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Be sltzer G e neralkonsul Werner G. Lang

1 B ERL I N 12- Charlottenburg . KNESEBECKSTRASSE 8 - 9. TELEFON (0311) -3242 42

Absender ist Gast des Hotel Windsor 1848 C



'j-- rt--

~ ~~J~

. )..,_. .M-,



~ -~ ~ rµ__,_ -6L.. ~ 16:39, 29 December 2017 (EST)~~ -



Mineola Texas Sept : 9th 1966 The Mayor of Atlanta Atlanta Georgia; Dear sir:

Looking into your present confused order of afiirs city wise that is,the thought comes to the minds of countless tax payers of just "WHY" has it become a must that those who have worked hard in honorable engagement are sup~osed to pay tribute to a dissolute,worthless indigent race of never do wells and supply them with luxuries these same hard working people have never enjoyed- I am speaking unequivocally about the plain low down Nigger ~

The man Johnson has gone so far as to show himself on the dance floor holding close to his manly Texas' sized breast a Negress who afterwards said,"he had dreamy eyes 11 - this same man had to do with 87 votes down South Texas way not so long ago- sure Coke Steuenson was defeated and old Moose Jaw FDR sent in (as usual) Federal gunslingers and ushered his man Johnson into the senatebut we did not like it and we still don't-we don't like another Texas flop named Eisenhower-it seems Texas is glutting the deal wi t h infamy to the lowest degre e- - • We are going to have s erious t r ouble i n Texas wi t h the Niggerwhat they are NOW doing and what the y have pl anned is NOT going to suit Texans as a whol e,andwhen t hings r each that stage the r oaring Texans don ' t s eem t o mind what LBJ or Lady Boid or the stupid l ow l i f e Earl Warren might have to say-or even the mental dwarf Bobby Kennedy or any of the off springs-they just settle it Texas fashion and maybe t here are many Alamos ' along with Anahuacs t o be met. Those who ream the streets hurling bricks into plate glass wi ndows and "taking" whatever seen should not be surprised to face worse than police brutality-the roar of a IO gauge shot gun is a s plendid deterrent to untrained youth-it is a permanent deal ; How much the Federal people are paying the Nigger whor es who are having bastard ki ds f a ster tha n you can count , no one knows but the number goes up each ni ght of conta ct-isn ' t t his a l ovely thought of how low a government can drop-The Gr eat SocietyThe Civil Right s thing was designed t o do just what it is doingcertainly it is unworkable and by all standards it is UNCONSTI~ TUTIONAL-just like everything else LBJ has done-still people will vote for him-the South DID-so how do you figure that? I am ONE man that did NOT vote for him and if he were the last animal on earth I still would NOT vote or even speak to him. Yours truly


c nc7L~ ~~Lz./.

�September 10, 1966

The Honorable Ivan Allen Mayor, Atlanta, Ga. Dear Sir: We read with interest your city.

the newspaper accounts of the racial disturbances in

Somehow or other

I cant feel sorry for you personally.


your wining and dining of Dr. King when he won a Nobel Peace Prize. (This prize was certainly the as he certainly

greatest mistake

was the most undeserving

the committee could have made; individual to be awatded same)

You have pushed integration in this once Southern city to the point of no return. You should know the Negro better than that. a Negro an inch

The old clich~ about giving a

and he will take a mile, has proved true up there, hasn't it?

What "liberal" Atlanta

needs is less integration and more "apartheid".

Looks like the chickens have come home to roost, I'd say.



Box 5242 Jacksouville, Fla 32207

��Johnson City, Tennesee September 10, 1966

Honorable Ivan All en , Jr., Mayor, City of Atlanta Atlanta Georgia Dear Mayor: I am glad to note that the law has at long last cracked down on one of the Communist dominated Black Power, birds namely Stokeley Carmichael, there is more yet to crack down on , and the sooner it is done the better Ame rican Society will be. I congratulat e you upon the stand you have taken in getting the recent riot quelled in your model Cityo We, a nd all of the Ameri ca n people knows where the blame lies in our Nat ion wide race demonstrations ( the Administra tion in Wa shington,including the Justice Department ) Demonstrations could be stopped almost over night if the Justice Department in Wa shington, would issue an order that no further protection would be given to Demonstration activities, by the FBI Agents, and then the Governor's of States issue the same order that their State Police, and National Guard would not render t o any type of Demonstrators protection, and the Sheriff's Department of Counties, and the City Official's follow with such order like wise , then the demonstrations would immediately cease , Martin Luther King and his gang of thug leaders would not dare stage a demonstration. Butjust as long as the U.S. Justice Dept ., and our State, County and City Governments guard and uphold such demonstrations, (at the Co sts 6f Million of Dollars) then that is just how long the demonstrations will go on. I have recently been in the States of Mi chigan , Ohio, West Virginis, Kentucky Virginia, Alabama, North, and South Ca rolina , Pennsylvania, Tennessee and your own State of Georgia, and I find that the American people are getting sick and tired of Demonstrations, and they are hoping for an end to such law violations, I am frank to say I think that deep down at heart about 70% of th Negro race feels likewise; You take Ma rtin Luther King running from State to State hiding under t he cloak of Chri stian nonviolence leadership, such is farr from the truth, he always shows up just after a masacre of violence, Arson, looting and de struction of private property, he says to make an investigation int o the matter, and the very next day he comes up on TV and charges Police Brurality, such is farr from the truth and he well knows it, and the American people ought to know it, if they dont they are very dumb indeed. Martin Lut her King should be deported from the United States, maybe he could go to Africa maybe they could indure himg Mr. Mayor you know there is a gang of thugs on some bodys payroll, running from State to State stiring up these demonstrations, some in the guise of Priests, Ministers, Actors, I brand them all just plain low down thugs and racketeers, neither cares one thing about God, they dont even know or care where there is even a God or not, all they care about is to raise H--- and encourage a weak minded race and people to follow their suit, for America to upfield such is a disgrace inaeede

�l\iorf olk, Va.

Sept. 9, 1966

The Honorable Uayor Ivan Allen J"r., Atla nta, Georgi a Dear Sir: J"ust want to of ~er my sympathy to you and say that I admire you very much f or your stand on the Riot which you so cruely had to endure the other day. You 1were very brave and courageous. The next time get out machine guns, that is the only thing that will settle those black savages down. They have that savage blood in their veins and will never be rid of it , so they will have to be treat ed as savages in order to pnotect the white man. They are out to mongrelize and destroy the white man . and that is what t hey are well on the way t o ~~compiisb.ment if something or s ome one doesn't star t s omething drastic. A maniac like st okle y Car michael hasn't got any business being allowed to r un around free on this earth endangering the people in your city or any other. Something sho uld be done about him, and Martin Luther King , the Black Savages.

Keep up your attitude and f ortitude against the se fiends . You we re too fair and good to them at f i rst and see what they did to you for it. I pray that God will help you and take your side in this struggle. We are looking for something similar to happen here also. My best regard to you and the good police men in your city, they need protection and I hope will defend themselves in spite of the consequences.

Sincerely yours


\i, SEPTEMBER- 4,--196~.-


\j I

Chairm an of t hc BoarcL

.....,·. . Published every day by The N ew Yol'k Times :C01npan11




President and Publish er 0

.ADOLPH S. OCHS, Publisher 1896-1935 :

HARDIKG F. BANCROFT, E r.ccutivc Vic s Presicleitt ANDREW FISHER, V-ic a P-rcs idcnt MONROE GREEN, V·i co President IVAN VEIT, V·icc P resident FRANCIS A. cox, Secretary-Treasurer

0 YrL E . DRYFOO S, Publisher :1961-1963



TORN ER CATLEDGE, E x ecutive Edito·r JOHN B, OAKES, Edit orialPageEditol'

...,,. '


LESTER MARKEL, Associate Editor JAMES RESTON, .Associat_e Editor


.- ·==;===================;:;;;;;;;:::===============-- A comprehensive stabte placing the legal authority '""he Lessons o-.c Chicago

and moral sanction of the Federal Government behind the principle of open occupancy is essential. As matters now stand, many landlords and real estate agents in Chicago and elsewhere are still asserting the "right"-morally indefensible though it is- to dis·criminate ;;.gainst Negroes in the sale or rental of prop! . In t is · -~ect, t!:.~ :-.,:, ·si g question is back on the level where t he scho1.. . .:_(;;::, gregation issue was a decade ago when Souther.1 st.;,t"'S were still proclaiming the -illusory doctrine of "massive resistance." But in housing as in. education, the qt:.e tim1 to be asked is not if or when but only how is deseg egation to be accomplishe . Senator Dirksen, refusing to be drawn into the practical in:plications of his negative stand, has re,peatedly asserted constit utional scruples. Yet. 1-.e raised no constitutional objections when t he Sen;,.., recently approved a bill to enable t he Federal National Mortgage Association, a mixed Governmentpriva te corporation, to buy more than $4 billion worth of housing mortgages. Many of these mortgages are on houses in the very suburbs which Negroes are t ryin;;; to enter. _ he ,,fi llingnes·s of Chicago real estate brokers · to brea tLeir industry's solid front against open occup;;.ncy was crucial in making possible the agreement in Chicago. Other such shifts are sure to come. But Senator Dirksen and his fellow lawmakers have it within their power to give this inevitable ·development t heir constructive support and thus make · it easier and more orderly. That is the path of sound conservatism. ~


If. Senator Everett Dirksen has any doubt about the ur,;ent need for a Federal fair housing law, he has only to visit hi s home state of Illinois. Chicago and its suburbs have been the scene of marches and countermarches by Negroes and whites on the housing .I issue. After Negro demonstrations brought an agreement to promote open occupancy in housing, white landlords picketed in protest. With another march scheduled for Cicero today, fresh explosions of community bitterness on both sides are feared. What is happening in and around Chic, _.:} could occur in any metropolitan a rea in ~h e ·o ntry. In Dayton, Ohio, there has been rioting wLch only the National Guard could quell and which a • .:ise from the endemic unrest in that city's Negro ghetto. Tightly segregated · neighborhoods are not guarantors of peace ; on t he cont r ary, t hey breed conflict. The fact is that racial discrimination in housing is as f undamental an injustice as Jim Crow public facilities or barriers to voting. The nation has long evaded this hard problem ; many people would prefer to keep on evading it, but events make it plain that evasion is no longer possible. Nor should it be. The question before Senator Dirksen and his Republican colleagues- who will determine the fate o_ the open·housing section of the civil rights bill w: ich the Senate begins considering Tt.resday- is not whether to take up the housing issue at this time. The demonstrations in the stree ts have already placed it on t he nation's agenda . The real question is whether it h; going to be settled lawfully and responsibly in the halls of Congress or irregularly and perhaps violently in the streets by rival displays of pressure and intimidation1..'....- - ~ ~ - , - - - - ~- ~ - - ~ , : . . . . , - -·

--~ - : .. , ..


i ,,!




�v CP· If' lfl ~ K. {'t; p >/

r,. f,;.


,·nn .,

��, '

\ \


September 12, 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. ··· City Hall Atlanta, Geor g ia Dear Mr e Allen , At long last, we have a Mayor of a principle city who has chosen to stand up to the onslaught of a militant ne gro leader. New Yorkers have heard thi s evil rabble-rouser, Stokely Carmichael, on the radio many times, spilling his communist oriented diatribe on "black power." It would appear that wherever he has operated in his instigation of riots, he has been above the law - until now. Of all the costly negro riots in northern cities to date, not one perpetrator of these r i ots has been justly punished for breaking the law . They all have gone 'Scott free ' up here because the negro vote is in the hands of certain nefarious negro politicians to whom white politicians have bent their knee. The 'civil right s ' of white people have b e en quite forgotten in this mad rush to give the negro everything he de mands. The crime incidence in t h is city has risen to outrage ous figures and the coddling of negro criminals whom the police arrest at the possible cost of the ir own job s is now a national dis grace. Our Courts t urn these muggers, burglars, hold-up men, arsonists, et cetera, loose to prey again on the whites as fast as the polic e apprehend them. In the beginning, many good people extended their sympathy and help to the betterment of the negro but now that these Civil Rights bills have allowed negroes to riot at will , burn other people's prpperty,loot stores, rrrurder and cause millions of dollars damage and then be held u p justifiably by politicians who covet the vote, the white people are not going to stahd for it . r

The tremendous costs to tax payers of trying to satisfy the negro demand s has bec ome a reality we cannot afford and unless the law is recognized AND APPLIED to these rabble-rousing ne gro leaders, the white populat ion can be overcome, politically. Untold numbers of decent, lawabiding people have great admiration for your singular courage to have this Carmichael apprehended and charged. We can now hope that the law a gainst cau sing riots in Atlanta will be carried out . I f it is , it will be the fir s t time a May or of a leading city has had the courage to stand up to the evilness of negro power. It could also lend strength and backbone to other Mayors who have sold out to the threatening n e gro leaders and who have been fri ghte ned by the "black power~' theory. In a dmiration, Yours slncerely, ~ - ~

'- ~-~ 1- ~ L- (Qo-o-1 a<-</






·.i; ·'I~








"'1~i.~:~:r~ .. ' . ';,





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UJ ; tJ J() !?A-I- 1 /\) !< e Ros ,;~f. JS EEd tSA &y MJrf< 11iJ C F)(c7A,A /4; OI/EI( )/o u ;V de X . ~r:>:.f'lr J. ·.\( ·.'·



s11}cc 7

Jj);sf i1SE 'A1j '1v/; £ . . 9 ·.J\JJ _o1,1 _ JJle c A 111o z / c, · LcA -;t U;f>lf Iv, /1¥J Y._EW/Sif- BEA )./2 . 7/1'.1 (J /i)L ):/, W ,jy' v~t:1{/>,tJf>,1//-,,,fR, )}./ ;' /i~

/?00/frif/f-lil/ (3,17,(//.<C/-/


/Al& /l4JtJI /})VJ Lg£ ~ECN _9 A- i' J)'I-E e Jc&-£ EX.I:Ed 1-s AEy M A,I /.Al 6a 41) Al, AllX tv l/#' s tJ v7//.ERJ\I


0 /(

CJ<Elt QC/IMAN, F!i/b_,L.A AJ...; 1'/213 s:'UtJJ'//_S/7, J}Et-vlSto/- p7'C, ) A I' /<:IC//-/._ 0 Au~ f? //E Cd/ - J-- = N-1: .Mv/41 dEA-




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<?/< o S .€Kee

)/: '·AA /;-E~ ~ I

A 1:w j


/J oL~AR 3/LL, J s - . IVG// /0 ,A ) fr /E/1-7 oLd /vE cl1 R o QII< I- )-. I ;F,E · J. L4J fl A//1!__ # 0 TA-!JU t!-_ _!-EA/ ,A.t-~ M5"E//AIC: fatJl/ffl<J/ 8T./?/C~€1; N5lfI< 7> 9 / I<.L s- A /'Id /,v tiAlf£/)/ ISl?Cr} VS 1/1~ I?ffJ.,. E J J/E I Al C? tJ )dM o Ill L,A~ MAJJ A/ti} 0/F~ ·




1007 Si xt h Street Santa Monica , Calif'ornia Telephone :


395- 2727 September 17, 1966

Honorable I van Allen, Jr. Mayor of Atlanta City Hall Atlanta , Geor gia Dear Mayor Allen: TIME Ma gaz ine of September 9, 1966 reports that General Electric has cr eated a new division for the pur pose of "crea ting new cities from the sidewa l ks up." Yvher e the G. E. concep t consists of purchasing a l arge amount of a creage (a r athe r dif fic u lt t a s k ) nea r our manufac tur i ng cente r s , I have presented t o t hem my concept (see enclosed paper "Housing for Minority Groups " ) which suggests use of l and within urban a rea s, and G. E. ha s expressed i nt erest in my concept. * My concept begins by crea ting muc h-needed new "ghe t t os" which., in addit i on to pr ov i di ng new, decent housing, wi ll als o provide work, t hu s r emov i ng the negroes' rea son f or marching and c reating unres t.~ i s conc ept is a dapt able t o any c ity. Where today t he land ad j a cent to a ghett o ha s a poor market value., in the future it would become very valuabl e, becau se it would become a :rmnufacturing area . If you are favorably impressed with this concept, it would lend weight t oward c ons i de r ation of my idea by G. E. Los Angeles Channel (KTTV ) on September 24 will tape a program featuring an interview and my drawings. If an Atlanta TV station were t o ask Channel 11 for a tape of the show., I am sure KTTV would be pleased t o pr ovide it. If the same Atlanta TV stat ion were willing for me to appear on TV, I would be glad to tell of my experienc e s as a rember of a minority group (Ital ian). I landed in New York with 25¢ in my pocket, not knowing either the language or anyone. I could tell how I l i ved and starved., but never once asked for a handout. How many times I envied negroes that could get jobs as train porters (I wanted to see America ) while I could not. I would like to tell of the many advantages that the U.S. negro has over the new white immigrant - yet no whites march and yel l "We want power?" Power has to be for dictators.

EARNED . Only dictators grab power--and the U.S. is no land

9?:;r:;; 4 GBdV:m

Guy Bossini deVall

  • As background material for the paper on minority housing., I enclose copy of

paper on road building which I trust you will find of interest. Encls.

P. S. If you are willing# and would have the time., to appear on TV in Los Ange l es ., please let me knowa I am sure your comments would be of interest to Angelenos.





FOR Vfl:lA.T? .\

--- - -------ANOT £ER AND BETTER GIIF.TTO???

The Los Angeles City Council

s approvod a plan for the develop-

ment and rehabilitE:.tion of the v a tts oom.'lllmity and a 19-o uars mile aeo·Hon or

Southea~t Los Angelas .. Aooording to the Los Angeles TiJ!l.os ~ "The at. of the plan"

hich provides a

f~amework for t..~0 furtheranoa or spo p~ojeots in the area" is to bring about a r pid eoononu.c and


visual rehabilitatio:1 1 o:c -the city 9 s master plan."

The plan call tor: 1.

A ·chree-eightho-o.f-a-mile pedes·crian MALL along 103r

S·tre t between

Compton and Wilmington Awnue .



~$t sido or the MALL to be o oupied by a 21-aoro shopping c

the wet portion by a modioal 0 dontal~ and profess ional oentor.

The plan inolud ... ~ le

A n(:m County Hospital ..

2 ..

Garden-type residential lloucing.



• Reoreation Ccn·;; r • 5. •

Enlargo::x.ent A new

existing Public Sohools .

Civio Canter .

ter end

�- 2 -

EACH SERVICE S ENTIRELY SEPARATE FROU THE OTHER ! The sepe.rats GARDEN- TYPE r enident- l iousing ~ill pres~bly b

safe from

being BURNED UPi but oan the be scid of ALl.., OTIIER facilities? The least diocontent ... tlw l east TI/'ue or False ueouoo:cion agains·c o. shopkoaper

in the .~..LL or Shopping Ce.nte. - me.y spark tho ccy "BUID!" BABYI) BUR!H ! "

In order to prevent diogruntled inhabH;ants of tha e.reo. from~

Setting fir0s 0 Loo· storos c.nd bToal!:ing ~indowD of t."1.e crune.,

Dumping ga.rbne;o into t't e s·crs t..,.,

Thrc:-,ing Uolotov oookto.· - S from rooftops Cresting o·chor disturbc.nc0s 11


it ia of vital importanc0 that all f oiliti0s ( ~1th the exception of the integrated into ·t he same


rks) bo

struoturo "., as pr eviously desor~bed, in or er to prevent

firs and riot.,

The structural desi&n re uires a complote doparturo from 11 conventional ooncopts of the pact . To put 1t 1n a NUTSliELLt

ALL of today~s exiot1ng buildings must be oonsidGrod

100% obsolete . An

entir l y n

daparture will provide not only batter housing~ but

loo better

services at locs ooat . Dy bettor aorv100c" 1t ic not meant botter services of one structure but or

the entire community.



, ,

Paramount runong tht>se is to obt :rr .. or


eff':i.oient polioe and fire systems with

f cmer m~n 0 thus s a ~ a. good de 1 of money to the ·t ux.payers ..

Todayvs system of garbage oolloction is dependent upon largG true -s which sl~,

traffic in the streets . In the ne't7 oono pt; these truclm would be ELU1DJATED 0 thus effecting a oon-

ci.der~ble economy. ' ere the houssw ife today places the gnrb:1ge 1n a garbage co.n 0 in the futur0


ill dump the go.rbag0 into e. chute ( loon.tad in the kitohan ) leading into

main dir ctly underneath her habitnt . Tha oomplex 0




ould include housing 0 sohools 0 movi

theaters 0 rest urunts,

or~se shops 0 wwld routinely b~ inop oted by the Health Depe.rtzoont .

A:IJ.y serious: snnitation offon:;o 'ttould not only close-. the reato.ura.nts but also any npa:r+,ment t hat does not maintain proper sanitary oonditionc .

The Sanitation Inspsotor


ould bo c.ooompanied on his vi it by

man (or woman)

of the Nnrootio~ sud. Tene.nts nth criminal records, while they will not be exoludod from r eo idancea

~111 be kept under strict observation. Th

DeVall oonoept will onable tho polioe , for the firot time, to polioo the

interior of buildings NOT on root but on MOTORCYCLES or in AUTOMOBILES. police et'.t' icienoy inor as o, the numbe r of' policemen eo.n b

tho oity


sury millions · of dollar.

A th

r ... duoad, thus s ving

�The novel design of the DeVall :; t uo m· ::, "1111 enable tenants to sun themsolve:;; 1n

spacious open- air sun patios .

