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Sc ,:::cion l.
_-\:.1 _.\c t known as th~ lvfci.:ro1)01itan
Adan ta I-C ni<l
Tr2. .. s i ;: -~'.:cl:o ·i:.y _-\.c · oi 1)65 , ;;;.pprovcd :\t~;:irch 10 , 1965 (Gz... L aws
196 5, p '.
? ' ·.=.)
~) '
arnc r..d~d, p:1rticularly by an Act approve
.). ) U.l ::i, ·~: t:~011
l.ll it: .· Cll
,.i..l' c
March -:'. ,

,nd i n .;cr t i"i ,

" i.· li e
-~o a cccpt,.:;ci -;:Hi::-.. ciplc s oi 2.cc01..:n;::.~-.. g , the total cost, paid
. 1cur:r(.;c,
o:.· :..1
to study,
· 111~n C(;,
a ra"'.)ic. tr2..nsit sy s ten.1. or rz..nici ·i::.· 2.ns::.t "._)1·ojecc to a nor-:.·:c.a.l
c-~:.~ :t cd,
to cla_ify wha~
co sts rnay be capi - i:-:. c...'.iY way fr.cs0 - E:X?E:nses w:. ich L'...ay be ca:c .:.·.:aLzccl &s
ta ized as costs of
a. rapid t ra. sit
syste m or project
w 1_,___ ac e~ ue on obligations 1 s sued 0y tn e Al:fr. . o:;: i.:y to
n:c.2.•:cc t::e con st... ;_:c.:io:i of


-an i d"i.: sys.:e:-.. --. o:;:-

?:.·oj<;C'C di.:;. rin g t i1c co ns .:::n:ct:.or:. Dc r-i od ane'.. :or s1:-:: ( 6)
costs :.ncurrea
. :..-1
'·.L' ) ' 21'
0 1-.r
S ,··c'.:ion
1n l'cS
a ::-,c w ~-..;,~:,.3,:: ccion (i)(2) wnich s1cali rc.-:i.d as follow s:
�f: ,)
~ ) T~1c or lc; of a n y privat e ly o w n ed
dcl c t ' tl ' r ~qu ir~ 1n ' n . oi .:i. showii:s
sys1:c1-:1 oi: ;;r;:i11spo ::.--t ati o n of -oa c;sen g cr s £or hire in i~s

h.::. t L1 <2 C l~ ui s i i o 1

.p. r::. v a · ly- o,vncd
. .~::t i :i.· (!ty,

rans?Ortat io:1 syst 1-1

. s e sse, . .:ial to t 1

i~" s..:ction 8( c) o .. S (d ). ri
cev dopm.ent oi _
t r a.i: sit in the met::.· o S a i d A ct ::.s fur fr, c _ i:l.lYJ.encle d by s c:rikin g th e refrom
-:i 0lita. are::a

uo ;:..:; ' c) of Sc::ction 3 1n it::; (;:1t i:.: ety &nd inserting in liE:u the::rcof

• 7 s •• a.!.1

a ::1 cw s ·...: •::i scc"10::1.
w 1Ecn
_ eac..1 a s :c0

11 I
T h e power to develo p cia1:;:.., p~.a:;:-,.:; and inJ.orn1ation
d<:!ve:lo p and car::.· y
t mass t r ansportatio n demo::;.stra -
tio~1 projects , including the deve:lop:rnent, testing a ~1d dem cns-:: _ ation of :iew f acilities, e qui pme:;:-,'~, techniques ancl
methods, and ·c he i mp :-- o · vement and u t il:.zation of tr ans?o :: ·ca-cion servi ce s ai1.d, anc. any other rr:.eans
ve lo ? in g, uti~izir: g
de -
i r.:1p rov i 11 g :i.Tia s s t~a::..: s :) Or Latio r1 :i.r.:.
to e l e t e a p r o vi s io n
subje cting sa id
c~-:. ; i:1(;;:;ring , :::.l13. l1Ci:cl e:c o :;:-. ol-:"1.1c s ·.:l:d i-.:s, ·.:o n : a,,;_c; ?l ct~: s ,
A u tho .. ity t o liability
io r c e rt a i n atto rn e ys dc.: si g:-1s a nd te s ~s rc : a:: c c. .:o r2. p ::.c. -;;ra:.isi·~·projects . I:-.:. c o::1 fee s of a dverse
rc. a :.:1ner ·c.::ion 2::iy lands, wat e:i: s o r prei-:11s es fo r .:he purpose

