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August 3, 1967

Mr. N. A. Hardin H . H. and N. A . Hardin Company Post Office Box 390 Forsyth, Georgia Dear Nat: Thank you for your letter of Auguat 2nd regarding Gene Patterson's editorial.

1 certainly appreciate receiving your viewa on the subject of alwna and disorder•.

With appreciation for yonr interest, I am Sincerely your•,

Ivan Allen, Jr. Mayozr IAJr/br


TELEPHONE , AREA CODE 9 I 2 9 94 - 5633

Aug ust 2, 1967

Honora b le Iv an Al l en, Jr. Mayor , Cit y o f At la nt a Cit y Ha l I At la nt a, Georgi a Dear Ivan: Eugene Pat t e r s on has r epor t ed your propose ! for s l um and pover t y rehabi I i t a t i on in t hi s morn in g' s newspaper. A copy is enclosed herewith. I sugges t tha t your proposal makes a star t at the real problems, but does not come anywhere near the bas i c bed-rock. In this respect, please see copy of my letter dated July 31st to Senator Russel I enclosed herew i th. Can a group be found which wi I I advocate such measures? Yours sincerely,

~ NAH:ghw Enc I.


Something New

And Hopeful Mayor Ivan Allen of Atlanta has handed Washington the first fresh idea to emerge from $ · the smoke pall covering Detroit and the other devastated cities. Most suggestions for repairing the splintering society of the slums have been old stuff. And the antipoverty programs as presently constituted have not yet succeeded, obviously , in generating much community cohesion among the poor . How. then, can programs grow out of the slums-instead of being pressed onto them-so the poor can develop a stake in their community that will hopefully discourage them from burning it down? Allen's suggestion was simple, expensive, but promising. The three great needs of the urban poor are jobs, housing and education, he reasoned. Supply the first two and education can follow . So why not create jobs by building housing?

9' . . &l

• • •

Set up a three-to-five-year crash program, he said. Recognize that rebuilding of the slums is of the highest national priority, so · pour $20 to $30 billion of federal money per year into the job and get it done . Tear down the slums of urban America and build back decent low-cost housing. Everybody-not just the poor-will gain by this salvage of the cities. Make it 0 provision of contracts with the builders that a reasonable percentage of the men they hire must be the slum dwellers themselves . Thus provide jobs ( or training, and then jobs) for +he jobless poor while also providing housing. Like most @>od ideas, Alle·,·s proposal has the virtue of directness and simplicity. It would work, if there were a national will to make it work. Certainly the nation wants something done by now; whether this Congress is bold enough to move decisively is another question.

• • •

Yet the mayor at least said something riew. And he said it Monday in Washington, which is a place that needs to hear something new and hopeful. The President's mix of urban programs meets some needs; but a centerpiece project of such dimension as Allen proposes should appeal to him. In the meantime, Atlanta's low-cost housing efforts must go on. And the Ebenezer Baptist Church, of which the Martin Lother Kings, father and son, are pastors, has joined the Rev. Sam Williams' Friendship Baptist and the Rev. William Holmes Borders' Wheat Street Baptist in setting an example that white churches might note. They formed a non-profit corporation, put up some seed money, and qualified under the federal 221-d-3 housing program to contract for the building of $1.8 mlllion worth of decent, low-cost housing on the site of a former slum, utilizing federal mortagage money at half the interest drawn by commercial loans. To the hundreds of slum poor who will be able to move into clean rooms at rents beginning at $55, this is Christianity in action.

1 J


Ju I y .31 ,


S nator Richard B. Ru a I I Senate Offlc Bui I ding W hlngton, O. C. Deer Dick: Why Is It lmposslble to get enyon to dlsc:u s the true causes of riots, clvl I disturbance, dlaorders .and racial problems? Th actual facts er long per iod of time. Theae fecta I. 2.




v ry s impl e , end hav

been devt1loplng over


Inflation, ceuaed by top polltlcel lead rs of both parties for ••vo t e get t Ing" purpoaea. lnflatlon haa been caused by wllllngn••• of top polltlcal t..eedera to atand Idle wh ll e union• have puahed ge scales to unreasonable heights, nd by polltlcal Iner•••• of minimum wage lev la. Iner••• d weg•• hav·e forced al I employers to dispense wl th mo•t unakll led workers. Unakl lled workera have migrated to reaa especially conditioned for polltlc:.1 nuralng, end vote control. Nursing and ldleneaa become unacceptable and Intolerable for teena and adulta, both black and white, after some period of time. Different cltlea, or different geographical areoa , probably have different time perloda of toler nee I n th I a reapec t •

Harry Hopkins announced this pollcy years ago as, "Spend end elect, elect and tax, tax end spend". Effective treetment for these problem• wl II be drastic, but untl I somethin g effective Is done there wl II only be continued deterlotot Ion on our notional scene. The most aenalble end effective treatment would be: I. 2.