The t.onanl;3


1.1 al so ha.v0 a MALL 20 500 feot

longi olinios a doctors ' of.fioas 0 and pho.r i 0.1 15.11 also be inoludGd.

SupGrmarkat s 1111 b0 fo und noX"c door to b~nuty shops 0 barber shops, and department ~tores.

All facilities coul d be reached by the tenants either by our or by

foota or MONORAIL or buses . for will be provide d i.n the same struoture.

Tha roar of t he otruoturo will


used for housing depots for tha MONORAIL

System and IIELICOPTER BUSES . Each square foot, with the exoepti on of the open-to-the-sun patio ond the MOTOR FREEWAYS 11 will bring

revenue oorre~ponding to the looation within the atruotur .

Where the struoturo runs through fa.otory a.r ee.s, the ·. rent for apartments -. ill

In more desirable areas ths rents will be highar .

Welfare recipients will be in the l eact des i rable loo tions . It will bo an encouragement to them to improve t hem.salvos in order to move to

better quarters . The income provided by

mult itude


tenants vill be sufficient tor pr i

enterpr ise t o build on l::l.Di nhioh has been donated by th


o1ty or stnte for 90 yeara .

The income f rom the structure will pay t ruces like any other business,thuo returning the roads to tho tax roll. where today they are exempt from tax and render poor ervioec.

Guy B. deV 11 Saptr-',

s ·.







Hermann Sc hre i be r, in his book "Me rcha nts, Pilgrims and Hi ghwaymen: History of Roads t hrougn t he Ag s , " on page 115 wrot e :

11 • • •


for betwee n the

roads of a ncient Crete (3000 B. C. ) a nd the mode rn U. S . Highway No. 40 NO MORE THAN !IALF A DOZE,· TECHHCAL DISCOVERIES HAVE BEEN MADE THAT ARE OF ANY SIGNI fI CAl'iCE. " l3e fore we l ook at a new i dea , t he words of Thomas Edison i n r egard t o new i deas should be re coll ect ed : "Convent i on requires that we all look at things in the same single way . 'Thus f ar s halt thou go, and no fart her' is the s taid remonstrance of convention. Our ve r y f amiliari t y wi t h a spec i alized f i e l d of experience condi t ions us to t h i nk about it conventi onally. We may become so accustomed to doing thi ngs i n a certain way t hat i t does not occur to us t hat i t c an be done in anot her and perhaps better way . " For 3000 years roads ha ve not on l y been c onst ructed practically the same way, but have rendered on ly ONE service :

to a l low veh i cles to trave l from point A to

point P - a nd tha t is all ! For 3000 years r oaas have been fi nanced in two ways:

(1) by t he taxpayers;

and (2) by oriva te individuals who were per mitted to charge a " t oll" to t he road users . The 3000-year-old systems of building and financin~ roads are responsible for our ci ties ' growing l CLTER S1<ILTER and bringing almost incredib le conges tion which p: reatly affects the econo1:1y of the nation. The WALL STREtT JOURNA L of Jan uary 24 , 196 3 , rn an article perta ining to roads , states :


2 -

"One distribution c onsu ltan t estimated that up to 80 cents of the consumer dollar goes to cover dis tribution costs on s uch products as s ulphur, certain drugs and some cosmetics. "For all U.S. corporations Charles Beard, dire ctor of dis tribution cost for Union Carbide Corporation, figures dis tribution cos t swallows more than $100 BIL LION A YEAR, OR AIJO UT 20% OF THE TOTAL NATIONAL OUTPUT OF GOODS AND SERVICES " (in 1963 ). ( With today 's increase i n the Gros s na tional Prod uct, how much hi ghe r is t he cost t oday th an in 1963?) Roads no t only affect th e consumer' s dollar but also the Government ' s dollar - whether it is Federal, State, or Munici pal . The LOS ANG ELES TI MES of J a nuary 20, 1966 carr ies the headline: "TAXES TOP ISSUE IN GUBERNATORIAL RACE "According to th e State Poll, as of today the State Structure in the St ate of Cali fo rnia appears to be th e ma jor issue in the 1966 Gubernatorial campai gn." Such conditions prevai l not only in all 50 sta t es b ut in every U. S . city, large or small. In recent years the property taxes in t he small city of Santa Monica, like many other cities, were substantially increased.

The City of Santa Monica could,

ny adopting the de Va ll system of con struct ing roads , reduce taxes and, at the s ame time, have a more "li vable city." Santa Monica can acquire, at no cost to herself, the followin g : (1) the land comprising the two-mile-long sec tion of Highway 101 which runs pa r al lel to the ocean, thus returning it to the tax roll and bringing considerab le new revenue to the city. ( 2) better housing for low-in come fa milies , t he a ged, and public servant.of Santa Monica.


3 -

( 3) eliminat ion of the dangerous bottlene ck which the new Santa Monica Freeway has creat ed in Santa Moni ca. At the same time, Santa Moni ca can avoid : (l) t he hi gh cost of building a ca useway (one of the ideas that has been considered for the e xt e nsion of the Santa Honica Freeway ) . ( 2 ) placing the Santa Mon i ca Freeway i n the middle of t he city, whi ch would greatly r educe the tax income to t he city . Moreover , the de Val l road wo uld permit a steady f l ow of traffic , which today is non- existent . The deVall road does not consist of pul l ing rabb its out of a magician 's hat; deVall on l y propos es to adopt already- us e d systems and to adopt the very same systems to today 's technology and ways of doing busines s . Private road finan cing is not new ; some of the best roads in America in the 19th Ce ntury were built by private capital.

Private capital built the roads

because they brought a profit through " t oll charges " to the road users, who consisted only of auto and truck drivers. on ly through ONE s ervice:

Specifica lly, t he profits were produced

to pe rmit a vehicle to trave l f rom point A to point B.

The de Vall r oad, instead of ONE service, would r e nde r many servi ces , the combined se r vi ces bringi ng considerab l e r e ve nue s .

Private capi tal would be an xious

to inve s t i n a new proj ec t whe r e t he ir inves t me nt s would bring a good rate of return . On ce the necess ar y c ons ent is ob t ained from Sa nta :1onica , the State of Cal ifornia can p ut up at b i ddi ng the construc t i on o f the deVall r oad on t ha t section of Hi ghway 101 l ocated in Sa nta Mon ica. Cons t ruction companies s uch as Ka i se r, U. S. St eel , Bethlehem , and othe r s · would bid.

The winner would b ui ld on the l and whi ch has been granted by t he St ate

and the City.

�I -

4 -

The builders, at completion of the deVa ll road, would receive the total revenue wh ich the road would bring and would pay taxes to the City, State, and

Federal Governments. The City of Santa Moni ca can not only incre as e considerably its reven ue but also can acquire many acres of valuab le l and within t he city limits IF it will consi der incorporating some of its agencies and services (such as the pol ice, f ire , and first-aid stations) as an integ ral part of the deVa ll r oad . The city could then mak e an agreeme nt wi t h the b uilders of the road to se cure the needed space free of charge. The city could then easily dispose o f some of t he land and structures in the city where said services are t oday located . The r oad that deVall proposes to be built in Santa Monica

is, comparatively,

a ve ry simple road. The three- dimensional model of the freewa y that deVall has built re pres e nts a much more complex system; however, it becomes very simple once it is viewed. The structure is provided with mode ls of electric trains, buses, autos, and t r ucks, each of whi ch travels on separa te routes.

Access es and exits f or the

veh icles c l early show t hat all t he " but s" and "ifs " ha ve been elimin at ed by t he simple proce dure of ha vi ng previously ma de more t ha n 100 experime nt al models, and each one never measured less t han 20 ' x 30 ' . In viewing the mo del, the viewer cannot help reco l lectirg t he h i s t ory of roads in America. I ndians.

Whe n t he Pilgrims l an ded, they found t he foo t pat hs of the

The Pi lgrims f irst crea t ed the unpaved r oads.

A generati on l ater the

macadam road evolved, then cemen t r oads. Is it not logical that in the 20 t h Century Ame ri c a ns should bui l d freeways in steel (and cement)?

�- 5 -

The de Vall model s hows much mor e t han mere roads ; it s hows t hat, in or de r fo r r oads to render t hei r inte nded s ervi ces , whole new cities mus t come into be ing.

The s t ructures and build i ngs whi ch we r e built bes ide th e r oads of early

Ame r ica ha ve go ne . 11

On l y t he r oads r ema i ne d .

Today t he ce me n t pa vemen t i s a

t ombs ton e 11 of the va l uab l e lan d whi c h i t cove r s .

on t he


The de Va ll s ys tem merely b uilds

t ombstone 11 an d , in so doing , wi ll bene fi t not only the pock e tbooks of a ll,

but t he nervous s ys t e ms and ge ne r a l s t at e of he a lth of al l citizens . If today 196 milli ons of Ame ricans were to land on virgin s oi l , as America was in th e days o f t he Indi a ns , with the ir modern tools and ma chines and with steel and ceme nt , WOUL D THEY HAVE BUILT THE I R ROA DS AND BUI LDINGS AS WE SEE THEM TODAY?

Guy Bos sini deVall 1007 Sixth Street Sant a Monica, California Te le phone:

90 403

395-2 727

J anuary 26 , 1966


LIFE ' s January 12 , 1962 i ss ue feat ured an arti cle r ega r ding mass fall-

out shelte r s.

The idea of


s hel ters," al though pract ic ally ignored t oday , has

not been f or gotten in the Pentagon and in t he Wh i te Ho use. The deVall road Hould provi de not only fall-out shelters (at n o cost to the taxpayers) but also an


e sc ape r oute 11 for city inhabit ants to the sea,

whe re bo ats or trains could t ake them to safety.

Wi th China a member of thL:

A-bomb club, can we afford not to give considera tion t o the 1 'shelters 11 ?

�1506 P Stree t , N. w. Washi ngton, Do Co Se pt ember 16, 1966

Mr o Ivan Allen , May or % City Hall At lanta, Georgia Dea r Sir: State f or me just one thi ng tha t St okely Carmichael did wr ong o i t is hard to find someone he re who can . Mr. Allen, you have to l erated the leaders of the Klan , a nd you ha ve to l erated t he Na ziso But you use the f i r s t sligh t opportuni ty y ou ha ve to try to de stroy Mr . Carmicha el who s i mply ha s gut s enough to s pea k h is opinion . St okely got unde r your skin ; he hit you where y ou really hurt--by telling the truth. I pause here to tell you I am not a racisto I am not a member of the organization you seek to hurt. But I am a Negro and my home is the South. When offic i als in towns like yours try to tell the nation that those towns are perfect, I can disa gree because, Brother Allen, I have lived some of that Hadeso I give Stokely Carmichael credit for being a mano The opponents of civil rights cry for responsible Negro leadership . Stokely is a good l eader. When it comes to leadership, he could tell the very livndon B. Johnson a thing or two. Stokely is not a dumb man. You cannot step on his toes and expect him to keep quiet. Many people admire him for his courage; his name registers well in the hearts of multitudes. But the majority could still ask "Who is Ivan Allen?" Brother Allen, Stokely Carmichael made you jealous--jealous that he is an individual who draws more publicity than you. When you speak of dissension between him and some of the other civ i l rights leaders, you know full well that they too are cognizant of

���/L;v. f; /9~ £ f _/, . , . . , _ _ , r ~

~~ ~ -~


��September 9th, 1966

Honorabl e Ivan AJ en }1ayor of the City of Atlant a At la nta , Geor gi a Dear Si r: Keep t he fai th Mr . Mayor and l et your great city l ead the way i n expo ing those misguided i ndivid als who operate under the guise of freedom free dom to commit a cts of civil disobedience t hat would ultimately destroy our way of life. We lmow t hat millions of i nnocent peopl e have f llen prey to t his infamous cons piracy . Ci vil disobedience has been toler ated and even encouraged by ma ny of our l eaders on t he 11 polit ical 11 s cene i n both major p rties. I have already hea r d many f avor abl e comments about your s trong stand for Al-IERI CANISM this week. You have done yourself proud . You have set an example t hat all Americans might well f ollow. I believe, a s I am certain you must, t hat i f we spent more t ime promoting our ·way of life ~,a would neecl to s pPnd l ess time defendi ng it. The t i me has come for us t n put down t hos e who woul d destroy our preci ous heritage. I believe t ha t you a r e LF'.ADING THE WAY there in Atlanta, and I als be i eve I speak fo r millions of red-bl oodied Americans when I urge you t o FORGE AHEAD . Pleas e a ccept my best wishes and Gos eed to you from 11 ·ust an average ci t i zen" in Fayettevi lle, N. C.

Res ectfull y yo 1rs1


rflt..._ l e.......,'-->'a-...:,,o..-'-_..,,-l

80 5 Emeline Avenue Fa etteville, N. C.





September 10 , 1966

Hon . Ivan All en , J r .. , Mayor Cit y of t lant a .tlant a , Georgia Dear Sir: Please permit me t o congratulate you on your courage in or dering the insti t ution of a c ti on agains t the per s ons r e spons i bl e f or inciting the r e c ent r i o ting in you r cit y. You r a cti on is a v ery wel c ome cont r ast to the p oliti c al cowards in o ther stat es and ci t ies in our country. There are many millions of your countrymen who we re as thrilled as I was when I read about your a ction . I do hope that you will c arry this matter through and not be de flected f r am your cou r s e by pressure f ram Wasi1ington and other pussyfooting areas .. The de cent Americans of ou r country are fed up wi th the disrespec t shown f or law and ord er t h roughout our country , not only by t~e violators but by courts and offi c ials who are supposed to uphold the law. I would suggest you i gnor e the stupid item in The Wall Street J ournal of Septemb er 9th. Because of your action the City of Atlanta , Georgia has gained in stature and respect what too many Ameri can citi es have f orfeited due to lack of law enf orcerr1ent by political minded offi cials . Let us h ope your courageous action will. be a turning point and caus e other responsible off ic.ials to f 0110\v in t he course you have blazed . I am an old man and perhaps I may again some day be proud of my country rather than the present opposite. With resl)ect and best wishes , I am Very sincerely yours,

Theodore P . Tonne

�1115 N. E. 91st Stree t Miami Shores 33138 Florida

Sep t ember 11, 1966 Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. Atlanta, Georgia My dear Mayor All en: Those of us who are watching t he rioting of negro@s in the big cities are doing so with shock and fright of what the future holds for us. It is not race problems, but the use of the negro to build up individuals like Carmich~el and others for t heir own means of taki115 over our cities and eventually, trn government. Many of us have wondere d if anyone would have the courage to stand up to the se people and we wan t you to know., have t he admiration and support of us, now the minofity, who woul d like to se e respect and obedience to laws maintained i n our nation. i e are gratef ul to you f or your swift a ction and making Carmichaelresponsible as an agitator. We hope he will be deported ~ack to his nativ e Trinidad and o thers like him who think t hey can take over what white civili zation has s p ent thous a nds of yea rs develop ing , will be sent out d' t his country. God bless you and plea se do not give in to s uch people as Carmichael regardless of t he pressure s t hat might be brought to b ear for his release. Sincerely y ou~ ,'!)~

Mrs. Harry ~ . Jensen

�����m-.. 133

futik ~ r u i

o-UI.IJ""UL cti= :n.m.

Kn~, 5".enn.

37 92 1

SEPTEMBER . 12th, I 966.

DEAR, MAYOR. ALLEN. I wrote you a 1 tter. But just hope you f or gi ve me f or writing you so soon again. SAVANNAH,


and this


But I was in you now have

was giving the*ff POLICE lots of trouble.- And was in Jail several times.-

And has been going around over the

Country getting in to all the RIOTS and distur~ance he could.-- And some of the ones you now have under arrest are ones that are going over the COUNTRY getting all the Disturbance going they

could.- I have wrote several of

the CONGRESSMAN about these kind of people going over our great NATION and tearing it to PIECES.- This great NATION is fi ghting a WAli. - IF these men want to fi ght why dont t hey get int o the war .-- THE sooner they ar e put behi nd the (BARS ) t he bett er our great NATION is going t o be . -They are nothing but Out l aws and CRIMINALS. Destroy thi s great NATION. if t hey could. see

And would

BUT I hope to

our CONGRESSMAN do some thing about it.-- And not let

~ a HAND full of ~ t i pe DESTROY our Great MATION.

¥AYOR. ALLEN. I would appresiate a letter from you. AND hope you put these men behind (BARS ) I am your FRI END. YOURS Luther

TRULY. Copeland.

�; )

·-----~ )r


~~ i/4~~/4/ ~



~ I







tU.~ ~




--, ~














~ U /. ' ~ /


�BEFORE MAY 25DIAL 522-3002 or 522-5241 I


e,'tt4tt,ee FRl!~~LY ~otet 4300 ATLANTIC AVE. WILDWOOD, N.J. 08260



Sept. 9,1966

Dear Sir : May I respectfully say that I deeply admire your stand on attempting to puni sh someone who incites to riot. Long has this c rime been condoned by our government and it is high time someone took the initiative in this regard. I am white. I want for the colored folks most of what they want for themselves. But demonstrations are not the way to get them. It is pathetic that only a few of us can understand that. I consider certain colored leaders enemies (in effect) of the cmlored race. Soon the time will come when neither i white nor colored can cross fringe areas without the riskf of a beating or a coke bottle thru the windshield. So then whose fault will that be, but the demonstraters? Again I say, more power to you. I hope you can make a conviction stick.

Very Sincerely



Vol. 6, No. 15

August, 1966

COLD BLOOD-AND THE " BLE EDING HEART" COURT At dawn on July 15, a Chicago woman t hought she heard strange noises. She went outside to investigate, and saw a young woman standing on a window ledge, screaming hysterically. The girl sobbed that she was the only one left alive - that all eight of her friends were dead. A policeman quickly summoned to the site gr imly verified the girl's statements. Lying dead in their apartment we r e eight young women , seven of them student nurses , one a visiting friend. The girls had been horribly, brutally murdered . The lone survivor, Miss Corazon Amurao, had esc aped the fate of her friend s by slipping under a bed and hiding. But she had seen the murde r e r face to face, and said she could identify him. Finger prints abounded in the apartm e nt; police took them and proceeded with a check on their identity. Both the fingerprints and the testimony of the witness identified the killer: young Richa rd Speck, who has a long police recor d in sever al cities. Relief flooded Chicago citizens when the killer was nam ed and found. But nothing could erase the horror of it all-the " crime of the century ," as the newspapers put it. Only a few days before the m a ss murders, the police s uperintendent of Chicago, beset with race r iot s, s t ated that the time had apparently come when law- abi ding citizens would have to live in walled communities His remark was a prophecy. O

Talk about the crime c ove r ed many areas: the youth and innocence of the victims , their bereaved and s hock - s tricken families; the dangers of living anywhe re , even if you've locked the doors and windows. But permeating all of this di scus s ion was a speculative question: what would the rec ent Supr eme Court rulings do to affect the handling of the murder case? The speculation swiftly became a reality . Richard Speck wa s informed that he didn't have to answer any questionS'; that anything he did say-might incriminate him; and that he posse ss ed all of the legal rights in the booko Gre at care is being taken of him at this writing ; no one must be allowed to step upon his tende r toes . Underneath it all lies the fear that a Court someday c ould reverse his c onviction-if he i s convicted-because of "improper police ques tioning. "

It is all well and good to talk about the "rights" of any individual. But why, today , are the rights of the criminal more sacred, than the rights of millions of innocent people who ask nothing more than to live without threat of murder, robbery or rape? Why is it so popular t o s ympathi ze with a lawbreake r because he had an unhappy childhood; or to say that it is the fault of "society" that some individuals are prone to kill other people? The police have been stymied by recent court rulings to the point that they fear to arrest suspects . If the police are no longer to protect citizens from criminals, who is to protect them? Women are advised to carry tear gas guns and hat pins, and to enroll in a self-defense course. Why should it be necessary for them to do that-are the streets and the cities being run by gangsters? Sometimes it seems so . The Nation will watch with interest what questions are allowed to be asked of Richard Speck, and, when the trial takes place, whether he will be excused as being temporarily insane. The criminals will be watching for the verdict too; for them, it will mean either a red or a green light.

�"I'm writing this, Mr. Citizen, to tell you why we policemen are acting so differently from the way we used to act. nI'm a comparative newcomer to the police field, but in my ten years on the force I've seen such critical changes I imagine it's pretty hard for you to keep up with them ... "To explain, let's go back to that time in 1956 when you awoke at three in the morning and found a prowler in your back yard. "You called the police station, and a policeman at the station radioed me in my prowl car. You remember what I did then, don't you? Exactly what you expected me to do. I arrived at your home, apprehended the man in your back yard, questioned him as to why he happened to be there, and arrested him when his story sounded implausible. "I probably also searched him and his car or truck for any of your property he might have taken. "But what if you called the police station early tomorrow morning with the same problem? Well, Mr. Citizen, you probably would be a little disgusted with my caution in entering your back yard to confront the suspect. "You see, I can no longer apprehend him. I can detain him for questioning , but I do not know how long I can detain him before I can be sued for false arrest. As a matter of fact, no one knows how long I can detain him. As one judge put it, the law is 'imperfectly articulated.' 1 tBut suppose I take this course, believing I have sufficient time to question him. Well, then, I must first tell him he has the right not to answer any questions, the right to have an attorney with him, and the knowledge that anything he says might be used in court against him .