-. (;\

, ·...._b .,; c;ctic:i.-.:. (i) wh: c: sha ll r cz.<l a::; iollow s :

' i)

w e n te r i n t o c ontrac t s with t he St3.t c
G-.:o ::.- g i 2. &nd a ny ager.. cy, i r, s tr u :-n e: ntalit y , a u tho ri ty ,
- ~-
�rn.unicip::i.lity o:i: politic :;_ su!.:)division thereof or
·:n cr...:in, J.nd pa riicub.rly with the locJ.l govcrnn1.cnts
wit>.in u1c n:.c:t:i: opo:i.itJ.n

ca , ::or public trans :,ortation

services to be :ren · erea by the Au hority or its rapid
-~:::;:;.:1sit ::;yster,1, ;.;.nc ior any o·c' pu:rposc:s inciccntal
·:o i,1dica t e ,-:hich
puolic bociies s id
_~_uthority may con -

o :1.1-2 cs;;a.'.:llishrn.cnt a.. d 111.ain·c<.::nancc of its rapid tr2.ns i t

tract \Yith pertaining syst1::n1., or any par·c or project t·1ereo ~, including the
to its purposes nd
to cla:::-ify the power payr:.,...:::'t oi iunds to subsidize fr1e operations oi such
of loc3.l governinents
top Y opera ional
subs idi es
syste1n if ·t s}1ould ev ::: be nccc:ssa:;.:y to
the usual fa.ciliti""s related t::iereto .

i .

o so, and
Said Act is fu _ ther a1nended by striking
t: ereiron.J.
subscc·.::.on c) of Section 9 :.n its entirety and inse1·ti~1.~ i:::i lieu t..1.ereof
a new subsection (c) which shall read as follows :
Boa ~ d shall
Q(!·i: ~ ::~11'1:i.~-- C
oy itseli c:):clusi vcly
by ·.:--ic Au:ho:city, the scr-~eduled se:::vice::; ;;o be made
available to the pi..1.biic and -~he an'lo·u.nt s to be charged
to eliminate the pro v ision for judicial
review of char ge s
or services fixed
by said Authority
'.:r..e::.:eio :: .


Before 1na!c:.. ng a:n.y c.e·~erminations as to
ervices o_ an"lou::1.ts ·co be chz..rged there:o::.·,
the.; 302.::-c. shall :i.i:;.: st hold a·c one public hearing
·~:-,..:; largc:c.t circulatic.,n
·11.d:ro )ol:i.tan :1:.: ...:
no ·

c:-_0~c ·" .::... ten u ays :.1.or lcs.3 five d:iys prior ..;o the

- 3--
�:n,lcs an,t rcg,1L.1.tio 1s tu g0vc1·n ::;uch hc:::i.ring::; not
Sc...: ion 6.


SJ.i ' _.\ct 1s fu:rthcr 'arnc:1.dcd by sL iking tbcrciror11.

cw ··d) sc ctio

1 (d) which shall ::cad ;.is :.:allows :

I, :
.l )
intc.:. est p::i.yablc 2.t s · c h tin1cs :tncl a· such rate
o:::- rc:.tcs

.nd sI'.all rnaturc 1n s, amounts and at

Si.:.c: :i:Y1es
_ot exc eeding :or ty (".::O) ye! fro:,n the
d2.-ce fne1· eof, as th

i3oard rr:.ay detenni ne .

to delew require n:.en-s t at rev nue
bonds 1nay be ir. coupo :1 or registered f r om, or both ,
bonds o: said A ui:1:o rity
be sold at pa 2.nd
bearing inte est at
as the Boa1·d 111.ay d ete r:nin e , a:id the Board may ·
a rate not exceedin;; ff.::.:,c provision for the rcgis-::rz.:~io::-, 0£ any co upon bond
s 1x per cent per

.::::c:.: es -:: .

s;.1'.:,scctiora ( 6 )
S ection 10 in its e:::1.ti r e ty a:1.c. i:..1.serting 1r.. lieu t:ne1·cc:.:
tcnY:::io:::-2.ry bonds, equi pn:1er..t trust c<c:rtificates 2.::::d oth e :::to p1·ovic.e that ail
ooligations issued by o0:i_;;atio:is issued " r ·cl1e provis ions 0£ this Act s::J.l~
said Authority sh.a 1
havE: t ' e q;__;_alities
a _d inciC:.ents o
, egotiable
"L:r..cler the of this state anc. a _ c !1. e r eoy decl2._ ccl to
a:1C: the: pro;?e 1··cy, obligi:i:cic,r.s an~ interest 0:1 1:.1.:: obli~2.tioj::s
oi the A-.....t::--iority shall be fro1n all taxaticn wit"1in
~- .. -


