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5 July 1968

WASHINGTON . D . C . 20006

WEEKLY LEGISLATIVE REPORT (Current as of July 5, 1968) FROM:


THE STATUS OF SUBSTANTIVE LEGISLATION The Emergency Employment and Training Act of 1968 Senate hearings have been completed. Review and action by the full Committee is expected to take place during the week of July 8th. It is expected that the extension of the Manpowe r Development and Training Act (MDTA ) as reported by the Subcommittee will also be conside red by the full Committee during the week of July 8th. STATUS OF HOUSE LEGISLATION The Select Subcomi~ittee on Labor has completed hearings. The Committee is expected to mark-up the bill in executive session probably not before the week of July 15th. The MDTA ex tension has been re p orted bv the full Committee and the measure will be be fo re the Rules Committee on the 8th or 9th of July . House f loor action should t ake place shortly thereafter. The Revenue and Expe n dit ure Co ntrol Act of 1968 (fo rmer l y t he Tax Ad jus t ment Act of 1968) The ten percent tax surcharge and the $6 bi lli on in budget cuts is now Pub lic Law 90 - 364. The Pres ide nt. signed th~ measure on June 28th.


�- 2 -

Prevailing sentiment in Congress is for making every possible effort to accomplish as much of the $6 billion cut as possible. Many members view the cuts as basically a Congressional responsibility. Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 SENATE The Senate passed its version of the Act (S-3497) on May 28th. · HOUSE The Banking and Currency Committee's the bill (HR-17989) was given a rule and is scheduled for floor debate on July 8th. Final vote is expected on July 9th ..

version of on June 27th Monday, Tuesday,

THE STATUS OF APPROPRIATIONS MEASURES The proposed schedule of a cti on on Appropriation bills concerning legislation of intere st to the Action Council is: 1.

The Housing and Ur ban Deve lopme nt Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 1969 passed the House on May 8th. The Se nate Appropriations Subcommittee on Independent Office s h as comp l e t ed its mark-µ~ o f t h e bill a nd the f ull Commi ttee is expect e d to complete its revi ew of the bill on Tuesday, July 9th. The Committee is expe cte d to request a waiver of the three day r ul e and as k f or Senate floor d e bate on Wedn esday or Thursday.


The Lab o r-HEW (including OEO ) Appropriations bill passed the House on June 26th . The Whitte n Amendment, passed by a Teller (un recorded ) vote, proh i bits the u se of funds appropriate d by the bill to force busing of school children, to abolish any school or to force secondary school students to attend a particular school agains t the choice of parents.


3 -

The House also approved serious cuts in Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (aid to schools in impoverished areas), the Teacher Corps and the Office of Economic Opportunity. The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor- HEW (including OEO) held hearings on the budget request in May and is not expected to hold any further hearings. It is, however, expected to complete mark-up acition by the end of the week of July 8th. Restoration of House cuts of OEO and HEW requests, including Teacher Corps, and defeat of the Whitten Amendment .should be accomplished within Committee. It is c r ucial that every effort be made in the Senate to restore the amounts cut by the House. 3.

The Second (regular ) Sup plemental Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 1968 we nt into conference where House conferees reduced the $75 million requested for summer jobs to $13 million and reduced the $25 million requested for Headstart to $5 million. The bill as amended by the conferees was subsequently passed by both the House and Sena te and is now waiting the Preside nt's signature.

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