"Nor may I search him to see if he has any of your property, even if he says it's okay for me to search him. "He may, however, waive his right to remain silent and to have an attorney with him, but I may not accept that waiver unless the waiver is made 'voluntarily , knowingly and intelligently. ' "So you see, Mr. Citizen, I must try to determine the knowledge and intelligence of the man without asking him any questions. Questioning him is contingent upon determining his knowledge and i ntelligence ... "(The suspect) may also sue me for false arrest, sue me federally for damages or have m e punis hed administratively by my department. "My only other alternative to arresting such a suspect, however, is walking away t o let you s eek your own complaint agains t the person or to let you make a citizen's ar rest. " - Lt. J ohn Car penter, Hermos a Beach , California Police Department , reprinted from the South Bay Daily Br eeze "There can be no 'Great Society' unless it is als o a s afe society. And a safe society cannot be built nor sustained in a climate of crime, corrupti on and moral decay .. . history records that many civilizations have been destroyed from within. Let us heed that warning, lest we succumb to the tyranny of a criminal anarchy. " -Senator John McClellan (D-Arkansas)



· , ;,· 1t'lil'<~Ub1MO. ·


· , · ~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , ~., .. ,.-u,u................__,_.uu,1.11-U.........__...._. .. . , u ~-


•••• ••••u ., ., ~ _,,..,U-L1i..~uu...iuu.i.1wu .. u..-uu-.... ... u u u ~ - -- " N " " ' ' '""" .. .,..


u........._....._. ................ - •• u-.,

,,_,..,,...;u., u . , -,.. ._~.._._..,_"-'~-...uuu ~,,.,, .. ..,.., ... .._



TELEPHONE: 255-5447

\weL c wooc "j Mon ut oc t u r o r s of W eld w oo d Ply w o o d o n d All ied Pr o d uc t s

September 12, 1966

The Honorable Richard B. Russell The United States Senate Washington, D. C. My dear Senator: The situation here in Atlanta is steadily getting worse according to all news reports. I am so afraid of what is happening to our Citi ~ · One ' person killed and three people h~rt Saturday night, and the tension is mounting·• . : It se·e ms such a waste, the hate that is spread around th~: worl6. If we could only live and love and · forget our differences - wouldn't it be a great place to live. I feel that something had better be done soon . to ease the poverty situation for both the black man . and the white man. Couldn't we start by relabeling . some of our ·"Foreign aid II to read "American aid", and organize a system where men could earn this aid by way of keeping their self respect in some organized work system? I don' t believe people want to be given help. They want the right to earn it; but heaven only knows they need it . Why can't our government realize this and alleviate the situation? We, the lay men, are helpless in this respect, and I'm afraid it is up to y ou an d othe rs lik e y ou to h 2 lp s a ve Ame ri ca 's freed om . Our freedom is at stak e b ecause I am not trying to be drama tic. we are afraid to walk the streets due to the unrest' and a n archism .. rising in our beloved citi e s and states . Is this what is to become of our Nation that our forefathers founded and gave their li v es so willing l y for? Are we so intent on making g ood imp ressio n s on othe r nations that we forsake our own people? I ask y ou , is i t wo rth t h e -s a c r i f i c e? Sure other · nations need our help , b ut if we ca n' t d o b oth I th i nk the situation here i s much more dangerous and s h o u l d ge t he l p firs t . Viol en ce nor fo r c e c an h e lp th is s i tuation. Only a full understanding of the problem by t~e government can help. In clos ing I woul d like to remi nd y ou o f s omething I hope none of us will ever f org e t. " Fou r score and se ven years ago our fathers brough t f o r t h .on t hi s c o n ti nent a new n a ti on , c onceived in liberty , and dedicated to the pr opositi o n that all m~n are created equal.


�--.. .................~,--

- - ----··-··--·--·-- ---··-·-·-·······------····-··-... -.. ~·---- ..

The Honorable Richard B. Russell The United States Senate Washington, D. C.

September 12, 1966

Page 2 -that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain - that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom - and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." Thank you. Very truly yours,


. / /-/., j/J~vCG s. Jennie Elder




4 3211 - 4 3111


���O}~ IY/ ~ z/i{:Jtz,u-, /e~v . · h/L_ 0~ t 'e---( ~ / ~ ~ ~ ~~// ~ C - -?-0



~1r~ - 4



1o 77)~ .w UALL - !)~




~~ ~ 8/C: ~#/-

I ~ L - ?1ut

�Myrtle Beach, S . fil . September 7, 1966 Hon. Ivan Allen, Jr. Mayor CITY OF ATLANTA Atlanta , Ge orgia. Dear

ayor All en :

After what you and Atlanta had just be en throu _h at t he h ands of Stokel y Carmichael and what a Northern mayor, Robert Sabon jian of Wa ukegan , Illino is, so aptly des cr ibed as his 11 s cum 11 , "ani mals", "hoodlums ", et c etera i t was s h ocking to listen to y ou as y ou joined Kat zenba ch , J ohnson, Humphrey , Romney and the Ke nnedy s in your post- riot statement bef ore t he TV cameras ex cus ing if not j ustifying the actions of the mob because of the f rustrati ons of the mob ' s members - - t hey having onl y r e c ently moved into the city, - and th e ir being unable to co pe with its "compl exities" . Your fa il ing to order the City police t o make liberal use of bl ack owder i n overcoming the exhi bition of black power w7 ll s erve only to whe t the a ppetite s of Carmichael and other leaders of t he mob f or bigger and be tt er "demonst r ations " by t he lawl e ss el eme nts a mong t he negro e s and unles s I mi s s my gu e ss - - t he n ext time the mob will blast y our city with Molotov cocktails, arson, looting and anyt h in~ el se t hey can contrive. You should know bett er t han non-re sidents of Atlanta - - t hat t he el ement you are de aling with is t he same type if not th e s ame pe opl e who " picke tted" your lo cal U. S . Army I nduction Stations some 1 0 days to 2 weeks a go.


I doubt - and very much - Mr . Mayor, if the "Harl em voten i s worth your e f f ort at a ppea sement as exemplif i ed by your pos t-r iot statement as present ed v ia the TV camer as this morning .

Very s i nc erely yo urs ,

~ ii.t rt~Ak Apt . C-10 gmf



Cone f cl e rate

· . · S\ ta ,_ .t ·es A ctiv1t1es,




pone h 488-4006


I C.. - TrJ 3: TO A oETTE7i JUDGE?•_, T IN THE

FFAIRS 0:£.1

By llrs • . T. Haesle There are things beyond the little minds of men and There are things that can be settled onl7 by the

Na.t·' ons .

consci ence, under God -- the spiritual -- to which men and nations have gro~;n so indifferent today.

Impoaed dictators , pressure groups , speci~ic minority groups , have :ru.ade graat inroe.da througi fa.lsa idea

force ., ··.u r

b.iah enas in tyranny .

This has kept the

il , llato and bitterness through the

Ten Commandment;

orld in

g•3 s. The basic l a

, bola ma.., or men to lead thua? all , th




of God, is the supreme law .


action of all people , ~eg rdless of th ir pr onal ideas of right and 1rong.,



ln the balanc

has been appliod. Summed u :

I :riE)lt or am I wrong'!

wh6t you or l think that mattern . us to do .

P.S .

until the Divine

It ' s

It isn ' t

hat God want

That alone should guide our deci 1 n.

1th God ev rything (:'rod the devil






u du e and conquers ov




�Teha chapi Calif ornia. September 9, 1966

The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr. MAYOR, City of Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia. Dear Mr. Allen: The Good Books ays--"Ask and ye shall receiveo"


United States asked for a holocaust by wet-nursing its hoodlums and baboons.

And so murder, rapine, pillage, looting and arson

are scourging our land as the jungle breaks berserk. How much more of this defiling of law and order must America endure before a patient overly-tolerant people rise in. wrath?

Or have we lost our pioneer hardihood and seli'-

respect? You cannot pour a gallon into a half-pint.


can we create responsible citizens out of a rabble of savages bereft of basic balanc e , who r espect only FORCE. Very well--the hour is upon us to enforc e the laws of our na tion with drast i c strength· lest these anthropoids despoil our economy with their bestial "black power." Remember what happened in the Congo •• o Very t~uly yours--

~/.££,v,~ . . ,___.-,

~ ~Schwarzkopf · Box 445 Tehachapi 1 Calif ~ 93561 ( Vet WWs l & II, Ret . )


P . S. Although wes tern born and raised (San Francisco) my sympa thies

are wholly with t he American South. Your cause is just • •• If the above letter appears apropos, could you have it handed to what ver Atlanta newspaper· is in sympathy, for printing? There can be but one answer to Americaws nigg r troubl --and that is HOT LEAD. When are these left-lin liberals, preachers, and idiot intellectuals going .to wake up? When their own families are molested, perhaps? Carry on--and Best of



11 I

J . .. ,








' ...













., '








• ....


, ,.









, I












, ••

• . .



,, ,,

... "' ·,




I, 1






.. ..




.... I














-~ -





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Stephen Accardi Mrs. Juanita Britto n Edwin Katz Nie To relli Harry Vogel

SENIOR AMERICANS MOBIIJZED, INC. " Dedicated to the Improvement of the Health and Longevity of the Human Being"

P .O. Box 293 Miami Shores, Florida 33153

�John Joor

Marquette l\Jii ch .

ayor lvan Allen Atlanta Georg ia Dear I\tr' . All en ~

Senc e Pri ide:0 t Johnson (nOv: .;;nd :?risid ent Kennedv tcox their ride t .P"ether Kennedy \'.'&S then ii..ssasninc..tid}'f i11 Tex&s . McJ1y :?eo~le d i d no t know" the :neoni ng of this .t-'~Ss ass in&.tion it las all be cause I'ennedy did not hcJ1.d over this Country to Rome or the ( ?~.t:J :: , 2..s soon <.A,s th e b i g (dag o ? ope) ·wc.nt e it to be as the (big ::: _t-> e ) h ad all the Cath ol ics Nuns get out ~nd vote like r.,pv s 1" ½2fore in histor:r, AA the Romc:.n Catholic Em-qire h:::s en _t-Jr misin f or .I:l&ny t tc:.:::e America by Fcr ic e or in wy t ne:,r ca.11 little every day Cc...t holics Kn ., little of' t hi s be c& th ey vJOnt r e ad c31ythin6 about the Ch 1_1rcb . Sence Kenned .nss as sinc..t ion Hahnc.-on went halfbre a.d C&.tholic rn.d r..c;;iJ:1ed ever thing h e c ould Kem1.edy 2..s he v;ent Cc..tholic Cr a z., d started g irg to a Catholic Church c.nd go t hi s Ga o-htor to mc:irry a Cci.tholic to gGt v ts but ,_,; i ll loose them un less he turns this Country ver to Ro:ne 8-.Tld h 0 } :i:, the Big Gr e asey D~o Po p8 soon o.-rid that is j ust ,;·:hc...t h 8/:il is no'w a douing by etting these Catho lic ;,gated riots go o:a • Do sent he h w.i'to do this to k eep Rome of'±' his b &ck or Vihat step vJill the Dago ,..,ope next on him r esident Johnson lmows that the democratic is a Catholic and Under world Ticket these Democratms like the Under World and BWl.k Robers and Dope Peddlers and riot Ag ters and all filt in Un ions c:nd many athers to much to mention all vo te to ·ether in other words Birds of a Fe&ther flock together don t ;¥hey? IJhen President Johnson gets on the 1'elevision and trys to t ell the Am.Er' ican people thc..t Am.eric& is suf'e and s ound as h e did and the p eopl e lrugh at him for lieing to us t1hen we lmow the Bible says Such a time as has never be en is coming upon the Earth, Much worse than v1hen the Romans killeli one Hundred and Fifi ety Million eople Who tri ed to :;-et &.v1~ r from Popery and serve(God) rather then Man . All Prisidents h ve b een Killed by Pope loving Catholics dont be d e ci eved or try to deci ev e others . We ar e n ow figh t ing a Catholic War think it over. Most any g oal Catholic v1ould just as soon kill another g ood Catholic to help himself' or further his owne vve see it every day in the paper look for it . This Pope loveing Sargent Shr.iver gave all our anti- poverty money away to Catholics around the country ::?rotestants could ent get any they couJ:.. dent Qoulitify f'or it thenat l&stthis Pope lov e ing Shriver g ave the r~ rest away to a Catholic Diocese in Mississippi the some of seven million Dollars a Church who has more money than .America and no one gets any in the end, Sence this is tax f're e how much did the Catholic ~hurch hand back to the Sargent Shriver as this is no wrong for the Catholic Church to do is it . All the Agences he had looking were Catholica In l arge Citys Catholics are af'raid to go c,.t night in dar ~ str""et~ :for ~e ~r ~ ~ ~heir l iv~s :from other Catholics Hoodlums or Pope Lovers. lLf t hese Cc;,.t h -:-J i cs l ~~rp the D&go :Oo.t:,, e so much why dont they go touo Rr* Rome so t hey cane b e c l ose to him, and ot h er greesy l ooking ~a~nolics , 1n early days the Pope promise Heaven to the Catholics that killed the most Protestants read your history. Cathol i cs dont believe in the BibJe bu t only in Tradition man rul l man made law and they believe it all, So sad to listen to this Edward Kennedy and his silly Catholic talk . We all know where Crime is and lets get out the word lets not sleep any longer lets kee,k-1 Gede Cc:rimc;J:cl"'1cn:t, c.1,..Tld y_ui t tr :- fighting will we Excuse my ~.~lrightin__, 1 just wanted to get som good honest word out to honest men v:ho in t urn will send it on Thank You John Noor .

�B. &


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Resid ence Phone MAin 9-2565

Septembe r 8 , 1966

B. B. ALEXANDER, M. D. Residence Phone MAi n 9-2103

Mr . Iva.n Allen Mayor Atlanta, Ge orgia Dear Mr. Allen: Even though the undue protection of .n egro marches has put you i .n a very awkward position, we feel that you are justified in using what ever force is necessary to restrain rioting. Though the socalled Justice Depa rtme.n t and Attornev General will undoubtedly use a l l forms of pre s sure. we hope tha t you will continue to use whatever means n ecessary. A f ew episodes of s t ri ct l aw enforcement , even though it r esults in some bloodshed , would put a stoJ) to a lot of the futu re rioting. Sincerely,

H. J . Bulge rin , M. D. HJB/rb cc:

Pr eside.n t Ly.n don B. John s on Washingt on 25, D. C. Vice Preside.n t Hubhe rt Humphrey Washington 25 , D. C. Nicholas ~atzenbach Attorney Gene ral Washington 25 , D. c.

�Donaa.i. L. Jackse:a -!9-! Masten ATenue Buffalo,

Aucust l t ,

New Yo1•k



Haneraile !Tan Allen Jr. Jr.ayer •f tke City ef Atlanta eity Hall 18 Mitdiell Street s.



Dear Fellow Citizens. My i.ear •rothers and sisters I am greatly ,rieTed at the tisplay of ignorance by •ambers of '1II:f race in Atlanta. There are 1reblE111s in eTery Tillage, te'W.ll ana city ef this ,reat Repualic. These problems ca.n only ae solved by Negre ani White

people expoundin' ,ood cOll!man sense. I am a Negro, I attenaed colleie in Mississippi, and Kentucq., I spent consie.erable length of 1ll'.f mlite.ry training at Fort Bennings. I had. the opportunity to traTel through most of Georiia.

CiTil righters ccy is for first class citiaenship, however alca, with first olass citizenship goes responsibility., which never is mentioned.. Viewing the con~uct on television Netroee throwing rooks ani. bottles at your police, whiob -.s showing disrespect :for law and Cheering an hoodlum that d.isplayeci contempt and. disrespect for your auly elected Chief Executive of Atlanta, :Mayor ITan Allen Jr •• is acre than any intelli,ent people can stomach. Your conduct is clear., unless the Nepo people coae forwari. and d.enounee these hoodlums it will •e consitered. the.t you all are in the same boat. not responsi\le citizens. Throwing rocks and. bottles at your police must not ae tolerated. Daonstraters NII singing Co:munists songs. shoutini "black powern is hurtint the Negro masses not helping. The money spent on foolish_aemonstre.tions. )~il bonds and other agitation., it would been ietter if this J110I1ey hai been investei in the Negro econom;y wh_ereby it would make jo'hs for Ne&roes.

The CiTil Rights Law can help the Ne,roe8 proTici.ini they apply them.selTes lawfully ani intelliiently.

Negroes that want Power 0 these are sc,me of the thin,s that must lte now.

1. Graduate from Highschool and oollege. 2. Stop gettin& arunk. 3 Save your :11.oney. 4:. Ind.ivii.uals join toiether e.nd forms corporations ancl. enter Tarious usinesses 5. Stop breakinc class in the street. 6. Clean up your home 6e Be a:.dmuobidct to the laws. 7. Have respect and pride for your home•-*· school ant community. a. Youn, a • stop having •abies out of wea.lcck (Unwed mothers). 9. Learn the true wen, of the Lora. 10. If you have a false preacher in your church oot him Qt. 11. A preacher sent )y the I.Drd. will preach God' a woni -that is love, e. preacher sent •Y the i.evil will preach civil rights. 1:2. Denounce those self appoilltei. oiTil rl.€,b.ts lea.a.ers f r -they are fraudulently claiming that you ha.Te ,1Ten the the right to represent~ u. This is tha same as iivin& somoone a blank oheck to si~ your naae. These civil rit.,ts erganiz&tions have a Tery few members. 13. Reporl to your place of e11ployment ready willing auil a"ble to work, ane. •e

ro pt. en you have


ne all these things you then 1'111 have •Black Power"• ~

I really 11ishe Co11111unists not -well l I D1181ld t tea q\lick


tlmt I had. the •PP rtullity to converse with yQU all n the t pi N poes. The a.sees ef Ner;roe reu Tery little therefore th


fixle j b that the Atlanta police



I en yor ITan Allen Jr., ffJr aking immeaie.te action gainst uspeote( ineiT:i.auals for attempting to ineit a ri t. Alleri can i without su ...,. p eple as kely CarmichAwle


Cont'i. Honorable ITan Allen Jr, August 11, 1966 Pac;e 2


Unjustifieicritism has •een made apimt the masses of Ne,roes all oTer America fer the irresponsible action of Stokely Carmichael, Williams ana King and ther• p:refessional treuile makers that are Qsing the Ne,ro people tor publioity-aaa- to ,et

aoney fer thenselTes. ETen if s·ome named were absence f'rom Atl8Zl.ta., their agitation

ci0otrine reference was made to it ancl these people are re spcrnsible fe>r the lest of life anfl for those persons that were injured. Stokely Carmichael Wi'.B a f reipier and aecame an American citizen on April 17, 1958. I am all will airee that The Immic;ration ana. Nat'Qralization S•nice aai.e an error in irantil'lg this agitator American citizenship. James ::ForJBan, Stokely Carmichael and Dr. Martin ~ther Kil'l& Jr., SNCC, NAACP, SCLC ana CORE. tb:lse or,anizations atlA io not speak for the Nei:ro masses.. 1 t is eTiient that they d.o not eTen speak for -the bane.fl\l of members wi thintt their or,anization. Sinoe the liberal press giTe these ind.iTiauals ana or,anization unoessary news coverage and igoore those Ne~roes that appose these a,itators Tiaws. Thia ,ives the impression that the Negro co:nmrunities haTe no o\jections to these self appointet agitators. These professional e.~itatcrs tmt t-r&vel all iirt ef any oamnunity neTer finding e.nythinr; Negroes. Take for example Ne,N teachers in Carolinas are paU. aore than Yfhi te teachers. in industry throughout the South.

ever this Republic looking fer the prG,ressiTe about aoy er all of the IIEUlY cases in Alaaama., Tennessee ani. tm Neiroes who are qualifiec. are employed.

There are approximately 22 •illicm Ne,roes in America while there are about 307 :aillien Ne,roes in tm rest of tlle Worl•• The Amerioan Nee;re staniar-. of liTin' IQ.6... 7<:IJ, hi'11•r than Negroes in other parts •f the worli. Tm American Negro life expetancy is allllost twice that of Ne,rees all oTer the worl4i.. Reports show that the American Na,roes had. a total incam.e around $21 ltilli«i in l9e0 which is an averaie of $1, 100 per year for eTery Nec;ro :aan woaan anQ ohili, while Negroes liTin, outsiie of Uni tea States income is aarley 2o% of the Amirioan Negro IncOllee American Negroes awn •ore than -i half aillion autoJ110biles this f igures to about 1 autcmobile to every 4: u ·e groese Negroes 1n other parts cf the ,v0rli have none. In Russia there is one oar te every 345 people. Negroes HID. their own home. In 1960 ana. li61 there were 33 Ne,ro saTings and loan@ association in United States nlued at

The 1960 Census shows a'~out 2 :m.lliOD

Ter $10, millien 53 Negre cnmecl life e oompaoies worth about $230 :million and 15 Ne,ro \lanks with a total worth of 4:0 llillion. ·r here are 26 Negro :millionaires in Unite<b:it-u..\.aa: States. There are .4:00 Ne11;roee earning between $50,000 an• $100,000 per year and 10,000 Negroes making between 10.000 and $50,000. What ,roup or veo~le onLthe face of ±he aa:ri:h have aohi.aved suoh...aa~§lllml6ntt RemE111bere~thefo iii 1lions "ttlffli cJoe ouis, ~u,ar Ray .Kooinson, 1 m-'lli.LJ.J.ams, -.t·J.oyu. •ai;i;erson earn • 7ie. ra

they were 35 years ola.