'CliOl1 8 .
Said Act i::; further am.ended by strikin g therefr or.n
Sl:b s 'Ci..iOl1 (h) oi Sec ·ion 10 i _
-,. ... -2.w


cmircty a . . cl in se r t in g m lic:u thereof
s1.:.0scctior. h) whi c:n sho..11 read a::; follows :
Born:s oi the Authority r-:i.ay be ::;old by public
c :11.pctitive b::.dding o:· dnol·: gh negotiation with
spc c ;;ive p cu-cha$c r o
p' rs.
If the
.::ictc ·n~::..-:2::; tl," t so..i '-' by public co m .petiti vc bidd in g is
t o ddcte the equire 111.cnt that bo 1.ds be
in 1:11c best interest of ·he A u 'i:ho rity with res )C Ct to

o ld a t public

c~lni p '.li. b.i.cdin ~

1oti cc

sale an
invita'ci o n to bid wit:-1 respec t thereto
be adve::: t ised ~s is custon:.arily d one in the ha-:.1.dlin g
of g ovcrnrnental bond issues and section 14(b) as to th.:;sc
. . atters shall not a p ply.
Sz..ici _t\ct 1 s :\.:1··.:t.2 r c1.rr. . e11dcc~ by st ri:( i ng tl:c::: ci r o:ci:-1
~~·. I....' :
vz..l.icia.t:cci , :;.r1 s0::a :c as a::>plic:able:, i n a cco:rci anc c w i tl1.
tne proc c~u2: e of fr1e i\even:c:. e :2.ond Law (Ga . L . 19 37,
? • 7'.
. C 1, (;t . seq . ) as now c :: h e r e a:frer a1ner:d.:::ci . T11e
to clar ify the p : :.- 0 cedur e fo th e validar;ctition fo -:: valiC::.ation s},all c:..lso rn.a. ~ e pa rty de:ic:ad ant
tion of rcvenu(:; bonds ·
t 0 ::; u ch action a . . y n unicipal ' ty , county , aut 10· ity,

.J C

i vi s i0n , in:;.;tn.;.1n c nt:..t.lity o
dcpar1.1Y1cnt of th e
o · Ce 0r gia , i:Z subject to be sued , which has conn a ct e.::i
with t:he: Autncr i '~y £o r ·.:he
-;i :.: 0 · e:ct

i c

12 ~

vices and iacilitics
ior wnich bo::-,ds arc to be is succ. a1;.d so g},.t .. o
validated and suc:1 n'lunicip~.lity , county , auth or ity,

i 'l.,b d:ivision , instnnncnta li ty or dcpJ.rt1nc1-~t ::;hall be

- S-
�:.-~ ~'--1::,:cci to show c ause, ii ar.. y, why ::;uch contract
or co:1-r2.cts and the tenns and cone itions ther eo f
s:-..o~ :d : 10t be i :1 1ui::: c
i .. to by the coun an d the
va:ici.i::y oi the -~ern1s thereo:.: to be dete r mined and
.or ·che: ·9ayr.1 ~.. t o:I: any !:;;UCh bonds of the Authority .
The judgn1ent o: valid atio n shall be final and con elusive with resuecc to such bonds, and ·che security
.:r1erefor, agains t the P_u h ority , and aga in st any
mm .. icipality , county , &u-ch ority , sub di visio n , instru-

.nentali::y o:::- depa r tment o:: the S '~ate of Georgia, i£ a

?2. :.-ty to the validati01,. p. oceedings, co ntrac -cing with
J·he . ,_11.. c:tho:::-ity .
-._. , l:. \..'. l:
... ..
,._,. . : _:: L: V
·:.:.,_;:..r,s 1or anci in the reloc&tio::1 o:£ persons
... .

