

he power to puclicize in any way it may deem prope:
any and all activities and functions ci the Authority. including but
t limited to, the resvits of any activities conducted purstant to

subsection fe, of this Section,

laf as —

, she power to invest and reinvest any or all idle funds or
monies, inculding but not limited to, funds held in reserve or debt
tirement, or received through the issuance of revenue certificates
or irom contributions, giits or grants, which cannot be immediately
used for the purpose for which received, in any security or
securities which ave legal investments for Executors ox Trustees,
provided, however, that such investments in such securities will,
at all times, be held for and when sold used for the purposes for
which the money was originally received.'!
Section 2. Said Act is further amended by striking therefrom
Section 12 thereof in its entirety and inserting in lieu thereof a new Section
which shall read as follows:
"]2. The Authority shall have the power of eminent domain
zor the purpose of acquiring property needed for the purposes oz the

Authority. Condemnation proceedings for the acquisition of such

roperty shall be in accordance with the provisions contained in



Chapters 36-1 through 36-6, of the Code of Georgia of 193

, as
amended, Chapter 36-11 of the Code of Georgia of 1933, as amended,

or any and all other procedures now or hereaiter granted by the

laws and Constitution of Georgia, including but not limited to the

e =

procedure set forth in an Act approved March 13, 1957 (Ga. Laws

7, 37), as amended, to persons or corporations having the




privilege of exercising the right of eminent domain. In addition to
such power of eminent domain, the City of Atlanta and the Counties
oi Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton and Gwinnett (and the County of Cobb

in the event that it shali participate) may for the purposes of the

Authority exercise the broadest power of eminent domain available

to them or any agency or joint agency. thereof, under any Statute,

and convey to the Authority any property so acquired uvon payment
yr credit for the total cost of any acquisition hereunder. However,
no local governing body shall exercise any power of eminent domain
r with respect to property located beyond its territorial
Section 3. Said Act is further amended by striking therefrom, sub-

section (b) of Section 8 thereof, in its entirety, and inserting in lieu thereof
@ new subsection which shall read as follows:

"tb) The power to appoint, select aad employ officers, agents

and employees, including engineering, architectural and construction


experts, fiscal agents and attorneys, to contract for the

individuals or organizations not employed full time by the Authority,
but who are engaged primarily in the rendition of personal services
f goods or merchandise, such as but not limited
to the services of attorneys, accountants, engineers, architects
and advisors, ealowing suitable compens and to
make provisions for group insurance, retirement or other employee

benefit arrangements. "'

All laws or parts of laws in conflict with this Act are

NOTE: We algo request that the last sentence in Section 14 (a) be deleted and
in lieu thereof the following substituted:

thing in this Section shall .apply to contracts for pro
the nal services ; employees, or to con

individuals or organizations not employed Eull 1

Authority but who are @agasen primarily in the penditton of

and not the sale of goods and merchandise, such as

te the services of attorneys, accountants, engin


consultant and advisors.


te We ER Benn ek do = ae ak = Ha
4m sict to amend an Act known as the "Metropolitan Atlanta

Rapid Transit Authority Act of 1965," approved March 10, 1965 (Ga,

243), as amended, ¢


riticularly by an Act approve


Kg aie tA aa! 1a hh foe = 5 ee a
March, i906 (Ga, Laws 1966, p. 3264)
may be cunialived as costs of @ rapid transit system or project; iv

: . 7 + aay ak mat om bh 7a 4 Ty =p 4 Oe Fecal ead aed = -
wedeee wale Tequilement Ol a snowing Lial the Gequisition of a j


OWHeG transportation system is essential to the development of rapid

se os wes oo ee Fic eat = oe Sad see ey aes © =r]
transit in the metropolitan area; to delete a provision subjecting said
A ag 4s « ee re a ee £ * Se ee ee

suthority to liability for certain attorneys fees of adverse parties; to

indicate which public bodies said Authority may contract with pertainin

+ ato ——= 9a = oe _ * a} ay = 5 =~ 1 ~~ ~ =35— - = 7 ~

tO 1tS purposes; to authorize toca. fovernments to pay ot

i Ss Lt ~ 4 -] ——4 A ee Lis ae + oe aaa eS ee
Sidies anc to contract with said Autrnorit ty Telative thereto; to eliminate

tt Sonny, Lm sar Saye may ] Low eer eo aap oT eee
fleion ror jucicial review o2 Charces OF SETVices lixcac Gb

ae |e pt ta abet 7k eae Pee ee ee ER, XS La ey el a ee ert. ese
StUOTaeY, 4O Ceierve Teculremicnis Lia. TeVenve YOoOncs Gi stliu shee Orley

ee ee = Wea” ah: eat feign A Be iad an eh e eee
ye sola upon competitive bidding, Ge wed eet SCarliny itlecrest: oe a Pau
Fit tape een mate Ines Seat egy each! a “ oe a Cee ees
POL ChccuGilne 51> eo . Cerne wer Ginumi; to provide that all Oosloavuons

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me oo tl able instrument 5; TO Clarily te pYrocewure lol
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1 7 4 ahs aia (ie nh dee al A eed
TEeyenue oonacs) tO 2simiit The sources 1r3om which Pe.OCcation paylments

a se wecocrpa: + se aya +} an tee eo one ots cs - = FA gd ag tet
may 5e¢ made; to provide that contracts and transactions constituti 1G

ae eee ee —- +. & i 14 =
security for the payment of obligati

* 358 2 th ee Mee ae ee 425 Ste i ak UA 8 te Oe, oe Bey, WE te, ac Re eee es ST ee oy a
to uxbandc the period of time within which budgets shall be proposed and
- =

TeVLoWua; TO CGeLete The Teculrement o1 an Cu sane cr ing Survey every tires

3 ie + 1 i fat 415 a4. ats] “Wh Paani s <1 5-4°
Years, tO C-arliy ine Foiation Go. tne Authority to the Publi Service WOlilis silGa,
Se ao, oo dae 2 a A - eA ser see = oa tte Boe aa aa, er: ¢t Wf the arocecure
tG DWErTile tne Authority tO act 4s 42 scli-insurer; to mociiy the procecures

es may parti

to renumber certain sections

je Aa x } was Tsay 4
OD. UNG #4Crt, and 20Fr other p

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