· VUr society is not perfect however progress is not measu.rei by color•, put pro,ress aepenas upon the individual cesires e:nci ability will aeasure his aucoess in •~siness anti intlustry. No Black Nation on this earth oan offer alack people the 1sae opportunity to -achieve "Black Power" as this ,roup has worlc hari. an• btaineie if ~


These fro,ressiTe Ne,roes that haTe earned their success ay aem, intellipnt ani hard work i&nore these simple simons thits aemonstratien iuianain, treeio11 now. These aupes implant the iteal .c;a that tbs masses et White people CiTe them speoial laws ani oonsiaaration an that they want White people to ,ive them FreeaOJll on a silTer platter. Tbase successful Negro ausinessm.en were nbt ooncem with the coler f one skin they hirea Negroes as well as White workers. These aelf appointeli. irll ri. pi.ts leaders feel whateTer a Negro pzocluces is inferi r to what the White people procluees, they expoun the U.eals that eve rythin, must 'be interracial er its taboo. ?t is uiaant these p oallea civil righters haTe beaD

lo:mmunists oriente to the point that a Ne~n> ....._·= •le aust have his a:nns arum•

H e white prcistitute, ana enter white 11nea " store to purohe. e a • ttle of wine er e servei at a white clu• r restaurant wher wbi~e pr stit\ltes 6D.& aope adai ts ai.Ilcle fr ely ith Ne,rees t e oonsiaerea. first las• oitizene

«iTooatin nning ncm f ur ow s~ii e.n i'Til ri hter lte ownin&: :nothin an econOJIY, why ae use it :makes Co:mmunia look 'It d.. :fer Ne1ro to aeoeiae succes ful fact that eiNes have eqo ea in siness. '.l:he Commuuists want or pu~J.ieing t elieTe that ll N agrees N p r ani own troaa 11 the pualic t


. · Cont'i Honorable ITan Allen Jr. Au~ust ll, 1966.


Pa,e 3 He:r1e in Buffe.lo, New York, CORE, has less than 20 Nee;ro members. MosJG all of the J18.le me:mliers are either :married to white girls or ae.te white i;irls. Now pick up on this a ciTil rights .,..ittHa~ie&-- or,aniza~ion that claims they are fie;htin, for Negroes rights and they don't think enou,h of those people they claim they are &i,htin, for to associate with. The Ne,;roes have a. Deautiful erown skin woman, also a beautif~l oooth fe.oe black womaia, and. a ligi t brawn woman and. a woman se light she could pass for white, and these so callecl phoney oiTil righters feel our lovely women arent go enough for them. Give a ciTil righter a. decesent job if he is --~~ ll!8.1Tied. to a Ne,ro woman he will iiToree her for a white girl and move into tl:E white neighborhood. The worst thin, that can happen to him then he thinks for the Yihite people to move away and another Ne,ro family moTes next d.oor. This is i91-orance.

Mayor A11en, ciTil turmoil the Communist want it to increase to

a point that rioting will occur and that local and State-aw- law enforcement will not be alrle to aaintain law and so thep the cry will be to brini in Feder~l troops aria ieclare Martial law. StlCh

I 8.ll tbe editor of a J110nthly magazine named (WIRE MAGAZINE) I am also Presid.ent of the D. L. "ackson Foundation. ~r foundation doesn't have any money in it at this time however I do contributions will lte comming in Last month I filed for our tax exemption certificate with u. s. Internal Revenue ~ervice. Xhe purpose of my foundation is to have speakers as well as nyself to go into areas where racial agitation is takin, place -.e by inTitation onl) to ei.uce.te the -.sses of Negroes of the Communists conspiracy to use the Ne~ro to create unrest and violeaie including looting of stores and to weaken a given ooimnunity ••• at a given signal whereas this will occur in mac.y cities with hopes to create panic where!Jy if possible the communist ~ mi~h be abie to seize authority, since they cannot ,et thaselves elected..


Mayor Allen, I hope your courage will stand. and th.a t you wi 11 continue to use you. r gooa judpient in dea ling with thes e agitators. I p r ay that the Feteral courts will n ot interfere with enforcement of local laws.

An ec.ucation pro gram should. be instituted to show tha of law abiiin, citizens . ETery community DNst

police are the f r i end s ani every oommuni ty

shouli s upport thei r police department.


no:;::;..;z;,:• r

onald L. a.ckso Ecii to r , . Au -f.b.or and.

~ i re Magazine ~r e siient of D. L. Jackson Foundation. Mgr of Buffalo Let Ring Station. P. s. Our foun4ation will gre.nt eee•& schol rships a l a, • We have nuaber of mElllbers of Boe. rti f D1rect0rs that has not been appointed. as yet •


nolosed are some copies of







�Boston, Georgia September 10 , 1966

Mr. Ivan Allen, Jr - Mayor City of Atlanta City Hall Atlanta, Georgia Dear Sir: It seems that the chickens have come home to roost. You and your Atlanta papers have catered to the Negroes in order to get the bloc vote. You sowed the wind and you are now reaping the whirlwind. These Blacks asked and asked and you gave and gave. I have a widowed friend who lived in the East Lake Section of Atlanta in a lovely home valued conservatively at $15,000.00. Negroes moved into this area and she, being alone, wa s afraid to continue living in her home when the Negroes 'broke' the color line. She could have sold this home s e vera l years ago at a nice profit but ha d to (and was lucky to do soJ sacrifice her home for $9,000.00 thus losing a good amount of an already scant estate . It se ems that the othe r night you saw your great mi stake and had the courage , which I admire, to denounce the very thing that you had advocated and abetted . You, Ralph McGill, Eugene Patterson and others of your kind are solely responsible for what is now happening in Atlanta .

Yours very truly,

f ~J_

~ /J}\ ltd {vyuA-





A\ i°Ll l AclfEl, nis. SEPT I Oi 151:t

Nr/?. CANl Pf?E1J_ : 'yES, THt VtvP~t tJftD N~ATTAcfS: ·

t fsf11\l GO/IV~ oflr~Ry~

i-J 1'

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cc: I\~ ANA~fl~\ tr AD1\1J~ I·~Tr/?AT raN

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FY\ ILl IA l?EI, lS. L C'c: A J<, T, J: CA~ P&B I 1~92 CU~Al[T , ,fty; f\/,.o, ATLAfl; A, <;;A , L. '

FRAN f EYAN ~ 0-- iJ.2-DJ I 7 b

DfAR sf~:

11-li's t's

TO AD \l i'SE



THE \i 'R1T&, A. b3- 'yLA7? OLD F£l?AlANl::.NTLY AND IOTALLY DISA&LEb ~ '0-RLD 1~'AI? 1 AAYy 'UB?A +ta TALL, STRa ~~ AND S/J1AT<T FoR /V\y Arr, As 'f-!ELL As EX:rJ?£JJiELy pAT/ft<:m'c, AND 1-/AD ENLISTcD AT T-1-JE TENDER A~ OF FaUTyrEEJ-i w/TI+ AN WI-I ~Of: B:>UctrrfrnJ, 1




PLU · A B/-\<..1\"67~ouND

t -rrlEM ' :r A&Jfcr v~, N<;i A · A -sLUNl <

A~ b Pao~ ~ WtLLEJ? f N THf:. · 1--II CAbO



A,YAf?._ .

~Tl?i'CT.i f--l A~ BEO/ Tf-ft: i NNo ctJJT VI t i M / N Tl-} is Nt ;:1?0 · Lb ( N ~ <..,OMM UrJ i'l 'y . Of SfJ/tJ?AL ~utL · · vJF\f?t-L\j , AVA-'£, SA I.ST( ' ANb S I k:ES"-flJL Ab UL! At.Jb i.

jovt:N !LE. NE.Q? s--rt?EET AND s,". ~ A. S'AUL7: ANb n,UvRi'c I ALl- F w+11· 1-t VVEJ:£ 1-1~ /./Eb lJ " &y JI-ft: f--fUM/\t(Rl ' ~-r.r- /-f'/PJ_·f?ITfS AV Pl? ft -~D -1-l Rl Ti AN - I N ·UR IV\ J'bs:J. Tl-1£:>c UNI 1:s V 1,'Eb Ntt;RtJ ATTAct · o /v WH11"t:. M_flv , WO MEN AN b 1--1 I Lb REJ\/ -1-J l\V£ 13ro ~- 1N~. N UN 7FoPrE.b &R '{£A~. fiiii-1,tJ~ IJ!j_s eyc.t? ~ffN baf,/£. yg UR/3 /1-/l:M . .1 ?iAD bo'l\lt: AB Ll!Ttl.y 011-l(NG T O PRv ol?t: Ati.y or 1

THE 'E NUME:l?a NE:.(;Ro, ATTACR'S . 71-ll3j WtRt:. ALL PR MPT~b BY p · RE: 1-/ATt: or "!A. I-JJT~ Tt-1-L :si\Ml:: A . AT WATT W+JERE ' U~DLR T/.IE UBT~FIJi;~ of=paLIC[ Bl?VTALIT'/ ' ~t: BLP,~ DJ? /:\G(;l:::O ELDERLY At.JD Dl:J=EA' El ES vV.ltJ ,fy Fl?oiv\ , -HE(~ c:A~ ANb BEAT A/\ D TaMPEb Tl+EM . T ~/3/, OF cou~SE:., At O C AUSE!) A (;RcAT DEAL Of° Cl=ATI-I AND Dt:.STRtc-rlc .




11' ~t/\D OF b£PL01<1' I(; ll+E bE~T-H ?,;I D DESTR CT I . fv _ALL k',.1bs OP si LL'y t..Y. c · S't:S A b EIPLANATl6NS B\j S'O- C'I-\LL'=.bltE.XPEl?Tsu \l\ffl?C, /vi Ab£ FCJI? 11-\E. ARso,,J', AI\J /\'f~ l-1\/ !¾Nb LooTi G ~T \ PITTS, Jll.t:"PaOR, l-J · Sf5Y Nt:Q?ots" ALs;o LOO t ED 7=8_E. LI gt a~ STO-IttS; A D g, A b ~ :._ ( EA~ Qlb t<i'b s G Vi oLE/VCE Qt_ THE . C fVIL/f\ .,\ 1-\lT§L f )I \ ·rlAT A-S Tl-l:EJR N\OTlV[~ J 0-II NI~ S: I_YJkE.y C'Ak'J\\1·c-/:/A EL f-+J:;£ A~St ER>Eb 71-J I S (fi £.ST/ a~. J: 1/ /\S (;LAD 'To f_EP..t;;,N HE l 1/tS Al?Rtsr@ FGR iNc l·:,,~G A Rio, I N A1LAl~"TA. )-/£. F.sLJa~G"S; (N A C'AIT \ r1T4 I-I IS 010\Z\j BL.A Cl~ Po EJ? T/\Lk'. 1-J E. . , ~ BE C'alv\ PLETELy MAD. H£ \~ oVL/) Bf. 1--/Ar?~-HLy I EALT Wtlf-J · ~ t}J, W/:\LkrR> w~s Rl?ANbEt? .A MfflTAl A·SE:. FaR> FAT? LB ' TJ.:i AN C 'ARM lC't'lf\EL <; CR I MC. · C'At->M i' C/-lAt:J_ 1·~ AN l\f?1':0(;'ANT AS.'~·, 65 WCLL If~ @~ AMERl<'1thf 1-j_{S ATTITUPE: 0 WAl?Pcf),_


1-tE: (~' A Si('/,c> t/1 l\N. 3 o (~' ~Ll£.(rf:D C ~tv1f? 1AW t)iC;1?6ii:Gvtvy WHr WM' coNVICi~ ~FBITU/~ AND l(IG'/..?ING' CRICAGO CCJ?'i" BUI









-c oNs-ibti?l:P 1~/S>1·G s-Hot" AHf$'. 1 '-tls Liv ~ /\r b /\NIM /.\Ll.~ !C Ac--r. '$ / ~CE. ~' -I--IEJI/ Dots ill/E Sf-\ E 1---1- M/\N F.?~I-NG' B ITE. Al <JTI-IER>'f' 1f I. . t1?E T O . Sa T Q Tl+t LO cAL VA om (L A-Nb oULb Bl'Tl:_ of? ~tCi~ soM.[ aNC Dcrvvr\/ T4-l3?E. Ti+t,yb CALL tjJJ; DEMENTED AND r;;;~ b fit:. T9 jj_ NIJT/-kJ uS£ As J3. MDIAct. yg S'o er y

/.-kJWtYEP, Tf:IE C'AfyM iCj-/At1S_ANb T f E?R"- o~S E(CT &y WIT!-/ ?US°'i--l I NSANtTy. Tr L. P~ts~ IS ST/ LL CN.L!NG 8Ll'ck; P01tJER CA~MI dlA EL T/-i [ 'c1-1iU." C'~I EF W~/'rTf' C/--1/ Er As(TAT<J/f' ~b lf?OU&L£f'flAI 'E:.i;>? I-ti 5/-fOULD NAVE !sEEN ,PJJT AW~':j W.L VfR'y· Ti!ff tl__E y t11£b lsLAC'~ l?CJWf,S( l:!_t.i._S' TO_O yELLaw TO AG'HT



ws r:auNT!?y. JiE j_~ TOO COW/\f;>DLY I_O

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Wt/YT ALOA6'· \ {Tl-I C'A~A4td+AEL A~ D 'T HE C-RA-z. y :trLAct:> PaWJ:k"BiT ANb Bo-A3'TEb ~F C'A~ING' A "38' PIST<YL '. f.J1r§ Ht; tl±E R>L(rl-f! T.a C'f\~Y 1 C:CNCEALtP wmfaN J ST BE.C'ft S:l: J-1.t:.,g A M_E.M~ gt- caN~S? IF ~a, DC

Wt ATTAC12EJ? Al\ I) TffREJrrEA'tb cAVC-1\ $i AJS.' I-I/Wt: Tf-lt:. SltAl£ Rl€'1+T T:_O PRoTc:.CT ay ~~SCA~' ?


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C"i-ll l?A C'T/5 . Tl ::_/RE Tl L/-<IN~ A~ <'.JU/ PASSI NE; /J}J f\ NTI - ~GUN l_/\\/V, l<J VT /2 rJl111ELL TOTE A tSToL ( ~ . soclay '. \1\/ t /\~ AND 'T/ Pcb OF T L IAI H OLE b(~~\/ 1 ~OTTEA/ N\ E S, 1'0T ( P . T EST ! B~ I CJ I' /s()TTL[ Al~D SToNE T ~\ alAJf ~!~-, . • • ~ / N'S{f\lQ AND c'I-\- -ITTIN~,£TC, Tl--llsj_s NCTT AMB?t'cA . N'y/lACJ'r?L. IT ~ AN A~P'4AL/ .

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J UNU£! T_ll£ P, fS!bfJ!T S-/-40ULb 2.Q__T~ -PERMANENT srop TQ_ S-UC'H ~ A~! THL &LA~ s'l~F\ >T A F?(aT ovtR Tl-ft: M oq 7?1Yi'A1__THING'. Tl-l'=Y T ~G'<;;EP, t'T fry Rf3; l t-rl N'G' /\1?'1?£:S'r n /~ /--l I ~H TI~~ C Ta !?ESTO~ LAW ANb CJ-f?b&- t'N OU R' LANb. ·n-tc LUNATIC ll


lEADFPs;il, BELONG' )11 A C'AbE~ 17-lt;y!?E N<J7 Cry I LI Z/3:), DO NT TALk? A&OUT T-HC ~I, I 1,Al(Tf-1 ,r'-I-H\~AC7El$ LI 1--?t:. C-A~M (C'f-lAcL AND OTH~ 1~00'!¢:' oN T1+E: LO~c. ! I




y·avr/2~·7V?ULy ff>ANR EYArvs


�Cincinna~i, Ohio, AUY,UBt 16, 1CJ66.

Honorable !laanuel Celler, . ' ffouae of RepresentatiYea,


n. c.,

Hy dear Hr. Cel lers

Hen are ome criticiau of the Ciril Rights 8111 pendift& in Congress. I preface th• "1th a Nllinder or tvo of the first legislation of our




or 1'"8SE









Article 1 ot tht Aaendment& to the Coutitution &i••a the ritttt to the people to PP..ACIWJLY ,4.-;~f>CBLE. Article 4, Sectioa 4 ot the CoutituUon nad•s .,,.. UMITIW ~TAT18 SJIAU., 00.AIWITa TO R'f'fflY MATI I1f TJfl UNION A llfflllLICAJf POIH 0, OO.K'411HJaff, Alm SHALL PRO'l'!CT 'fflPM AOAill'JT IlffASIOlf AlO> DOMESTTC YI~IDCEI I aball •ltow when our Coutit11tion hu beesa 'dolated, and our Ciril. ltipU intrt ~ed upon. Ve IMan at thi• t i • in old' couat17 a population of about a>4,!00,000. Of tb.i• nlllllber aJIIPl'QriJaately ten (10,) per c•t 1• colored, or lqro. ~c• oar an•: talCDt ia a daecrac, operatins ader •Jori tr hw do TOIi accOUDt tor auch a bill a• the ctril Rtpta Rill «er barlnc bND vritt•f It certaial7 dou aot nrpruan the will ot the •Jortt7J Rmce it i• unconatituti_OMJ., lllepl, lllldaeoratie •• aad it will aot wrk! And Jut vllo wu tile auther •I thl• bill' Vu it conjlaNd 11p si.>ly t» 1• the colored Tote? Prier to tll• lAumddJI& of tld• ctril Rilfit• 1111, there was a vid•pnlld aldrit ef tri.endUn••• and eoopnattoa bet1.1• tile vllit• -.. and the ooloNd MD. 1'ow then 11 oat, hatred Uld napicl• _,._ • .,. ••lel.7 bJ till• politlc&l booae!"Mll Take a loet at di• ceantr:, •tac• the tno.ptlaa ot thla bill. Meta and bloo4ahedl ICTLLDIJ81 DutruetiGII of .S.lliau ot dollan ot pt"01Ml'tJ', lootiflgal 'C.rta.tal7 the • ~ hu been Ul-adrieed, lllu1ther bJ the Ca 1•U or . . . .n of hia Ollll race llllda- a f1ac of CiilD'll.Alf LIADNIIIPI Uader 1:lds lead~rehip 1f-Sl'Oe8 han lmwled OALIWIA, JLOllIM, IIDMSICA, ttLIJIOTS, ORIO, OIQtOIA, NISSJSSIPPJ, 1111W J'*K AO ALAI.AHA. 11w, T mean traded I -itnc. l"'Ch.... for th• W t part clld aot lin in tbff• ~tatu, di-, wn IJfADm. Ca _,_. dtllT that di-, v_.. erpaiaed aad dleir iaaunioa• i,llllllled wt.Ila 'tlll deftait• ....,... of dl•t9ftiac and ll'l'itaUnc th• cit.1.aeld of tllu• Stacee? Ami WT d14 not


th••• ..