.:.aJ..:::l.;.lC S ,

.) sincss conccr;.1s,
no:-.·Hoii:: or 6 aniL'. atior'..s 2.;.1cl othc .. s) d i spla c ed by
to the sou .. ces
£rom which rcloca tio payme .. ts .ay
be made
on-::r2..·cions oi
t::.· z.nsit projecc, a:c..
c::u: rying out a rapid
to rnake ::: clocz.. ·ion pay :-nen ·s to
or with rcsj_)ect to such pc::.· son::; .
Tr:e relocation p&..y -

--::.cnts rd<;rre:d to in t:l1is subsection b) s~1all not be

rr.acle fro~'Y'.. -~:-..e: P - occeC::.s cie:rive:ci :aor,:1 the sale of bonds
1:-:,'/ th<; Authority no r fro1n rcve:~1ue s or funds which abso.:::n"i:
-~}:e 1-r.2:.king 0£ such relocation payn1er-.t s there:...~ orn would
0r the interest the:re:on . 1 1
- 6-


�Sc-:.tion 11.
.'.::iaid Act is further an:1c:aclccl by striking thc:rc:from
sub::;ec:ion 1 c) oi Section. 15 in its entirety and inserting in lieu t:ier c of
new subsc -:. io 1 c) which shall 1·cacl as iollowt: :
(c) Any contract or transac-;:ion of the Authority rn -
sectio. (a) he _ eof, o ~ a violation oft: e a c t of the General
As senc.bly approved Mar c h l O, 19 6 -= , (19 64 Ga . L . p . 261) ,
as an1
ded, o r a vio l z,:cion o:f any other p r o vision o f law
ap?licable w tl1e Author i ty, ii:s .c..ioard n1.crr1ber s, o ffi c ers ,
to ?rovicl..e t 1at con tracts and trans or er:::1.p: oyees regulating conflicts o::: i ::ite ::- est , shall ·oe
actions c onstitut·ng
security for the pay - voidable by the Boar d ; provided, howeve r, a judgrn ent a nci
111. nt of obiigations
shall not be voidable vali ating °!)ands of t:1.e Authorit y, as in Secti o n 10
afte r validation
prov1cea, shall c o _stitute a fir.. 1 and c onclu s i ve adjud ic a-ci on
th&t no such conflict of :.::1.terest exists w i th respect to s...:.c;1
~cc11rity ior r}1c·-:_:,2.;,n.-;.1.c ~1.t c:".. bor:i.ds . 1 1
s~asectio. ('::>) 0£ Sectior.. 17 in its entirety and inse1·ting m lieu i:hcreoi a
new s"c1bscction (b) wr.icr. shall rcac. as i ollow s :
During each :Ciscal year the.• Board shall propo s e


~:1:::.·...:;:.l operating b clg e.: io :2: the cns1. rn.g :iisc:::..l y...::a.1· · ncl
hold a public r.ea,.ing therco~1 .
Aiter such puolic hea.1·ing
·.:::-.e :Soa1-d s1-:all review its ? rO)OScd budget, and, on or
to expar.d rhe pcrioc:.
of time with in which

J....::.:o:-c the last U.d.Y o:f t: c fiscci.l ye::1.r , it shall dopt a11

budge::ts shall be propose d and review e d <,.::,.._,__.._d ope;rc:..ting b ·d~ e:c fo:: the: ensui1:g :fiscal year . In
-~:.e; operating budget each O?erating fund shall be
set forth s epara-ceiy and


w an estimate of ·he £
~alancc to be a vailabl-:; a·c the bc ~innin g ox the yc;:i.r , an
- 7-
�cs tirnate o" anticipated crcdi ·s during the year a ccording
to sou ... c ~, an cs;;in1atc o · .:mti ci patecl c harges , inc l u ding
lr.:)ln antic1p;1t cd rcv.:m.uc s, and co1nparati ve data on t he
13.s;; two con1.plc·.:c' fiscal ye;2. rs
or csti1na-ccc, fo r t he current yea r.
Scc1:io:1. 13 .
si1nilar data , actual
S aid A c t is iu :nhc r a1nended by st:::iking th er efrom
S ection 18 whi c h reads as follows :
Scction 18.
Engineering Surve y .
At least e very tr-.1.ree
years, th e Board shall enc.ploy a iirm of qualified i n depenc.ent e ngin ee rs to survey the conc.iti on 0 1 t:he
to de l te the r equire ment o f an eng inee r - i,.uth orityis fa c iliti es and OJ?er at::.ons fro1n an en g inee r ing
ing survey eve r y
thr ee years
standpo i nt and make a repo r;; th ereof and any re c or.irncndc:.. t ::.ons :::o r i r .-.1.p rov en1.cnt i n i 'c s ~)hys ic al faciiities a nd


the metro Dol::.ta ::1 area .
i t S s.:::.t::.r C :.:y.
Saici A c t is iu ... the r a:::-:-.. ended by sc.: ikir:.g ::here:r o:".:.1.
s ci:::. o;.1. (b) of Section 21 "in i::s entir ety and i nsc . t i ng
lieu the r eoi a
,·,,:vi :... ·u1,::.;cction (b) w ·1 ·ch s h-:ill re:~,d :,c.: Io . lows:

'(L) 'J.'lH; .i\ :.;h~LJ..L <.1.l ::,;v IJ(.; cxcn·,1JL f1:u:u1 ...,_ny 1·c:,;l.ll..l.ti.011

to clarify the re::lation
of the Autho rity to
·0y tnc Publi c S e :::vic e Co nnn::. ss ion oi this S tate. 11
the Public Service
S(;ctio::1. 15. Act i s :Curfr1er arr:.enc.e;d by striki g the 1· 2i:i: o:::n
Commis s ion
Se;ctior. 22 in its cr.tirety and in serting 1n lieu ther~of a new S e ct i on 22
'Se::c-cion 22 .
To. t Liabili·.:y; Insurance.
The Au::hority
s~all not enjoy g ove _ mne:-i.tal i:mrnunity frorn tort liabili1:y,
i., .... -
�Dut shall be liable t hcrcfo ::..· a s any private.; cor poration
cxce;,pt t:1a t no exe cution sl12..ll be le vied on any property
o:.: t~1c A: ·hor ity p rior to :1inety (90 days from the; date

i. ~:.,

al jucigmem again t the Authority .
The Authority
s.1a.:.l p roviC:.e ior adequate ins1.:r a i1cc or similar protection
against any loss, liability or other risk, hazard or

o pe rmit the

_,;uthori~y to act as
a self - insurer
_ espons ibility to whic h it 1-r..ay be exposed or which it
rr:Zi.y accept on acco'll:at
o:2erations .
i-cs pro?e ::ty, personnel, or
Such i nsurar.ce rn.ay be p rovided through
self- insurance res e rves or by contracts or arrange ments w ith othe r parties 1n such manner a::id amounts
as the Boar d in i ts d iscr etion shaL. cietermine .
Section 16 .
Said A ct ::. s further arr.ended by s-cri
·::.r..g tne r cfro~
S c c·cion 24 in its en ir e ty and in scning in l ieu thcreoi a new S c ctio::-, 2-;,

.:. :::- ~;:,. :;. ::,

c:c:2.:;: e ci ior the ?u:::posc
01 this _-'>..ct to be an essential

o v c nr
::-:c:nt2.l iunctio n a:i.d a p t b2.ic purpose of t he City oi Atlanta

and fr.c counties of Fulto~1., DeKalb , Clayton and Gwin nett, ana
t o m o d ify the pro c edur es w he r eb y
o: fo e co·,nty of Cobb if it :hereafter de ·~ermines- to ?articipate
local g ov e rnments
and othe r p ubl ic
l 1 L.. .... ..1.-..; Au-cha r ity a s provicied 1n this Act .
b o d ie s may partici ,. The B oard and the local governing boci.y of the City of
pat e i n financing
', ';j }
and s upporting a
rapid tr a nsit
Lt:a:r:.ta and each of th e: counti es of Fulton, DeKalb , C L:l.y t on,
sys t e m
.I• .,,.,,...
c::.:-.<l G w i r,nett, and of t he c ount y oi Co bb if it hcrc<1itcr
.ines t o pa.,, tici-oate i. th e Aut hority as provided

i:..--, :his P-c t, subj ect t o s 1..;.ch limitations a s ar e he re i na.::'"e - ~n t :'ni s section s<.;t f or ·ch, rnay negotiate
- 9-
�;:-.nci cic t cr:1. inc th c extent of fin;:i,nci:::..l
1) :1 •
·ici )ation

