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COMMUNITY RELATIOUS COMMISSION CITY HALL ATLANTA, GEORGIA February 21, 1967 Ir. Jack Delius Director Parks & Recreation City of Atlanta Atlanta , Georgia Dear



At the public hearing held on February 16 by the new Community Relations Commission, a del egation of young people from the Vine City area presented a petition wit h 202 signatures and a strong plea for help in keeping in operation the Recreation Center at 141 Walnut Street, staffed by Mr. Eddi e Murphey, who I understand has been paid by EOA funds . I kno , the.t you are aware of the need in this area and of the urgeney of this request, and also that you are familiar with any resources beyond the immediate budget of your department. Is there any fay in which the Commission can be of help 1n obt ai ning &dditional help , for example , through the Federal Executive Board, which I understand is interested in youth programs in Atlanta? Also , I have heard from a representative of the Trinity Presbyterian Church, who was at the hearing and thinks a group of churches might be able to help with salary for a recreation worker. I have urged her (Mrs . F. Levering Neely) to contact you and work with your department to formulate any plane .

Thie was one ot the most urgent needs brought to the Commission and I would like to be able to make some report abo·.i.t it at the Cotlllllission meeting on Friday, February 24, 1967 at 1:30 o' clock P • • Sincerely,

)1 ;v- p~ (Mrs . ) Eliza Paschall Executive Director Community Relations Commission EP:sf oc: ~ayor Ivan Allen, Jr. Ron. Sam Mass 11, Jr. Alderman Charles Leftwich Vine City Youth Council o/o Mr. Charles Black, Nash Washington EOA Center Miss Virginia Carmichael

Mrs. F.C. Neely

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