Celli..... d o • ~ aboat lt, .ArUcle 4 et the C.Utitull• 1qa1 • • • ud we oaU , n , ~ . . . aaaiut !l!J,w••• TIie QOl'MIWhlle of om' . . . . . . . oi Nita.,.. the faalq ... tile h - . Olar tontadlen foupt the Rffolutf.ona17 Var to protect the aaaaetltJ' et ._ IMM, lta treed. . Ull it• riallta. flltr foupt for a pdnalple. na., were aot o.nn11. 1ov Che ,.,..._ et oar ..._. l• Wac

!Hf.'••; sad•





or on b\ffldred and ninety America parents bad the naponaibJlity of ..._.~......&.;.... and educating their ch.tldrffflJ t ri,ht to iwce their ,!!!!! decild.ou in t:hdr !!!! h a th right to di ,otte of their properti a th w tit. N th re is an Rtt to 118Uf"P th e ri~ pri'ri.le ea by th edoral Governaentl 0 HO~INO Bil.L I'i AIM:TIKl "l>AOOIR" D'l'O TIE VF.RI LI11 BLOOD TBlt C<MSTITUTI01fl A thre t to t&k away UOC11-ai·v en ri.,ihu 11 edr:IDtJ tD llak hia d nou l - to rob h ot hi privacy, his t o and his liberty, to di turb hi TRAJlltinI'rt throuch invading th sanctity of his J Article of the dnlents to th Constitution s: The r.i{/'Jit of the p ple to b secure in their peroon , houses, papers and f ta, d ~ onable soarch and seicur , SHALL




This Open Housi

Bill th _ i in direct Yiolation of thia MMam&Snt since it ia eiaure of ll1JIWI RT ORTS. 'nl s rt t re the o.le M'O rty of ch American f aidly. a,. vhat ri t, vi th what uthority d • the GoYOr"DDMmt ek to Yer? And, finally t Articl 6 of the Ccmatitutioru "THIS CORSnTUTIOR AJG> LAWS O'I THE OOTBD ~ATgc; WHICH SHALL 8 MADI PIJRSUAMCE 11liRRO , ARD AU. TIWS MAD! OR WHICH SHALL BE HAD


11W. BE THE SUPR&'-iF. LAW OY THE LAND, Alf'D T Jtn,O IN EVBRJ ST SHALL BOlOO> Tff !RDY' 1" Si c God was the CO-!J'OT130r of our Coutitut.ion, it &ht b vel.l to call a tw line• fr ui a "In the becinnin&, Ood d, W T~ f.AF. T BRTlCO PmTII EVO\Y LIVY1'0 cm:lTURF: ..U"T!R HIS nlfD." ov, the is abaolut , irntuu.ble, table, unchanginc LAW which ,rohibits a JUMP t ONE lIMD TO AII01'll1lll KIND . Thcr are mruv Yarietiff within cenain specie•, 7et. thq re all of on Genus . r~ GtlEAT LAWOYVD AND CREATOR OF ALL THINGS, p~g..011MIXID :.iTRICT onr.nTPJfC~ TO HIS LAV. Thia lav is ab1olute., from the lowest to the hi&h at kin&doms of lite, nen te CM ft1 tabl and lllne 1 kingci • Then an lmndnds of 'ftried• birds in the world, yet there ia dietinc~ aeparation of .U of the bird fudliea, although the:, aN all AYn . Tbe ale Redbird daru another ale eclbtl'd t er I d in. Tn oth r vorda, fud.llea are inviolate. Rad lav been fiaible, we would haya nation of half b amt -.nia. The cllffennt rac of ind are a~ onlT • ted by- col r - vh1 , black• 79llow, red - but they an ••sarat by their physical and aent&l trait•, dldr cutau and their cha cteN. Thea• !lifference•, in addition t tit r reli&i and philoa0Jlhi.011, haft hNB the great t caua.. of di• •1•• Tllro... the centur1 s the different races all oYer wrl4 baft f.._t to nt&in their belief•. There i DO other fNlill& that 1a ao deepl7' tab•cl4e4 in aaa ' aoul •• hb buio beltefa. of the clifticnalt probl_. tn R• l• tb probl ot ~he nuddhi•t • . ., '!RD \QU(8 n SHAU. KIOII THDU• Tb• wldte IIUI bu 1A a,tte ot a1taclu and bancUcaoe. With ht.a belp, Aaerioa haa deYelo,ed bil,IINt Urias atandard ill tJa • vorl.d. Re hu OGllll..-.1 cli•eu• ud ,natq lacn&1ed loqmc,.. Thi ha• taken wolk, vop 1 vorld




It l• tne that tile oole...t ma hu bem hupeNI bJ lack ot aood lloaaiaa, 1ood jea, and in ~ewie futucu bJ job diecrill:lnad.on. Cel'tatnlJ' ve an ta tanr et Ida hari.111 eur., belp to 1"flq out b.ta but. Hownv, 1 t - - ubl tt.on, it aeana effort, it 11tu1u at'Udy; and it will cake ti.M. OJ.y• all theae Gl)l)Ortuni t.tu, who •hall •a, to what ha.pea he T not ri et We llaft

_..,. ft•• colored people t,ho abhor th rioUJtc,,

-.rchu, the llit-ina., tho lie-laa, tbe

d••tnacttcm of proptany, and tho ktU1n&•• ni.,- kDOW lllat l1lcla llebanor aaJ.1 widen• the cbua betwND vldt• and colonel. 'ftler lmaw tllat tone 01 pela r•latanoe. Since th-., knov Gilt laCff-aarria&• la huioal.q · , tlaey al• kJIOllt that dtq ...t dnelo, their 91111 •octet., vtt:lda t:balr ..,. pw,a ud u1octatua and I nn the •Jortt., want it dlat vq. low, , - , Mr. Celler, •~• of a rn lat1ou17 apirit that 11 .,,..,1111 the laadJ t ...,.. with JOU• 'ftlen 1• a IJ'Nt aplrtt 6f NMl.Uen, a lllllleraurnat all ner th• count17s but it la not the•• YOO haft ta al.Dell It la tlae l'Oaftltl aDCI l"lllbU.., of ... lnlllldnd &JILi .S.allt,-fln at.Utoa vld.te vllN• ..1 . . are ,.. to " hard. It l• the 1Hthl111 uadercurn11t ot 4laeatufud.• tut la Ni.. aroue4 l,y •.U-•Nld.111 ,oliuclaaa.

••lllhs Aalrl-•

314 ftral1 Cl


s,..... ado 41220

�C. Ao Perkes Jr-

I Attn-

1224 TiliaSan Mateo , Calif-

,!!le Mayor of Atlanta-

September 8 , 1966

MayorCity HallAtlan ta , Ga -

Dear Sir-

~A War On"Vhitey~ !?l: 1966 - Pgs !QQ. to 112 + Edtr'!

!!!!.2 r e f e r ~ ~ Magaz i ne article Rus sell S ckett -

ti.s:Rewa _& lf :rld



~~P _ri -A'J!g, a th , _.Eg•


LIFE Maga zi ne s May 6th arti c le t•Integration T~ndetta ln a northeln · town a sensi-tive article triWllpha ntly done should be r ead by all! A race issue, yes, but there is more to it than s hown here - has segregation of t he u.S.Negro caused this since being brought here as slaves hundreds of years ago? Negroes are s t i ll s e gregated in all par t s of the world where they exist - Brazil taking the l ead over mosts. A erican countr ies - the strain of segregation is les s a pparent in Cuba (4o%-Negro), Puerto Rico & Venezuela thru raoe mixing where there i s now a muletto Negroid mixture. It will take hundreds of years for it to bec ome le ss noticed in the u.s. Thru oruel Southern ways aan.y U.S.Negroe• still are i ndiff e rent to moral standards eaeshed in a transmitted African culture Of course if you we r e a t ypical U. S.Negro & knew you we r e brought here by the whites you'd have a ill fee ling ag inst them especially if they re fered to you as •inferior, a n i gge r , black ie , a ca nnibal, savage, an animal or l ow pr i mate!• A majority of the U.S . Negroes are more f or t una t e than a ny of the other Negroid races that exi s t i n S.Amerioa & es p ec i al ly t he dark pri mitive Canni bal tribe• of Africa whi c h still exi s t to this day & he is or e for t unate now than before the Civil Rights mov ement (1954 ) or even 5 y ears ago but is nowagai n more in-flamed & r es tless than eve r be f ore l Why? Soae people have clai ed that t he Negro has had as

uoh c hance as all the ot her r aces in the u.s. but thru l ow moral standards, ori e , violence, aninkling of low mentality & I.Q . or even segregation(?) will never make i t - a myth, a dogaa, Co pa r e h i s nei ghborhoods to th whitea or the Chinese or Japanese or Aller-Mexi-cans - the Negro es ne igh borhood s still are as primitive in existance s Afr ica & the Afr icans where pagan-worship, witchcraft, voo-doo & cannibalism e x i s t ~ & that c ountry doesn't haTe a written language or industry , schooling l ike Japan , China, Mexico , eto 1 I n Afri ca there are hardly an y whites to practice segr ga- tionl Unfortuna t e ly a~ y or or a leading u. s . c ity gave in to their demand• before resignin g & move d them into new neighborhoods & hi-rise apartments & 1 e di a te l y cre a ted a nother eve~tual run down, filthy , ghetto! From present Afric 's populati on of 2so,ooo,ooo to the u . s . where the Neg roes re stil l refered to as a •minority• race - thi s i s a do gma - from hand full between 1725 to the late 19th century they have multiplied t o ove r 21,058,000 (Ebony-Mag ) June 1966 1 How many Ame r-Indians now exis t in the u.s:r,J .- 5OO,OOOJ Chinese, over a mi llion - J apane se, less than a mi ll i on - Amer-Mex i can between 4 & 5 aill1on 1 There are more Negroe s in the u.s. • alone• t ha n I r i sh in I re land and Cannadians in Canada & Australi na & Welsh in their homeland 1 The Negroes are-no longer a minority raoe - what is being witnessed now is a N gro population explosion of mul t itudes ove r 4~ higher than t he whites - segregat i on not only created ghettos, crime, vio l ence but i ll egi t imacy where ny j or u . s . c itie• re being swelled by ranks in majority of Negroes over any other r ao - Vashing-ton, D.c. fth dis, 5OOO-whites , 75 , 000 Negroes; Chicago , over 900 ,000 - Phi l,PaDetroit; Oakland & San Francisco Bay Area almost a ail lion l Te Klu-Klux-Klan & u.s.Nazi 1)1':lrty have been i ssued a a n~erou which they are but nother daftge rbus organ1zat1on in c • ~i ng a are the Black-Muslias - they preach .!:!..2!,-hatred - - • the laws are

o\leniz tins a or worse e whi t


aana law for hi & not the black - break the ; the Polioe are for the white• strike & a.arch ag ins t the - don't back outi• Fro a Street in Harlem in the 30's they have branched into a majority of u.s. cities preaching their hate & viciousness against the whites - their paper "Moh ad-Spe ks• is now distri uted in all u.s. citie & especially Negro reaa - only reoiently they have taken t the air on (FM) radio wi th their spontaneous insults against the whites, white power structure, Police , Governor & President Johnson, Kennedy, his wife1 I

Another dangerous organiza tion the " Black N tionalists" have & use the ethods of the Musli s but to eventua lly kill all white by nu ber & to practice violence •but to firs t t o out-breet by numbers the "whites 9 & we'll •outnumber them & bury them with g uns & fis ts but first the hated power structure of the whites - The Police must be f irs t t o go" - the Black Panthers use these ethods to a similiar degr e e __ wor e te are lJhuru, Black Art• , RAM, Black Flag, Blk V&n§uardl Le Roy Johe - a i litant Harl em Negro tr ins a majority of Harlems frustrated, hate, fear , doped, crazed Negro youths to train them to kill whites - in a rented theater s o e Negroes dres s As whites & the blacks kill them in play fashion preying for the day "when we can get O the whites this way & kill them! LeRoy-Jones rave s . Al so edi~or Dan Watte •Liberator Magazine" writera,,.J.Neal; R. . . . Snellinga1 Watta, Calif- some Mex-A ericane were arrested by white Police for drunknees in June 1962 - no thing happened - some Puerto-Rioans were stopped for d-rinking - then some Cubans - law & order prevaled, · nothing happened till AU9ust 1965, soae Negroes a mother & son were rreated by Police for the same ~ffense & within 5 minutes they were at tacked by a vic i ous mob & withing ,5 minutes 25 ilea of · Watts, Calif- looked like Hiroshima did in 1945 - the Jungle war persisted by these young savages t ~ planned purposely1!1 A staging groundl


Vatts was not Harlem - many causes were given but one overlooked & the final one was the Mus l i s , Blaok Nationalis t s, Bl a ck Panthers had a lot to do in organiza-tion with t hi s - lik e the Mu s lims the Black Nationalists have representatives work ing in mos t u.s. (Negro) c i t ie s right now with more & worse planned agains~ whites, Poli ce, ~ffici a ls, & u.s. Gov't - LeRoy Jones now has agents .working in Negro ghe t tos back east & L.A., Marin City, E. Palo Alto, Oakland, Calif- Richmond Calif- S .F . Fill more Dis ! Robe r t F. Will ia e, ex-Mari ne i n Cuba•radios •for Negroe to revo lt & strtke agains~ whitesl The Deoons f or de fen se i n the heavy black south (now majority) have armmed them-selves to shoo t & ki ll any & all whi t es who interfere with them1 The Muslias are n ow@ work Hunters Point near S.F. They have not been too sucoeasfull so tar , in Oakland, Calif- or E. Pa lo Alto but Marin Ci t y almost & Richmond; Calif!

A ki nd elderly, r efined , law abidding Negro woman tol d e - •you should see whats happening h e re - some outsiders pro bably Mu sl i ms or Black Nat iona l i st• ha v e come & got hold of all t he young ones & tea ching them t o get white s ·& Police, tie up Court s , pres s ure all Mayo r s of ea ch city & Governors of each state on up to the President! Maybe its LeRoy Jones group fro m Harlem - you should hear what they aay about ~ou whites & what the y have p l a nned - I don•t · ha t e you whites - Just t he y d after this hate t~aining - i t s no t natural" she sai d1 Tho s e jobless kid• the y teaching to h a ~d espise , u rder in~t a d of e du cation , sc hool & nothing to d o they fall victims to this l ust" she went on 1 •1 · wouldn't want t o b e white t or anything!" She· wouldn ' t give me her name - sai d so e wou ld kill her for giving the •secret" between •bla cks• away l ? The Muslia e wi t h the Black Nat ionalist + the Black Panther + LeRoy Jones out-fit fr om H rlem plan t o af ter ki l ling all •whites & Police to invade & burn up whit • neighborhood s next t imel" · She aidl She also stated in NYC will have bot pell (probably s u• er ) - water will be low in dam & all Negroes t turn on all fau c ets during hot s pell & when water •runs out• to burn everything down inolu• -ding •bett e r pa r t of town• - •1 wouldn't want to be white tor nythin~ for what• pl nned aga ins t you & the white •power structure• she quietly saidl



Here again false charges of Police brut lity to a Law Officer have broken down all Law & Order - tied up our Court of each & every City, every Mayor of each city on up to the Gove rno r of eac h Sta t e being p res s uri~ed by mobs on up to the ·Presi-dent - no respe c t for law & o rder anymore - a fi ne Uni v ersity of learning over-thrown by rebels; Po l icemen carried weakly out bodily in arms of tirants, filthy bearded mobs whom Castro is their hero run the ~autlet here - this is how Castro got his start - when the time will come to overthrow the .s.Gov't comes is not known but l a ck o f ti ming has thrown their timing out of wack! They still lack a ma jorit y - h a ve t o recru it more members to make a ma·orit first; people with t he r evo l ut i onary, Marxist beli efs ! d A- r e,e - X e t U a k ifmstb{.nadcasi, fo . -a ·I u. . Ne g roe s s r e a ga ns '(hi tey Russia an Al lie up to 1945 - aft e r Atomic weap ons were · p e rfec ted they became a mortal t hreatening e n emy -·now China - Russia eventually plans to . snea ~ attack t h e u. S! Like the Japanese in 1941 to talk fr iendly & keep motives hidd en but thr u Spi e s infiltrat e d in u.s . ~ Communists still some unknown by the FBI some decient l aw abbiding cit iz e n s respect f ul! not to c a use suspicion even in u.s.Gov•t they know o u r missle st r e n g th & the i r doom - their method i s better & still su rvi ve - the y have di r ected thei r Communis~, Ag ent front Organizations into the y ou n g who run a ma jori ty especially@ Universitys - the UC campus ~as a staging ground & suc essfu l for the m - wh o defeated tbe - Gov't @ e a ch & every turn - next the rac e issue whic h has turned t he Negroes against the whites thru t he Musl i a, Bl a ck Nati onalists, Black Pan t he rs , Le Roy Jones teachings & his grou p s working in each & every Negro ghetto are a & c r e ating a Watts or trying to d61 Watts was a testing ground f o r eac h & e very U.S . c i ty - Castro defea t ed t he Cu b n · Gov't t h is way bu t it was not a race is s ue like being plknhed here . b y the Russ i an Communists & Age nts who have s i nce 1945 surr ountletl more t han 75% of t he world & are only 95 mi les f rom u.s. Viet Nam is a testing ground for them to teat u.s. strength - when u .s . troop s reach Chinese border over 4,500,000 Chinese troops will ann ihiliate them acc ord i n g to Cannadian obs e rvers who told me! China is now perfecting Atomic weapons to eve ntua l ly u se against u .s . in s neak atta ck! The u . s. wil l ~ave to stri k e first to survive as what is pla nn~d i n high Russi an circles - Missles oan be sabotaged - a n a ir f leet can strike: back but Mr. McNammra has ou t down on the •moveable" vital u.s. Bombers! This shou ldn 't h a v e b een done! Rus s ian s hips a re now off the coast of S.F. - this is also a te s t by Communists next, n ot now but eventually when the time is ri g ht 1* will b e submarine s with missles which wil l devastate the u.s. but re lying hidden & u n s een - China when she perfects Atomic weapon s will b e an •111e with the Ru ssian s l Expect sabotag e sabot ge of u.s. d e fense, Military here also & pickets u nho l ding war effort! Along with the Mu s l i ms, Black Na t i ona li sts & Panthers & LeRoy Jone s· g r ups working in each, heavy Negro g hettos to stri ke out O t he whites lik e Watt ' s & Negro Communist s who have Represe ntation in each & every Negro neig hb o r.ho ods f or a pla nned rebe lion next ti me only wors e t o kill the Police, break down all law a nd order, pres s uri ze e ac h Mayor o f each city & e ach Gove rnor 6f ea h State on up to the President & kill & burn t he whites apart like LeRoy Jones preaches - a William Taylor L.A., Calif- Negro Communist leader who now has rep r esentatio n in al l Negro ce n ters to eventually overthrow the U.S.Gov ' t in "hi s• peo p les beliefs[ And to side wi th Cuba & Russians ! Cuban age nts in u.s. & s.A er i o 1 Its beco e s o d ang e rou s in nearby Oak land, Calif- e s pe c ially for white policemen on some o f the Negro sec t i ons t h at they have requ es t ed o n li p olice of Neg ro ex- trao t1on 1 Many of these ~ e o p l e are not k nown by even the FBI as are some Nefr• Co muni st s wor k ing in sect ons t o create another Watt s i n each & e v e ry ci ty w th sponsership of the Musli e, Black Nat i onal i st s & Pant hers l Negro Co~u.nists backed by Kremlin - Agents in u .s. f r om u.s. s . R. Th ey are sec r e t & will not r ev eal the s e lTes & are so well Qi ~den people are not aware o f the or their belie ts1 I n bein~ & s taying hid d e g & go undetected is their pec i ality l Many white Com n sts g o u ndetect ed, Many Negro Communists in numbers unknown? Anot her Negro Communi st # 3 pub li sher of "The Worker" ame Jacks on , go es fr o• one Negro Ghe tto to anothe r & with hi g h r epre s e ntation in each & wri tings slips a r ound undete c ted!


The moral decline of the u. s . ainoe 19j5 has b4en l rming in many other waya Communist hearings in 1960 in n earby San Fr noiwoo to pel & also identify Co munists - what happened t here was riot & pe opl e were h urt & all law & order broke down & the hea rings were disbanded! Surely the Senate Committee had a right - wha t s ide was this mob on anywa y? Co munist ! For Russia, Marxism, yes! Troop trains s t opped & the obs. turned to the servicemen & told them to abandon the Gov' t obj ec tives - these t~oops were on their way to war to fight the Communi s t s - trea s on on the mob s pa rt - but all law & order was broken down like u.c. whe r e a Com unis t inspire d center is now established as a testing GROUND fo r e ventually all center of u.s. What you a re nows eing like Cuba & Castro is a eventual overthrow of the u.s. Gov ' t & its demo c ratic pr oces s es ! Using bes ides above thods anar hy, caos, t yranny, obs , communist inspired, yes! They are not known by FBI are hidden,•ome when confronted plead innocence of their ri ghts of 5th ammend & have Attorneys to protect the m on side of Communist ways & cause! They deny everything! Hoodlums & rebe ls p icket General Taylor in San Francisco & created such a scene most Pol ice were a fra i d to do anything when obs of young savage Negroes entered the scene groups int imidated & traine d by the Muslims, Black Panthers & National-iets & LeRoy Jones & Willia Taylor a top Negr Co unist! Most of the Negro Co unist s wor king here & also in Negro sections are s worn to silence in the blaokw orld & not to take & give anything for i n formation to whites & that in- elude s the hated wh ites & u.s.Gov't which is majority whitel Reoiently a black bearded Negro dark glasse s whom oalls himself "Black Jesus• is lllC tive in Oakland to activate against all whites & Police & to threaten a riot & another Watts if something isn't done pronto "we'll go to the hills & kill all whites & burn everything downl" He viciously statesl This vile, vicious, siniste r, cutthroat i out to do what he saysl Another da ngerous Negro Co111Dunist who has aany working in Negro ghe tto area• thruout the u.s . to create more disturbance for a Co111RUnist cause is a RosooeProotor - & also Al bert Lima! A bigger Watts is planned with these indiTiduals who have peop l e working in all & each u.s. city of heavy Negro populationsl Now si nce Wa tte f ear from whites who are now buying up a ll guns & sidearms, rifle• t o kill & shoot back is what a Communist inspired uprising ca n do to the u.s if i t can happen in each & eve ry city thruout t he u.s. e t he c r i tical time but the t ime ele ent is complicated & has not worke d out with the Muslias & leading Neg ro Com unists t oo well a s yet! The hide behind illus i on its over t obleaa -ness l The Coaaunists (Negro) get by w ab dinf Negroes re the n fool ed he r..:r-e vi l intentions are hidden as well as motives · They ver8 suc cessful in Harle• •uaaer 1964: - Polioebrutality they s c re amed & f r the Police Chie f to resign which he did - Rochester, N.Y. a ci ty turned into another di saster - Wa t ts , Calif- - these groups were almost succe ssful in Richmon Calif- but Police Chief said he wo uld •shoot to til l" l awbreakers if any o f t he hoodlWI eava es took t o · l a wle s s ne sa & the un le war .- Marin City , Califco intual trouble - when the Negro extrea sta usliaa only her) & a Ja ea -Baldwin's visits who is rabbl e r ouser turned this a 11 N gro co unity int a shaables but not quite - they demanded a • t ion• oi, or 5 Poiioe patrol oa r• t 1 or 2 whioh was done & the Sheriff o f Marin County gave in under t hr a ta & fear fro tough young ters. wham had f l l en vi ctims to t he Muslia & Blac£·. Nationali t teachings+ Negro CC01U111ni s ta of Yil l iaa Taylor & Roaooe Proctor vhe haTe unknown & unnoticed eTen t o t he FBI , reYolutionary's h re working eTen seen. te all 1 They deny, & ol 1• 5th Aame.n d & hire a Co11D111ni st'l at torn y wh tend1 & vi.t h pressure, threats , mobs, nothing is done1 After Watts - the aoreaa tor Police, Parker & Mayor Yor:t{ to resign - they did not __give nl The Du • Olab• f ne rby San Francisco n 8 agents tn eaob & eTery ~~ro r a tor aor•

�I planned viole noe g ins t t he.•white• &/or • power structurel• They have a attorney Vincent Hallinans on who defied the Attorn y General of u.s. whoa to this date has backed doWD for tear of reprisal!?


