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From Malcolm D. Jones, Housing Coordinator



JJ,/",VJ/.::..U 'J..--_.,..__

~ ~.?~



_,_, JL,,~.t




FO R M 25 - 15


~ {-- -

73~ L~ .





�This document sets forth the basi c problems to be considered i n preparati on for the development of the New-Town-In-Town program i n the Federal Surplu s l and from the Federal Pen .

The Schedules

c ontained herein are opti mum and probably are too ti ght to be met by the agencies involved .

However , this optimum s cheduling gives

· the soundest bas i s for the consideration of differences between t he var iou s means of carrying out t he project.



Decisi ons Ne ces s ary to Develop Ne w- Town-In-Tmm Projects

Who will a dmini ster the project ?


Direct sale by HUD to Developer.


HUD to City of Atlanta to Developer.

~ c. . HUD to Atlanta Housing Autho rity to Developer. ~


Will di s position be for 221 (D) (3)) 202 only?


Who builds prima ry str eets and utilities?

L .



Dev eloper.




Atlanta Housing Authority.

When are street locations to be pinned down? fl


�Persons to be invol ved in these decisions?





Members of the Planning i,Development Commi tte8 and Board of Aldermen.


Mayor Ivan Allen


Mr. John Edmunds


Mr. M. B. Satterfi eld


Mr. Edwi n Stern


Mr. Frank Ethridge


Mr. Colli er Gladdin


Mr. Richard Case


Atl anta Housing Authority Board of Commissioners


Mr . Cecil Alexand er


Col. Malcolm Jone s


Mr o Dan Sweat


Mr. Edo Baxt er



�l.a. Direct Sale By HUD To Developers

, 1.

HU!ID states tha t they would expect the City to provide the land use plan)

assurances as to public facilitie s, review the_developer s proposals.


HUD would need Bureau of Budget apprqval of the method of sale and

would present the proposal to sell to the Bureau prior to making the award. Each of these steps would consume a minimum of approximately 30 days or a tota l of 60 days on this stage .


Under this method t he :Developer would put in the streets and utilities and this cos t would be r eflected in rent s or s ales prices.


I 4.

No non- cash credits i nvolved.


Fed. Pen • .to GSA to HUD i s based on certai n improvements (fen ces , etc.) which onl y HUD can finance .


Can HUD a cquir e the

4 non-gov 1 t

owned parcel s ?

Leave t hem out ?

�l.a. Schedule Direct Sale IIDD to Developer Decisions Land Use Map Disposition Plan Relocation Plan 4cqui si tion Plan Project Improvements Plan Financing Plan Submit to the Bureau of the Budget for prior approval


Approval Select developer (advertise if necessary) Submit to the Bureau of the Budget for concurrence Concurrence Execute Contract Approval of FHA or Mortgagor of redevelopment Start Engineering Start Cons t r ucti on of Site impr ovements Complete Site Impr ovements sufficient to begin construction of Housing

May May May May May May May

1, 1968 J, 1968 21, 1968 21, 1968 21, 1968 21, 1968 21_, 1968

May 21, 1968 June 21, 1968 July 21, 1968 July 21, 1968 Au gust 21, 1968 September 1, 1968 January 1, 1969 January 1, 1969 February 1 , 1969 June 15, 1969

Dur ing the interi m from July 21 to J anu ary 1, it will be necessary to acqui re the 4 pr ivately owne d parcels, r eloc at e the one fa mily and demolish the str ucture .

�l.b. Sale from Goverrunent to Cit y to Developer


HUD clear with Bureau of Budget for sale direct to City - approximately

30 days. 2.

City proceeds with l and use plan, decis ions as to provision for street s a.n.d utilo, determine method of s ale.


/ of Method sal e as outlined by Asst . City Atty - Tom Choyce : 1.

A res olution mus t be pa s s ed by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen s tating that the r eal estat e is no longer usef ul and n ecess ary to the Cit y and ordering the real es tate t o be sol d.

Formality but must be done at

a r egul ar Ald . meeting after a mee t i ng of P & D Com. 2.

The Land Agent mus t cause a pl at of the pr operty to be made by a register ed l and surveyor.

~This mus t be done by any agent .

AHA woµl d

n eed about 20 days prior to cl os ing ).


The Land Agent must cause an appra isa l of t he property to be ma de by t he Atlant a Real Es t at e Board or a r eal estate appraiser who i s a member of t he American I ns t i tute of Re al Est ate Appr ai ser s .


apprai s a l must be pla ced in a s eal ed envel ope and turned over to t he t he Land Agent .


The plat of the property al ong with the l egal de scription must be submi t t e d to t h e Purchasi ng Agent, who mus t a dvert ise for bids t o be submi tted for t he purchase of t he pr operty .


All bids mus t be opened and r ead a t t he desi gnated time by the Pur chasing Committ ee .

The Purcha sing Commit t ee must t abul ate t he bids and ref er

them to an. Al dermanic Committee .


The Committee must open the sealed appraisal and take t he appraisal into consideration in determining whether or not any of the bids shall


be recommended for acceptance.

This Committee must submit its final recommendation to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen for determination.


City must find a way to purcha se the them out.

4 non-gov


t owned parcels or l eave

�. 1. b. Schedule HUD to City of Atlanta to Developer Decisions Land Use Map Dispos ition Plan Acquisition Plan (4 pri vately owned par cel s as well as Federal Land ) Reloc ation Plan Project Improvements Plan Financing Plan Planni ng and Development Committee to make reco mmendations t o the Board of Aldermen in joint session with the Finance Committee Aldermani c Approval Order Survey and Des cription Appraisal s Ordered Advertise Recei ve Bids Board of Aldermen Approve Contract • Begin Construction of hous ing ·'k

May 1, 1968 May 3, 1968 May 21, 1968 May May May May

21, 21, 21, 21,

1968 1968 1968 1968

May 27, 1968 June 3, 1968 June 3, 196e June 24, 1968 June 24, 1968 Au gus t 24, 1968 September 16, 1968 September 26, 1968 J anuary 26, 1969

ENGINEER ING AND SITE IMPROVIl'IENTS Engineering Let Site Improve ments Contract Complete S.I. suffici ent to begin Cons truction of hous ing

Ju ne 3, 1968 1~~--lEJuly 21, 1968 December 6, 1968

September 16, 1968-:B~ Nove mber 1, 1968 · March 15, 19691*'

  • This date would delay the start of cons truction from J anuary 26, 1969, to

March 15, 1969. ~--lE-


Engineeri ng start after selec tion of Toveloper. Engineering start before s election of .Tuveloper.

�l.c. HUD to AHA to Developer l.

Atlanta Housing Authority would use the normal urban renewal procedure through on and 'expe dited " basis. The schedule i s estimated on optimum time intervals as are the other schedules.


If the project puts in the basic streets and utilities, they would be constructed at project cost which could be more than offset by Noncash Grant-in-Aid Credits.


-The t wo major credits are for two schools: one at $1,000,000 - 100% eligible and one at $2,000,000 - 10 to 50%eligible.


Some comparatively small credits would be eligible from park, bridge, ramp and other items probably in the range of $50-100,000.

�1. c •

Sc;ne dule Thomasville Amendr~ent R-- 22 HUD To AHA To Devel oper

Thi s schedule i s prepar ed ba s ed on the fo llouing as sumptions :

L All deci sio ns nec essary for th e submission of t he appl ication ( particul arl y the ones appli.ed to the method of disposition and sequence installation of site i mprovements) are made prior to May 1, 1968 . 2. That the submission is to be macl e to the June 3, 1968 Aldermanic · Commit tee .

3. That HUD holds good on their commitment t o r eview and approve the applic ation in 30 days . I.

Part I - Part I I Aopl ica tion - -· - ~ -....



Decj_sions Land Use Map Proj ect Area Dat a Report Disposition Relocati on Report Acquisj_tion Plan Urban Renewal Plan Proj ect I mprovements Plan All other s ections of t he application Financing Pl an Submit to Alderciicm:i.c Financ e Commit tee Pub1.ic Hearing Aldennanic Approval Compl ete Submi sc:i on


May 1, 1968 May 3, May 20, May 20, May 21, May 21, May 21 , May 21, May 21, May 2)-1, May 27, May 31, J une 3, June 7,




Execution Activi t i es Approval Executed Lo an and Gra nt Cont r act a.

Disoos~ti on Acti viti e s _..,._,-=· n.i'-7-..=I , .._._


Adverti s e Receive Bids Identi fy Developer Sign Contract Begin Const ructj_o'r1 of hous ing·:H*" b.

July 8, 1968-~July 15, ~*"


July 29 ., 1968 Sept . 23, Oct. 21 , Oc t. 31; Januar y 27, 1969 April 2b, 1969

}fay 27,

Acsiuis:itio r:~RelQ c at :i.on-Dsmolitiori Begin l\.cqui s ition Begin Relocation Complet e Ac~uis ition Complete R2lo c 2tion Complete D~n0 J_j_tion

July 29, 1968 Aug . 26, Sept. ~Cl, Scp -L .


July 27, Aug. 27, Sept . 27, Feb . 27, 1969

30, I

Oct. 11 ,

~:-T~me cont ingent on HUD acq9-9.. i-r-~f-Time contingent on Develop<in.ehi:. FHA action and completion of access streets o Col. 1 contingent on pre-advertis ing.


Enf)-neer:i.i~~ and Site Ifilprovements Engirieering Let Site I mproveme nts Contract Complete Site Improveme nts Sui'ficient for Co nstructfon Complete Site Improvements

May 27, 1968 July ·12, 1968

Oct . 21, 1968 Aug. 27 , 1968 ilec. . 11, 1968 Oct. 15, 1968

26, 1969

Nov . 27 ,


Apr. 27, 1969

Aug. 19, 1969


Site Improveme nts Designated in.Planning


Adve rtise after Loan and Gra r1t - Site Improvements on b asis of bid Pre--Adver tise - Site I mpro veme nt s on b a sis of bid


·;rf, 1969

June 27 ., 1969


Will Dlsposition be 221 (d)

(3), 202 , only?


221 ( d) ( 3) development would prevent any private development being fin anced by other FHA or conventional finance. This would prev~,nt an extensive eco nomic mix in this new area. However , higl{ income families now occupy the Single Family Portion of the Thomasville Project.


To split the area between two programs will require definite boundaries fo r each , so that ea ch can be appra i sed separately.


221 ( d ) ( 3) would insure l ow and moderate income occupants·.


221 (d) (3) would require special appra isal techniques (write down of l and price ).


Commercial areas must be designated regardless of other consideration for appra i sal purposes.


I f public housing is involved ( this is at the present ruled out ), this boundary would have to b e delineated. ( Turn key or conventional).


Can the developer be non-profit , limited dividend , Co -op, or other, or will it be limited to one .

�3. Who builds primary streets and utilities? a.

For the developer to bui ld streets and utilities would increase the cost per dwelling unit.


221 ( d) (3) might affect the decisio ns .


Approximat ely months would be required for the City or Authority to build the primary street system sufficiently to provide access . However , construction can begin prior to advertising sale of land.


A developer could build the streets at his rate of need but probably

no more r apidly than the City or the Authori ty . It would however, force scheduling of construction to be tied to street construction schedule ( acc e ss ). This may not be pertinent.



Authority constr uction of the streets would co st the City approximat ely 1/3.


Bridge credits would be affected.


Cost of streets and utilities estimated at$



When should street loc ati ons be pinned down ( invol ves savi ng s of approximat ely 1- 3½ months )? a.

I f str eet is pinned cJown befo re ad ver t ising propert y : I




(1 )

Would restric t t he de sign of th~ devel opment plan.

( 2)

Would defin e school and park s ite s so that costs and credits could be fi rm .

(3 )

Would s ave approxi ma t el y 1-3½ mont hs.

After st reets are pinned down after advertising and decis ion on devel oper : (1 )

Would gi ve f re edom to t he develo pment plan.

( 2)

Cost and credit s wo uld no t be quite as fi rm .


Would del ay fro m 1-3½ month s befo r e co nst ruction could be started (woul d thi s be actual or would the architects u se up the t i me anyway )? /


C TYOF-A:. U.OUSING RESOURCES COMMITTEE Roo~ 1204, City H~ll May 29, _1968 Alde-r ma n G-. Everett Milli.can .P..ld-e rma n Rodney M. Cook Mr. Dan E . Sweat, Jr. Mr~ Jim Cr a wfor d Mr . Collier B. Gladin Mr . Lester A. Pe r sells Mr. Edwin L. Sterne Mr. Ca ry S. Hooks Dr~ J ohn W. Letson Mr o A. B. Pad ge t t Mi-o J im Parham Mi· " Johnn y C . J ohnson Ur . George W. Kennedy M1 o James B. Pi l c he r D io Sid ney L. Da vis

0.ITY. H ~ LI,,

,\TI,,Al'ffl\, G .-\, ~~0;3

T, 1. 52i·446~ Aru Co~e 49.4

IVAN Al.LEN, JR., MAYOR CECIL A, AHXANOER, C,ha irm~n Housin11 Resource ~ ComJ11ittee MALCOLM D. JONES Housine Coordinator

Ge ntleme n : Th e nex t mee t ing of this Coordinating Group, for the purpose of ge t t i ng t oge ther , comparing notes and exchanging ideas in int e rest of e x edit ing t he Low-income Housing Program through effective coordination, il l b e held Thrusday, June 6, at 10:00 a.m., in Committee Room 2, Cit y Hal l.

Th i s wi l l be a joint meeting with the Executive Group of the Housing Res ourc es Committ e e. The several previous meetings of this group have bee n stimulating and helpful to the Low-income Housing Progr a m. Jlr., Ceci l A. Ale x a nder, Cha irman, Housing Resources Committee 9 and I hope tha t you wi ll be able .to att e nd t h is meet ing , as your active pa r t i cipa ti on is v e~ y he lpfu l in furthering the progress of the Low incom Hous i ng· Pr·ogram.

A r eturn addres sed posta l card is enc los e for your c onven ienc e in informing us whet he r y ou pl a n to at tend t he J une 6 mee ti nga


\ •1 •

, -



Housing Coordinator



Postal Card

I !


\ . I.




ATLANTA, GA. 30303

Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404


May 29, , 1968

CECIL A. ALEXANDER, Chairman Housing Resources Committee MALCOLM D. JONES Housing Coordinator

Dear Ho.u sing Resources Committee Member: The regular monthly meeting of the Executive Group of· the Housing Resources Committee for June 1968 will be held on regular scheduled date, Thursday, June 6, at 10:00 a.m., in Committee Room 2, City Hall . This will be a joint meeting with the Housing Coordinating Group composed of Heads of Departments and Agencies who activities relate to the Low-income Housing program. Please consider the functions and activities of your panel and be prepared to offer some specific proposals for making conrete c ontributions to the program. We hope that you will be able to attend this meeting. r eserve the date on your calendar.


A return addressed postal card is enclosed for your convenience i n advising us whether you will be able to attend t he June 6 meet i ng . Sincerely,

Ma l colm D. J ones Housing coordinator Enc l : Postal Ca rd

�W E L C O ME t;o t;he.








45. 40 AcJu¼ :to :the. Nolt..:th and Sou.:th ofi

Highway a.:t Mayna1td Road, jU-6:t EM:t 06 :the. Cha-tta.hooehe.e. RivVL.

500 - eon.oi-6ting 06 1 J:.o 5 be.dltoorn6 i n two and :th!c..e.e. -1.doJL y bu.,u'.d,i,ng •

No f.i!ULte. 6ac_ili_;U_u 6Oil. :the. Eide.Jzl.y. Community &, To.:ta..l Cof.,;t:


To be. eompie.te.d in 6oUJt F~t PhMe. to i nefude. 132 Un,Uf., Se.eond PhM e. 10 8 Un,Uf., TM!Ld PhMe. 148 Un,Uf., FoUJL:th PhM e. 112 Un,Uf., , Cof.,;t 06 Sae.:

AppJLox.,una,te_iy $350,000.0 0 She.e.:tz and A:tia.n:ta, Ge.oJLgia

H. L.C . and Mf.ioeia:te.f.i, Ine . GJLe.e.n.t,boJLo , NoJL:th Ca.JLolina

Co n:t!Lae:toJL:

Coble.-We.avVt (Joint Ve.ntUJte.) boJLo, No!L:th Ca.JLolina.


BREAKING CEREMONIES Monday, May Twenty-Seven, Nineteen Hundlted & Six:ty-Eight

Bankhead High.way,NoJvthwe.,ot

Ate.a.vit:a., Geottg ia.


Mtt. F1tanw B. Sheetz, J1t., A. I. A. Mtt. Ric.ha1td H. Btiad6iehl, A. I. A.