..:.nd .:he -.::irn.2 or ti 1.1.cs ::;uch ii 1a 1cial participation n1.ay

be required wit1 rcspcct ty
of the; local govcrnni.cnts
in .:nde::.- to fiY-1::mce provision for· a rapid transit system
, g:1 ·c·1 e joint in::;tru:rncntality o:Z the Amhority .
£ ::;uch
c.:er:rn.i:1 tion co!1ternplates a conn-actual obligation on ·he
ua::.··~ oi a local governn1ent to n1.ake pay1nents t o the Autho::.·ity
over a period of tin1e e xc eeding one: year or t o i · s u e an y
bor:..ds or other obliga;;ions evi dencij_1.g ir.debtedness , su ch
cieter1-:1ir.. - ;;io"' s'1ali take the iorm of a r anid trans i t
c ont ra c t to be entered i nto between the Autho r i ty and
t :-. c lo c al gove ::.· nment .
T he :final execution 0£ a r a pid
t:;: ansit c ontr a c t shall be c on1.nicted in e v ery i nstan c e
1n the :::-r:.anner hcrc::.naf.:cr ::;.:;t fo_ tb. in this Section 2 , .
o : ·J:c c ost oi financi:..'lg a r c:.p i c. trar;.s i t projcc·c or p::: ojcc-cs,
iocal go ve:!:"nment rnay in 1:he r:--.anner pres c :;:- i b.:;d by law c1.nd
Sl.:bjec~ to the conditio:1s 2..~d l i :r-[litatio11s pres c ribc.;G. ·oy law,
i ssue its gene:;:-al oblig2.tion bor.c.'..s , pay ovei· the pro c eeds
·fr. creo:f to the Author i ty and fo.e :;:- cby co:-nplctc and mctk-::: ii::al

he execution of the proposed r a:)lG. transit c on;;ra c t antici?ated

'-::,y such ::ioncl au·c:.10rization and "s suance and the Aut:l:..o:.:it: y ::;ha:l
s-uch cor.t::a c 'c to pcriorrn ior s· lo c al 6 overm11-2nt
afo:;:e said g overnmcr. tal iur.ction and to pro vi de the nccc s s ary
u · ::,_r.::; 1:,ort;:i.tion sc1·viccs and :facilities .


P- s c::u1 altcrr1ativc 1Y1c.:thocl o{ p rovidin g the iinancial pc:..:;:c:ici:.)J. -
1..iu~'l cicte; ·m.irJ.e c by its local ,sov.:; rnm g body to be i;; s pro:)c:::
- 10-
�lo ·al govcrnm.cnt n.1 y em:cr in ·o a rapid transit contract or
c0nt : :~1ct::; c:1lli 1f; for the At,tho::.:ity to p<..:!rionn for it'thc.: .:i.forcsaid
,,. o vcr m nent::i.l .LUnction and c:.illing for it to n1a :-.::.
e riodic payments
to t l1e At,:::hority for the public transpo r tation services and

facilities c: 01:t r a ct ed f or, whic h payments ma y include an1ounts

required. to defray the pe r ::.odic p rin cip ct.l ar:.d i"1tc re st )ayn1c.: nts
on ::my obli g ations i ss u e-· by ·h..:: Autho rity io:.: the purpose oi
iin::i.ncing th..:: cost o:C any r::i.picl tr:::..nsit project or projec ts,
a::nounts necessary to establis:1 and maintain rea s ona b le
rese ... ves 1n co nne ction the paym ent o:f sai2. debt se rvice
a:1d amo-..:nts re qu i red. to defray any op erational defic it w:'1ich
the system or any part thereof may inc ur .
(c) A local gove:r:nir..g boc.y may p ::: o c eeci 0:::1 its ow:1 r.::: soh1tior-,

 !:a-:: ::1:c ii:1.a:1c ial ?a~·ticipa:cion required 1:he:-eunder may

,_-"' as onaLJ.y be iinanced w i t1:out ·~he: i .::: vy o:c any new or

•,, 1
1' r · . 1 ; . , · ,
, 1 :.
1 , 11
l ' 1' i ' i '
1 •
i. I
I .l
I 1·
f /
'/ /
j i -, ) l
i. i:
1 1·
j l.1'
tl is event , the r es o l utio:r-1 o:f the lo c al govern1;:,g body
tha -.: the partic ipati on r equi::.: ed there "l.:nder may reasonably
be i::.nan c ed witho ut the l e vy of any new or increased tax
the ?rope::: ty situated w i thi n its -er ritory shall be con -
c :usive oi that :fact.
Oth e rwi.3c, befo r e a r ap i d transit contra ct such as is
ci e: :;cribeci. in subsection (d) is exe cuted bc ·cwee:1 the Authority
a nci a local g overnm.ent, the loc.:.i go verning body shall c all
a n ·e~e ction and s h all sub n 1it tc the qualifi ed voters of s :ch
- LL -
�l o c.::11 :;ovc::: nn1.cnt in a rci(;ren<lu::n as hereinafter proviclccl ,
c:hc; .._uc ,3tion whet 1er or not the local g over nn1.cnt should enter