The FBI also is a planned t rge t - so e "'!'N_e_g._r_o..,_c_o_mmun _ _1_s..,,t~s_o...,f_..,f_h_i_.c_h_n__o_b_9_d..Y..,,_o...,w.,..s or can identify thru others of well me ning whoa are all hidden portrayed to have Martin Luther Kini t l k to J. Edgar Hoover in person situation, was planned but didn't work out as planned to exploitationl The . N~gro "Ebony" gazine, has had issued now for several year article• directed against the "power stnucture• to ore te aore feeling gainst the whites who some of the Negro writers are or their background is probably question ble & not even known by the u.s;Gov ' t or the FBil




A weekly TV show & Channel-9 is the evtnings "Where is Ji Crow• by Bu zz Anderson a well educated refined Negro seems to contually stress like James Baldwin and .tlarlems rabble rouser ' s Paster Duke's & Jesse Grey their hate of the whites but in a different mood - th Negro audience O home on TV can be aroused against the wh ites by watching the interviews weekly of alienated Negroea - "your fore - f t here were brought here as slaves - n ot much has change• since - then, hoy de they treat you now? " Each we e k are another bunoh of Negro people, kid• or auch eve n unde•ti fied Negro Co 11UDists(?) their Ideals agree very muoh with Marx!•• which they then deny who have same thoughts like Abdeka Abdeoker? O UC who ' • f ather is a leading Co-unist tryinf t o enlist in Negro areas, trying to stir, create a wor•e situation, haie; vio enoe , thru aobs, mob violence & all this add• up in the Negroes frustration for equality & justice which was too late in ooaingl In Watts, Poliee & law & order broke down so 111Uoh & was so weakened that •Nation- l-Guard 1 had to be called outl The Muslias, Black Nationalists, Bl ck Panthers, LeRoy Jones & his teachings & all of them in their wioked bate teachings should · be watdbed closely espeoi lly in the coming months & futurel This has hurt the poor Negro Civil Rights moveaent of the sincere one• wbo need identification but are severely hurt by these group• working in their organizatio~sl Another one da~erous to the whites & U;S; working in Negro ghetto s to the 'worse are Ed Brown SNCC - (Ne gro) Paul Sweezy (Monthly-Review) - Mic ha el Harrison, Fred J ero e (Progressive Labor Move ent) - Rennie Davi a (SOS) - A Sau l Alins~ a suspected revoluti oni st in hear Negro concentration to priae t he black s or more anar c hy & fu tur e s ituat i ons Another one with Marxist progr e ssive labor mov em nt par ty •he con tinuously rabbl e rouses Negr o obs in many ci ties •we will not be free t ill we smash this state , oompl e tely d e stroy & se t up a new ata,e of · ou r own choo i ng, ki ll all whites, for our own kin4!" he tells doped, drunk, Negro l awbre ker•, mobsl - - •and in process of sma shing this state w 're going t kill lot of thea d i rty oops & a lot of these judg esl" He t i me & time a gain te l ls th e oba of unfortunate i lliterate, drunk, doped, jobless Negroes - his teachi ngs had a lot to do wi th t he ob vio l e nce now being p l a nned i n heavy Negro concentra tions - his Marxi st & Cuban theo r ies t o revo l t & revol u tion is backed by ·ht de fense lawyer whoa t akes the 3th hmend for his c l ient & actu lly believe his lies so incerely he actual ly tanda up for them1 "Villi m Epton• ?!!:• Epton now h s agents in all Negro area ' 1 Th citizen should have the right to rent , to sell to who he pleases without atate &/ r Federal interference but now Congre s both House & S nate are byPasaed for ruling of th Supr ae Court some theoretical but not praotioal rulings l Tbe Dorado & Escondido decisions where murders w re freed without haTing first Leg•l Tio• - now th re are thouaands of otheta waiting for the eaae petition & fr e -d •1 Of odurs the Negroea (law-abidin~) right• had to b etended & y net lty t wht'tea then the Federal ·oov ' t h d to enf roe so• y law~ l

�to the

ou ~r Ne roe s thru more militant, · extre 1st, left and a na rchy , oa os , tyranny & revolution· with Marxist and i s tra jic & will annilia te the decient Negro Civil aigbta ovement- - these must be retrained by tlie u.s.Gov•t before its too late as theJ, .!.!!.!!!, indoctr in ted the wrong way! A gig ntic progra but it must be done. Russian Co unists broadcast ·on 3lmeg., band shortwave & 25M., band late at nite sometimes in Russian & also English - typical - •A erican i perialists especially t he whites have held the Negroes as slaves & mistreated them - you u.s.Ne groes s hou ld riot, r evolt against the Police who are for the whites" - Cuban broadcas t tres s ing fo r all u.s. teenagers & especially u.s.Negroes to strike out " a gains t their parents & laws which weren't ment f r them!?" Didn't qui te get all Cuban broadcast wasn't too clear. Also a Communist broadcast which l hea~d but couldn't identify as they gave no I.B. states •we oan control all countries - riots & revolts O all u.s. Embassy& in the world thruout S.America, Japan - - • see wliat I mean - you realize a lot o f t hese broadcasts are heard in many countries around the world & to be indoo- t r inated i nto this list e ning especially as a foreigner you'd eventually hate t he u.s. if y ou li s tene d to them too - no wonder there are riots in Japan,Domincan - Republic, s.A e rica, etc - these broadcasts have their effects - like the Nazis teaching of bate of Jews & it worked then as now with the Communis-ts broadcasts against t he u.s. Ru s sian 31-Megacyole band - 9.5 - 9.7 - - :m mega cycle band 11.5 11.7 11.9 u.s. ove r seas rad ~o ,seem weak tneffeotive too mucu · music, sports, · doesn't seem as effeotiv• as Communist broadcasts for revolt! Prapaganda1 Moat of the 255,000 Cuban refugees who are newcomers to the u.s. seem t o b l aw abiding, civi lized as well as tae almost 1,000,000 Puerto Ricans but have cr_e_a~t_e_d_1 quite a job s ituation ba ck east as well as out here! . A leading newscaster+ a ma gazine affirmed tha t ove r 1/ 2 of the Cuban ~efugees were Communists sent by Ca stro & Kreml i n to e ventually overthrow the u.s.Gov't when the time is ri ght & se tl Armmed Cuban• will attack u.s.Base in Cuba ba ck by Ruasia eventuallyl I c a nno t substantiat y a nymo re of this & have not any proof here of t ha t! Another vile , dan~erous party here is t ~e • Ntnuteaen• r gani n d i n various parta o f the Pacific Coast heav i ly armmedl "'Dr a ft Ca rd" burne r s a n ew highly organized group with an inkling t hr u r evolution t o de f eat the u. s .Gov 't thru this purpose sponsered by the VDD (Vi e t nam Day Com ) who thru subvers ive fron t r adical • & alee revolutionist submit the u.s. pull out o f Vietnam - what i s no t i ssu ed he r e by this dangerous organization agains t u.s. Pol i cy & u.s.Gov't "i s f or the u.s,oov't t o s urrender t o the Communists i n Vietn mt • China & Russia a lao agree! Al so a ques t i onable Co-unist inspired l awyer to de fe nd them t aking 5th Ammend & p l eading also t heir right•, ! innocence! · · Just beard about it & the terrifi e d white s who at t ended - a new Negro Organization besides the others mentioned i n s . F. on Fi l lmore St- called the "Black Arts• Theater - sponsered by LeRoy Jones outfit - a t yp i cal play seen - "Negroes brought here as slaves oontinously beaten by whites (Negroes painted as white) - _wthi• is what they did to you - kill them" goes t he dialogue - n~xt, the white polioe enter - attack Negroes - " l ets kill all w bite Policeraen" & "get the white11• in •their neighborhood• nextime l " •Th whi te s a r e no ood we must e t O them and create a revolution in each Negro community in u . f we re suooea•full then this country will be oura & our Slave mae~ers we 1 11 burn O burial" - These Negroe • here re branch ing out to Hunters Point S.F. leo Richmond, Calif- Marin City, Oakland & E. Palo Alto , C lifl P rts of ply filthy, dirtyl These Negro revo l ~-tionist• i n determination like the Musli s, Black Panthers LeRoy Jones outtif• ar 3etermined to rouse, to create a situation O Law & Order, Courts, u.s.o v' 0 whi te people - Co uniet inspire d - with Collllluni et •ot i va t i on it fit s we ll in with Karx1·s t Revolution t heory - they re prepared to f i ght thru V.iolenoe - W tta


-testing ground to each & ev ry city & have Co unist Attorneys taking 5th Ammend for protection & a good organization of oba ade up thru their teachings aost a ade up of prison parolees, prostitutes, narcotic addicts, drunks - many of thea release for serving time for felonious crime• including murder, rape & asAltal .,..,

The Negro Civil Rights Move ent was needed for the u.s. - The Negro, militant, extreme right & left, Marxist like Castro to murder, kill, mai e, trigger a planned oaetrophe race hate for u.s. - These re !!.2! the good, law bidding Negroes trying so hard behind the Civil Rights Movement which the u.S.GoV't spon- I -sered - what is planned I' afraid will hur t the Negro Civil Rights movement very badly & hamper it! These grou~ sponser to obey laws they want & the ones they don't like - not to - to make LSD . & dope leg l & they have attorneys to defend their cause like the Communist Chinese & Russiansl Law & Order must be maintained - all law enforcement agenoys + Mayors & Governors of each· state must be dispatched information by FBI which is planned target eventually by these ~gr ups - they have had a difficult time siataneously with timin,g - if they break the law they must pay for it like before the population explosion of Negroes started like the whites did before them - now the next race the Negroes in majority - if they coDUDit a crime like a white man they must be apprehended by Democratic Law & Order - no exception must be made "either" if he is a Negro or Negro mobs - here again your not dealing with a sparse few law breakers of the 30's & 20 1 s but •MOBS• - Law enforcement department• will have to be enlarged - I hope it doesn't happen down here in the San Franoisoo Penin-sula as we have a •small, weak, Police Department" stressed to deal with a few trouble ome law breakers who go out or a few wild teenagers but no~hing like Vatta , Harlem, liocheeter, Bakersfield or what may happen if p Inned democratic processea & law & order get out of handl

A Negro who was law abidding of the old told me a castrophe is planned gainst beside& all u.s. cities against the Federal Gov't in Washington,D.c. but the Black Muslims Black Nationalists Panthers LeRo Jone• Aline William Talor, LeS .Con., Paul veezy 1 Midhael rrison, red erome have had difficult time in ti ing the situation planned - timmig was off which is to suppose to over-throw the u .s.oov't - They have only been successful in determing with 1§5 of the Negroes to •hate whitee• & to go against aooietyl A white Police motorcycle officer told ·me pitfully that on his tour of duty thru heavily Negro infested areas that he is viciously, verbally attacked & espcially spit O•1ooo•s of times a day• & felt worried about his life & job & never saw a bunch of people, like savagest nimals, acting with uncivilized viol nce 1 hate, - its unnatural he aid - soaething oomin~! "I may quit the Police & rettr te ranch like friend did in 196, in Lake Countyl" The Co-unists should be regi tered like the Nazis & Japs of VY-II & not given free reign - the dangerous Negro organizations should be stopped & the Negroe• aany of them living in primitive African culture gotten away from these dangeroua Negro organizations & a progr m adopted by Feder 1 Gov't to eave the & train, indoctrinate the• to de ocratio training to saTe a planned .viol nt bloodshed, against Police, Officials, Gov't, whites - whites scared!!!!! buy guns & shoot bac then what - revolution? Civil Yar? Pl nnedl And Negroes liTing in sub-African cultur thru segration or lack should b giv n their chance not in only deoient jobs by Gov't but decient hou ing & should h ve right to move into any neighborhood groviding they are law abidding a ny one else - whites panicky, so red - u.s. ov't will have to stand b hind housing 1 w long with u.s. Supreme 0ourt1 A youq (2•·-25) kind Negro in Oakl.& d told •e th other day Sul Alin ky wi'Ua hi• group oaae to oailand & thru aeor t aeetinga 4wi}h vo1erish d lWI gil • by the thou ands told thea - "you Negroes have a na s tua~ on nee - 1~

�'#bites fault• - •they brought you here alaves & abused you~ - •tt is the whites fault for your predicament• - the Negro told me the meetings by Mr. Alinak)~ta the Negroes feeling• against the whites bitter with resentaent - be thinbl • Alinsky ere tes situations •talking thia way• alao riots like the others ~ already aentioned - when asked by a bearded Negro if he, Mr. Alinsky belteTed in taking a life - he replied •no, unless that man were ·a~med & out to ' get ae, or hurt ae - & this wbite power structure is ar ed against ydu Negroes, they have hurt you, the Police are all armed.:. lets get I them, the source; the whi~e p wer structure who have put you people into this predicament1• •This Po~etty program ·· is no good• - •Sargent Shriver is only for himself - he hides behind President -John on & they g:tve you fools money to keep you animals quiet• - then the Negro told me Mr. Alinsky went on •you have W tts here - we work in slum areas - like Woodlawn - the Police & Sargent Shriver & even the President don't give a daan about you• - "they just give you fools money like O Watts to keep the Animals guiett• •Like the Boston tea party you've got - they did, they turned against the Red-Coats - you Negroes, you've got to turn against the power - white power structure in numbers, organize so you'll be heard, march & don 1 t let them stop you - you've got nothing to loose - the Police have guns - buy guns - they'll kill you - you protect your right• - they the Police are for the white power structure & the Police & Johnson!" •GET WHITEY SCREAMED SOME OF THE YOUNG NEGROES AFTER ~ MEET.ING1 • We v nt •blaok• powerl -We want •black" p werl •

Mr. Alinsky has made friends of these people & thru hate against law & Order, the whites, & Gov't •white power structure• & thru caoa, tyranny, an rchy, nd Marxist beliefs & creating a situation of hate of these unfortunate people wh • are running a jority of mobs making up of lawbreakers, drunks, urders, & ot r unfortunate wards of society has created a situat i on against the democratio processes of law & order & society of tlie u.s. & thru revolution & situations & . prote cted by Communist inspired attorneys whom take the 5th Ammend like the ·other organizations .are dangerous to the u.s. Gov't, other races & the d~ctent Negro Civil Rights Movement - some of his & other org nizations must be . stopped & broke dQWll & the young Negr9es retrained by t9e u.s.Gov't before a planned uprising & revolution "Castre-styled• & Civil War & t hru theae processes & other organiz -tione plan to . overthro the u. s ; Gov't, eventu llyl Today a Nalpha pl nt • Redwood City , _C lif- which manufacture defense teriala for our boys dying in Viet. aa to fight against Coamunist agree ion has sloppy bearded cutthroats all OTer the place - refusing to let in iaportant truck convoy• tor our needed war effort against the Communis ts1 Their tactics are questionable - W-II would have not been won in 1945 if we had this - Roosevelt could have prevented WW-II had he stepped in China 1 931-37 , Germany 1937-38 - WW-IIIis now being prevented by our fine President Johnson by his necessary altern tives not against the Axis & Japanese e pire like · 1945 but the Communist 1 · B ker field, Calif- Negroes indoctrinated thru organizations to get at, a bate whites couldn't find any except 2 white law enforcement Officer who they attacked with Tengence & defiance - Negro kid tel ls me after some Black National -i•t meetings bl cks look for white to "get at 1 - ikill white?" couldn't find any - panic attacked Mexicans, then 2 white law enforce ent Of icer• whom backed down for fear not only of their lives but mobsl


Maroh 1961 - a white man ccidentally shot by Police taking his wife to ho pital speeding - nothing happened; Watts, Calif- Negro LSD, drunk: crazed, or lying driTing between 75 to 8'5 aph over 50 blocks shot by Law Enforcement Officer oreated riot & threatened Tiolenoe - here again "to create a situation" & thru Black Nationalist & Muali• teaching · bat against •whitey" "power structure" these groups dwell upon has now thru a sit •tin pl nned by the• & Negro Co_ u.nieta, unknown, unidentified, teeding upon these poor d sp rate Neg~oea have tried an alaost euooedded In breaking down all •1av enforcement• & thru hat I moba Tielence & defiance tor authority have tinallf brought a law Officer be • t


ob_ & the jungle war secceded in Brook l yn in 1964 (Officer attacked, then shot Negro boy in defense ) - next time i t' 11 be worse - there have been attempt.a @ l oca l Of ficials Mayors & Gove rnor s , Press even after Watts 1965 - there was such harrisment that ' the Mayor blammed the Police Chi ef & others critize~ the G~vernor & a situation wa s c r e ated a mong st hig her Officials - ~ attempt failed!!!!.!,!!.!!! but a lmost su ccedd e d - innocea:t· City Offic ials, Police, Mayor, Governor blammed, but real mo t i vat ion & e v il intentions hidde n in this situation! Gov't almost down , h opeless l y t h i ngs were so s eve r e ! The young Oakl a nd Negro who wanted no part o f the growing dange rous organizations pre ferre d Martin Luther King - Mr. Farmer - & law a bidding Father Divine's group in Phi l adelphia but showed g rowing concern how s ucc essful the se organizations are menaceingly becoming & a l s o reveal ed t hat " the y would k ill me i f t h ey knew I told a white ma n what I said ! " Se veral de ci ent , law a bidding Negroes alrea dy murdered! A Civilian Review Board plac e s i nto t h e hands of these groups the i r evil desperate motives & eventually c urbs P olice Law enforcement too & even out of the juristic-tion of the Chief of Pol ice who ori g ionaly qua lified for hi s e n force me nt job - if it does happen t he r e s ult wo uld be obvious! Communists, revolutionists hope for it as well as Rus s i a n Ag ents & Communi s t s f or a foothold he r e t ool SNCC - not a s dangerous as the Musl ims & LeRoy Jones te a chings + Communist Negr leaders o r ganizations & t e a c hings thru the fru s t r ated h a ndi c appe d, u nfor tunate, uneducat ed, se g rega ted Negro g hett o s has sti ll some b a d & d a ngerous inkling in us i ng the se unf ortunat e Ne g ro people whom a ma jority are s till s i nc e re in c reat i ng equal ity but will fall vi c tims inno centl y in t h eir nei g hbo rhood s & b e used as vic t ims for the evil int entions o f t hes e groups to reach t h e i r g oalsl SNCC' s new Stokeley Car mi chael like the oth ers claim thems e lves enemy o f t he u . s . Gov't - the whites - the P olic e , Mayor s , Governors & conti n tually insult t h e President o f t h e u.s. f or t heir vile , vicious , wicked attempt s & thr u their un-fortunate , poor illit e r a te, dop e d, Negro victims , get v ot ed , eventually exp e ct to attain their goal with th is exhortion! These g roups are sworn to secrecy espe-cially against any of the "white power structure" & never t o give any information - when you make a statement before the u.s. that it is Communi s t Inspired - a ma j ority of people ha r d l y unde_rstand & these g roups "deny it to save them s elves & evil mo t ives before t h e p ublic ! " And thru ev e n worse s ubversion & ran.ks of 5th Amme nd . 1 Attorneys hav e protected t hemselves before the public for sympathetic good favor & ewen the P olice & FBit /4


-~--c"d),' ~ -·


P .s. Also Adam Clayton Powell - Harlem Ne g ro l eader has been lately lashing out against u.s.Gov't, Police , Cou rts & especial ly •white-power-structure " i ndoctrinating Negroes wr ong way ! Bad .!2.!: Negro leader~ do this ! The Burns report on University of Cal ifornia is accu rat e - what h appened af t er(? ) - t he innocent ones denied it & then t he Communists ( hidden) JOINED IN & also"denied• it & revolted & shouted de1Iarioe which made report a dogma withthi"'s'c'aos - again , I repeat the Burns Report@ u.c. is 100% accurate - u.e. contains - Communists, ho esexuals, sexual deviates & Revolutionists with Marxist beliefst June 1966 Miss, since shooting of dedient, law-abidding Negro James Meredith by "white" man Negro Civil Rights movement liQ.'!! hampered fro racial hate, violence, planned to use this "epi ode• the Muslims, Black Nationalists , SNCC, Black Panthers, "LeRoy Jones" Soul Alinsky, Negro Communists hoped for!


-UPI Photo

-Wide W orld PhOM>

Negro youths tgynt po(jce as violence flares once again in riot-to rn Watts.

, ,, . .. Shouting defiance, a ..""egro resists a rrest.