Gue.ot Spea.keM:

Mtz.. Edwin L. Stettne,

Hou..oing Autholtity 06 the City 06 Ati.a.nta Vil.. Benjami..n E. May.o, Co-Chtultman Hou/2ing Re.,o outtc.e.o Committee Mtz.. Edwa1td H. Ba.x:tett, Reg,W na.£. Admini.otll.atott, Vepa!l.tment 06 Hou..oing and Uttban Veve.lopment

Hono1table Ivan Allen, Jtt., Ma.yo.It, City o6 Ate.a.nta


"CHILVREN OF POVERTY TOVAY WILL BE THE PARENTS OF POVERTY TOMORROW." So 1.iai..d Mll/2. Mcvue Mc.Qu.,ilie, 60'1.meJt Un-U.ed Sta;tu Comrru,Mion.eJt 06 Pu.bUc. HoMing. TheJte ,i,,6 a. need - ,i,n. - 6ott oveJt 16,000 de.c.en.t, 1.>a.6e, a.n.d 1.ianJ..:ta!r..y dwelling, a. detell.m,[no..ti.on. made. by Ma.yott when. he. en.Ul.ite.d the. ai..d 06 ma.n.y 1.iu.b1.ita.n;t,i,ai. uilzen.-6 06 the. Ciltj to be.gin. h,i,,6 c.a.mpa.,i_gn. a.n.d e.66oltt.6 to the de.p.lotta.ble c.on.cUtion.-6 06 ma.n.y 06 Atia.n.ta. '-6 cU,i,ze.Yl.-6. H.-ui tte.c.ogMtion. o,& .the. de.gtta.ded c.on.d,i_;t,i_on. 06 ma.n.y Mea.-6 06 the. Wy a.n.d the. de;,i_oJr..a;t.,i.on. 06 e.wting dwe..U,ln.g-6 began. wha;t Wa.-6 a.lm0.6t a. "One. Ma.n. WM" a.galn.-6.t .thue u.n.,6otttu.n.a.te c.on.d,i_.t,i_on.-6 06 .the poott . The. ,6a.c.t.6 Welte. ga..theJted a.n.d tteve.a.le.d. The. Ma.yott a.ppe.a.led to in.du.-6:IJttJ to mee..t ;th,i,,6 n.e.ed. Su.6 6-<-uen.t in.c.en.tive. motiva..ted gtte.a:t HoweveJt, M pJt,i,va..te i n.teJtMt-6 .to wottk., 1.iu.ttp!U-6.-i..n.gly e.veJttj en ooJt.t Wa.-6 1.i.tym.-i..ed by one ob1.ita.c.le - - pft,{,va..te vu.ted .-i..n.teJtut-6. Se.veJtal. 1.i ma..U pall.C.W We.Jte zon.e.d to tte.c.uve. hou.-6.-i..n.g a.n.d we.tte. u.-6 e.d. Su.b-6 e.qu.e.n.t tte.-zo e.6 6oltt-6 ,i_tto n..-i..c.a..Uy bttou.g h.t oppo1ition. 6ttom 06 the. Wy -- no Jta.c.e. oft tteUgion. Th,i,,6 Wa.-6 .the v o.-i..c.e. o6 t he. pe.o p.le. ! To .th,i,,6 da;te., .th,i,,6 voic.e ha.-6 be.en. he.Md on. ptr.a.c.tic.a..Uy eveJty pe.,ti;ti.on.., .th,i,,6 1.iUe. Wa.-6 a.n. e.xc.eption.. Vo.-i..c.e.d obj ec.tio Yl.-6 a.n.d Jte.-6 e.r1.-tme.n.t.6 pu;t .the. BoaJUi o6 Alde.ttme.n. .-i..n. a. po1.iilion. 06 ttefuc..ta.n.c.e to ac.t on. an.y pe..tilion. 6ott Hou.-6-<-ng pu.ttpo-6 e-6 • T hW Jte-6 po Yl.-6.-i.. b-i.,,U,ty ,i_,6 to -6 ell.Ve the. WW hu o6 the ma.jail.Uy o0 .the people.. 16 th,i,,6 be. il -- the. pe.ople. 06 Afta.n..ta have. -t.wz.n.e.d .thw ba.c.k.-6 on. le1.i1.i 6otttu.n.a.te, and th,i,,6, ,i,n. me.lo, btte.e.d-6 :tJtou.ble. .

�The. m and pU!tpo.t.e. 06 the. How.,ing Ao.t.,v., Admin,v.,.tJLation have. no:t be.e.n undV1..t,:tood by :the. pe.ople. 06 Atta.n.ta.. HV!.e. ,v., a. p! 06 a.t,.t,,v.,:tanc.e. and - and we. tUJtn oUJt bac.k.-6 . The. /)iM:t 11.e..t.ult and ac.c.ompwhme.nt 06 .tiu.6 put.t. a .t.ub.t.:tan;t,i.a...t 11.006 OVV!. :the. 06 pe.ople. . That the.y Me. wa11.m, dll.y , and po.t..t.ibly c.omfJoll.:ta.ble. ,v., .t.e.c.ondMy. The. 6ill:t 11.e..t.uli and ac.c.ompwhme.n:t ,,u., u/)ting the.m out an e.nv,<_11.onme.nt

that hM b11.e.d c.Jume. and de.g e.nVtatio n. Ye.;t - we. tUJtn ouJz.

bac.12.t. . We. complain 06 a :ta.x bUJtde.n !


I.t. ;th,v., a :ta.x - ;to move. pe.ople. out 06 .t..fu.m Me.M - :to e.n/)011.c.e. ;the. How.,ing Code. - ;to i ~ e . a Woll.Mble. ;to b11.,<_n.g :the..t.e. Me.a.t. up ;to .t.:ta.nda.Jc.d 011. de.mofuh :the.m - ;to OU!t Pouc.e. o{J ;the. e.xpo.t.Wte. :to :the..t.e. Me.M -- ,<_.t, ;th,v., a bUJtde.n? Many have. 1.,;tate.d - M .t.oon. M :the..t.e. .t.lum Me.a.t. Me. vac.ate.d be./)011.e. an.y;thin.g be. done. - othe.11.f., move. in. out 06 ;the. Cay ofJ de.c.Jz.e.a.t.e.d job oppoJz.:tun.Uie..t. in. :the. Me.M and o:theJr. c.iue..t.. Jo ble..t..t. pe.ople. mu.t.;t .t. e.e.12 . NatUJtaUy ;the.y

tull.n. ;to A:tla.n:ta. - a Me.c.c.a - a Cay on. fi,<_11.e. - on.e. 06 the. mo.t,;t
t~ving me..t!Lo pou
ta.n. Me.M in :the. Coun.t!Ly. Ne.v eJr. wil..e. :the.y

.t.:top,i,n.g . Th,i,f., m,i_g11.ation. w.lU. c.on:t,i,nue. whe.:theJr. addd,i, ,i_.t, p11.ovide.d oil. no:t - - and i6 no:t p!tovide.d, :the. .t.fum Me.M uiu'..l J.> uf2e. What a.Ue.11.n.ative. do we. have.? Shall we. le,:t :th,i,f., in.6fux c.11.e.ate. c.Jz.d,i_c_al. a11.e.M whe.11.e. on.e. ,v., af;11.a.,ul. .t.o wa.£12 - - Me.a.t. whic.h Pouc.e. c.on:tll.ol? All.e. we. inte.n:t,i,on.aUy c.11.e.ating .t.c.hool.t. 06 c.Jume. and c.011.Mp;U.on.? What , .t.he. 6u.t.e.? We. have. .t.e.e.n. e.xplo.t,ion..t. in. othVl. c.aie..t..

fa ;th,v., ;the. way?

- 2 -

�It ,u., the. 6011..tana,te. and the. able. c,,itize.Vl-6 who mMt he.lp , we.

the.y dM;tJioy ;the.m.oe.lve/2 . Ati.a.n.ta c.anno;t and mMt not .twc_n m

baQQ ;to ne.Qeive. ;the. pov~y- 6onQe,d .omb 06 ve.nge.anQe. 06 ;tho.oe. who aJz.e. ,UY!pal.e.d upon the. 6;.,.uh and ha;te. on ;the. .ofu.m.6 ! Who among lL6 ha.o ne.v~ had the. na~e/2 06 a ;toile.;t, QOOQe.d on a de.Qe.n.t .o;tov e. , on, a.o in ;the. pcv.d, lAXl6 he.d fu he/2 in a pan and tMown the. wa.t~ out a W,tndow? Ye.;t thi-6 ,u., ;the. line. 06 many to day . Thi-6 .o;tall..t 06 Aftan;ta'.o lMgMt PubuQ HoMing und~

th~ TMnQe.y Sy.ote.m i.o a .oub.o;tan,u,a.,f_ ne.auza;tion and a milM;tone.

i n oM Ma yon' .o wall. . Five. Hun~e.d ne.w home/2 ;to hoMe. Twe.n;ty- Five. Hu n~e.d u.tize.Vl-6 06 Aftan.ta . ;than a Gnound Btl.e.aung , we. .ohould .oay ;thi-6

to ;the. Be.ginning .

,u., a Ve.diQatio n

Pnoviding hoMing and moving pe.ople. nnom ;the. .olum all.e.M in;to de.Qe.n.t, .oa6e. and .oa~y .o~ounding.o doe/2 not e.nd - it be.gin.o

the. job.

So, e.duQa.;:Uo n ha.o be.Qome. an ,UY!pO~n.t paJz..t on ;the, HoMing Pnog~. I n.o;te,ad 06 e.duQWO n, we. be.ti~ ;t~m a ;the. n e.vdauza;tion on inh~e.n.t qu~e/2 06 man.. To ne.v~ ze. ;the. ne.e.d and M ge. ;to live. pnope.nly in a we,ll -bu;.,.u, a,t;t!r_active. home.; ;to ne.vdauze.

the. ne.auzwJ.on 06 a Qon; impno ving e.nvinonme.n;t; ;to

ne.vimliz e. ;the. dMine. ;to main;tain and uplint ;the. .o;tandand 06 .ouQh e.nvinonme.n;t - to ;thi.o we. ple.dge. oun.oe.lve/2 .o o ;tha;t he. , ;too, Qan go W,t;th dignity and pnide. among ill me.n. - - and hM Qhildne.n a6t~ ~ . In .oome. i vit,;tanQe/2 we. may nail - but we. ~ put thMe. nailune/2 be.hind lL6 M t he. pniQe. We. pay to in.o M e. OM .ooue.;ty non pa.ot~y.

- 3 -

��t 1t



e r lyy


D 11 yoi,








r, r, E U, C · , COl




April 16, 196


le -• H

Jo o. l (,


r3l Pen

ite )

g sted th t I tr1 to e;at private

o Colli r Gladin

eitej and

d in th1


c ntl/ D

S oat a

ed oo to

ork with Colli r Gladin and l 1y ard Oppe h w in trying to expedite



or the

hou n portion of th1e site . c

April 10 l

t r thi e1 • • Ca

r ., Ho

dul d con£ renc with a pro pcctivc d


d Oppen aw of the Housing Authority and rtieip ted in the conto

of HUD


ne •

Subsequently ! have

tter 1th Collier Gl din and others int rested ill th"s

di cu t.

P-ro :rty is now in Ganer l ~rvice


Topogr phic



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been pr p red nd is in

center•lln for the i.:xpres ay nnd 13 working on slo

boundary .......,._..,. fin

ni tration.

he St to iighway D per ent h s

1ng uthorlty.




Ho e

r , tho ...

d eonr·


te Highw y D por ent cannot ccur tely y bound r

s until after it l olds a

nc .

ar uou

cl tract, acquisition o.f

trian -le h

t ich is

1r ble tor inclu ion in th o rill proj~ct. 1 own d by pr1v d 1

tere t •

It could b


e u1 ition .................. should not · l y dev, lo

1 lo

rtic Thi


nt o.r the l··nd to be dedicated

ti htly tiuled d



ately by- the !ousing Authority




chedul '

d.1 cent to the xi ting hould continu and thi portion


Mr . M. B. Satter f ield, Executive Director Housing Authority of the City of Atlant a 824 Hurt Building At l anta, Georgia 30303


Mr. Edw in L . Sterne, Chairman Atlanta Housing Authority 824 Hurt Building Atlanta, Georgia

�June 11, 1968

Mr. J ames S. R ~bins on, President Urban East H o using Consultants 900 Peachtree Stl"eet Atlanta, Geo rgia 30309 Dear Mr . Robinson : I am v ery ple ased to l earn that you are making pr og res s on the Martin Luther Kin g . J r .• Village to provide housing for 193 Atl anta families. Your plans are i maginative and e xemplify the best th i nking

in n10dern housing developn:ient for low and mo J erate income families . Since re ly yo urs .

Ivan A ll en, Jr. lviayo r




Housin g Consult an ts

James S. Robinson, president

900 Peachtree Stree t Atlant a. Georgia 30309 Phone 404 875-0781

June 3, 1968

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr. Mayor of the City of Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Re: Rawson-Washington Urban Renewal Project Martin Luther King, Jr. , Village Atlanta, Georgia



Dear Mayor Allen: I am writing at the requ e st of Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., in reply to your letter of May 31, 1968, regarding the progress of the above captioned project. Please be advised that the Application-Project Mortgage Insurance (FHA Form 2013) with preliminary plans and sp e cifications were submitted to the Atla nta Insuring Offi c e of the Fed era l Housing Ad ministration this morning, June 3, 19 68. The Federal Housing Administration has e x pressed its eagernes s and willingness to e x p e dite th e processing of this case in order to provide th is ne e ded housing at the earliest possible date . A considera ble amount of time and effort has been e x p e nded by the Ebe ne zer Ba ptist Church and its repres e ntative s to insure the deve lopm e nt of a resid e ntia l community which e mbodies the most ad vance d thinking in multifa mily liv i n g. Our deve lopment plan provides for a high ris e buildin g con s isting of twe l v e stories, pre s enting a pa norama vi e w of downtow n Atl a n ta , th e expre ss ways and the spaciou s spl e ndor of the City . This i s the fir s t atte mpt to de velop a high ri se cons tru c tion under Sectio n 2 2l(d) (3) of the Na tiona l Housing Ac t i n th e City of Atlan ta . With the i ncreas ing a waren e s s of th e ne e d for hi gh r:ise residenti a l faciliti es , it is i mpera t i ve tha t low to modera te i ncome fam ilies , especia lly fa milies with out children , are pro vid ed for i n h i gh ri se constructio n in C entra l City. Larg er fam ili e s will fi nd spacio us accommodation s in 2 , 3 or 4- bedroom s i ze u nits with the 3 and 4 bedroom units designed with 1 1/2 baths . All low rise units are town houses and garden type, two -s tory wa l k-up apartments, w i th amp l e


• Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.

- 2 -

play areas and enclosed patios. A pedestrian walkway, free of vehicle traffic, allows for safe access throughout the development. A community shopping center consisting of approximately 7,000 square feet form an integral part of this development concept which will provide the daily essentials for residents and the general community. In addition, an office building complex of approximately 3200 square feet, is incorporated in this community center, providing space for professional offices and convenient type stores and shops. A day nursery designed to accommodate preschool-age children of working mothers has been given special study and the result of this intensive investigation regarding the special needs of these children are reflected in our day-care center. A coin-operated laundry facility is also provided. Our development plan utilizes open spaces and green belts in order to provide a character of individuality and sense of pride and appreciation. The total 19 3 unit complex will be served by central air conditioning and heating. We feel that Martin Luther King, Jr. , Village will be an exciting and important addition to the City of Atlanta and a major step forward in the development of residential communities in urban areas. ,.,~~ .,<

Your continued interest and coopera tion is greatly apprecialed.

l /ery truG



)'r 2


. cc: Martin Luth e r King, Sr. Mr. Cary S. Hooks Mr. Cecil Al exa nder Mr. Albert Thompson


'{ ) ':-,









,· ·/ /; ,,, ~c _ ,



es S. Robinson


- -




ROOM 1204 , CITY HALL June 11 , 1968

Mr . Cecil A. Al exander, Chairman Housing Resources Committee


Pursuant to your suggestion ~ several days ago I talked to Jim Parham about E. O. A. providing administrative support to Lee Burges' newly organized Housing Development Corporation nd informed him of our previous contact with Bi ll Allison regarding this matter . At that time 1 . Parham did not ppear to be f miliar ith it, bµt said he would talk with Bill Allison and look at the file on the subject which as pro ided to Bill Allison by H 11 are . Following the Housing Resources Committee Meeting June 6 , Hr . Parham discussed the atter with me and provided me with the att ched copy of "A Proposal to Form the Atlanta Housing Development Corporation . r . P rh m stated thnt be is very spmpathotic ith the idea of E . O. A. prov iding ad inistrative support for the Housing Development Corporation; th the ill need, ho ever , the folioing indicated materi l in ord r to present nd justify this atter to his Board , •hich he feels will be inclined to act favorably upon it : copy of the Logal document of Incorporation of the Housing Development Corporation .




A statement of the Corporations functions , scope of operation , and principal activities, a ctually established (not the "proposal" for for tion of the Corpor tion, as cont ined in th att ch d.)


A list of th

Corporation's Bo rd of Directors ( r. Parha stated that it ould bee 1 r for E. O. A¥ to support the Housing D velop ent Corpor tion dministratively. if tho Bo rd of Directors contains r pres nt tion from th poor).


Page 2

June 11 , 1968 (D)

A statement as to how the Housing Development Corporation will benefit the poor .


Budget (including breakdo n by principal items) .

NOTE : At the time of our conversation r . Parh m insisted that I give him some concept as to what the total amount of the budget would probably be , I told him that I did not know , as I felt this would have to be orked out with the Director, selection of hicb I understand is now being considered , but that I anticipate that it would be in the neighborhood of $25 , 000 per year , principal items of hich would be the salaries of the Director and Secretary, office supplies and postage .

r . Parham said thnt as soon as the above information is presented to him, he will submit a formal proposal to his Board for inclusion of this item in E . O. A.' s further activities. I feel that e should provide him as quickly as possible with information he has requested . Malcolm D. Jones Housing Coordinator J,fl)J/mac

Encl :

Copy "A Proposal to Form The Atlanta Housing Development Corporation .

CC:V'Mr. Dan E. Sweat , Jr.

�June 7, 1968

Housing Resources Committee City of A tlanta Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Attelltion: Mr . Malcolm D . Jones Gentlemen : Re : G~lbert Gardens Turnkey:- Mayor Allen ' s Letter We are in rec~pt of the Mayor ' s letter of May 31 , 1968 'U rging us to proceed as quickly as pos sible with the Gilbert Garden Turnkey Project. He requested t hat we keep you advised 0£ our progress and any problems which tend to delay this development . To the best of our knowledge, the estimates have been received and approved, and they confirm our revised contract price of $4,028,775 .00.