.:::.o a r :Jid t:,: a;.1sit c ontra.ct o · contracts calling io-:.: it to make

perio d ic pay1nen-cs to the Authority within the parti cular r.noneta ry
lirnitatior: or iimitations p ... oposc
by such lo cal b c.dy .
,du.r e io,: holdi:1g .:he rdcrendum c allccl fo · rn
sub scctio1 (i) shall be as io lows :
Tl:c local governing body
s:nll cause to be published 1n a nc;wspa J c r having gcn<::rd
c::. ... cula-cion throughout the te rrito r y of the local gave ... nrrle::1t
involve d , once ea c h , week for three wee ks immediately preceding

-::: Wc;ci, during which the rc:.. -:::rcndu1n is to be held, a 101.:icc to

1e electors thereof that on the day na1nec. therein an ele c tion

w il be h elc. to dete i-r11.ine fne ouestion wheth e r or not the loc2.l
g ove r:11-:1ent shall enter i;1;;0 a rapic. transit co:1tract or co -. c: ro.cts
c:.:l the ele ctio:'1 cii s t:::ic t s wi;;}_i:;:-. th e ·.:c r ::: itorial lirnits o:t t h e
~o c al g overr.i-r1ent involv e d e xc e pt that an ei e ction call e d b y
t>.e l ocal g overning boc.y o : any county within the :::11.etrop0Et2.:1
a r ea sha· 1 not be heic.
a:_y p a rt o f such coun ty which


t ;-..c te rr::.torial lim its o f t h e City of Atlanta i i , with rc s? cct t o
'.:he :) a rtic u lar rapid tran sit proje c t or projects -~o b e sup9or"Ci.::C.
cy the p r opo sed r apid tr a n s it co::.1t a ct of s uch county, s::i.i' C i::y

.s al · ca y a pa1·ty to a rap id n-a n s it contr a ct or t he gov...::

of ;:;aid C ity p::.·opo::;e;::; t o c 1tcr into
r ap.-d t r,:i-:.1 sit c or:::::: c.c"'

·ubj(;ct -
;o the ap-;_)roval t 1crc o f ::i.t a rc ie r c n dun1 .

1..o be :::irescr.t s.: <l to t he elc cto
· ::t t 1;
The qucs
o f a loc a l g ovc n11n s.: nt ;.:.:1-:::. s s.::t
�iorth on the b:illot shall be detenn.ined by· the local
govcrn::.:1g bo -' y ;:i,nd i t slull set out t he monetary limitation
or lim.itations, ii any, proposed by the local governing
b0dy w id resp ' Ct to the :: nnou1 ts oi the periodic pay11cnts
to b' rn;:i,dc
nJ er :1ny suc ~1 r.:1.pi c'. t ransit c ont ·act or co tracts.
T~1c bJ..llot subrnitting the question shall be in a fonn dc::t<.:!rmined
by the local go verning body, and th12: form. of the. ballot shall
b e published as a pa ~ t oi the aioresaid notice.
Each such
election called by the governing body or c:. county within the
met ropolitan area under th.2 provisio~1.s of this subse c tion
is hereby declared to be a co·c1nty ele c tion and shall be
gove rned by and c ondu c teci. in a cc ordanc e with the provisions
oi the Georgia Ele c tion C ode.
The board 0£ reg i strars 0£
ea ch county snall provide tbe n e ce s sa:cy lists ior c onducti . . g
delega te, w ho shall 0£:fici2.lly de cla::.·e t}1c re suit .
EZi.c h
de c tion c ailed by ·c~. e g ov e :::-n::.:1 g ::iody of th e City o :. _.:i~tla:::tz,,
1.1::-. der t he ;novisions oi this sue se ction shail be gove :..- :::ecl by
1D.c udin:::, spccific;:i.lly the chc:..rt.:.:r cf :::aid City, ct.t tl <.: ti . c
6 ove rnin g the:: ho ~d in g of e lectio:is by sa~cl Ci-c y .
T'.:-.e ex _)ense
o : any such e l e ction caile d by the gove::.·ning body of th e Cit y
oi Atb.. nta shall be paid by the City of Atlanta.
If a r.1ajority oi thos e vo-cin g in such an ele ction vo te
in fa vo::: of the proposition sub::nitted, then tl-1.e local
- 13-
�g 0v~::: ni.1g b o d y ::;hali b"' al:::c~1orizcd to agree upon and
execution of a r apid transit
c0 n trac ·c o::: con trac;:s subj ect '.:o ::;uch moneta r y lirnitation
or Ln:;.i·c3.tions as were proposed w the ele c torate and in

...:: co rci::i.l1ce with the te r r:."ls of this Act.