LOS ANGELES-Rioting by whiteNegtoei seems to be off to an early start this year. Warnings now are heard of a "dangerous mmmer" here and in other big cities · h huge Negro "ghettos." Alarms nldy are being sounded by Negroes in York and Washington. cial violence exploded on March lfi Vatts, the Negro district where thouran wild last August in a six-day page that cost 34 lives and 40 million dollars in damage. 1' is time, grim lessons learned last er brought swift and forceful achy police deployed in large num. The outbreak on ~larch 1.5 was ned to a small area . Some 600 riotwere involved, rather than thousands. •1t racial rage was evident. Two were slain . One was a white trus:k driver beaten and shot to death in a mob attack. As he sta ered fr to door, dying, Negroes U1111Tt11~ I


pleas for refuge. The other man killed participant in the was a Negro-not riot-cut down by marauders' gunfire. More than 25 people were stabbed , beaten, robbed . Youths hu rling Molotov cocktails- bottles of gasoline ignited by flaming rags-set fire to a doz n buildings. About 20 stores were looted. Some RO Negroes wPre am.-s!ed, ind11din1Z the alleged killers of the truck driver. The four-hour burst of rapal frenzy was triggered by arrest of a Neiro for throwiui: a rock at a car driven by a white l>choolteacher. Within minutes, gangs of Ne~s were on the ~\'.awl Many were The ominous h "Get Whitey!" was a rallying cry . Negroes b lamed . Primary blame for tl1e eruption was plaC'C<l on the Negro community itseli by John A. McCone, chairman of the commission that investigated last summer's riots. Said Mr. Mc,f D" tor of the U.S. CenAg

", . . This is



- ITPI ,.._

uspects are searchetf fo,


ed 2 d

25 ill'

one more evidence of an unwillingness by Negroes to accept responsibilities as law-abiding citizens." Los Angeles Coui,ty Supervisor Kenneth Hahn said the outbreak pointed to "far-ranging possibilities for a dangerous summer." One victim of violem.-e w s a hite ex-marme who was vicjm1slv beaten _bv a ~~ro gan~. Hi~ c.-omment: "Fr nkl\:, 1 thin- I wasa[er \i Vietnam." Hatred pf white, . Some Negroes said they were appa led by the latest outbreak. A Negro woman said the rioters should be "put in the Army and sent to Vietnam." But others had more sinister comments. One aging egro said: These kids hate white people very strongly. This goes for the younger ones a1,d the older ones-they hate wbite DQ. Ii l!!II!S!Wild:W:.a...Jlltm.. . teacl

�Two Young

Men Who

Hate Whitey

_F illmore's -'W~rm-Up' By George Gilbert Larry Scott wa;"hed the o1hcer behind th_ bookinf at City Prison yesterday and said nothing. He sat there and smoked a cigarette and

,tared. -xlter a little while. the offi-

cer looked up at Lam Scott ho continued to &tare, and fmally shrugged and went back to the stack of papers he was shuffling. !

Scott's eves ,never Jeft the -


Then his m o ut h opened and he said: "I don't believe in turning that other cheek jazz." He gestured towards the oficer. "He takes my teeth, I'll e his life . .. " -



'You know what happened In Watts and Chicato . . .'

cially bitter bout the war in Vietnam. "What's the sense in g-oin' over there and get shot at and maybe killed so that wben you come back home and go into a rest nrant in Mississippi you are told they don't serve niggers." · " This i 't Mississippi." "They just do it differently here, man. They don't have dudes runnin' around in sheets and burnin' crosses on your lawn but they do it here just as good. " You give a dude a and a gun and you give him a license to kill It don't matter if he's whJte or black. H he's black, he's an Uncle Tom and just as bad as whitey."


Arrests fgllce arrested Scatt; a friend, Leon Beck, and five er young men early Sun· day for dlsorder&conduct.

Scotty and Beck are onJy 20 year, old and they art not too fon d of whites. ·

sar they part Tu near not in fhe EiOmore


- .strict.

Broderick street. "He wasn't pullin' no r obbery . man," said Beck. He was shot by this Uncle Tom cop for no reason, and you wonder why we got mad ! This Uncle Tom cop didn't even show no identification. He just jumped out of the car with a gun oul and starts shooting.··

Jobless Leon Beck hates whitey b

Leon Beck stood up and put • foot on the wooden bench.

t Scott

and Beck deny tuation was the popainted il B~t, in a half-brother of the

a who was shot. Lee Jackson, 21,

cause be says he can't find a job. " I'm a high school graduate. I'm willing to work at anytbJng hut I can't find a job because there are no job

for 'nlg ers.' " Larry Scott bates whi f many reasons . He' is es

Seo , who lives at 1516 McAllister street, and Beck, at ~

Fell street, go to court

on July 27. " What you nk w i 11 happen 1n court?" " The same thing that happens to all our broth ," said B . And then ha

�~ rday, N

11, l




China Says U.S. System Will Collapse


Sh·elfey RiRs 'Rebels' in Pover.ty War

I l

Graham Assesses The Riots Lo Angeles E v an g e li s t Billy Gt•• h m m ad e a helico tout· of Los Angeles' ·o .. vaged area yeste nd described the rlo "


By Mel Wai¥ fayor John F. Shelley

uged yesterday th t -called new leaders,, · the city's Negro comiUJlity are making "a ked demand for the wcr to control policy. rogr~ and financing of e ne1gbborhood action


w, programs." ~

n Their move for a ma·, jority on the Economic d Opportunity Council, be said, is "totally unaccept1 able, because -it would d~

sttoy the only structure

that, to date, has proved

cceptable to the Federal t

I "Yu~


dangeroua 11 • on best, a high crime rate, that. in the end would coat more than the J ob Corps. Or we could b uild up to a ttuo.tlon ot rtot.,, even-at the p 111m

Bonus for -GOP 111 L. A. Riots By MARIANNE 'MEANS txamlnerWhitt Ho11se c,rruDCK1dent

WASIUNGTON-From out of the ashes of olde-ring Negro ghetto of Los An ele ris ter of a n Uonal l that may prove more can long per it ~erth or covertly tolerates anarchistic. w1uluct on the p rt of 'any segment of its own citizenry. It should not and c,mnot ~ tolerated, regardless of IUO!~whi of whether or not

, unrighteous one,

·ve {or Republicans in 1966 and t Vietnam.

than any o


N. Y. Convictior In Riot: Anarch


1 1



To Win Rigt. . By Don Warman 1v ri t l c1 c group .~1 QGVer be won I by ClVl(

A sardo ic, switchblades•sha

told a sop 1s ca nlsht that racial

u .



eapoll1¥ wJU

. -

..i11A11'-"'.:.:l.,i~""'"' controverre_£ p~sed . ' told an ov7r-ffow crowd oi C o u n c i I of Civic Unity

\ \al


members to stop discus ing rights and do som · I thing about t he fight and 1 1 ..the enemy." Samples of Alinsky 's prim

er on social progress :

· • · 'Forget about a t-a n moral basis for · I rights drive. If we could h e got rights that way. we would ' have by now. • " Discussions don·t rnrk. Organize and get po\\-er. nl ugh power can you ction. People nev r get g but what they're str · 1 ugh to get." · • "Don't tell me that ' e i Ih ve to work differently · thls town.' That's a lot


WILLIAM EPTON A maximu• of ten yurt

jazz.,, • "Form

your PWD i[oups mad'eup of the people dlrecf1 affected (by segregation) . y your own bills. Don't J n that downtown crowd · rt for you. They won't."

CO EBlast At Rights Conference

, c'Mn

I vi

last advic~. an ob-

slam at the make-up of I the disputed Economic pa,-tuniti.s Council. stir an intent audient'e of ·1 to a hiigt ovation.) I • '·The difference ~t



gr ation

ern se egatlon is there they use br . We u stilettos

e al\Y"' ·,

�Harl m Th ater

U.S. Funds .for 'Hate Dramas' New York


the aun 18 to re-educate the nearly half a million Harlem Negroes to find new pride in their color," Jones aays. "I don't see anything wro~g with hatinj $tc; peopie "Tlus was a part of tne Project 'Cplift program we funded through HARYOU ACT (Harlem 's rnulti-mlllion dollar anti-poverty program l last summer . . . , " Kelleher said. "The overall program was a good one and we have to figure that this (the theater-school) was a part of its succes~ "HAR YO U-A<.,""r wanted Jon.. in t e program. He is a legitimate playwright. whatever you may thmk about his views We knew about it

po oflie1a1 says of theater that "as a group we don't feel they represent a j threat. " 1 Alexander J AIJen execu- 1 tive director of the 'greater l'\ew York Urban League. a]. though 1eein~ some danger of black chauvinism.

that :

- · · -- -



The makeshift th er, in a t h r e e-story tenement, rec e i v e d $40,000 during the eight weeks when 400 Negro youngsters attended classes in the ar~, Negro cultural history, remedial reading. math and what Jones termed " hard-core nationalism," the playwright said. He said additional funds come fr om the theater's productions and from benefactors he refuses to name. Other sources indicate the federal share may have been much larger. HARYOU-ACT officials profess not to know since the agency's books e now undergoing investig tive audit. REJECTED ' George Nicolau. north tern deputy director of the federal Office of Economi Opportunity. said the the t is not now supported by a: ·· verty fundi "When HA.Ry()U-ACT prei.ented .form"! contract to us for addi · ~dings (of the theatet l we pned it down," he assert . • Some two dozen wri ulptors and paint_e rs t t.the school and 12-15 a<; orm the core of the r e company.


1 uesday, May 24, 1966 FHE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

.. Black People's Power

., M Brawl--


·.SNCC Spurns

Deputy Hurt . A Mai_n county deputy sher' iff received a wrenched leg Sunday night in a brawl bet we eD officers and ~ vouths in racially te 1 rinCity. 1 -1 Deputy Sheriff Bill was released alter fir, , treatment.

Charfed with felonious as-

_Johnson Talks < In Viet Protest tlanta !rights of colored people in The Student Non-Violent Vietnam."


~au-Jt iC an officer were wjl.

liam L. Bland, 20, of 99 Cole

rdlnating Committee yesStokely _9armichael, n day bitterly rejected an in- ' SNCC chairman, said about 1 drive. and Willie Gr ayson, 20. . · ation to a White House 135 members of the militlllt : of 89 Cole drive. ference on civil rights and ;student organization h d > Both remained in custody undated a strogg pplj£¥ pf I been invited to the conferin lieu of posting $550 bond. ck nationafism . ence. He emphasized that ln 1 The i n c i d en t occured , ih a prepared statement. it reje c ting the invitation around 10:30 p.m ., according I c~U-ed the conference. sched- rS~€C 1s following an n&Ck to Deputies Gary Ber i ti I ultd for June 1-2, " absolute)y lS l V e new ~gro COUffS' and Carl Wiest. unnecessary." outs Ide h hi e . The;: said they wen; talk•'Our organization is tures o o ern ing with a Mann City woman posed to 16e war in ~_. I rom e ous n infront of 409 Drake avenue n " declare " and to co~tho~es an C.w..i,a",s. when a 19-year-old boy, apno in go conscience " Jnegra on is irre e It .. meet with the chief poll- Carmichael declared. " ll 1-1 Tu(ached and began swearl.!!.g at themL they said. cymake:r of the Vietnam war cal and economic power When they attempted to to d.iJlcu s human'rights in , what the black people ha .to jall him for obscenity, Bland this country when he n a- · have." and Grayson tried kl rescue crantly violates the human ' Carmichael. who r ecently succeeded J o h n Lewis as him. the officers said. 5i. CC' c air an , s id Wallace responded to a ra- I & dio <:all for he}p and was in- 1 major civil r ghts orgarl jured in th fight. . r n ar " n happy" ith thP df'nl group's new poliT l ·Y




=- '-




'But "e'll go our way th can go their~." be s JJ.::;~;:A.J~ LWG.wl!WiilW.lilEli:A.I f I ( (



•e d

�s The recent Dorado decision by the California Supreme Court stripped from police some of their most important and time-honored weapons in defense of society against crimmality. - We publish below n extr t from an opinion by Justice Walter J. Fourt ofVenura, exposing fallacies of the Dorado rule : · It may be dista~ful to have police t all or to have.them invetttigating_and q tioning---0n the other hand it is more tast.eful to be unable to walk on an ordiry sti:eet in a .city without fear of . lence being committed t o your person. property. ., _ "If people committed no crime, there . ould be little need for policemen. But that as it may, the judicial attitude of · te (as expressed in the Do:rado rul ) 11ems entirely unrealistic as to conditi· u they exist insofar as the police' are co ed." The Dorado decision ties one h behind the back of the policeman wlio · :trying to protect your life. The Dorado eciaion benefits the gangman and thug. The legislature should take steps to change th t t o 1 are · ur f




· ·For Courts


'/ And J~dQes I

eversals ·by


\ Hihg Court e State Supreme _ ed a sweeping se ·sion yesterday aff prisoners on San Death Row .

the War

�· Primitive Africa Still Around



T..,. !~Y, Ap,ril 20 1965





hts· Commission

Th Hunters· Crime Probl Three Cars Stoned In Watts Incidents Lo Anirh's

' minor injuries when

f!! 16:39, 29 December 2017 (EST)._u143.215.248.55 16:39, 29 December 2017 (EST)lil!JR eµ o r t s or sporadic rocl:· j era. hed through the lll'owing in the 'eg-ro district n South Los Angeles reached 1 o I i c e last night. Officers .aid three cars were dam1 in separate incidents, one of which involved a P olice said two moboth white, received


of their vehicles. Earlier in ·the even crowd of about 100 ju thre work sat a police Watts, but q~ickly di•I wh~ the officers ot their car.

Oakland Police Netti d


'No Evidenc,e' Frees Suspects



Teen-Age Rumble , 'Save' 3 Berkeley Police


Berkeley police yester- 1at 10:30 p.m. beca.use of a rey praised a group of port a fight was m progress ul who came to the and a teen-ager h <l been· ·a Of three patroImen hurt. cU He found a 19-year-old Oakattacked by a mob land youth, Emmett Rhodes,

n-agm.'S late Monday bleeding from a beating


had suffered. officers were knocked Pursley was attempting to ground and kie.ked by a question persons in a lar e d of about 50 young crowd of teen-agers when he who had been engaged and two other officers who romble. had responded. Gerry Tem three suffered minor pleman and R . A, Brizee, I juries but ,did not require were suddenly jumped. hospitalization. Severa] adults came to the "It could have been a lot aid of the officers and kept worse," said Patrolman Mar- j the incident from becoming tin Pursley, "if a group of more serious. ults had not assisted u In Another 12 patrolmen were holding off the youths until sent to the scene and arrest-· additional officers arrived." , ed five youths on charges of Pursl wu dispatched to <115lurbing tit peace, assaultthe in _..,,,.,,,., of ,::.. ,.,, a h Cle • and re tr

!,~p;~es~te:li:d~1attempted getaway, a phone .fi'+~ ~ ~~ !i-'~t,?a~L!.n~d~a call to the San Francisco 016:39, 29 December 2017 (EST)~::,i;~~a~s~- tel by one of t he burglary Rs-lff16:39, 29 December 2017 (EST)!ects led Burllngame ,...w...~""-'~"":-~L.:11¥,1,,1~.s;i;.~ ordstrom to t he second trlo, ,1 cd for "lack of evidence" he said. Articles found in t he motei ,Wednesday. ! Wilburt Flournoy, 21 , and room were trace! to bur.brothers Luther and Stanley , g~aries from Corte Made , Prire, 20 and 23, both of Long 1Richmond, San Carlos and B llch. were tceed oo the le- San J ose. . 1 pl tes;bolcality thM pgUc~ordstrom said yesterday had no search warrant ~ , . s Ange_les authorities are

  • F

- _.wrwcmvestigatmg the burglary

iPC trio wa,u iabbe1 jQ it5aii
nng which they claim involves

EI· pcl§co motel and officers more than $350.000 worth of L(PIIP1 thpnsauds of dollars ;clothing stolen throughout u,,

1,01th Pf stolen c;Io thing.

(.;t ~ tp


Then· arrests by Buillngame and San Francisco police were trl• erect when three other mm were apprehended in Burlingame in an abortive "lt1 rglary attempt at the Robr rt Gate,, Clothin~ store. The thrre still being hPlc in Burlingame jail are Web bus Harvey, 22, Ch.arle., E Stanctmou, 21, and Jame.i F1ournoy. 24. Followtn, thell

Cops Attacked At N. Y. Rally S•w York Police were showered with d bris hurled from r ooftops uterda)' when the) moved ID l.o halt a boisterous street rally sponsored by the proC · ·

injured About 30 policemen and de· tectives "ere rushed to sct>n P when members of e labor group and representa• tives of an unidentified ban faction exchanged Manhat-1si"• remark:. that threa~ At






�Theat r to D fy Cops' Ban

Black Arts slash West Jackman's name as " Marvin I X plus 8," and he wa~ J ,...,_~ .;...._......."""""'"------- - - if he ia a Black Muslim

_ ·~illfil~~;:;;~it:1lii]@l ~

"All black men are rnembers of the Black Musli roa," hesaid.

Dep"!Y Is Assaulted In Marin Two teen-a g e r s were bboked esterda for assault a 20-minute scuffle a Marin county deputy lH ! ho stopped to qu about faulty headU their car in Marin Ci . The officer, 24-y Richard Keaton, said he was knocked to the ground and Kicked in the face after he stopped Phillip Craig Scott, 19, of 50 Cole drive, and Daniel James Hayden, 18, of Tl Buckelew street, both of Marin Clty.


MAY 27, 1966

THE ONLY Americon born block leader to o Tse-tun. e au of Chino's 700 n people, is Rob rt F. Willi•ms ond his 1hown during their interview with Moo

in _ Peking. Despito negative specul•tion in Wes m press os to the well-being of Mao, the Chinese leader recently •ppea,ed at a reception for the hHd of II EuropHn state.


Ois avow a Is of violence have been made r peatedly by many top American offi,ials. Pre sident Johnson and Vice President Humphrey, for example, have denounced rioting and rioters on a number of occasions, and so have mony civil -rights figures. However, police officials, local political leaders and som e members of Congress cite statements such as those above as part of the climate tha t hos fostered violence. In addition are the pamphlets and other publications flowing into Negro areas and openly inciting slum dwellers to guerrilla war. One pamphlet from Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM) says : "Weapons of defense employed by AfroAmerican freedom fighters must consist of a p oor man's arsenal. Gasoline fire bombs (Molotov cocktails), lye or acid bombs (made by injecting lye or acid in the metal end of light bulbsl can be used extensively Ex tensive sabotag e 1s possible ."

�DIAGNOSIS OF A RIOT CLEVELAND-A grand jury's report makes this diagnosis of the racial violence that ra mpaged through Cleveland this summer, killing four and causing millions of dollars in p roperty damage:

Trained profession als. "This jury finds that the ou tbreak of lawlessness and d isorder was both organized, precipitated and exploited by a relatively sm,11l group of trained and disciplined professionals at this business. "They were aided and abetted , witting)~, or otherwise, by misguided people of all ages .md colors, many of whom are



National Guardsmen stand watch outside burned-out Clevt lc,ncl storf' ofter riots

Some of the same people were observed in both places on several nights of the disorders."

Assigned roles? "It is no casual happenstance or coincidence that those throwing fire bombs or bricks or bottles, or p illaging or grnerally engaged in disorder and lawle · ness were, in the main , young people obviously assigned, trained and disciplined in the roles they were to play in the pattern of these dual outbreaks separated by less than one month. Nor, by the same token, is it happenstance or even 111st singular coincidence: "1 . That th£· over-all pattern for fire bombing and d,•,truction to both the Sup<'rior and Hou~h areas was so highly . el ctive; "2. T hat the targets were plainly agreed upon; "3. That certain places were identifi( •d lii be hit .ind that certai11 other pl,1(TS 1\'t're ,imtl.irl~ , p,1recl .. , The le ad e rs. The grantl-jur) report idt"11tifit's "the JFK Ho11se"-111ea11i11g the Jon10 Freedom Kenyatta House in Cle1·ela11cl-a, a sort of ge11eral headq11~1rters tor the not1'1s. It 11,unes the JFK House IPad1·1s .ts J.p1, ts C . Hohi ri-;Jll ,tlld l,is \Ide. llt't lr : ll11Jt,ll lo1ws, .\l b1·1t l) \\',11 1·- 111·1 Pl11I p \ l-ro111 tht> 11 J'<irt. '" I ,1·,1 ,, Hol, 11,011 h,1s la·1·1l 11Jili,1teJ 1\lth tl11· F1tt . 1111 F1gl1tt·1' ol Ohio th,• \l"I '.II be,, HiAP (l11h ,d ,id t he h1·lp,·d to frn111d. tlt1 JI· K 11 m t' of ,1hid1 lw i, ti, 11lti111,1t1· lw.1d th<' Dl',1, •Ill' 1111 l), ,f1 I t ,llld l]ll' l\1•10Jt1tlllll,IJI !,, (I,. ,,t. \II ,,, tl11 ' l ' .tit

I l11b,

,., ,, ,d!tli.1t, d "rlli tlw l,1·

\lt•d J,.!,11




,J11ti1111,tl \' , \ d11111 \I,, t' ,,. p1t id,·111 of I>, 1'1111 I ( 111, (, I ,1111, I I 11.11 d 2.1100 I,, 11 ,, 1,,,.,,1. I , },. p tilt d .11,.J 1·1 11 ,rl 1t,,d 11t111~ ll,1,d111t11,, 1lpl11, li111td1t,' ,I tlw 11 0111.:'111.,ts 111111 le ! 1111111lrl'1 11f the I' to I I I


(lit f'lllf d t 1d1•11lf '"' ,,, .11,d ) !111 ,di 1rfll', .11,d di I><· r,, If· ,11 d 111 otli 'ip,, I, \ f It' Ill 11J(' ,It h,11.1t11 I,, lt'Pd l1Jr I iH,• I IJll(IIOJIS \\Pre g1n11 in lolr.,tn 1 01 kt,111, .111, I how

and when to throw them to obtain maximum effect. Further, irrefutable evidence was shown to the elfect that Robinson pledged reciprocal support to and with the Communist Partv of Ohio . . . . It was established befor; the jury that the leaders of the W .E .B. DuBois Club and the Communist Youth Party, with interchangeable officers and virtually identical concepts, arrived in Cleveland only a few da ys before the Hough-area disorders."