We would be ready to sign 'the contract on Monday , June 17, 1968 and proceed with the project immediately thereafter.

If in checking the statu of thi project you should find that any inf'<:>rmation is required , plea e advise the writer.


We are most aru.tious to take advantage of the balance of the desirable oununer con truction season, and look forward to an award this month . V erry truly your ,

mer cc:

Ralph P. Pase, Jr. D n E . Sweat, Jr. , Director of Governmental Liai on M. B. Satterfield, E x ecutive Dir ctor, Atlanta. Hou ing Authority



I l

!I !

Mr. Howard Openshaw Director of Redevelopment Atlanta Housing Authority 824 Hurt Building Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Openshaw: This is with reference to your letter of June 4, 1968 outlining several objections to our plans for the development of Parcels E-la and B-2. As I understand it, these objections represent the position both of your office and that of the City Planning Commission.

I should like to take exception, first, to the second paragraph of your letter, which states in part that, "While certain elements of the original plan have been retained .... other features on which the development competition award was made have been eliminated, reducing the original extraordinary site plan proposal to the average run-of-the-mill development." That statement is unjustified as to the facts, and, if it is an expression of aesthetic judgement, not one with which we agree or respect.


Second, I should like to point out that your action in advising the Federal Housing Administration that our plans were not acceptable has resulted in their refusal t6 issue ready-to-go commitments. This may mean the loss, to . us and . to the City of Atlanta, of the 22l(d)(3) reservations for this project and, if 22l(d)(3) money is, as we are advised, exhausted, it may be some time before new reservations are obtained if we lose these. A far more advisable course for you to have followed (in terms of safeguarding the 22l(d)(3) reservations for this project) would have been to permit FHA to issue their commitments and in the period preceeding initial mortgage closing, work with us to achieve that which you feel is necessary. Your control of our going and our coming is so complete in every respect that with or without the commitment we cannot proceed into construction until you


-. ,'··.





CEREX ATLANTA CORPORATION Mr. Howard Openshaw June 10, 1968 I




Page - 2 -


I ·I I

are completely satisfied with our work. You chose, however, to pursue a course which places the project's development in . jeopardy .... a needless and disheartening risk and delay.

i J

Third, I should like to point out that we are no less interested than are you or any other City Agency concerned with this project, · in producing as superior a development as possible.· Our competition submission was not a pipe dream nor did we approach it on the basis of winning a beauty contest thinking to make it work later, as is often the case. I would imagine that we will be with this project long after most of the City officials concerned with it now have left the scene and its success, both as an investment and in the achievement of our social objectives, depends entirely upon its desirability to potential tenants.

It was recognized publicly, by you and by us during the course of the competition, that detailed planning, architecture and fiscal analysis would require certain changes, but that the major concepts presented would be preserved. We have ! acted in . good faith in pursuing our work and those changes which I have been made, in practically every single, instance of concern to you, have related to four major factors:



The severe cost restrictions governing the 22l(d)(3) program which have become even more severe over this past year by virtue of the money market and tremendous increases in construction costs.


Detailed cost analysis of certain of our original development proposals (such as rental town housing in Parcel E-la and elements of site development) have proved to be economically infeasible in terms of their effect upon rentals.


The need to provide the full number of units originally proposed when certain areas, upon detailed site planning, proved to be economically infeasible for development or, proved to contain conditions of which we were not advised (such as County ownership of certain lands within the proje c t area) •



' '


.. .....

--- .......

. __ .... . -·



�CEREX ATLANTA CORPORATION Mr. Howard Openshaw June 10, 1968



Page - 3 -



The rentals and carrying charges which the housing market with which we are concerned can absorb.

Lastly, _ I should like to point out that most of those elements of our work which you now question ·; have been known to your office and to the City Planning Commission for several months. It is baffling, to say the least, that at this late and critical date you choose to present your comments. Now, as to the substance of your letter, I shouH like to make the following brief observations which will be enforced by oral argument and graphic material presented at our meeting on June 11, 1968.


• I

· J I

As to your item (a), we do not agree that the geometric arrangement of buildings does not provide interesting and varied pedestrian spaces. The changes we have made in Parcel E-la with regard to buildings placement are not major. If you are making an aesthetic judgement, we agree that the original concept is better, but not that our revision does it great violence. Additionally, some study of our building placement would have indicated the extreme topographic conditions which account for many of our shifts in building _.location, conditions we originally felt able to resolve, but in the face of economics, could not. In this regard, I sh9uld point out that retaining walls were the first to go when the dollar situation became extreme and this fact mandated a shift in building, parking and driveway location .


I! f I


!: • I




As to your item (b), rental townhouses in Parcel E-la were ' eliminated solely for reasons of economy and FHA guidance here _: was quite convincing. They proved too costly to build and could not be absorbed by the rental market with which we are concerned . Eliminating townhouses eliminated the structured and disciplined flow of pedestrian traffic, but that function can be provided by strong and adequately designed pedestr i an pathways .

- .. ., ·r : . ~


�CEREX ATLANTA CORPORATION Mr. Howard Openshaw June 10, 1968 Page - 4




The original competition drawing did in fact show townhouses step up or down the grades. It was later recommended by your office and concurred in by us, that the B-2 site be converted to all co-op townhouses which more fully and economically served the market for townhouse occupancy. In addition, FHA requirements regarding percentage of grade around the E-la townhouses parking ·lots which served these steep townhouse had severe cost implications. Also, the cost of producing such a steep townhouse proved to be so high as to approach or exceed the maximum rentals under the 22l(d)(3) program as follows:

• I


·. i





,. I I



Tr:ee of Unit 2BR 3BR 2BR basement 3BR basement 4BR basement


Monthly Rent On E-1 Site


98 112 105 119 126

Monthly Charge On B-2 (co-o:e site)


81 98 96 109 119


Includes all ~tilities

As to your item (c), we agree that the community plaza . was a major and highly desirable element of our original proposal. We eliminated it and distributed the functions elsewhere throughout the project in that a part of Parcel E-lb and all of E-lc cannot now be developed for housing due to certain facts not brought to our attention during the competition. We, therefore, sought to recapture some of the lost units by placing them on the community plaza site. However, we are quite willing to eliminate that housing and to reinstate the original community plaza proposal, but you must recognize that this will mean a net loss of approximately 40 dwelling units.

I' !I


Additionally, it should be noted here that the new centrally located community recreation area was not only approved by the Planning Commission and the full Board of Aldermen in our Community Unit Plan submission, but was also approved by the Atlanta Housing Authority. Similarily, the

\ . ~r\ --- ,

�CEREX ATLANTA CORPORATION Mr. Howard Openshaw June 10, 1968 I I . J

Page - 5





new church site location plan was forwarded to both the Housing Authority and Collier Gladdin's office on April 22, 1968 and no objection was raised at that time. As to your item (d), changes in relationship of peripheral drives and parking areas to the housing units they serve, were made necessary by detailed studies which could not have been performed during the competition and by other changes such as building location and elimination of retaining walls. However, not by any stretch of the imagination can we understand the charge that the basic concept and relationship of driveways and parking to housing units served, has been violated. As to the statement that a massive "sea of asphalt" parking area, remote from housing units is created, we point out that this is not the fact except perhaps in one instance. Even though the number of parking spaces has been increased to serve a larger number of housing units the parking solution in our proposal is superior to the original in many instances and in fact results in eliminating seas-of-parking. The statment that ,· parking areas are remote from housing units is absolutely unfounded. Except in two instances they are all in the same relationship as originally proposed and improved in many instances -- at FHA insistence.

I '

As to your item (e), the concept of uninterrupted pedestrian streets is maintained. As a matter of fact, it is improved in both -Parcels E-la and B-2. Site plans showing the use of this particular street has been in jour possession since March. As a matter of fact, its utilization resulted as much from your suggestion that it be used and dedicated to the City so that approximately $30,000 in site improvement credits would accrue to the City, as it did from our desire to eliminate the cost of constructing additional roadway.





' '. ',

As to your item (f), the pedestrian and vehicular traffic between Parcels B-2 and E- la will provide for controlled street crossing as originally proposed.


\ ... .. . .

-·--.----\ ..... .,.


. I

! ·- . •



.. ,.-. I





CEREX ATLANTA CORPORATION Mr. Howard Openshaw June 10, 1968 Page - 6



As to your i _tem (g) , we have rethought the placement of church sites within building clusters in view of our meetings with church groups which established that the churches will attract members both from within and without the project area. · ·To place churches within the clustered areas would be to introduce large amounts of parking which we consider undesirable. As to your item (h), ·the geometric arrangement of Parcel B-2 not only does relate to topography, it is governed by topography. We do propose a cluster arrangement of buildings with much of the site open and existing ttees preserved. The statement that the entire site is covered with buildings and parking areas is completely unsupported by the facts and rather contentious. Coverage is approximately 20% for all buildings, roads and parking areas. The original plan proposed 331 dwelling units and 450 parking spaces. The present one proposes 250 dwelling units and 375 parking spaces -on the same acreage.


Very truly yours l.,;11~,A.,Nt}l,I143.215.248.55 I





cc :

Mr . Mr. Mr. Mr.

Mr . ~


Mr .


Lester H. Persells Ralph johnston Collier Gladdin Rodney Cook Hamilton Douglas, Jr . Cecil Alexander Larry Chkoreff Stanley Berman








HUD Policy for Provision of Information to the Public

We are transmitting for your information a reprint from the Federal Register 32 FR 9660-62, dated July 4, 1967, presenting HUD's public information policy pertaining to those documents, records, regulations, manuals, etc. contained in the HUD Central and Regional Offices. The policy of the Department of Housing and Urban Development is to make full and responsible disclosure of its identifiable records and information consistent with such competing public interests as national security, personal privacy, and obligations of confidentiality as are recognized by the Public Infonnation Act. The "Public Information Act, 11 also lmown as "Freedom of Information Act, 11 5 U.S. 522, as amended by P.L. 90-23, upon which this policy is based, became effective July 4, 1967.


NOTE: This "NOTICE" i s part of the new HUD Unified Issuances Sys tem. It will be u sed on occasion t o advise y ou on matters o.f general interest conceYning HUD assi sted programo

HUD-Wash., D. C.

�DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT Reprinted from Federal Register-32 F .R. 9660-62 July 4, 1967

Title 24-HOUSING AND HOUSING CREDIT Subtitle A-Office of the Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development PART 15-PUBLIC INFORMATION In Subtitle A a new Part 15 is added as follows: Subpart A-Pi,rpose and Policy

Sec. 15.1 15.2 15.3

Definitions. Purpose. Statement of Policy.

Subpart S---Production and Disclosure of Records 15.11 Publication in the FEDERAL REGISTER. 15.12 Materials not published ln the FEDERAL REGISTER. 15.13 Identifia ble records produced upon request. 15.14 Sche dule of fees. 15.21

Subpart C-Exemplions E xemptions authorized by 5 U.S.C. 552.

Subpart D-Where Records May Be Inspected and Information Obtained 15.31 Information centers. 15.32 Informa tion officers. 15.33 Material ln Department Central Information Center. Subpart E-Procedure for Requesting Access to Records 15.41 Requests for records.

Subpart !---Disclosure of Records and Refusal To Disclose 15.51 16.52

Authority to release records or copies. Authority to deny requests for records.

Subpart G--Administrative Review of Denials of Requests for Records 15.61

Administrative review.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 16 are issued under 5 U.S.C. 552 and sec. 7(d), 79 Stat. 670; 42 U.S.C. 3535(d).

Subpart A-Purpose and Policy § 15.l Definitions. As used in this Part--

. (a) "Act" means section 552 of Title 5, United States Code, as amended by Public Law 90-23, 81 Stat. 54, June 5, 1967. Public Law 90-23 repealed and superseded "Pubttc- Law 89---487; 80 Stat. 250, July 4, 1966, sometimes referred to as the "Freedom of Information Act" or "Public Information Act." (b) Department" means the Department of Housing and Urban Development which consists of the Office of the Secretary and the several organizational units. (c) "Secretary" means the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. (d) "Organizational unit" means any one of the several offices, staffs, divisions, or administrations of the Department, including the F'-ederal Housing Adminis-

tration (FHA) and the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) . Organizational unit also includes Department Regional Offices and local FHA and FNMA offices. (e) "Person" means "person" as defined in 5 U.S.C. 551(2) to include corpora,tions and organizations as well as individuals. (f) "Information center" means any place, reading room, desk, or other area or facility established and maintained by the Department where the public may request and obtain information and records concerning the Department's operations and business. § 15.2

§ 15.12

Materials not. published in Fecleral Register.


This part contains the rules and regulations of the Department implementing 5 U.S.C. 552. It informs the public about where and how the Department's records and information may be obtained from its organizational units in Washington , D.C., and its regional and other local offices throughout the country. § 15.3

Except to the extent that a person has actual and timely notice of the terms thereof, no person shall in any manner be required to resort to or be adversely affected by any matter required to be published in the FEDER/IL REGISTER and not so published. For purposes of this § 15.11 , matter which is r easonably available to the class of persons affected thereby shall be deemed published in the FEDERAL REGISTER when incorporated by reference therein with the approval of the Director of the Office of the Federal Register, as provided in 32 F.R. 7899, June 1, 1967, 1 CFR Part 20.

Statement of policy.

The Department's policy is one of full and responsible disclosure of Its identifiable records and information consistent with such competing public interests concerning the national security, personal privacy, and obligations of confidentiality as are recognized by 5 U.S .C. 552. Every effort will be made to -furnish service with reasonable promptness to the public with respect to the obtaining of records and information.

Subpart B-Production and Disclosure of Records § 15.11

Publication in the Federal Reg-


Subject to the exemptions in § 15.21, the Department shall separately state and currently publish in the FEDERAL REGISTER for the guidance of the public: (a) Descriptions of its central and field organization and the established places at which, the employees from whom, and the methods whereby, the public may obtain information, make submittals or requests, or obtain decisions;(b) Statements of the general course and method by which its functions are channeled and determined, including the nature and requirements of all formal and infonnal procedures available; <c) Rules of procedure, descriptions of forms available or the places at which forms may be obtained, and i.Jl.structions as to the scope and contents of all papers, reports, or examinations; (d) Substantive rules of general applicability adopted as authorized by law, and statements of general policy or interpretations of general applicability formulated and adopted by the Department; and (e) Each amendment. revision, or repeal of the foregoing .

(a) Subject to §

the exemptions in

15 .21, the Department, in accordance

with this part, shall make available for public inspection and copying: ( 1) Final opinions, including concurring a,nd dissenting opinions, as well as orders, made in the adjudication of cases; (2) Statements of policy and interpretations which have been adopted by the Department and are not published in the FEDERAL REGISTER; and (3) Administrative staff manuals and instructions to staff that affect a member of the public. Cb) To prevent a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, the Department may delete identifying details ~hen it makes available or publishes any material. Whenever such deletions are required, the record or copy will be made available with the space formerly occupied by such identifying details left blank, and the justification for the deletion shall be explained fully in writing. Cc) The Department shall maintain and make available for public inspection and copying a current index providing identifying information for the public as to any matter issued, adopted, or promulgated after July 4, 1967, and which is required by this § 15.12 to be made available or published. § 15.13

Identifiable upon request



Requests for records and copies may be m a de in person during normal business hours at information centers listed below in § 15.31 of this part. Requests may also be made by mail addressed to such centers. (a) Each request fo r a record or copy thereof should identify the record specifically with respect to names, dates, subject matter, and location, 1f known. The Department will hotify any person making a request if further identifying information 1s needed before his request can l>e J:wllQfed. (bJ Charges will be made in accordance with the schedule of fees set forth in § 15.14 for any records search which involves more than one man-hour of work, and for duplicating, reproducing, certifying, or authenticating~opies

�of documents furni~ed. (c) When a request is made for an identifiable record of the Department which has been stored in the Na tiona l Archives or other record centers of the General Services Administration, such record will be requested by the Department if it otherwise would be a vaila ble under this part. (d) Every effort will be made to make a record in use by the staff of the Department available when requested, and such availability will be deferred only to the extent necessary to avoid serious interference wit h the business of the Department. (e) Copies of a requested record need not be furnished if the record is published in the FEDERAL REGISTER or is availa ble for purchase from the Superintendent of Documents of the Government Printing Office. Such records may, however, be examined in one of the Department's information centers. § 15.14

Schedule of fees.

For the services listed below performed in the location and disclosure or furnishing of copies of records under 5 U.S.C. 552, and pursuant to the policy established by Congress in 5 U.S.C. <1964 Ed.) 140, Act of August 31, 1951, the following charges will apply : (a) Records search: ( 1) First m a n-hour on any single request : no fee. (2) E ach additional man-hour or fraction ther eof: $5.

(b ) Copies of documents: (1) X erox or equiva lent, page s ize up to 8 ½ inches by 14 inches, per p a ge : $0.25. (2) Photostat, page size up to 8 ½ inches by 14 inches, per page : $1.

(c ) If charge is less than $1.00 per order : no fee. (d ) Maximum number of copies furnished of any record : 10. (e) Certifica tion of true copies, each : $ 1.

(f ) Attestation under the seal of the Department or of FNMA, as the case may be, each : $2. (g) P ayment of fees under this § 15.20 shall be made in cash, or by U.S. money order , or by certified bank check payable to the Treasurer of the United States except that, in case of the F ederal Housing Administ ration and the Federal National Mortgage Associa tion , drafra should be ma de payable to those organizational units. Postaire stamps will not be accepted.