(:. ) _-\ _ocal gove:rn:nem: :c:.1.&y elec:: any n1.ethod provided 1~1.
L"l::. s
se c-.:io:-i to finance ::he p2.rticipation requi red. of it 1::--.
wnole or in pa:::t , and the el.::: c tic:, ::--. of o ne rnethod shall not
? reclucie tne election oi anothe _ n1.cthod w i th r espect thereto
or w i th r es p e ct t o any a d ditional or supplementary participatioa
dete::.·r.:1.ined to be ne c essar y .
(j) W h e n the Authority and a l o cal government have co:npleted
and iully exec--1.:ed a ra-pid transit c ontract in c ompliance wi::h
t l"'.e re qui _ ements of this _-\ct, such cont::: a c t shall cons:initc
w a y car.:. -- e
er 00 ,_'
a r.C:. cr e cit o f a r.y local
·;,le2 6 ed w it}. re s p e ct to a :::ap ::.c tr an sit co:ntracc.
A n y local govermnent :nay us e p ub lic fu~-.cis ·co ? r ovic.c 1or
a ra? i d L a n sit syste1n within the :netropolitar. a:c e a anG. ::-:.-1&y
evy and colle ct any t a x es a u tho : :ized t o it by law t o ·che e xi.:e:r.t

necessar y to fulf ill t he o b li g atio::-i. s incurrcc. in a :::apic. t: ::: aas :::c

co:it::: z.. c t o r co n tr a c t s wit};_ the A1..:thor i ty ; p:::ovicie d , t::at no

.0 co.l county g ove:r:rnnent s h all lav e t h e p ow.:; r t o l .:::vy ar"y ;:ax

0 ::.
c, {
2.~·,y .; uojc ct o i -..: ax a ;:ion s :.t 1.. ;:;,;: ~ cl w i tl i n the t..-:;rri rnri::i.l E r:... its
the C ity o f AtlZ:.nta in i u l.ii lln1.c11:c oi fina nc i a l obli:;::t ··i o :1s set
{0::: C'l
a rapid tran~;it c o n t ::: act w h en t he C i ·cy of _t.~ tb.1".t J.
- 1-..: -
~1z.i.s .J.
�:::a·.Jid t:.:2.:1.sit c ontr2. c t with the ~e1~l '. :hority c alling for said
to 1ss1.:e its general obligation bonds_ for rapid t:l: an::;it
CH to
pay rnonics pcr i o ically with respect to the
o.cbt sc:: vicc on obiig;:nions issu-c:d by the Authority , and is itsc .. : us its public funds or levyi1:g a tax for eithZ::r oi such
?Urpo ses .
( l) Any ::.nunicipality o::.· c ounty witnin the rr.ctropolitan area

1.:;ly transie r to the Autho::.· ity any p rop e rty or fa cilities , or

r-,::.::.y be useful to -d:e establish, op e r c1tion or administration
oi the r apid trans it s ystem contemplated hereunde r, a ~'ld may
contract with the Authorit y for &.:'ly of e r purpo se inc idental
·.:o th1::: e stablis:n..111..cnt, opc::::.'~ior_ or adrninistra.tion o·i such
s~:a:l !Jc ,-;:.::'.'l0\,Vl1 as Scc::ions 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 , 23, 2-± and 2.S , :-cs?cctivciy ,
, to renumber
1 certain
saici Act a?proved ci.ny :r e:::e::.· ences i:ci said Act, as h e::.· etofore

se ctions of

the A ct

\{arc:-_.;,, :966 and by ·che lc:.:::'..guage oi ·.:his amer.c.a·.:o:-y A ct, to

24, 2:5 anci. 26 as tl:ey we c ·- own
s.:r:_y ci said Sec-cions 19 , 20, 21, 22,
p:.:-:.c ~ to ·.:he ac.optio:1 of this arnenda:cory A ct, are hereby char:geci so that
5l.:.c::. :;: e:Eerences h.:::rea£'.:er shall be to said Sections as re:::i"wY. . ber.:::d .
- b-

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