Ellmlnetlon of the 20, per hour Increase In minimum wage acale, scheduled to become effective February, 1968. Abaolute refuMI of top polltlcel leaders end ell gov-~nt agencl•• to sanction wage lncrNaee, both by union• and by gove'""'*'t•I anploy ....

�SeMfOr Richard


• Ra, . . . , I


July JI, 1161

A freeze, or ••111n9, of th••• pollcln for, or 10 yeara •

Excna Profl ta Tax for 8uala... , Corporate & Peraonel for thl. p(ff'lod. ,. Location of future houalng project• In rural arNa, wfth wnl ta apecM to prfv14e gr. .en arNa, and aome spaced~ to provlff working groulld Raovet of ~ 11,led pe u::a,.,....,,... central cl ty arNa to th... rural arNa. . cs. G,_..I faprov. .nt of educat Ion at all levele, wl th haal a on trade: schoO Ia above hI gt\ Khoo I Ieve I • Forget ebou t the hyaterlc:al epproeu to educatlo, avch •• now exlata 1cm la In effNt cal""' for • •college _,,.. for everyone•;

. 4.



TIie ell IMtfon of the alnl ... _,. _ , . , lncrNMa, and other Iner•-, p&41a lmpoaftr• of exc... proflta ,_.. wauld pennlt our ec to take • b.-..tlllng apel 1, with I ta prl•ry pu,,-. Nl119 to rMUce the el lmlnat Ion ef for unakl I IN WDrkera.

•ae y


There la nothing dlahonorable In being• unaklllN worker.


wtt.n our nat1onel attitude rNChn • COMltlon of hyaterle doH thla haw authoratl" voice, end• ere naw apparently la that atate. I think It la

ti• labor la recognized for lta worth, both unakllle4 an, akllle~.

It la ~rtelnly -.ich better for an unakllled pereori to be buay et • prod\lctlv• Job, th• to be l~le, on relief, or rl ting. Make It poaalble for atployera to provide uriakl I led )'ab•, lnatMd of cr•tlng • cl hate which fore•• ap Ioyera to e 11 I!'•t• uriak 111 M Jobe. HOw

can an effective group -~• put together, hOpefully out of which

• aat l~•I lnder could _.rge to "pvt the Ml I" on thl a type of a Mt lenal progr•P la the country too far dcMII the drain for the people to return t• camion aenNf and

I an aeMlng thla ._. letter to Senator Tai Congreaarnu Stephena.

With b"t wluea, I • ,

Yours al ncerel y,

dge, COngreaaeA Fly11t.







i! nf i!ttprt.atutatittt.a i;llltlit <lt4ttmbtr .i\tlttuta June 2, 1967 I


Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr.


Grace T. Hamilton

I am glad to know about the planned meeting for the proposed neighborhood improvements in the Nash-Bans Commun~ty . I expect to attend the meeting on June 6th and am anxious to help in any way possible on the "temporary committee" looking toward the community organization of the area . It occurred to me that there is asplendid opportunity in this instance to assemble initially a group of citizens who because of t heir long time relation to the are either through residence or because of economic and social interests in the area , together with elected representatives from all levels of government, to cooperatively consider what is in the best inte rest of the community and the city as a whole . I am therefore strongly ur ging that all elected repre s entat ive s be invit e d to be a par t of the temporary corrnni t tee a s well as certain other individuals whose relation to t he area you may n ot be aware of . I would also hop e that the elected member s of the citizen s advisory committee for the Nash- EOA ar e a hav e a l r eady t hought of . For your i n fo r mation I am attachin g t he en clo s ed lis t which include s such i n dividua ls as I h ave been able to t h ink of . Some of the s e names may have a l rea dy be en i nc l uded in your thinking . The poin t I wish t o make i s that th e initial mee ting where possib ilities ar e pr es ented for community consideration should include e stab l ished leadership on the basis of e l e ction whether in governmental positions or in neighborhood service organizations. GTH : ph

CC :

Hon. Rodney Cook Hon. Collier Gladin

�ELECTED OFFICIALS Senator Horace Ward '--..1 Rep. J. C. Daugherty ---.......J Rep. Julian Bond '-..I Dr. Rufus Clement, Board of Education • William T. Knight, Board of Aldermen .___,,. Q. V. Williamson, Board of Aldermen Dr. P. Q. Yancey, Fulton County Board of Health 581 Simpson Street, NW (Dr. Yancey is a physician who practices in this neighborhood.) Miles G. Amos, 3rd Ward, Atlanta City Executive Committee 856 Mason Turner Road, NW (Mr. Amos operates a long established business in the area) Dr. Wellington Parker, 3rd Ward, Atlanta City Ex ec.Comm. 424 Newport Street (Dr. Parker also has been established in the area for a long time . ) --.J