Subpart C-Exe mptions § 15.21


u.s.c. 552.


by 5

A requested record shall not be withheld from inspection or copying unless it bot h (1) comes within one of the classes of records exempted by 5 U.S.C. 552, and (2) there Is need in the public interest to withhold It. In determining the scope of the classes of records described in paragraph (a) of this section, the Attorney General's Memorandum on the Public Information Act, June 1967, will be used as a guide. (a) The classes of records authorized to be exempt ed from disclosure by 5 U.S.C. 552 are those which concern matters that are :

0 ) Specifically required by Executive order to be kept secret in the interest of the national defense or foreign policy; (2) Related solely to the internal personnel rules and practices of the Department; (3) Specifically exempted from disclosure by statute; (4) Trade secrets and commercial or financial information obtained from a person and privileged or confidential; (5) Interagency or intra-agency memorandums or letters which would not be available by law to a party other than an agency in litigation with the Department; (6) Personnel and medical files and similar files the disclosure of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy; (7) Investigatory files .compiled for law enforcement purposes except to the extent available by law to a party other than an agency ; (8) Contained in or related to examination, operating, or condition reports prepared by, on behalf of, or for the use of the Department in connection with its responsibility for the, regulation or supervision of financial institutions; or (9) Geological and geophysical information and data, including maps, concerning wells.

Subpart D-Where Records May Be Inspected and Obtained § 15.31

Information centers.

(a) The Depar tment maintains a Centra l Information Center in Washington, D.C., at the following location: D ep artment of Housing and Urban Development, 1626 K Street NW. (Room 102 ) , Washington, D .C. 20410.

(b) The Department also maintains an informa tion center(1) In each of its Regional Offices as follows : R egion 1- 346 Br oa d way, New York. N.Y . 10013. R egion II- Widener Building, 1339 Chestnut Street , Philadelphia, Pa. 19107. Region III-Peachtr ee-Seventh Building , At l a nta, G a. 30323. R egion IV--360 Nor th Michigan Avenue, Chicago, DI. 60601. R egion V-Fed e ra l Office Bu!lding. _819 T aylor S t reet, Fort Wor t h, Tex. 76102. Region VI--450 G olden G a t e Avenu e, P ost Office Box 36003, San Francisco, C al!f . 94 102; Northwest Operations Office, First Avenue, Seattle, Wash. 98104. R egion VII- Ponce De Leon a nd Bol!va, Post Office Box 3869, GPO, San Juan, P .R. 00936.

(2) In each FNMA Agency Office as follows : 2 11 South Broad Street, Ph!ladelph!a, Pa. 19107. 34 Peachtree Street NE., Atlanta, Ga. 30303. 1112 Commonwealth Edison B uilding, 72 West Ad ams S treet, Chicago, Ill. 60603 . 411 North Akard S treet, Dallas, T ex. 76201. 3840 Wilshire Boul evard, Los Angeles. Calif. 90005.

(3) In each FHA Local Insuring Office at its respective local address as listed in local telephone directories. § 15.32 Information officers. There shall be a.n information officer in each of the information centers described in§ 15.31 who.sha.11 be responsible

for m aking information and records available to the public in accordance with this part. The information officer in the Department Central Information Center shall be designated by the Director, Division of Public Affairs. The information officer in each Regional Office and field office shall be designated by the Regional Administrator or the Director of the office, as the case may be, with the concurrence of the Director, Division of Public Affairs. § 15.33 Material in Department Central Information Center.

(a) The Central Information Center shall contain or have ready access to the following as a minimum: (1) FEDERAL REGISTER, Code of Federal Regulations, and regu_Iations of the Department contained therein; <2) Precedent final opinions and orders in the adjudication of cases; (3) Administrative staff manuals which affect the public; (4) Program manuals which affect the public and forms; (5) Interpretations relied upon as precedents; (6) A current index of the foregoing materials issued, adopted, promulgated after July 4, 1967. Cb) Each Regional Office information center, each FHA Local Insuring Office, and each FNMA Agency ·Office shall contain or shall have ready access to such of the above records as pertain to the activities of that office. (c) Fa<:ilities shall be available to each information center for the copying of properly requested and available records.

Subpart E-Procedures for Requesting Access to Records § 15.41

Requests for records.

(a) Requests for identifiable records should be made at the established information centers. (b) A request should specify the requested record by brief description, containing the name, number or date as applicable, in enough detail that the record ca n be identified and located. A reasonable time should be allowed for records to be loca ted, copied, and m ailed or otherwise delivered. (c) Th e request should be accompanied by the fee or an offer to pay the fee when determined. (d) Copies of ava ilable records shall be produced as promptly as possible. Copying service shall be llmlted to not more than 10 copies, of any single .p age. Records wh ich are published or availa ble f or sale n eed not be supplied. Subpart F-Disclosure of Records and

Refusal To Disclose § IS.SI

Authority to release records or copies.

The head of each organizational unit or the designee of each of t hese officers, wit h respect to records pertaining to programs or activities for which each has primary responsibilit y, is authorized to release any Department record or copy t hereof when disclosure ls clearly appropriate under this part. Such authorized persons may release records for which another officer has_primary respoiisibWty

�only with the consent of the other officer or his designee. § 15.52 Authority to deny requests for records.

thereafter may not be made available except with the express authorization of the Secretary or his designee.

Subpart G-Administrative Review of Denials of Requests for Records The officers and their designees described in the preceding § 15.51 may deny § 15.61 Administrative review. a request for a record. Any denial shall be promptly made in writing and con(a) Review shall be available only tain .a simple statement of reasons for from a written denial of a request for the denial. Prior to a denial, the officer a record issued under § 15.52, and only or designee shall clear the matter with if a written request for review is filed the Office of General Counsel or the office within 30 days after issuance of the writof the appropriate Regional Counsel or, ten denial. The filing of a request for rein the case of an officer or designee in view may be accomplished by mailing to any FNMA office, with the Office of the the Secretary of Housing and Urban DeGeneral Counsel, FNMA, or the app_ro- velopment, 1626 K Street NW. (Room priate FNMA Agency Counsel. Denial 600), Washington, D.C. 20410, a copy of shall terminate the authority of the par- the request if in writing, a copy of the ticular officer or designee to release or written denial issued under § 15.52, and disclose the requested record, which

a statement of the circumstances, reasons, or arguments advanced in support of disclosure of the original request for the record. Review will be made promptly by the Secretary or his designee on the basis of the written record described in this § 15.61. (b) The decision after review will be in writing, will be promptly communicated to the person requesting review, and will constitute final action of the Department on the request, subject to judicial review as provided in 5 U.S.C. 552(a) (3). Effective date. This regulation is effective as of July 4, 1967. ROBERT


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


7, 1968


To: Mr . J. C . John on Director of Model Citi

Pur u t to our di&cu. io:n y, st rd y , thi is to dvl e you that in r port which I. in now pr p ring to Mr D n E . Sw t, Jr ., Dir ctor o..t Gov rnm ntal Li i o , pert lnin . to Ex run ntal Hou in Surv y , I m p!l'opo ing (1 ) th t approxbnat ly a four block r (about 10 c nt r d en0 r ally on the int r ection of Conn lly Plaee d Crumley Str et, S . E. or (2 ) slmU ~ eiz r cent r d o.n the ill' reectiori of R - d Stre t d Love Str t, S. . b d ign t d for ex riment housing d t t r que t b tniti t d promptly to HUD for uthority to cquir tuch tr ct for thb pu.rpot · a oon · po ei'bl , und r pp opd t proc dur a. Both of thee tract• v b n di;scu• ed with Mr . Sw r . Jim right ot your offic .

M lcolrn D. Jon Housin Coordln tor





May 15, 1968 '



'i STATUS OF ACCELERATED LOW-INOMCE HOUSING PROGRAM . . (Commenced Nov. 15, 1966) Total dwelling units ·permitted in Atlanta: 1963 - 9,129 1966 - 2,382 5 yr. Program, 1967-71 1964 - ~,829 1967 - 4,630 1965 - 2,656 1968 - 1,810 (thur Apr .)

% estab. for f Goal (Same %

first 2 yr. used for 5 yr. period)

' Sta tus

100% 16,800

  • No. Units

May 15 Jan 15 1,312 2,031

· Completed (new Const.)

(57%) (9,576) P.H. & TK. May· 15 Jan 15 (82)

(13%) (2,184) FHA 221 May 15 Jan 15 (510) (400)

(30%) (5,040) Pvt. Devlp. (Conv.) Ma y 15 Jan 15 (1,439) (912)


Elderly & N. H . May 15 Jan 15




· (910)




In Planning

7 2 151

6 2 582

(2 2 91 4 )

(2 2 220)

(3 2 651)

(3 2 868)


( 4 8)

( 44 6)

{44 6)

Total in Sight



    • O, 906)











(-5,670) (-6,566)

(+ 3, 165)







Did Not Materia lize



Und er Construction

Be ing considered (all categories)


(3,010) (2,346)

See Note A.

  • Figures in this column are basic and represent the entire program.

( ) Indicates breakdown by programs, of figures included in basic column.

    • In additi on, 658 units have been leased for P.Ho and leasing of 372 additional units for P.H. is being negotiated.

Als o 13,983 units have been reported ~y the Housing Code Division as repaired (rehabilitated). However, those figures include un i ~ found in compliance on ori g ina l inspection. It is estimate d that 75% of this figure, or 10,487 sub-st andard units have been brought into compliance thr ough actual r eha bilitation. 218 units have been rehabilitated by the H.A. in the West End U.R. Project. These do not increase the number of housing units _ available, but do increase the supply of standard units. 1

Includes only units financed under Federal assisted low and med ium income housing programs; and units constructed under convent ional financing as follows: Multi-family units costing not more than $10 ,000, exclusive of land Respectfully submitted, ti Duples uni ts · " " " · " $12 ,000, " "ti ti Single family units " " " " $15,000 , "

}k-k d-J-~-"i-~

Enc ls: 1 . Summary of Public Housing in Atlanta 2. Notes Malc olm D. Joo/5 . Housing Coord~nator 3. Inventory of Low and Medium Cost Housing in Atlanta (with office copies only) Note:


May 15, 1968


8 874

Existing Units in operation - filled.


Units in Development stage, as follows: Units under construction off McDaniel St., in Rawson-Washington completion in '68) (248) Spring '68 (82 of these units completed 5-15-68) (402) Fall '68

  • (650)

Units under construction in Perry Homes Extension - South of Procter Creek. (78) 3 Bedroom Bids opened March 7, 1967. Permit issued May '67. Const. (46) 4 Bedroom (16) 5 Bedroom on schedule for completion by Nov. '68; 48% completed 5-15-68.


Units planned for Thomasville U. R. Project (40) 1 Bedroom (16 elderly) Bids opened May 15, 1968. 12 months, at least, required for (120) 2 Bedroom construction. Will try to have part delivered before final. (80) 3 Bedroom (80) 4 Bedroom (30) 5 Bedroom

4200 (1372)

Units reserved (Allocations made by HUD to date; Hollywood Rd., 202; Gilbert Rd., 220: Bankhead Hwy., 500; and Honor Farm #1, 450) (500 units of this reservation are approved for allocation to the leasing program, to be replaced later)




Units allocated for leasing program; can only be utilized for Public Housing as ~hey become vaca n t. Allocation requested for 230 additional units to the leasing program.


5640 14 , 514

R. Project (scheduled for





(8 locations)


Units under lease


Negotiations under way for leasing 372 additional units.

Total Potential

  • Figures in ( ) in this column are included in figure above; not in ( ).


i I


  1. 1



May 15, 1 968



ll, 022 units proposed did not materialize, of which 8,056 were shown in the previous report of Jan. 1 5, 1968 a nd 2,966 a d di tional units are listed in this report, as Lost. (The majority .of these losses were due to disapprovals of sites and propo~ed r ezoni n g. ) 0



P roposed locations for low-cost housing .are coordinated through the Planning Dept., for adequacy of Community . Facili t ies, ex i s t i ng or pros p osed. Proposals are also reviewed periodically with the School Dept. for adequacy of school facili t ies.


An engineering firm from Savannah, McNa mara & Associates, Consulting Engineers, has recently made present ations in Atl ant a o f a t' p atent applied for" low-cost housing method of construction with flexible design, whic h is claimed can be construc t ed qu ickl y o n sit e, employing mostly untrained labor and at a savings of 10%-15% under conventional construction. This fir m establ is hed connections with a reputable construction firm in Atlanta and a l ocal architect. This team is anxious to acqu ire a 1 0 ac r e tra c t in the Mo d el Cities area to construct an experimental Housing project. ·


The Travelers Insurance Company has agreed to finance 70 or more new single family low-cost houses in the Th omasvil l e Ur ba n Rene wal p roject a rea under the FHA 221 D (2) insured mortgage program. Equitable has made $1,000,000 available to Atl ant a Mor tgage Brok e r ~g Co. for financing low-cost homes at favorable rates.


I n v i e w o f difficulties encountered in zoning and getting other approvals on sites proposed for large multi- fam ily d e velopme nts , it is app arent t h at the Low-income Housing Program will have to lean heavily on Developers and Builders prov i di ng a s ubs ta nti al p or ti on of the requirements on small scattered sites, with or without Federal assistance.





I ·I


No pro p os a l had yet been made for construction of uni t s (even efficiency or 1 bedroom) to rent or sell for a s l ow as $ 50 per mo nth, althoug h the London Towne Houses, a 221 d (3) co-op development now under construction, is pushing t his close t with its o ne bed room u n it advertised to sell for· $59 per month. The City's greatest need is in the $30-$50 per month re nt a l -purc h ase r a nge .


Ric hard L. Fullerton Associates has proposed a fibre glass "manufactured" patented process, 3 bed r oom and bath house . ( 900 s q . ft. & c ar p o rt ) with w-to-w carpeting and air conditioning, which he claims can sell for $9,000-$9,500, including l and es t i mat e d to cos t $ 1,500.


National Homes Corp. of Lafayette, Inc. placed on the market Fab. 1, 1967 a 800--900 S. F. (O.S. dimensions) 3 b e dr ooms , p refabric ate preass e mbled p a nel, single family house plus a 96 S.F. (IoSo dimensions) stora ge building manufac t u r ed b y Arrow Me tal Products Corp. , t o sell under FHA 221 d (2). Price includes plumbing , electrical, heating units, stove & refrigerat or. Ho uses c an be comple t e ly a ssembled in 8 5 man h our s; 72 of t hese ( wit h conventiona l plumbing) are being erected (pr e-sold) i n t he Thomasville Urba n Renewal Area . Approx . 8 0 0 sq. f t. h ouse is priced at $ 11,200; 900 sq. ft. house is p riced at $ 1 1 ,600. Adrian Homes Cor. has prop osed a p refab to r e tail f or a bout $ 7,500 plus land, foundation , closing and possible tapping fees. Other p refa b d is tr i but o rs and c onve nt i o n al builders h ave int eresting potential houses to of f er but, because of fear of local Codes di ff icult i es, are not producing single i fam ily houses in Atlant a to sell in the $ 10,000-$ 12,500 range for which there is a strong demand and marke t . Pe rhaps the grea tes t

1 di f f iculty is a v ailab il i ty of suitably priced land within the City Limits. Economics for this p r ic e r a nge sales h ousing req uire land wh ich will no t c ost t h e developer mor e than $ 1500 . per unit. (A 5,000 sq. ft. lot is cons i dered a mple for this type house.)


Ralph L. Dick ey o f Atlant a h a s proposed ~a non-prof i t revolvint fund enterprise to acq uire substandard hous ing ; renovate it and r e s el l prima rily t h rough .priv ate e n t e r pr ise. CACUR recent ly f ormed a 1 non- profit corporation to reha bil itate e xis int 1 units u n~er 221 (h) • . I Mo r r i s Brown College is a not her such sponsor . Nor th West Communi ty Forum ha s a lso fi led app lications for ~ 4 projects und er 2 2 1 (h) ~


Informa tion is welcomed as t o c orre ct ions, add itions or delet ions of ma ter ial conta ined i n this report. {Ca l l 522-4463 Ext . 4 3 0 . )





PROJECT INDEX To accompany Low-income Housing Inventory Report of May 15, 1968 Item No.

No. Units New - Existing




Allen Temple Single Family Duplexes & Smal~ Apts. Apts. Leased for · P.H. Rehab. H.C. Div. Rehab. by H.A. Rehab. by Pvt. Ent. Apts. Apts. Apts. Apts. London Towne Houses Public Housing

Gordon Rd. ~ear Harwell Scattered Scattered Scattered 8 Sites Throughout City West End U. R. Project Scattered 2661 Beeler Dr., S.W. 1930 Flat Shoals Rd., SW 1991 DeLowe Drive., SW 200 Alden Ave., NW 3242 Custrman Cir., SW McDaniel St., SW

221 d(3) Conv. & 221 d(2) Conv. Conv. Leasing. for P.H. H.C. Enf. U.R. Conv. Rehab. Conv. Conv. Conv. Conv. 221 d(3) co-op P ·.H.


omp leted

C-1 C-2 C-3 C-4 C-5 C-6 C-7 C-8 C-9 C-10 C-11 C-12 C-13 C-14 Totals

373 380

100 534 658 10,487 218 30

28 32 96 400 6

82 2 ,TI3I'


Jnder Construction UC-1 UC-2 UC-3 UC-4 UC-5 UC-6 UC-7 UC-8 UC-9 UC-10 UC-11 UC-12 UC-13 UC-14 UC-15 UC-16

126 96 78

108 140 568 306 247 76 62 30 134 80 250 150 11

Park West No. 1&2 College Plaza London Towne Houses Gartrell Ct. Perry Homes Ext. McDaniel St. Single Family Duplexes & Small Apts. Apts. Apts. Apts. Apts. Apts. Apts. Apts. Single Family

3751 Gordon at Bolton i017 Westview Dr. at . Jones Pl. 3242 Cushman Cir., SW . 38~88 Younge St., SE 1730 Kerry Dr. , ,NW R-W UR Project Scattered Scattered 1145 Constitution Rd., SE 140 Mt. Zion Rd., SE 419 Chamberlain St., SE 1101 Collier Rd., N.W. 1895 Plaza Lane, SW 1185 Collier Rd., NW 1991 Delowe Dr., SW Thomasville U.R. Project



221 d(3)L.D . 221 d(3) 221 d(3) Co-op 221 d(3) LD P.H. P. H . Conv. & 22i d(2) Conv. Co nv . Conv. 221 d(3) LD Conv, Conv. Conv. Conv. 221 d :( 2) .i



No. Units New - Existing



Program -

Jn der Construction (Continued) UC-17 UC-18 UC-19 UC-20 UC-21 UC-22 UC-23 UC-2 4 UC-25 UC-26 UC-27 UC-28 UC-29 UC-30 UC-31 UC-32 UC-33 UC-3 4 UC-35 UC-36 To ta l

58 76 76 192 138 108 80 92 48 192 . 45 64 400 92 72 202 208 20.8 2 41 54


Apts. Apts. Apts. Apts. Apts. Apts. Apts. · Apts. Apts. Wheat St. Gardens 2 & 3 Apts. Apts. Apts. Apts. Apts. Hollywood Rd. Project Friendship Center Allen Temple 3 Apts. Apts.

1910 Bixby St., SE 1501 Beauregard Ave., SE 1935 Allison Ct., SW 914 Collier .Rd., NW 2722 Gordon Rd. , NW 2950 Springdale Rd., ~W 2390 Palmour Dr., . NE 1090 Hollywood Rd., · NW 2113 Defore Ferry Rd., liW. Butler St. U.R. Project 3379 Stone Rd. SW 1073 Hollywood Rd., SW 3901 Campbellton Rd. SW . . 2400 Campbell t ,on Rd. SW 50 . Mt. Zion Rd. SW 1580 Hollywood Rd. NW 99 Northside Dr. SW 31·75 Gordon Rd . SW 475 East Paces Fy. Rd. NE 3136 Gordon Rd. SW

Conv. ~or lease as PH Conv. Conv. Conv. Conv. Conv. Conv. Conv. Conv. 221 d(3) & RS , Conv. Conv. Conv • Conv. Conv. Turnkey 221 d(3) 221 d(3) ·conv. Conv.

I n Plann i n g IP- 1 IP- 2 IP-3 IP-4 IP- 5 IP-6 IP-7 IP-8 IP-9 IP-10 IP-11 IP-12 IP-13

52 116 1,384 3 50 262 220 5 00 1 52 20 250 500 41 588

Park West 3 London Towne Houses Cerex Atlanta Corp. Apts & Elderly Russel Property Gilbert Rd. Bankhead Hwy Site Ebenezer Baptist Church Single Family Ashbury Hills Home Fairburn Rd. Site Single family lots . Central Methodist Church

Gordon Rd. at Bolton 32 4 2 Cushman Cir~ SW Rockdale U.R. Project Thomasville U~R. Project Off Etheridge Dr. NW At Flynn Rd. SE Bankhead Hwy; ,. -at . Maynard Rd. Between Capitol Homes & I-20 Thomasville Gammon Theological Sem. Site Fairburn Rd. N. of Holy Family Thomasville U.R. area E. of Fairbur~, N. of Sewell

221 d(3) 221 d(3) Co-op 221 d(3) co~op,221 d(3),BMIR ,M I R P.H. 221 d(3) Turnkey Turnkey 221 d(3) .221 d (3) Hill-Burton Act , 232; 202 221 d(3) Co- op 221 d(2) 221 d(3) & Elderly


.i j

It em No .

No. Units New - Existing




Betmar Apts. Apts. Br,owntown Rd. Site Butler St. YMCA Site Leopold Project Apts & Elderly. Apts. Apts. Honor Farm 1 Apts. Apts.

1765 Pryor Rd. SE N. of Gordon, W. of Adamsville Dr. N. side Browntown Rd. NW W. side Hollywood Rd. W. of Jonesboro Rd.,S~ .of McWilliams Bedford-Pine U.R. Project 3750 Gordon Rd. SW . E. of Brownlee Rd., SW, N. of Scott Off McDonough Blvd~ West Lake Manor East Lake Golf Course 2

Leasipg for P.H. Conv . . Turnkey 221 d(3) Turnkey P.H. Conv. Conv. PH;Turnkey & 221d(3),(2) 221 d(3) L.D. Turnkey

Single Family Lots Joe Anderson Project Joe Anderson Project S. side Westview Dr. SW Seminole Ct. Apts. Cenker & Kingloff Project Railroad Ave. Duvall tract Wellswood Apt. area Ga. Teacher's Develop. Inc. Lee P. Fore property Keith Project David Berry Proposal Multi-family Apts. Cath. Archdoicese Property

Thomasville UR area 221 d(2) Glun Club Rd. NW 221 d(3) Alvin Dr: NW 221 d(3) West End UR area 221 d(3) LD Near N. Highland & N. Ave. Turnkey Rehab. Harwell Rd. at Oakcliff 221 d(3) Railroad Ave. NE 221 (h) or d(3) E. of Jonesboro Rd. SE Turnkey S. of Englewood Ave. SE Turnkey Harwell Rd., S. of Bankhead Hwy. 221 d(3) · E. of Empire Dr.,sw,s. of Oak Dr. 221 d(3) Co-op W. - side of Gilbert Rd. at Co. line Conv. W side of Fairburn Rd.near ··Bak~rs .:Fy ; Conv. East of Kimberly Rd.-Fulton Co. Turnkey L.L. 68 14th Dist.-F.C. Conv. Off DeKalb Ave. at Hampton Ter . Turnkey

l I n Planning (Continued)


IP- 14 IP- 1 5 IP-16 IP-17 IP-18 IP-19 IP-20 IP-2 1 IP-22 IP-23 I P-2 4


352 48 450 180 180 364 52 40 600 32 800 7 , 151

~Being Considered BC- 1 26 100. BC-2 BC-3 150 BC- 4 50 BC-5 80 BC - 6 65 BC -7 500 BC-8 2 40 BC-9 225 BC- 10 2 50 BC-11 16 BC-12 20 BC- 13 600 BC -1 4 72 BC -15 200 BC -16 2,594 Total



Did Not Materialize


8,056 150 175




Shown on p r evious report of January 15, 1968. W. side Jackson Pkwy; at Procter Cr . 2 21 d(3) Co- op A. L . Roberts Pr ope r ty H.A . early submit t al E . side Jonesboro Rd;N . of Circum. Tu r nke y or 221 d(3) Blyd. Dr . SE,Howard - Hallman- Saunder s El d e rl y Turne r Monumenta l Chu r ch

• I .l


Item No.

No. Units New Existing





)id Not Materialize (Continued) DNM-4 DNM-5 DNM-6 DNM-7 DNM-8 DNM-9 DNM-10 DNM-11 DNM-12 Total

260 200 364 280 100 175 360 500 352 11~022

221 d(3) Wm. L. Warnoker Proposal W. of S. Expressway; S. of AWI>RR Conv. Charlie Taylor Proposal W. of Bolton Rd; S. of Sandy clr. Luther Fraser Property Adj. to CC Esates;off Boulder Pk. Dr.221 d(3) Turnkey Ralpy Willis,J.R. Hall proposalCuster Ave. E. of Chosewood Pk. Carl ton Marlow Proposal W. of Jackson Pk\VY ;D .E. Glenrock Dr. · 221 d(3) Trailer Park Site Bankhead Hwy. at Osburn Rd. Turnkey Golfview Apts. Cleveland Ave. Ext. 221 d(3) LD Part of Golfview Project At Cleveland Ave. · Ext. Turnkey Wm. A. Mitchell tract Between Collier Dr., NW & I-20 221 d (3)"

�June 3 , 1968



Several weeks


rs. Charles W. Heeden of Lithonia

(telephone 482-6149) called me concerning her property at 512•14 Decatur St., S. E. This property was under Housing Code proceedings sever 1 y ars go , together itb other properties in the s me block on either side of tb Heeden prop rty. As efforts the top St ., S . cost of

a result of th Housing Code procedures and y person 1 at that tie to enfo ce the Code, the Heeden ' s removed floor (residential) of the building at 512-14 Dec tur E. and re odeled the ground floor for business at a approximately 12,000 .

I infor ed Mrs . Headen that I no long r directly involv din Code Enforce ent and referred her to r . J mes A. Smith, Chief of the Housing Code Division. This date, Mrs. He den call d e ag in and read to e rec nt Court Order (copy att ched) p rt ining to the properties adjacent to b rs ind informed e that her Insur nc Comp ny ha cancelled her insur nco on the prop rty at 512-14 Dec tur St . nd th t she cannot get insurance itb ny other oo p ny b caus of the fire haz rd caused by th adj e nt properti s. rs . R den pecifically requested that l brin this to th tt ntion of th M yor; that b c plied 1th th reque t to i prov the property at 512-14 Dec tur St. owner of th dj c nt prop rti (which r in wor than b r ) b v done nothin and th t she 1s now th victi of circu t nces by da ge being o used by tb djac nt prop rtie.

This t.s a ca e of long standing. Housin Cod viol tions on the prop rti s w r r port d nd eorr ctiv otion initl led in 1961, '63 nd '64. The tt ched court Ord r p rt in to th


Page 2

June 3. 1968 emorandum For Record follo ·ing properties : emorial Drive , 615 emorial Drive , 510 Decatur Street , 516 Decatur Street , 530 Decatur Street ,


S . E. S . E. S. E. S. E.

S. E.

This case is making a mockery of the Housing Code_and "In Rem" Orelin nee of the City of Atlanta . I as personally involved in enforcement procedures against these properties, as Director of Urban Re ewal , during the period of 1961-64 . Subsequently, as Supervisor of Inspection Services in the Building Department, I discussed this case at length personally with Judge Whitman of the Fulton County Su ior Court and with r . Robert H. Cleveland, receiver for the executors of the Estate of rs . E. c. Johnson, deceased . I recommend that these properties be personally inspected by any one involved with this c se and that the best legal talent available be utilized in an 11 out effort to resolve this case in behalf of the City . Malcolm D. Jones Housing Coordinator Encl:

Copy of Court Order dated

ay 23, 1968.

�,~ 1

- . --'

~ -

.., - ----

·--. ·.. .. ..



MRS •. DOROTHY · JOHNSON SHELL, Individually and as Executrix of the Estate of Mrs. E. C. Johnson, Deceased

. CASE NO. A-10557





. •



MRS. JULIA JOHNSON MEADOWS (now O'KELLEY) and ERNEST C. JOHNSON, JR., Individually and as Executors of the Estate of: Mrs. E. C. Johnson, Deceased







It appearing to the Court that no immediate danger of damage will result, if ~he properties sought to be demolished by the City of Atlanta are left standing; IT IS CONSIDERED, ORDERED AND DECREED that the City of Atlanta is hereby temporarily enjoined and restrained from demolishing the houses set forth in its motion, and .•

in the order passed by the City ordering demolition. This Order shall be of force and effect until the further order of this Court. This

/l. J/

of May, 1968.




\ ...

· --

�··, >


_5 ..


- ~-- ;-·;

Y:__)J _:::•

.~ r-~:-<:


-r , -(i-'j"" i

/ "-. ._,!.,t- ~-.... . ..~ _L-.1~ ~!': - . · . . .I_ ~...: .. ~ .. .. ,:·· ·.f._....


Apri'J.. 1 , 1968







ATL.A.!'•.'T A , GA. 30303

Tel. 522 -446 3 Area Cod e ~04

IVAN ALL EN, JR., MAYOR CEC IL A. ALE XAN DER, Ch airma n Housi ng Resou rc es Committ ee MALCO LM D. JON ES Housin g Coordinator

The Honorable Ivan Allen , Jr ., Hayor Ci t ;y of At l a..n.t a

30303 Hayor Al len : Pursuant to y ou:~ di re ctive :>f Earch 19, 1968 pertaini n g to a ct i on to b e .L D, bl • l 1.ent,a-;:,i ' ' • -:m 0 1 1:,ne ' u , ;::; , ano., d l i c -" e s i n i r:i_p._er. Rto t . Cor,1rni ss ~_on ~te':)or t , i:-;i ~l~ - s p e ci al er:iphasis on Ci'1 ~pte~s 10 a nd 17, t l1e . por ti on on II tJ ou s in_:; 11 , s p eci2.ical l :· a s sign ed to tl:c nousing :?.es011rc e s Crnx ni t tee i s h er eu i th s ubr}itt ed , fo r file 1-ii th th e 1°:a~·or ' s Off ice a.n.d t h e Advisor y Cormni ttee on Civi l s .

' b y vl ,-, • t y ;...ep 11 t 't«en ar e,s cn l,s J





Attention i s call ed to my i rc.tial l e t ter rep o1· t of Earch 22, 196~ copy a t t a ch ed (Encl . l) , A more detail ed rep or t HOrke d up by t he Sous i n 6 Coorc::.i:riator 2.nd revi eHe d by t hi s Cor,'T'i t t e e 1 s Con sultant , and uith whi ch I gener2.ll y con. cur i s atta ched ( Encl.2) .

Sincerel y ,


Co::,y of l et t er cat ed r-:arch 22 , 1 968 Rep ort dev2l o~Jed oy riousi ng Coor di:r..a t or

�Finch Alexander Barnes Rothschild & Paschal . 1Jurch 22 » 19 68


The Honora ble Iv~n Allen, Jr., Haybr City .of Atlanta Atla nt a , Georgia Dear Iva n: In e .:mnectic•n with tr. e i ::ip lf,rr,e nt ation o f the hous i ng pl,ase of the Riot Report, r:e st:;2;;:;est tl;c fol1011ing:

l. A persona l l e:t ter from y ou to aJ.l developcr-s i;,1ho h2ve not hrot e n gr our,d uPg i r,g tb c,rn to get r.ioving . Color:e l Jon es c a n supr ly you with t Le n c:.,:;(;s .


2. Ca ll en t he Al~ci~ ~ nic Loa r d to r evi se t h e City Euildi ~i Code to c o nf or,:1 ;:ith t 'hc Fc:.tio,12.l ? uil din2 CoJ D, t r1 w : 1. r,abl l.'1g less e x pe n s i ve co1~:-;tructi c n. 3. As k th e Atla nt a Eo us i n?, .~u~ho!'ity to t 1, 00 0 o f tr:e unit s no;1 to be:: c e v e lo:,i:d ;:,y t r,c tur rfr.ey pr oc es s and r e v~rt to the old r.i~tllod of bu:i l d inr, thcz. u s 5_;,:T, t!-,e Aut ho·c i t:y . It is in t:~e a !'-~.J. of pul1lic hous ir.z un its e ,ot ·..-e nrc b ehind your sc:1-2dule .

i'cvic:,,r t he n u, r:1;:i:::t er l 2r.d u ~e :ile.n t o ·inc lude sone Bor e a nd t n(3' ic a r e as for hous i r.s , 1'l icn c a ll on t he ;.lden~an ic Board to a<lo? t t he f i r s t p ha s e of t he n a s t e r pl a n a s a n e w



zon l n; ordinanc~. Ap~)oi.,.t a c c:a:-.i tt E'. c of t h e Alcl12 rr:12.:1i c 2.oa r d to d eal wi t h hou!Ji ng .

'*I hav;;- d i s d t!-t.zse l t':, c i t cms with P..odne y Co ok . ~ S.

As k !,<.'.e Ilurg;e to a ,;notmcc t~. ~ f o rm<1 t ion o f tr:e non- profit I un<lcr s t .:md t his is rre t ty w0 l l lir.e d up. y

bous i1~g f ~nd. c.c.'l';t')·



�Finch Alexander Barnes Rothschild & Paschal March 22, 1968 Page 2 - The Honor:ablc Ivan · Allen, Jx-. .

If you want ~o diocuss any of these suggestions call on me, _ Sincol'ely,


Cecil A. Alexander vb


!-lr. Dan E. S1-;eat> Jr •

f:r. t-:a lcolm D. Jones






�i I


Report Requ ire d by Nayor ' s Directive of Har ch on .11 U-.S. Riot Commission Hepor t

19, 1968


The entire rep ort is quite comprehensive and uell done .

The Committee

deserves crecli t for so thoroughly analyzing and cJ.evelop~ng such a -corr.prehen-· s ive report on s uch an involve d and expl osive matter.

, In gene ral t he r ep"o rt lJc1.s signal ed out and effe ctivel y treat e d many of the major i ssues i nvolved.

Little fault. can be fou..11cl 1-1i th its pr~ncipal

findine s and r e conmendations. Hoi.-rever , t he rep ort bas ically pla c es ~11 r e s ponsibility for the riots on the Ahi te ty and f ails to place any responsibilit y on the participm1ts in the Riots for the wanton de struc tion a nd other crimes which they cor,~rni ttecl . Thi s omission i.s unfortunate ~s i t ·coul d r esult in a fe eling among futur e p~t ential riote ~s tha t such pro ceclure i s cor,doned . not


This possibi lity should.

overlooked Ha ti or.all y 2..'1d locally in c;i.ttcrapting to dea l with this

eA-plosive situati on and prevent future riots . The r eport r ecomm~nds ancl ca lls for drastic a ctions on t he part of Federal, State , and Local :?;O'rer·nnents a s -~ell as '. Jhite Co,,muni tie s for s pe cific actions to correct Tu'1satisfactor :r conditions a s a deterrent in preventing f1.:ture riots. It fails however to call for or place upon the dissi dent oc·cupants of s l um areas

any c ons tructi ve eff orts which t hey t:-1er,1selve s should t ake to improve thei r conditions .