OTHER INDIVIDUALS WITH A STAKE IN THE AREA E. M. Martin, Ex ecutive Secretary, Atlanta Life Ins. Co . 250 Sunset Avenue, NW (Mr. Martin is a long time resident of the neighborhood) A: V. J ett, Chairman of the Board, Gate Ci ty Day Nur s ery Associat ion, an agency which operates two f acilities serving the area. 1158 Fountain Drive R. O. Sutton, officia l with Citizens Trus t Company 1056 We stmore Drive 30314 (Citizens Tr ust will probably be i nvolved in any deve l opmen t i n t he area . ) Dr. John Mi ddle t on, President, Morris Brown College, largest e ducational institu tion in the area. Mr s . Louise Hector, 561 Meldrum Street (Mrs. Hector is a pas t president of t he Atlanta PTA Council and has been a pillar in all community activity) PTA Presidents from English Avenue, Bethune, Ware and Washington Schools


ATLANTA. GA. 30303

Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404

April 18, 196 7

IVAN ALLEN, JR., MAYOR R. EARL LANDERS, Administrative Assistant MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Executive Secretary DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental Liaison

FRO;-i :

Johnny H. Rcbinson

SUBJ::::CT :

Trash PicktJ.p s , Garb2.gc ~;ickups in Adair Park , Eechan ics 11ille , Peoplc s t oi-m , Pi ttsburg an d Tine Ci t y . i,ieek of 10th thru l ht h .

Adair P<.'rk :


l oa ds of trash r emove d ,

2 junk cars r emo ved . Ne chanic s ,-ille :

S locids of t ra Eh r r,mo ve d . 2 stre et liehts r e~a ire d .

Peopl estC\-m :

8 loads of tr a sh r e~ove d.

Pittsburg :

17 loads of tra sh r emoved . 9 junk car s r emove d. Sewer r epai·ed o~: Huboard 3 t r e et .

\fine Ci ty:

Approximat e l y 8 l o2ds of tra sh r emoved .


The p as t week t he .fayor I s De partme n t ha s h ad spl e ndi d re su l t s f rom t he 3anit~ r y Dep2 rtme nt in a ss i sting t he resident s in the cl e 2.n up c a:npa s . You will get a deta iled r e~:,ort of a+l activitie s on U,e l a s t day of the month .



April 25, 1967

ATLANTA, GA. 30303

Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404

IVAN ALLEN, JR., MAYOR R. EARL LANDERS, Administrative Assistant MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Executive Sec retary DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental Liaison



Mr. Earl Landers


Dan Sweat

Attached is a copy of a report prepared for Mayor Allen showing scheduled improvements or activities in four lowincome areas of the city this summer. Three of these areas are encompassed within the four target areas we have selected for the proposed pilot project to coordinate city services. The City Services Coordination program would include Kirkwood, Edgewood and several other identifiable neighborhoods adjacent to or near the areas covered in the attached Mayor's report. In order that we· proceed w ith planning and programming of the pilot project, the following recommendations are submitted. 1.

Four positions should be created on a temporary basis for the period June 1 - September 1 to serve as city services coordinators in the Offi ce of the Mayor. These coordinators would be on the salary range of Inspection D e partment area supervisors. They would be hous ed in EOA n eighborhood service centers w ithin each targ e t neighborhood. For the propos ed organizational chart see Attachment A .

�Mr. Landers Page Two April 25, 1967


The city services coordinators would be responsible for identification of city service problem areas within their target neighborhoods and for communication of these problems to the proper city department or agency. They would be familiar with community groups as well as city departments and the services they offer.


The overall objective would be to identify problems and take remedial action before these problems generate unnecessary trouble within the area.


They would be under the coordination of Johnny Robinson from the Mayor's Office.


Each coordinator should be provided with one clerical worker. EOA has agreed to provide scime neighborhood aides to assist in identification of problems and investigation of complaints. E OA will also provide space for a maximum of four housing code inspectors who will also be able to bring to the attention of the city services coordinators unfavorable conditions which exist and which should be corrected.


In communicating this proposed project to the department heads, it should be stressed that there is no intention that the city services coordinators would direct any department or departmental personnel to take any action. Once a problem is brought to the attention of the departme nt it is up to the department to determine w hether or not such action is justified and should be taken. In those cases where budgetary restrictions or legal restrictions prevent action from being take n, th e city services coordinator will communicat e message s to the community concerned with the problem.

I would recommen d approval of this project at the earliest possible date in order that we might b e able to select very car efully the

�Mr. Landers Page Three April 25, 1967

four coordinators for this sumrner's program. Also we would need time to prepare complaint forms, informational material and briefing material for the coordinators and their staff assistants.

DS:fy Attachments (2)



Mayor's i°ffice

Director of Governmental Liaison

Community Development Coordinator

City Services Coordinator (Based at Sum-Mee Center)

City Services Coordinator (Based at Nash-Washington . Center)


City Services Coordinator . (Based at East Central C e nter)


City Services Coordinator (Based at Edgewood Center)


Adair Park

Vine City

Bedford Pine




Buttermilk Bottoms





Reynolds Town


Cabbage Town

Grant Park Peopl e's Town

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