Of t he spe cial r e comnendations contained in Chap ter 10 of t he repor t , it appear s tha t corre ctive measu:r·e s for all of them are a dequ a t el y dealt with in


the Eayor 's -1-farch 1 9 Dir e ctive , with the possibl e exception of " }0cpanclcd Legal Service t o the ?oor" .

Additional corr ective r esponsibilit_y in this fi eld might

b e assign ed to the loca l Bar Ass oci a t ions . The n eed for c orrectin~ or improvir:g u..11s atis.factory condi tions in t he slur,1s of our cities , one of t!le foremos t of uhich is housini , is ,vell docunented 2-.nd .,,

in generaJ. t he rernecliec pro~)o sed and r e cor,,11encla.tions mac1e are so1.1.t,d 2J1d ap~)ear a c1equate , if carried out on the l ocal l evel. Hi th r espe ct to - C'nw.,ter 17 1-rhi ch deal s spe cifi cally :,;i th proooss d c orr-: ctiv e meas ur e s , ~: some b e si c considerations i n the hous i1,e fi eld appe2.r to have b een o verl ooke d or at l e~ s t the y are not spe cifj call :;r brou:;ht out i n the re-)ort .


cor:11'lcnt on some of t hese , as t hey affect the l ocal h ous i r.~ si t uation jn Atl;:cnta , fo1lom:: .


Three basi c f actor s are cur r en t l y der:1ora.l i ,-,in~ f ut ure progr ess in lo cal l ow- i nc ome housing constr uction i n At l anta : Firs t, is the l ocal oppos i t i on t o mul t.:L- fami l y housi ng, part i cul arly Publi c Housing .

Pr ogress mus t be made in f a cilitating rezoning of ne ces s ary

sites to meet Atl ant a ' s l on-income housi ng needs , if adequate progr ess is t o be continued i n t hi s i mportant field . · Se cond, the existine Feder al poli cy of di scouraging approval on sites f or .



Publi c Hous ing in r a d al .J_y identif iabl e areas i s hi nd~rinc progre s s of t he pr ogram and pr eventing the constructi on of many uni t s t hat are badl ;;r ne eded for t he lowest i ncome fami l ies . Third, the l egal prohibition agai ns t 221 d ( 3) Federal l ~r assisted proj ect s being built in governmental entities ( such as nei ghbori ng counti es which do not have appr ove d 1:·Jor kabl e Progr arns ) is def.e ating the purp ose of the Lou- income . hardsJi j_p for prov:Ldir.e such housi n~ on communities Housing Progr a.m and is pl a cing unc."ue which do have 'iJor kabl e Progr ams . .

The current polic~.· automat icall y ex clude s t hos e


ar eas whi ch have the mos t avai l abl e land and where t he housing is most needed (near neHl y l ocat ed industrial establis hments wher e t he occupants could be pr ofitabl y emplo? ed).

This Comrai t t ee r e comm.ends t hat spe cial effort be made to

over come ea ch of ·the above indi cat ed obs t a cles. The r ecom:me:r:dat ion cont ained in the report that Pu'b:l_ic Housing be more fl exi bl e in both desi E;TI and t ]I)es of units (including t o1mhous es , du~~exes and even si ngl e


bution on small er scatter ed sites , is ver y worthy f amil y hous es ) as well as distri . ~

of encoura;;ement , in orcler t o ge t a·. ,ay f r om t he i nstitutional ima~e of Public

Housing_~ I n fa ct it :-rould be ver y hel pful i f t he Housi n:; Aut hor i ty would el i mi nate 1

all of i ts signs at the entr ances t o pr oj e ct s adver tizi:r:g t o t he publ i c i n effect t hat


t his __is a l ow r ent Feder all :, subsidized housing pr oj ect 11 •

Emphc>.sis i ri the r eport on application of the Hou~i ng Code i n substandard and depr e ss ed areas i s verf appropriate , ho1-1ever ·t he feature t hat could be most effe ct i ve , and which hc>.s been mos t ne 6l e ct ed i n Atl anta , i s not ment ioned; t hat is tenant r esponsibility .

This shoul d and must be stres 9ed continous ly, i n t o get

more effe ct i ve r esult s fro m the Housine Code . All iWA Neighborhood Centers should promote class es i n hous ek e epi ng and property maint enance by oc cupant s of rent al housing .

I nstruction in t hi s fi el d

shoul d be _i, ns tit uted , perhaps at ni ght , to whic h clas ses t he Housing Court could ~

s entence minor of fe nders to a ttend a pr escri bed number of s ess i ons , in lieu of monet ary f i nes or j ail s ent en ces f or code vi ol at i ons , in a s i mi l ar manner to th e procedure no~, bei n:; prac t i ced i n Tr affi c Court of s ent encing mi nor of fe nder s to attend sessions in 'I'raffi.c School.



The cl eanup of premi s e s , effect i ng co:ri:-1ercial a nd indu strial, a s well cJ.s .r e sidential proper t i es , i s a nother i mporta nt factor in i mproving the Ghe t tos . The condj_t ion of premis e s should go hand in hand ui th Housing Code en forcement, · 1-1he t her it is dire ct e d by the Sa nitary Depar t ment or t he Eousinz Code Inspe ctors. It i s quite f utile to i mprove the living condi tions of a dwelling unit and n ot r equire the i mmediate premi s e s and surr oundi ng ar eas to b e cle ane d up and kept cle an_, .'e spe cially in the ghett os.

Siml arl y , it is usel~ss to i mprove a residential

property a nd l eave the c0171P1ercial or i ndustrial prop-e;;ies· in the same vicinity in a disgraceful and disreputabl e condition • .Atlant a needs b a dl y a Cominercial and Industrial Code, just a s it has a Housing Code.

Some of t he more pro:;ressive cities have such cede s today ,

legislation r e cent l y a dout 's . ed which authoriz e d Atlanta ,


The enabling

In :?.em 11 Ordin2-n ce

prov· ding for moving direct l::r a gainst dilapidated residential proper ti e s inste ad of, in

he traditiona l manner, against the o,-mers, for violation of the Housing Code ,

al1o authoriz es such action a gainst· poorl y 111aintained commercial and industrial es lablis hnien ts as ;;ell.

All th2.t is needed is a local i rripl er.1enting Ordinan ce .

In order to provi de and encourage much d.esirs d home o, mership a.>rtong loH-i:pcome familie s , a s pe cial sins l e family zoning district should be ad8pted ,-,hich would p er mit con str u c t i on of .sin~le farr.ily home s of 720 s quare f eet or l ar;er on lots having a ma;dmum · i..rea of

S' , OOO

square feet, wi t h a r.iin:L-nurn frontga::;e of

SO 1 •


would provide ample area for lm-r- income sin3l e f ar:lil :r hous e s an d would provide increa se i n t he d e:nsity by 50:, and redu ce t~e cos t of lots l:iJ 33 1/3; f r or.1 tha t now authoriz ed by t he current a pplicable


sin5l e family r esidenti2.l zoning district .

It is r e cormnended that some n e~-r l o,r-income devel o:::ime nt be iniate d as s oon as poss i ble t rais sum,iler in t he 1•'. odel Ci ties area , by s el e ctin g a t l east one lirni t ed area ( per haps four ci t y blocks ) in the h eart of t he r.:os t dilapidat e d portion of the area and obtaining authority from the Federal governr:: . nt to acquire the 12nd t hrough 0

an adva nce a cquis i t i on process , similar to the in whi ch 18.nd. for t he Auditorium and .Civic Center -i--as

a c~uired, and turr.i n~ it over to the Hous in·; Au thority,

or t hrou ~h expedi t e d sale to private enterpris e to -dev elop. It i s a l s o r e conmende d tha t iI'ia ti on of develop::1.e nt of a t l eas t a o or tion of t h e }..;eder 2l ? rison s ite be e:,::pedi ted f or s tarting cons truc t ion this S'J.rrcr1er of l owi nco?'1e housing by pr.irate enterpri se .


ATLANTA, GA. 30303

Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404

May 31, 1968

IVAN ALLEN , JR., MAYOR R. EARL LANDERS, Administrative Assistant MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Executive Secretary DAN E. SWEAT; JR., Director of Governmental Liaison

Mr. M. B. Satterfield Executive Director Atlanta Housing Authority 824 Hurt Building Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Dear Satt: Of the several categories of low-income housing to meet the City's five year goal, Public Housing, including Turnkey development, is the category in which we are currently most behind. Locating suitable sites for this type development is extr eme ly difficult and experienc e to date indicates that we cannot afford to leave most of this problem up to the hopeful developers. In order to speed up construction of the Public Housing units which we have reserved, I would like for the Housing Authority to assume responsibility for development, by the Housing Authority itself (old method), of 1, 000 units of our current reservations, in addition to the Public Housing units currently planned for the existing Thomasville Urban Renewal project, the Bedford - Pine Urban Renewal project and Honor Farm No . 1 site. We will endeavor to assist you in every way feasible 1n obtaining suitable sites for these additional units. Sincerely yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr. Mayor

cc: Mr. Edwin L. Sterne

�May 31, 1968

Mr . M . B . Satterfield Exe cutive Dire ctor Atlanta H ousing Authority 824 Hurt Building Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Satt:

Of the sevei-al categories of low-income housing to meet the Citys five yeal" goal, Public Housing , including Turnkey development, is the category in which we are currently m o st behind.

Locatmg suitabl sites for this typ development is extremely · difficult nd expei,ience to d te indicate that w cannot ffol'd to leave most of thi problem up to the hopeful developer •

In order to speed up con trued.on· of the Public Housing unit which we h · ve l" el'ved; I would lik for the Housing Authority to assume responsibility fol' d velopment, by the Hou ing Authority its lf (old m thod), of 1, 000 units of our cu.rrent r rv tions , i.n ddltlon to the Public Hou ing unit cu1"rently planned foJ' the .xi ting Thom ville Urb n Ren wal project, th B edford-P in Urban Renew l project n d H onor F rm No. l sit .

W will endeavor to s i t you in ev ry w y f dbl obt lning suit-bl it tor th • ddltlon 1 •

S inc: r l y y ou.I' ,

I c: Mr. Edwi n L. Ste _

Iv All n , Jr. May or



May 31, 1968

ATLANTA, GA. 30303

Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404

IVAN ALLEN, JR., MAYOR R. EARL LANDERS , Administrative Assistant MRS. AN N M. MOSES , Executive Secretary DAN E. SWEAT, JR ., Director of Governm ental Liaison



Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.




Attached is a copy of the cover letter sent to you by Cecil Alexander in response to your request for implementing the riot re port. I am also attaching letters which would follow up items 1, 3, and 6. I recommend you sign these letters.


�The New York City Education al Construction Fund was crea ted to carry out .a new program of urban deYclopmcn t, the ronstru ction of elementary and secondary public schools in combined-occupancy buildings. The Fund is a public benefit corporation, a S_tatc-authori ze\l, self-supp:::·_tins-.J.~1-~i~~ tio!1 most commonly called an auth ~!_)t_y, establi sh ed to finance th e con struction of public .


schools for the City of :l'\ew York. It is govern ed by __nin e un salari_e~ --~ ~~':_':_S, five of whom are members of the Board of EclucaJion. The program is intend ed to achicYe three objectives: 1. Maxim11m 11sc of land

. Construction sites arc becoming increasingly scarce in the City. Those that remain must b e used with m aximum effectiven c:~s. To en able n ew schools to be built jr{ conjunction with oth er faciliti es, the l::c1u ca tion al Constru ction

Fund has b een given as its principal purpose "the timely ;!nd responsive provision of such combined-occupancy structures in accorda11 ce wit], th e foreseeable

need s of the City of N ew York ... " (Sta tement or legi sla tive fi :1,li ngs and purposes, Anicl e 10, Educati o n Law)

2. Fin o.nci11g rJ11f sid e thr Ci ty's capital budge t The need for a m ass ive school constru ction p rogram h as d evelo ped at the I same time as many other dem a nds for capital improvements. The Fund is a new source of fin an cing ou'ts idc the City's capital budge t for a substa nti al school construction progra m . Its operations will increase the ra te at which n ew schools can be built. In addltion, th e Fund " ·ill provide th e public school sys~cm with additional schools that could no.t be built und er the City's debt li~~i·t.. 3. Reinforced econ om ic and social vitality Combined-occupancy st ructures will provide n ew sch ools in several kinds of settings. ln S::QIT!!!!g£i~l areas, speciali zed high school progra ms, s~ich as th e co-op progra m o1Icrin g experience trainin g toge th er with skills training, could train the highl y-skill ed gradu a tes required by th e busin ess commu n ity. In residenti al areas; sch oo ls and hou sing in th e sa me stru cttircs sh c uld fos ter a ffi~f~-;;]·JCS~'C n~ighborh oo cl life. S;lll-C a re;~ .::. su ch as tho-;e -; Ch ('duJecJ for extensive red evelopm ent - might ,1·cll lend th emselves co an y con1bination of facilities su ch as child ca re a nd H ea d Sta rt ce nt er3, c,Jm me rcial fa ci liti es, m odcr~tcincor11·e h ousing a nd ~- sch <_?ol. ---·--- -

�May 31, 1968


To: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. F :rom: Dan Sweat

Attached is a copy of the cover letter sent to you by Cecil Alexander in response to your request fol" implementing the riot re po:rt. I am lso attaching lettei-s which would follow up items 1, 3,

and 6. I


comm.end you sign these 1 tters.

DS :fy

�May 31, 1968

Mr . M . B . Satte1'field Executive Director Atlanta Housing Au.thority 824 Hurt Building Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Dear Satt: Of the several c t gories of low - income housing to meet the City' s five year oal,, Public Housing , including Turnkey development, l th c tegory in which we ar currently most behind.

Locating suitabl sites for this type development is xtremely difficult and exp rienc: to date indicate th t we caQ.not afford to leave most of thi problem up to the hop ful developer • In 011der to peed up con tli'uction of th Public Hou ing unit which w h ve r aetved, 1 would like for th Housing Authority to \Ull r spon ibility fot d v lopm: nt, by the Hou lng Authority it li (old method), of l, 000 unit of our current r e t-v tlons, in addition to the Public: Hou ill unit curr ntly plann d for the . xbting Thom vlll Urban R newa.l project, the Bedford-Pi e Urb Ren w 1 project and Honor Farm No. 1

site. W will endeavor to a sist you in ev _ry y fe lbl obtaining euitabl sit • for thes dditional unit•.

Sincer ly yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr,. M yo~

c~: Mr. Edwin L.



�May 31, 1:968

Mr . Lee Burg Betail Credit Company P .. 0 . Box 4081 Atlanta, Georgia 30314 Dear Lee :

Cecil Alexander ha informed me of the exc Uent work you h v been doing as Ch irman of the Finance and Non-Profit Funds Panel of our Housing Re ources Committee in est bU.shing a Non ... Profit Housing Development Corporation to as i t d lopment of lowincome housin in A tlant • 1 under t nd that thi is pretty well lined up no , including an initial op rating fund.

I wi h to congratul te you on thi worthy ccompli hm.ent and to ugg st that form l announcement of the corpor tion• purpose d ctual xistenc b made to the public ooz,, nd th t the eorpo,-ation become · ctively eng ged in el ting low-income hou ing, ne d velop nt nd rep ir 0£ xl ting d lling , 0011 po lbl . I wish to per onally thank you and your Committe I.or your effo in th1 fl ld nd to 1 h you succ in th cor-pof tion' end or•. Sincerely you •

Ivan All n, J-r.. M yol'

<:c: Mr. C cil

�ay 31 , 1968

rtin L~ King ; Sr.

Dr .

Ebenezer Baptist Church 413 Auburn Avenue , N. E. Atlanta , Oeor ia

Der Dr . King : It ha

rec ntly c me to

has not yet broken project ,

y attention that your or nization round on your 152 unit R won- oshington

A you kno this 1s n important element of Atl nta ' ov r 11 low--inoo e housing program nd is very much needed in eting he City's goals for housing o .- lo and moderate incom famili s . l

1 b to enoour g

pos ible in getting co

and urge you to move


i por ant dev lop ent and it pos ible .

r pidly

ctually tart don this very ultim t co pl tion s oon s

. hieh t nd to d lay this developtn nt and resolv , ple s o 11 on our Bou in sit you . l wi

toe rly your or

ucc in o rrying tbi d v lop bop to th utual b nefit of both City of Atlant • Siner ly,

Iv n All n, Jr. yor





�ay 31 , 1968

r .- David Rosen David Rosen A oci t s , Inc . 2352 Natio~ 1 B nk of Georgia Buildin Atlant , Georgia 30303 D


r. Rosen,

Ith a r cently c me to my att ntion that your organi tion b snot y t broken round n your 1384 unit Rockdale Ul'bao ene- l project.

you kno thi is n i port nt ele eut of Atl ut ' overall lo -income housing program and 1 v ry much nG ed in meeting l'he City's go ls for housing oul" l nd oder - te incom f mili I wish to ncour ge and ur you to mov r . pidly as po ible in gettin construction ctu lly st rted on thi v ry 1 portant d v lop ent nd its ulti ate co pl tion soon s possibl •

If proble hicb you r R ouro C

which t nd to d, l y thi i t



rrying thi d v _lop nt utu 1 b n fit o both · nt •

ish you th b st of ucce rly co pl tion., and l b your org ttt. tion nd th City of


dev lop nt nd c 11 on our Housing

olv, pl as

1"no r _ly,


n All n, Jr~ )'OX'



�ay 31, 1968


icb Alston , 1220 C & Atl nta,


el Trotterr Attorney iller and Gaines S National Bank Building Geor ia 30303

r . Trotter:

It ha recently came to my att ntion that the group ith - hich you are working h snot y t broken ground on your 180 unit Hollywo04 Road project . A$ you now thi is n i portent lemeut -o f Atlanta's overall lo -inoo e housing program nd i v ry much ne d din

meeting the City's go 1

inoo e f mili s.

tor bousinc our lo


od r t


1sb to noour nd urg you to ov s r in construction ctu lly t rt d very import nt d v lopment and it ulti te compl o-on po stbl. possibl

ri which t nd to d 1 y this d v lop nt unable to r olv ,. pl se c 11 on our Bou 1n to 1 t you.




to rly your o»g




d v lo

1 b n

Siner ly.,.

lv tt All n, · r. II r




it ot both

�May 31 ~ 1968

rvin Warner T rvin Warner Corp . 107 5 , aeadi oad Cincinn ti , Ohio

~r .

D ar has


aruer .

It ha recently ca o y attention that you o· yet broken gro nd o yours · O unit F irbur


Rod proj ct .

As you know this is an important lem nt of Atl nta ' all low- inco e housing progra and is very mueh ne ded in h City's o ls for bou·ing or low and od rat inc e f I w'sb nooura~ and urg you to mov rapidly po sible in g t ing con truction actually start don thi impor ant dev lopm n· nd its ulti ate co pletion soon o sible . 1~ proble aris · ich t nd o d lay th· d v lopmen hich you r un bl to re o v , pl as c 11 on our Iousin Resources Committe to a 1st you .

ery s nd

you h b st of succ ss in carrying thi d v lop nt I arly compl tion , and I hop to th mutu 1 ben fit of both your or anization and the City of Atl nt . to

Sino rely •

Ivan All n, Jr .




A. s . Die er o




r Re • Die

C ntr 1 t ·oct t Church 1507 ozl J Pl c , S . Atl nt., Geor i

tly c to 1 tt ation t grou don your 558 UQ1t



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�May 31 , 1968

Mr . atthew D. Bystry , snag r itin - Turner construction Company 2970 Peachtree Road , N.l . Atl nt , Georgia



r . By try :

Let me congratulat you and your o pany on being the first to break ground on Turnk y Lo - inc om Housing proj ct in Atl nta . Th ground breaking cere ony on . ay 9 . on your Holly ood Road project bas been distinct sti ulu to our Low•income Housing progr m nd hop to se others t rt d oon . bro

I notio,, how v r , tb t your org ni _ation has not y t n round on your 220 unit Gilb rt Road proj et. pidly s on thi very oon

nd urge you to ov construction aotu lly nt nd it ult1 t oo

ncourag 1

nd Hou




1 h you the b rly co pl tion

your org ni ation

t of · ucc

no l hop

nd th

d v lop nt 11 on our

inc rrying thi d v lop _ nt to th utual b n fit of both

City of Atl nt •

inc r lf,

Ivan ll n, Jr. yor



�.. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -~~---•,.!

Finch Alexander Barnes Rothschild & Paschal Hay ao, 1te1



Job I. Le

, S. ea-lnteadeat

Atlota Pla!>Uc School.a

MP. .1 111 C. Vai wri bt • hnldeat Atlat• Doud of Education

QmJ.oaed i• catlonal

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lttff• .

b lt• Lapl P

Atioq tile Tee 11~• ln1

ca1 Connltuta fu itbe • • Tork


te &clYiaoS't who i• a pe,N OMJ. fl'iu4 ad uuoiate · ot aJM. If you --~ UN to 41N1IU this I INN ba will ..-twit y •


llMa• ,1... tbl• U111P01acb ,our Col!ld.'t't. . v11l he1.p




. . . . 'to ceur11ntct hoo1a Ul'l4u • i.e.. VNa&. . .t •lmltaeouly with COJl8'trQclt of be UII• atr.. Al'CMr- o. ltll. !i.Ql145'1ND of that pe•J. • uke4 to cona t w1t tvo &1.'t t• h1bletlft l'OQtea ~ Mk• thU •1hh.. T wllet1 J.a aUU be aMJl'O&Clll t'O tlM. pabl• •ppe to ft ••lleGt po9&U>.UttS..a 1a llowtSng Sena •• U u ·G flelu. ken NekJi


e14erat.toa. •

..., tbat i'~


• Jo - • lMu w.ltll bJ.11.

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INFO l{_IV!rftTIO r~11.L I3TJ I ,LETII'~~ MAY 2 4 1953



-I ]

FINCH. /\LG'.,"J<2rn, Q;\R~4:S, ROTHSCHiLD & Pf';~ClnL ATL,-\;~ i·A, G~iJ:-?2iA

�·.= - -



..J ·-

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-; ~ €.


=. ~~ r ~.; ::,-:_




Brown G uenther B a ttaA lfo Galv in, Architcds

P.S. 126 AND HlGHBRIDGE HOUSE - This facility, the first in the

Fund's program, combines an elemen tary school for 1,4 11 children with 400 apartments for micldlc-incorne families in the Bronx.

�-1 I

The Fune! is the ·first agcn~y of its kind


the country authorizecl to fin ance

public schools in combinecl-occu1:iancy structures. Although its purpose is new, it is a traditio nal form of governm ~nt institution establishecl to fin a nce public

and quasi-public facilities.


The rapid increase in the number of public benefi t corporations in urban ized sta tes like New York. during the past twenty years has parall eled the n eecl for increased capital construction ::;.t costs exceecling liniitations ·on public debt. Simila rly, New York City.'s fi scal lim itations, toge ther with its need for school constru ction, generatecl th e crea tion of_the Educational Construction Fund. The concept was clevelopecl by Lloyd K. Garrison while h e was President of

the Boarc.!_ of Education. H e saw the public benefit corporation as an appropriate vehicle to serve both the City a nd th e school system. " ' ith a gra nt from the Tacon ic Foundation to underwrite- research and bill dra fting, he initiated th e action that subsequentl y " ·on the endorsement· of Governor R ockefeller a nd . J\fayor Lindsay and th e support of the L egislature during the 1966 session. The Fune! is h eadecl by the President of th<.: Board of Edu cation wl10 is designa ted by hJ\v :ts Chairman. Four additio nal m embers of th e Boarcl of Educaticn, appointed by the Presidcn, , serve th e Fund during their terms o[ office on the Boa rd. Fonr tru stees, appoin ted by the i\fayo r, serve term s se t in itia ll y at two, three, four or five yea rs. T h eir su ccessors will all ~erve for fi ve years. The present trustees bring to the d irecti on of the Fund's development and fin ance operillions a combi ned background in a ll areas essenti al to th e success of this n ew venture -education, housing, labor, commerce an d finance.



The ·Fund is expected to proYid e a substantial portion of the City's school .construction program from now on.


Combined-occupa ncy stru ctures I.milt und er thi s program ,rill ~e o\\·ned j3__i_1!_tlY. - --by .the Fune! and the deYclop er. Th e Fund will finance ancl own the land ancl .

- - ---- ---- ---------- -- -


the school. The d eYcl op er " ·ill fin ance and mrn th e faciliti es aboYe the school. The two portions of the combinecl-occupancy building will be d es ig ned and constructed as a singl e proj ect. The Fund's acti viti es generally start with a site designated by th e Board of Education for a ne\\· school. Th ey inclucle dcYeloping appropri a te con cepts for combined me of these sites, promoting deYeloper interest in undertaking construction, ancl coordinating with th e Board of Education durin g the desig n and cons~ruction of the school. Local School Boards will b e consul tccl, and all combined-occupancy structures will be appro\'ed b)' th e Board of Education as well as by th e Funcl, thu s assuring th a t the program directly serves the school system. The Fund hopes to a tt ra ct as spo nsors qu alifi ed person s and orga niza tion s interested in participa tin g m th e program , including community and other non-profit g roups. School sites already mrn ecl or b eing acquired by the City will be publicly adverti sed by the Fund if suitable for th e developm ent of combin ed-o ccupancy structures. Proposal s for th ese sites will b e invited from potenti a l sponsors and devel op ers. In addition to info'rm a ti o n describing th e site, th e Board of Education's r equirem ents for each sch ool will be made availabl e for the preparation of a proposal.

Evalu a ti o n of the p ro p os al s will b e b ased on several criteri a, including th e comp a tibility of th e non-sch oo l use, th r in come t 0 h e derived th erefro m, and th e finan cial ability and experi ence of th e appli ca nts. P !."_op_os_a_l~ _fro_~ _J~O ten tial dc,·elop ers " ·ho eith er own or h ave a lega l interes t

- - -- -in a site m ay b e 'consid ered o n a n ego ti a ted b as is. Th ese p ro posa ls would h ave

to- m ee t th-;;-s -ii111e--st;-~c1 ~·;:.cls- of fc ii.s ibility -;l~;cf de,-cloper qualifi ca tio ns as th ose received throu gh publi c im·ita ti on. In additi o n, th e Fund m ay consid er, in r are in sta nces, n ego ti a ted p ro posals fro m developers who ha\' e in curred consid era ble cos ts in. developin g imagina ti ve des ig n or no vel m e co ncepts for a



comoin ecl-ocrnp:111ey building. In accep tin g either type of proposal, the Fund will be governccl by th e public interest. Eventually, om1ership of the site and the school portion of the combinedoccupancy structure reverts to the qity. Air ri ghts to the non-school portion will be leased or sold to the developer.


The developer will h ave full responsibility for th e construction of th e school as well as th e non-school_ portion of th e building. Although the three ma3or subcontrac tors (plumbing; heating, ventilating an cl a ir conditioning; electric work) will be selec ted by p ubli c bidding, as required by law, instead of by the inform al negot iation usual in priv':.t~ ,rnrk, th e winning bidders will be made responsible to th e genera l contractor or d eveloper. The major ach·antage of a single construction contract has thu s been preserved by establishing a, singl e responsibility for the timely and satisfactory comple tion of th e w'ork.



The . F1..: ncl will sell tax-exem pt boncls an d bone! anticipation notes to finance '

-- --- -·----- ---------------



site and construction costs of school s built under its program. Th e developer

·-- -·------ ~----- - ------- . ------ ------ - -----------~ ,#. ---- -~-.

will independentl y ((r:i__a1:~ __l~i~_p_o_1~~i_on of~ ~

co1'.1~j_£1~~l-occupa ncy structure,__

using eith er convention al or government so'.:!-ccs of ~ortgagc•.:_~~1:.':X·~ The Fund's bonds are expec ted to be hi ghly m a rk etabl e at a fav orable rate becau se of an unu sual security feature I~ additi o n to a capital reserve fund cover _debt service for any succeeding year on all outsta nding bonds, as is customary for public ben efit corporatio ns, th e law authorizes a first li en on to

State aid to New York City for th e support of th e public school system. A call on State aid would be mad e only in th e improbable event th at the capi tal reserve fund shoul d at some time be insuflicicn t to meet debt service and the

· City did not rcpl enisl1 it to the amount requi red. H owever, th e provis:on assures at all tim es th e so lvency _o f the Fund and th e security of its bonds. D ebt service on the Fund's notes and bonds will be paid from income. There w ill b e three sources:

I. Paymen ts for th e sale or lease of air rights The Fund will rece iYc fro m t!1e devel oper an annu al payment, based on fair m arke t value, for th e sale or lease of ~he ai r rights over the s::hool.

2. Pay m ents in lieu of taxes Instead of paying real estate taxes to th e City, th e developer will m ak e equivalent payments to th e Fund for a p eri od_ of time not less th an th e p eriod of th e serial bonds issued to fin ance site a nd construction costs of th e school. 3. R en(a ls for th e sch oo ls This paym ent is expected to be nominal for th e majori ty of schools bui lt


combined-occupancy stru ct ures. vVhcnever th e income from th e di sposition o f air rights an cl payincnts equi valent to real es tate taxes are sufficien t to coyer d eb t service an d the Fund·s admin istra tive costs, th ere will be no need for additional incom e. School renta ls will be req uired onl y for th ose structu res tha t cannot mate suffi cient p aym ents to cover debt servi ce, such as tax-exempt public faci li ti es and certa in kinds of non-profit housing. · The bonds to be issu ed by the Fund arc lim ited to 40-ycar maturities, and the notes to 5-ycar m a tu riti es. Th ey a re lega l investm ents for all organi za ti o ns authorized to buy th e Sta te's bond s or other obliga tions, such as public bodies, trust and msura n c;e compan ie., , b a nks and fiduciari es. 5

�.l..- ...

The major ponion of the program. is expected to provide new schools at

liule or no cost to the City. i\Jost residential and commercial structures are

SI a year. Some . will even yield a surplus, which can be used for the construction of additional expected to yield enough income to p ermit_ a school rental of

schools or turn ::"cl over to the City. Some combined-occupa ncy structures ,rill probably be built to meet the City's social needs clc'spite their inab ility to produce enoi.1gh income to pay all 0£ the debt service - those providing rnodcrat;-rent housing, for example. In these instances, school rentals will be no high er than the annual cost of a comparable new school. The Fund h as been designed for considerable fl exibility in its operations. Because a wide variety 0£ commel-cial, public, social and residential uses can be accommod a ted in combined-occupancy buildings, many sections of the City offer appropria te si tes. Combined use is adaptable to small structures thc1.t can blend into existing, cohesive communities. Jt is also applicable on a la rge scale to major redevelopm ent areas, including urban renewal and l\Iodel Cities projects. It can b ecome on e of tne City's imponant plann ing tools during the n ext d ecade to create econom ic, social :rnd pl:ys:ca l renewd while carrying out its prime pu rpose of creating additional sch ools.


�Alfred A. Giardino Chairm an Aaron Brmrn

Fergus Reid, III

Lloyd K. Garrison

Philip A. Roth

Morris Iushewitz

Clarence Senior

Jason R. Nathan

Howard Stein

Daniel z. Nelson Exe cu live Director

Grace Bliss Assistant Director

Sol A. Liebman G eneral Coullscl

Andrea \\Tilson Consultan t on E1hlcation


' YECM N~tt:Al COMZUi\.TI\MYS 1,

Nixon l\Iuclge Rose Guthrie Alexander &: l'l'I itchcll Bond Cou nsel

Finan cial Advisor

Erns.t & Ernst

John H . i\fuller /


R eal Esta te A c/·uiso'-


Eastman Dillon, Unio n Securit ies&: Co.



, . . S 'r ER NE






















O f'





JACKSON 3-6074

May 22, 1968

Mr. Dan E. Sweat, Jr. c/o Mayor's Office City Hall Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Dear Mr. Sweat: Another FIRST for Atlanta! Thursday, May 30, 1968 at 10:00 a.m. the Atlanta Housing Authority will be host at ground-breaking ceremonies for the first 11 New Town-In Town 11 program in the country. To reach the site in the Thomasville Urban Renewal Area, please turn south off McDonough Boulevard op Henry Thomas Drive. Direction signs from that point will be posted. It is our hope that you can be present on this important occasion to meet and hear Dr. Robert C. Weaver, Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development. With Mr. Edward H. Baxter, Regional Administrator, DHUD, presiding, Dr. Weaver will be presented by Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr . Others participating will include John T. Edmunds, Assistant Regional Administrator, DHUD ; Warden Gordon Blackwell, Uo s. Federal Penitentiary; Cary Hooks , Director , Georgia Federal Housing Administr ation; and Wilbur H. Sanders , Regional Administrator, General Services Administration. One hundred and t wenty acres have been made available to the Authority by the Federal Government to use in developing a new model community in Atlanta. This new neighborhood , superior in s chools, parks and ot her community facilities, i s expected to show the way for cities in the nation to utilize federal sur plus lands to meet cr itical urban needs . This ground- breaking is symbolic of the type of leadershi p Atl anta i s furni shing the nation.

~:_, Edwin L. St erne Chairman ELS:gk


i .

May 17, 1968 -.. . ,·.



Mr. Eznr D. Ehrenkrantz


President Building Systems Development, Ince 120 Bro~d:-:=iy San Francisco, Cc?lifornia 94111

Dear Hr. E;~enkra nt.z: ·-


We nppreciate your l et.tor of Nay 10, 1968, on the npplicntion·

of Building Systeras to thn dove1opr:-:ent of b::.uslng in l:o(fol Ci ti0 s J.reaz. He, l:01;ever, are not imrolvcd in this t :i110 devolop::1ent,

and would hrive little tc, offer to your p.r-oera!"l. However, we h<'l vc tc:?ken the libe1·ty to i'o:r.,r.::rcl your letter to t1-m clcvelopQrs and con1:.ultm1ts 1-;ho h&.ve presentsd systca appro oche s to us. I am 5Ure they wlll be in cont act "i,' you.



c an ba of further assi$tanco, plea se feel free to cr.11

us. Very trul y ;yours,

Jffme s H. Hm~lr;y , J1·.


cc : Hc!k:;1.'.jrc! t1. Ar-s-~d.B'ces Joha O. l ~c:~z.nm~.:i

B. Ens t Taylor St re~t S.:,vc3nn:::h, Gc·o~·c.ia Ri chrir·c1 L a FulJ.erton & A~:::<>ci at es

Ri chwrd L. Fullerton B.1x 716h Atl £:ntJ, G.::oro;la

J OJ09

Prof.,T .::1·.1

Services Branch

�' /

/ .

..dlJILD&mG SYSTEnns DEVElOPMEl'JT, Ir.JC. 120 Broadway


May 10, 1968

--- A tlanta Housing Authority - -- H u r t· Building Atlanta, Georgia · Gentlemen: Building Systems Development, Inc. has been awarded Prime Contract No. H97 l by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to develop the "In-City Experimental Housing Research and Development .Program" for 25 model cities . . This program is. designed as an experimental project to develop new methods of pi"oviding low cost housing. The program itself is divided into two phases -- the first taking five weeks during which time the experimental program must be developed with respect to specific cities with recommendations submitted to HUD by June 15, 1968. The second phase calls for implementation of the experimental program with construction commencing on individual . _ . _ _ ___proje_c;~s q ~ aLch J .,__19.69~pp:r:.oaches .developed in these experimental projects will provide new building products, components, systems or total buildings which will meet the needs of the city residents · at a low cost.

It ·is obvious that successful approaches have an opportun ity of be i ng implemented widely in model cities and throughout the country. In fact, the program is directly related to Presid ent Johnson' s objective of 6,000, 000 new or rehabilitated federally as siste d h ousing units for lower income farnilies. The approach to this project is t o analyze the various cities to determine their needs and their ability t o h ost different social and technical experin~e ntal approaches to housing. Simultaneously; we are looking to industry for new dev elopments in terms of produ c ts or procedures which will meet the needs of people fo r low cost hous·ing quickely. We are, therefore, soliciting comp anies such as yours throughout the country to determine whether or not there are appropri3.te building systems , materials and construction ideilS which you would like to have us consid er for use in the individual e x periments. If you wish to be considered in this regard we would welcome receiving notice imm ediate ly

\ Telephone 415 434 3833




- 2 -

and desire full information on the product ideas and infoi:mation you ~ave in mind. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to evaluate this information and assess the way in which various ideas of different companies can be combined to P1eet the objective.

---All .information you submit to us .will be considered to have been submitted in respon.s e to this inquiry, will be ·submitted by us to the United

.States Government as infor~ation developed by us as a ;-esult of the research and studies conducted under the above-mentioned Prime - Gontra·ct No. H97 l, . and will be subject to and ·governed by the provisions of Article V "Publication" and Article VI II Patents" of the Prime Contract. Copies of Articles V and VI are enclosed. Your submission of information to us will constitute your agreement with us to this effect. During this period that we are preparing the Phase I report, preliminary to submitting this report to HUD for the Phase 2 contract, we desire V that any work that we do to incorporate your material into an experimental .--:-p rogram be considered confidential by you until the submission is made to HUD. - - ~l"-f_ you have information relating to other manufacturers with whom your products are comp atible, we would also appr e ciate receiving this information. We specifi c ally desire complete inforrpation within a week, including drawings, test data if any, photographs, and experience on any precedents whe re i n the products you are suggesting w ere used. We are interested in w h ether you have had experience wi t h or will require code or zoning var i ances in order to use your p a rticular ideas, and whether it is anticipated that there may be any problems with regard to jurisdictional d is put es among installing building trades unions . Included as Attachment 2 is a list of the 25 model cities which we are considering and a n y specific experience in these citi es wo'uld be of. considerable interest . The e x perimental p r ogram calls fo r the construction of perhaps 10 to 200 d w elling units in e a, ch city with the possibility of building substanti ally more if it -..vill benefit the e x perim e nt . We would be interested t o receive information on th e co s t of your compone n ts in the nearest mod e l city to y our plant for 10, 20, 50, l 00 1 200, 500 or l, 000 d we lling uni t s. The actu a l proj e cts w ifl be financed through e x isting fed e ral pro g rams . ·som e m o nies w ill b e a v ail a bl e for e x p e ri men t a l cos ts . These w ill b e alloc ate d on a cost benef i t basis.


/ "'

- 3 /

We also need information regarding the number of units which you estimate would be required using your material, product or system to approach the point of optimum efficiency .

The. information on your products, systems or dwelling .units should also -:-d ei.-C::r1be methods a11d tinie for installation and general procedures that may be required at the building site. Your interest in terms of distribution of products should be indicated whether it be on a national basis or not . If there are specific cities in which you have had e x p e rienc e work ing in the past and in which you would like to work speci~icalJ.y the forthcoming experimental program, please indicate which one.s they are.



We urge your earliest reply to this inquiry.

Please address it to:

Building Systems Dev e lopment, Inc. - "Post Office Box 817 Oakland, California 94604 -

--T-ei:·eplrnne: ··-41 5-27t~ 2211 Attention:

Jos e ph P . , Fleming

v ·e ry truly yours,


\ \



· ··- · ·- ·

-- ·- . - -- · _.... .


r /


AttcJcr.w;nt C to RFP H-..22-68





Definition. For the purpose of this Clause, "publication" includes any ci.oct11aent containint:; inforn!3 tion intended for puhlic co:1st:mption or the act of, o:c any act which m3.y resuit in, disclosing inforrr.3 tion to the public.


General. The results of the re s ca1·ch and studies conducted ur.der this contl·act are to be n:adc av.:iilable to the public throu2;h dedication, assignment to the GoYernm::mt ,. o::c such other .means as the Secreta:cy of Housi;1g and Urban Dcvelo1Jment sha ll dete1·mine, as requi:ced under Title III of the Housing Act of 19!~8, as arc.ended (12 U.S.C. 1701e).


Reports i-1.1.rnish-::d the Cove1·m.:2nt. All int e rrr.edfate and. fi:lal r e.9orts of the ::ce Ee a-cch and studi e s conducted hc:::ceunde r sha ll ir.dica te or, the · cover or other initial page th8t the resea:cch and studies fcnc1ing th:~ basis for the 1·eport s;-rerc conducted pursuant to a conti·sct with the Office of the Secretary, Depart~..:2nt of Housing and Ur b irn Dc relopm·2 nt. Such reports a rc officia l Gov<2rn.:-,ent p r operty and may not be publish(,d ·or r eprodu c e d (in toto, in verbGtir.i. e xcerpt, or in form a ppro:d.r.t:i-t -ing either of these ) as a n unoff icia l pa p Gr ·o r a i·ticle. Unless :-;t:ch repor t s are pla c ed in the· publi c dorr:a in by Goverm~e nt puolicGtion, ~-r.citt e n permission to publish or r e produce them in whole or in pa:r·t in a nonGovernmenta l _publica tion s hall lle obta:l.ned from the Contracting Offic e r.


Public c:1 t ion b y Go;iernrc.ent. The Of fic e of the Sec re t ary: D-=9n1: tr:1t2nt of Housing and U1·ca n De ve l opment , sha ll ha v e full right to pu bl i s h :'lll inf ori::a tion , d.a t a , nnd findi ng s de ve l oped as a r e su lt o r' t h e 1·e :;;c::o :::ch and studi es c onducted he t cunder . Such publication will, at the opt ion of the Cont r" c to1· (excep t in t he c,1 se o f quote d e xc e1·pt _:, f r o:-~ t he Contract or ' s r eport), c redit the Contra c to r and i t s p r i nc ip3 l p~ r s ~n ne l i nvolved b y fo rewo1·d o r i n i tinl f ootnot e to t he pub lica tion in fo r:1 s ub sta ntia lly as follows:


The r ~s c arch a nd s tudie s forming the b as i s fo r thj s r ~port were conduet c d t h r ongh cont l'a ct '.·rith ( H::irne o f Contrc1 ctc r ) by (N::m.e o r na rr:e s of :9rlncip::il p er~wnnc l ) . Exc ept as othe r~:ise indi0.,, t cd , the D-29.1 r t r(tC: nt o f Hou sin.-:; an::l Ur'r. .-; n Dev 0l o.9mt:~ nt acc -=p t s r e s ponsib il5.ty f or t he: c c:~c lus ton s ht.':rei n s t ::1te d .


. .. - .. ,

�·-· - - .. . - · .


- __.,__ . - .

. .., , ,.;

... _. -

Attachment C to ' RFP H- 22-68



Sensitive Inform3 tion. The Contractor slwll not publish or otherwise disclose, ei:ccpt to .the Government and c:<cept n«:i tters of publ.i c record, any info:cr;:cition or delta obtained hereunder from pd.v-:1.te individuals, organizDtions, or p llb).ic ar;encies, in a publicrj tion · whereby the information or data furnjshed by any particular person or establishr.tent can be iden_tifiecl, except with the consent of such person or establishment, or if the publication of such inforrnotion or data by the Secretary of Hou.sing and Urb;;n Development except with the consent of such person or establishment would be prohibited under section 602 (d) 7 of th~ Housing Act of 1956,_ 12 U.S.C. l'(0ld-3(d),

F ..

Inclusion of P::ro 1risions in Contractor's A8recmcnts. The Contractor sha~. l incl\.ide provisions appr_o priatc to effectua te the purposes of this Clause in all contra cts of employment wlth persons who perform <lny part of the research ur study under this contract and any consult3nt's agreements involving research or study hereunder.



' .









' I


The patentable results of r esearch and development conducted under the contract and all inforrn:ition, desie;ns, specifications, know--how, dai-a, and fincline~ developed in the performance of thi s contract shall be r"r.d.:: available to the public through dedicati on , assie;mt:ent to the Goven~.,.~rit, publication , or .s uch other means as the SecrE;tary of Housing and. Urbnr. -·- - Develop,~ent shall det2rrnine. The Contractor a grees (1) to e:oope}:ate in · the preparc:ition and prosecution of ~ny dome s tic or fo reign patcn.'t appJ.i- . cations which the Gove rnr:,ent ro.ay decide to unde rtnke. co';ering the subj ect matter abov-e dcscri'bed, (2) to execut e all l?apcrs requisite in t he pr~secution of such p~tent applications, including assignments to th~ United States ancl dedications, and (3) to secure the c oopcra'cion of Technical Personnel (euch employee or consul ta nt ,wrking unde r the dir~ction of Contractor or subcont:ca ctor hereunder) in the prcparntion and tl.c e}:ecL:tion. of al l such pape: r s as m1y b e r eq_u i rE:cl in th~ p r osecution of such pate nt applica tions or in orde r to v e s t t itle in the subj ect matt er involved in the United Stat"=s, or to secure the rieht to free use in the pubJ.ic.

The Contractor shall disclos e in the n~ll final report all inventions, impl'ovemc nts, a ncl. discoveries developed in the pe:1·fon,::: nce of th:i s co:"itract, and shall c e rtify on the ia·st p.'.lgc o f such report thr:t to the b -:::st of hi s knm:lcdo;e a nd. b elief su ch di s closure ha s b een ma de t hcrd n. The Conh·a ctOi: sha ll inc lude p2·ovisions appr op1:ia t e to ef:fe ct 1. 1.,1t c thi'c! purpos es of thi s Clause i n a ll contr c:?ct s of cmpl aym,::nt witi1 pcr·uJ!ls Fl to p erform a ny pnrt of the r esea i'ch or develo1n ,2i~t i.rn:lcr thi s c o~,t1·c, ct and. in a.ny c onst.Ll.ta n t ' s agre ewGnt s or subcont r.sic t s in; r e3 e:nrch or d cvcl c1)mc n t her cuncle 1·.



May 23, 1968


Mr. John M. F:lanigen


Mr. G. Everett Millican Mr. Richard C. Freeman Mr. Rodney M. Cook Urgently request your support on the Jonesboro Road site and East Lake Golf Course No. 2 site as a vital part of the city's housing program. You will recall that at the public hearing on East Lake No. 2 there was no dpposition expressed except in the form of two persons who asked questions regarding public facilities. The developer has agreed to dedicate a 25 acre park on the site. Since the cosi of entire tract for park use would run 1.8 million this approach appears unrealistic and the present proposal will serve to preserve considerable open land in addition to the park. Our Commit-tee has voted unanimously to support these two projects since they have both been judged in accordance with the city's new land use plan. I repeat we need your help and are relying on your favorable action.

Cecil A. Alexander, Chairman Housing Resources Committee



ATLANTA, G A. 30303

Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404

IVAN ALLEN, JR., MAYOR CECIL A. ALE XAN DER, Chairm an Hou si ng Resources Committee MALCOLM D. JONES Hou si ng Coordina tor

May 22, 1968 MEMORANDUM TO:

Mayor Ivan All en, Jr.


Malcohn D. Jone s


· (1)


Zoning Petition # Z-68-33-S West side of Jon es boro Ro ad , S. E., South of McWilliams Str eet; and Zoning P etition # Z-68-30-S East Lake Golf Course No. 2

The follo wing factual data pertaining to r e -zoning applications on t1¼ e two abov e indicate d sit es for low -income housing d evelopments is submitt e d for your information and consideration .

.ill (a)

Application for re-zoning of this 15 acre tract was fil e d Februa ry 26, 1968, by a local developer for a well-planned 160 unit Turnkey proj e ct for public housin g.


The site h as th e approval of th e Hou sing Authority, t e ntative approval of HUD and formal written endorsement of th e Housing Resources Committee. Th e proposed d evelo p1nent is consistent with the City's recently adopted Land Use Plan and m eets all physical r e quir ements for lo w income h ousing d evelopments and has the favorabl e r ecommenda tion of both th e Joint Planning Board and th e Planning staff.

(c )

Community facilities are adequate, or can b e made so simultaneously with deve lopment of th e housing . Favorable l e tt er s as to comnrnnity faciliti e s h ave been obtained from th e Wat e r, Parks, Construction (S ewer Div ision) and School D epa rtments and from the Atlanta Transit System.

�Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.

Page 2


At the Public Hearing April 4th, only about six to eight p e ople appeared in opposition. Howev e r, ce_r tain memb e rs of the Zoning Committe e r e que ste d th e d e v e lop e r to submit a mor e d e taile d plan site , elevation and sp e cif ication s , which h a s b een don e . Copie s atta che d (Enclosur e 1).


In the inte rim, the Zoning Committee initially d e nie d -the p e tition, subs e quently r e conside r e d it crnd on M a y 9th forma lly approved the p e tition. It wa s schedule d to b e p r esente d by t h e Zoning Comm ittee M a y 21 s t, w i t h motion fo r ado ption, t o the Boar d of Ald e r men, but ins t ea d was pulled out o n t h e r e ques t o f a n Alderma n and r ·ef e rred b a c k to th e Zon ing Committee for furth e r study.


R e -zoning of th e 99 acr e Cit y of Atla nta p o r tion of th e E a st Lake Golf Cours e No. 2 site was r e qu e ste d for a v ery well pl ann e d 800 unit low a nd me dium income h ou sing devel opment o f mixe d type cons t r u c tion, under the Turn key (2 ) and (3) & 2 21 d (2) and (3 \ pro grams .


This site al s o h as the a pprova l of the Housing Autho r ity, t e nta tive appr oval of HUD and fo rma l wr i t t e n end orsement o f t h e H o u s i ng R e sour c es C ommittee . The requested r e-zoni ng h as been inte rpr ete d by t he P l anning Direc t or as c o nsiste nt w i t h the intended applic ation of the C i ty ' s rec ently adopte d Land Use P l an and m eets a ll physical req uirements for a l ow and medium income h ou sing devel opment.

(c )

It receive d an unfavorable r ec omme ndation b y the J oint P l a1111ing Boa rd March 13th, b ut received a favorabl e r e comme ndation by th e Planning Staff on April 3rd, subj ect to certain cha n ges in th e original propo sed pla n, which the d evel ope rs h ave ag r ee d to mak e . D eveloper ' s r e vis e d proposal, sit e plan, and spe cificat ions are atta che d, (Enclosure 2 ).

(d )

Community Facilities h ave b een report e d by the responsibl e D e p artments as adequat e or capable of b e i ng made so simultaneou s ly with d e vel opme!1t of th e hou sing .

�Page 3

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.


The Developers have agreed to dedicate 25 acres to the City of Atlanta as a park and to make an elementary school site available to the School D epartment at nominal cost.


There was no opposition raised at the Public Hearing, April 4th, on which date the Zoning Committee deferred action on the petition and has not acted on it since.


On May 20th during the Alder:i;nanic Board meeting, the Ch9-irman of the Zoning Committee (who had previously been out of the country) expressed his personal opposition to th e proposed r e -zoning. No official action was take n by the Boa rd of Ald e rmen.

Comment: Both of the a bove indicat e d sites m eet all th e prescrib ed r e quir ements for housing d eveloprne nts and are b a dly n ee d e d _in Atla nta • s curr ent low and medium incorne housing program. Unl es s th e se site s can be utilized in the program, there app e ars little chance of getting other sites approve d which, tog e th e r with thes e , are e ss entia l to the success of the program . .

R espectfully submitte d,

Malcolm D. Jones Housing Coordina tor MDJ/br

Enc l osures: 1. 2.

Basic Infor mation on Jonesboro Road Site Bas ic Information o n East L ake Golf Cours e No. 2 site



I j---Z·t0

ol.. 1


.J,~ '1.w

~ 0

---· --- 1 I

�-- -·,,-:, ._~ n--.,.

-- - ------ - --· - ·-·· .








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• 1

oc ta




�May 3~ 1968

r . Richard L . Full rton Rich rd L . Fullerton and A sodat P . 0 . Box 7164 Atlant , Oeor ia 30309

o ·. r Mr. Full rton: Thi ckno 1 dg rec; ipt of your r .c nt 1 tt r x pr ing yo\lr in r t in developm nt of low-- uicom ho in for the "Honor F rm" sit off McDonough Boul v rd in. st Atl , bich i to be d die t d by th F der Gov · r . nt for critical u..rb n n d , on of the gr teet of h ich i lo - i.Jlco hou in •

• and

In •o ! r - • th "Honor F rm11 site i . cone rn d,

r a will probably b d v lo d u xp tlon of cu.rr nt Thoma•vill• Ur ne 1 Pzojec::t r , und r Urban ne 1 pr-oc dur A& such,. th, . a orgi 1 r q e l poaitton of Orb n R n, 1 land to d velop r1 under ao lorm ot comp tltl · bidding we .

l 1u11e•t that y eep £ at U fclllr

tl,. -

thority e lncl

�M r . F ull rton P ge Two May 3, 1968 in and also with o-ur Hou ing R our<;es Committ for any loc l .coordlnatio.n -n e d d . W ill ende vo:v to . ork coop t tiv ly ith you and yo\U' oci te in ny w y e c n on competitive ei , req_uir d by G oi-gi 1. W wi h you ucc s in your n w und ?taking nd hope that it may be mut . lly b fie. 1.

Sine r ly yours,

lv n llen, Jr. yor IAJr:fy

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