Outside influence . The report says these men moved into Cleveland from Chicago, New York and Brooklyn and established themselves near "the central point of origin of the Hough-area t roubles . . . . T hey made swift contact with the JF K House leadership and v.'ith the leaders of the Communist Party throughout the Ohio \ alley .... "Finally, evidence was presented that UJA~I A [mean ing "African socialism·· in the Yorub.1 lallgitage] i~ an organization dedicated to black power and has beg11n it effort to stablish itself in the Cle1 eland area . Their philosophy is that black people ~hould be governed b~· themselves in e,·ery respect and that anythi ng p .rtaining to the rights of l\egroes 111ust he cleared through the c:elltr,11 org,rni1;1tion of l'JA~L\ , which has Jlo111 islll'cl ill .:\,•11 York ancl has ,pread i11lo .otlt<:r pl.11·t·s and is ernbr:1cecl lucall~ h Lewis Hobi11su11 and his lin1t 11.111ts ... ( ,\ loll 011 ciril rig/rt,s, po1-1· .'J





-J ,77 ~

~ /~...,,::~ -




�S sp t. 7, 1966

De ar S ir: I am sure y ou a re as s ick and disgusted, as many of we Ame ric ans are, over the violence in your fine city this week . I t is shameful and frightening to r eal i z e what the le ade rs of the civil rie;hts movement are d o ing to our beautiful country, all unde r the g ui se of civil rights , whi ch has u lt imat e ly, proven nothing more than civil di obedienc e. It is time f or t he decent and l aw abid in g ci t izens of thi ~ country, to h ave some guts, and let it b e known and understood, that we are no longer g oine; to tol erate any more of thi~ n onsense; which tends to st ir emotion~ to the boiling ro int. I am appal led at the treatment to wards you; the Mayor; ,ius t a few , shor t yearP ago , this wou l d have c onstituted a major offense, a nd a ction woul d have b een t ake n, a ccording ly. I truly fear ~or th~ safety of our citizens , for thi s thing iR far fr om over, and if the Raby ' s, King ' s and Carmicheals h av e the ir way, they won 1 t be satisf i ed until they have destroyed our country. It i s time f or the pseudo-int e lle c tuals a nd the do - gooder s , to wake up to the fa ct, that they a re part of a ctivities, tha t are not aimed a t honorable g oals. It is v e r y important to remember, tha t thi s l and has more successful negr os than anywhere else on this earth. I keep he a ring volc es chan ting; "e quality ". What does this mean? I was a l way s of t he belief th a t G-od g ives us our lives , and what we do with it , is for us to de ci de. How does one judge equality , when each of us is an indivi du a l, with tndiv idual likes and dislikes, with individual abilities , and thank the Goo d Lord he made life in this manner. How bor i ng and unchalJen g ing if sameness were a way of li fe . A man hag to s t and on his merits , an~~ this God bless l and , he is allowed to go to any height, but it does ta~e sheer determination and goals. Man, no matter the col or of the skin , does not survive by having things handed to him; much to the contrary; those who do the most and get the mo~t out of lif'e; are those who work the hardef't. Government cRnnot "force" individuals to live together, thi h as to evolve; if it is meant to be; out of the intent of those involved. We are all aware of the fact, that mariy negros havA sho1,m them selv eR responf'ible and respectible, but it is the others, that are c~using many quegti~ns to be asked. The~e, are the ones, who to my way of thinking, are playing a. very dangerous " game", a game that may well p~ove disa~trous to both races, if' aJ lowed to continue. The news-media(all forms ) have an obliBation to print the truth about how many com~unists are d efinitely behind the civil rights movemen t. It has been proven again and again, and I fear , too many people, still are not well informed of this fact. If our nation is not restored to law and order , I, for one, shudder to think of what the immediate future has in store for us. God blessed this nation beyond any other nation in recorded history, and it appears , we have turned our backs on all we had going for us. If this be true, and we cont1nue to follow the present couree, He may well turn his wrath upon this nation ••• then it will be too late to turn back and rectify our mistakes. Everything our foref'athers did was in a Godly manner, and nearly everything we do, is directly in opposition, so is it any wonder we are finding more problems than we are eqqip p ed to handle !

�Surely, I am in no position to suggest how you shoul d run your cit y , but I c an onl y hope and pray that you and al l the l eaders of tlanta, will be tough, and not succumb to the co ercion and harassment that is all too familiar with the · so-ealled l eaders of civil ri ghts . They are diseased i n their t hin k ing , and t hey come into the communities a lien to them, and a re content to l eave on ly when , they have the seeds of d iscontent , wel l p l anted . I had hoped by now, that the President woul d have seen fit; f or t he g ood of the country ; to cal l a hal t to the marches, riots, sit - ins and al l ore a n iz ed attempts to d isrupt the natural events , in communities throughou t the U.S . A. It is more and mo re evident to those of us watching closely, what a man will allo,v, .for the sake of vote - ge tting. Our Pres. coul d stop what iR now be c c,Pling a way of' lifA, for the trouble makers, but su ch i s not the case, so it se e ms to me , and to many, many o thers , that locAl officials mu st take the initiative to ~rotect all the innocent citiz ens of their townR and citi es. We ca~not and mu st not allow any more civil d i sobedience, as omething the decent and l aw- abidin g people must Ji ve i n fea r about . Pl ease, p l ease do not l et the nuts put you into a posi tion of they d ic tating to y ou and the other city officials: what has taken p l a ce i n Chicag o, re g arding the fina l outcome from Gity Ha l l , h as made s o many of u s s ick a t hear t . I am married to a Rea ltor, so I fe e l it is unn e ce ssary to say how I feel about the lo s s of a v ery , precious freedom; that of Propert y Rights. God ble s Ev Dirksen, they n ever tire of tr ; ing to make a fool out of his convictions, but I c annot think of anothe r p olitician, who can come up to his waist! God i s t estin a this nation in s o many ways , th a t it tak es someone much shr ewder than I, to keep up with it. The Fo rces of Evi l attack only when they see weakening cracks that t hey are able to split wide open. I hope and pray , that this f ation of Sheep, wi ll wake up, before it is too l a te. Go od luc k and Uod bless you; I sincerely hope you h a ve se e n the last of chaos and confusion.

/J11~Z/)7;; /kdd. Mrs Anne MacDonald

Ll-467 Brae burn S. E. Grand Rapids, Mich. 49506

�Stokely 1 s ability to attrac t t he televi sion and radio aud ience. Mr Allen , it seems to me t ha t y ou ought to be thankfu l that y ou just rec ent l y ran int o a Stokely Ca r michae l. You ac cuse him of inciting a riot--a charge that Southern officials level only at civil rights devotees--when nothing but luck held down the tempers of the minority citizens whi le At lanta was permitting the exi stence of inflammatory a ct ivity by such as the cross-burning rabble rousers who have used y our town without any comment from you. 0

Mr. Allen, the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Commi tt ee should not be made to pay the political campaign financial demands placed on y ou and your friends. Mr . Allen, do not rush to assume the self -dele gated responsibility of trying to rid this free country of Mr o Carmichael; you will be just a puppet who will get no national praise, ex cept it be that which comes fr om your fa mily. Brother Allen, the way you imprisoned Stokely and his aides is n o more just than the way some unwise f ormer rulers imprisoned the likes of Paul and Silaso The .Apost l e Paul "incited a riot," and Jesus Christ really stirred up the peopleo But Jesus came not to destroy the law, but to fu lfil it. So did Stokely Ca rmi chael . Mr . Allen , the only reason you threw Stoke ly in jail is that he is your first encounter with a black man who is not afraid of you~ Mr . Carmicha el will not bow down to you, and that is the shock of your lifetime . Because of it, you give him the Daniel treatment . You know as well as I do that Carmichael did not cause your riot. Stokely called your number, and you tried to save fa ceo You are not " to o f ull of the milk of human 1 kindne ss' to ca tch the nearest way .. " Mr . Allen, what makes you think you can make the nation believe that a jury in Atlanta will be honest with a man like Stokely? Who is Ivan Allen? Mr. Mayor, every c ollege town has some facade of prosperity. Yours is manifold, college-wise. But you forget the poor man. Even the few civil rights leaders with whom you smile are well-to-doo But what about the poor--the only people police rush to shoot? You overlook them and expect a few wealthy Negro professors and lawyers and preachers and doctors to spread your 11 fame" throughout the land.

�But Mr. Allen, Stokely Carmichael is an educated philoso pher. His intellect is keener than mine and yours put together. (All the more reas on you should hate him, perhaps? ) He can perceive the limitat i ons of y our l iberal attitude. We saw Los Angeles exposed. Will Atlanta follow similarly? St oke ly Carmichael could become the best friend you ever had, but the move seems to be up to you. Do y ou have guts enough to go bef ore y our jury and halt the persecution of those innocent people? Stokely Carmichael needs no lawyere He needs only one defense witness--Ivan Allen. You were weak enough to stab him, so a re y ou strong enough to bandage the wound and thereby pu t your name on the list of saints a l ong side that of my good former Governor Leroy Collin s? (Bo th you and the Governor would still have t o take care not to get yourselves toppled from "my menti on.," "My menti on" is the cause for which all the civil righ t s leaders have striven so hardo) I f you cannot d o this, Brother Allen, the do or to notoriety which recently admitted certain other "officials" we both know is still openo When y ou go to bed at night and can't fall asleep (I know y ou can 1 to), try thinking of that black man you threw in jail without reasono Count ing sheep and taking sleeping pills will not erase injustice .. Stokely Carmichael hit s home runso

Isn 1 t Ivan Allen striking


- J ~"Jt(;::;Z';Zz., Tillman Mack Peck

�September 10, 1966 Mayor Ivan Allen Atlanta, Georgia Mayor Ivan Allen: I wholeheartedly protest the injustice and illegal arrest of Stokely Carmichael of Student Non- Viol ent Coordinating Committee. You, along with the newspapers have joined in another trick to try to fool the general bl ack public, but this trick no:b any other will stop t he bl a ck people 's revelution . If police brutality, slums, poverty condition 's, and t he general expl oitation of the Negroes t her e in Atlanta, the citi zens protest of police arre sts which is termed a riot would never have occured, but t his protest and furth er protests will continue on a mass scale because of the i nhw-nan treatment of the black people all over America. Whether it is Ca r michael or whoever it may be t hat speaks out the truth in behalf of t he bl a ck pe ople , it is what every black person feel s wmthin his heart. A feeling that will cont i nue until every black person i s fre e of all injustic·es that he is being subject ed to unde r whi te power , and Car michaels arrest is just a nother one of these injustices, the denial of fr ee speech. Mayor Alle n, t he f i ght will continue, the feelings will continue, t he prot e st s will continue and who knows all the rest that wi ll continue unt i l t he day comea when all black peopl e are abl e to be fr ee of the condit i ons that are force d upon us by the white power structure. However , n~y it be emphasized here that you have added a fuel to t he spark and stronger bounded the bl a ck peopl e ' s effort' s in t heir revolution. Lorrine We st


���September 13, 1966 1805 North Indian Creek Drive Mobile, Alabama

Honorable Ivan Alle n, Jr . Mayor City Hall Atlantag Georgia Dear Mayor Allen: Enclosed is a copy of the Cu yahoga County Grand Jury R eport conce rning the re cent riots in Cleveland, O h io , You will note on page 3 tha t the Cleve land riots were "aided and abetted by -- members of, or officers in, the Communist Party. 11 May I offe r my sincere and d eepest sympathy for the t errible stat e of a n arc hy that h as r ecent ly been perpetrated by what appears to be "outsiders" o n the great City of Atlanta? You are to be congratulated for your wonderful leadersh ip and resolute courage in the face of treme n dous per sonal as well as political risks. Seldom h ave the American people seen s u c h bravery as you personally d em on strated the past we e k - end . Attached a re two letters t o Ex- Congressm a n Frank W . Boykin and to Co ngres s man Joe R. P ool, C h ai rm an of the House Un~ Arnerican Act i v i tie s Committee, co n c erning o ne St okel ey Carmi c h ae l. You will no t e that I am c a lling on Congre ss m a n Pool t o inv es t i g ate wa y s a n d me a ns t o bring Carmi c h a e l and h is g a ng out in the ope n. Since you n ow have him in jail in Atlanta , perha ps this is a n o pp or tuni ty for a j oint effort by the House U n~Arneri can Activities Committee a nd your e ffor t s in A tla nta t o either put this man in jail for a lo ng term or p better yet, d epor t him i mmediately. I am sure you can count o n war m support f rom Congressman Pool, but you will pro bably h ave s trong o pposition from Attorney General Katzenbach since he has publi cly denounced the Grand Jury Re p or t from Cleveland both o n television and in the i nternational pre ss. In the interest of law over ana r chy, I rem ain Sincerely yours,

0-.IJ ""~

1W . MA~ THEWSg Colonel, USAF

Copies t o : Mr. Frank W . Boykin Congressman Joe R . Pool

Atc h s : Cuyahoga County Grand Jury Report Letter to Ex- Congressman Frank W. Boykin Letter to Congressman Joe R. Pool

�September 13, 1966 1805 North Indian C reek Drive Mobile , Alabam

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr. Mayor -City Hall Atl nt , Georgia De ar M yor Allen: Enclo ed is a copy of the Cuyahog County Grand Jury Report cone rning the recent riot in Cleveland, Ohio. You will note on pag 3 that the Clev 1 nd. riots were "aided and abetted by ..... members of, or officer in, the Communi t P rty.

M y I offer my sincere and deep st symp thy for the terrible stat of anarchy that h recently been p rpetrated by b t ppears to b out ider " on the great City of Atl nt ? You re to b congr tul t ed for your ond r .. ful le dership and r solute courage in the fac of t:rem ndou p rsona.l s well as political d k . Seldom h ve the Americ. · n p ople seen uch br . very a you personally demon tr ted th pa t we k ... end. Att eh d r two lett rs to Ex-Congre m u Fr nk oykin nd to Congr man Joe R . Pool, Chairm n of t Hou Un.. Am ric n Activitie Committ e, cone rning on Stokel y C rmich el . You will not th t 1 am calling on C ong re m · n Pool to inve tigat ys and m . ns to bring C rmicb el nd hi ng out in th op n . Sine you now h ve him in j il in Atl nta, p rhap this. i n opportunity fo~ joint £fort by th Hou e Un•Am rte n Activi.ti Committ nd your £fort in Atl nt& to ith r put tbi m n in jail for lon term or,. bette r y t, d port him imm diat ly.

I am ur you c · u count on rm upport from Con r sman Pool, but you will probably b v trong oppo ition from Attorn y G n ra1 Katz nbach inc h a publicly d nounc d th Gr d Jury R port fr m Cl v 1 d th on t levi ion and tn the int rn tio 1 pre a. tn the int r st of l w over

n rchy, l rem in

Sincer ly youra,



Copt s Ml'. Fr nk

• Boykin Con r saman J R.

rn l, US

C unty Grand Jury

x ... Co gr 1e a C ngr •a n Jo


rank • B ykin

• l



~. September z, 1966 · 1805 North Indian Creek Drive Mobile, Alabama

Honorable Frank .W. Boykin Chairman of the Board · Tensaw Land 8r Timber Co. 205 Government Street Mobile, Alabama

My dear Mr. Boykin: I deeply appreciate your action in mailing the Grand Jury Reports from Cleveland to our friends in an effort to make this terrible guerrilla warfare known to everyone. I£ we as a nation. fail to identify Communlat influence behind the scenes, then these riots can never be &uppreased. If enough important people fully grasp the complete dangers of this prob• lem, they will asslat Congressman Poole and the rest of the House and Senate to bring pressure on the President to rid himeel! of the rotten eggs in his cabinet.



It is my opinion that Attorney General Katzenbach will go down in history as the worst ever to serve our country, Something must be done about hia refusal to recognize and do something about Communism and its followers; who openly state their intent to destroy our nation. For example; if you o·r · I stood on a street corner anywhere in the U. S;. and called on anyone to refuse to serve in the country's military services, we would be clapped in jail overnight, and we would .deserve euch treatipent. On the other hand, we see the Justice Department openly supporting ii·~ protectihj leaders . such as Stokeley Carmichael; leader-of the Student's Nonviolent Coordinat;. ·. --.. ing Committee, who recently appeared on national TV (NBC) and enjoined ·. .' all negroes to refuse to serve in the military. The question h: Whose \ · . side is Katzenbach on? ·. ',



This man Carmichael should be deported. He la a native of Trinidad and recently admitted to NBC Moderator, Mr. Lawrence Spivak on "Meet The Press" th~t there is some question o( whether he la even a citizen of th'f ~ United States. Regardless of hla citizenship 1tatu1, anyone who preach'5a ' I against negroee, or any other race, honoring their obl~gatory military ·.: (service, h obviously preaching treason a1ain1i our country. We depor1tetd. the gangster Lucky Luciano for crime• that were Car below the level •o! l treason. "' ' ' ·'






r· .-. _• ..


�,. ~-


Please do everything possible to obtain copies of Bobby Kennedy's .speeches when he ran for the Senate, New York and defeated Senator Keating. Perhaps a better description would be when he "purchased" Senator Keating's job. These speeches will be o{ inestimable value to Governor Wallace when he begins preparation for the 1968 pre•idential -race.

·, . f



-. Please call all your friends and try to influence ·a, many as posalble to attend the Governor's apeech ln Prichard Monday, September !S, li66.


With warmest peraonal reaarda, I remain

.' -

Your devoted frlenc:l,










IVM:ca '\ I\

.• •,










f.;~ ,


. .'









~ '




'{ . ' . . ,. f: \ i~


.. '








i (




. .




• • .!..,,


'.' i·







- - -- -·- - - - - - . ~~, - ~,7__:::.::





., ._ -







September 6, · 1966 1805 North Indian Creek Drive · Mobile, Alabama



••,,. Honorable Joe R. Pool Chairman, House Unamerican Activltlea Committee · · House Office Building Washington, D. C. 2051_5


' l

Dear Conaz:eaaman Pool: Enclosed ta a copy of a great apeech by Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, made to the Masone October 19, 1965. Your attention b invited to page 8 wherein Mr. Hoover states, "Standina in the forefront o! the communist campaign to confuse the minds, distort the thinkina and win the •upport of c.,ur young people is the DuBois Club11 of America • an illegitimate spawn conceived by the Communist Party and nurtured by a trusted band of youthful adherent• to the cauae of world Marxism. 11 Mr. Hoover further state• that the civil right• organiaatlona that crosa thh land are being permeated by communbta. I, for one, .believe that Mr. Hoover la 100% correct and that all too often our Attorney General Nichol;u Katzenbach ls 100% wrona, ~hen it come• to the hard problem o{ identifying known communbt1.


Abo enclosed la a news article by former Governor, Rosa Barnett of Missie sippi, who atate• that the nation la now auf(erlng from "planned,

ore anized, red infiltrated violence. under the auhe of civil disobedience. " You will note he further ldentifle• Stokeley Carmichael, head of the Student Nouviolent Coordinating Committee, aa one of t»rincipal troublemakera. .

,, ,·"

.f ·. · • ...




i . . :_ . 1·




A s h\Jrt time ago, Stokeley Carmichael appeared on Meet the Pre••, a prog ram which waa televiaed nationwide. He repeatedly and voclferoualy atate d that he now c£alla on all neg r ot' to refuse to aerve ln the military ln defen• e of this country. Specifically,· he rejected the idea of any nearot' aervlng in Vlet-Nam and leCt no doubt tbat he la in tr~th preaching treaaon from day to day.

According to the new• accounta I have read, Stokeley Carmichael la not a bona !ide citize n of the United Statea. He admlta publicly that he ha• nev r vote d in an edlec:tlon ud for one ao intereated ln the conduct of our -nation' • a ffair •, Uu• muat' be proof that Ile taa•t a clU•••• I underataa4 . --- -- - .. '










-- '


--... . :.~--. r! . ...


!:A_ -





he w a born on the laland of Trinidad and waa "educated" at Howard Univeraity, Waahlngton D. C. \•

You will recall that our country deported a gangster known as Lucky Luciano for crimea that are considerably below the level o{ treaaon. My simple question le" Can you abed true light on the character and purpose of one Stokeley Carmichael? Next, he should either live by the laws of this country or be ahould be deported. Per~lls your areat committee can help in ridding the U.S. A. of theae lnaiclioua enemle• ) that our Juatice Department .aeemingly l1norea a• civil atrl£• continue• to inc:re1ue. .. j· .. I



. .r. "



. r '.



. ... ' '1



• •

.. •

•• - .

• 4




In the intereat of law over-ana-rcby, I remain

Sincerely ,our•,




. I ..



i . ..

,. -·--·-




Colonel, USAF

Speech by Mr. J. Edaar Hoover New• Article by Governor _Ro•• Barnett . ·,

Copiea to: Honorable Frank W. Boykin Mr. H. L.· Hunt , .. IVM:c1





.. \.

......... ~

.; '


.. ..

.. I




2 , .. .:


- ~ -- ...... ,..




f .











Your Honor, Judge Thomas J. Parrino, Presiding Judge,

> .

Criminal Branch, Common Pleas Court of Cuyahoga County: As a preface to the attached report of the County Grand Jury convened by you in special se~sion for dealing with the rec·e nt Hough Area riots, this Jury would like to make sol"B general

.. . ·1'.

observation to you.


These are reinforced by approximately six month~ of reviewing the status or law and order among the people of this County~ I


We assume that the people of Cuyahoga County are in the main typical of people of the whole nation during this latter halt .of the turbulent twentieth century.


It is our firm belief that what America



urgently than anything. else is a renewal of good citi~enship by


all of us.


Of equal concern by this Jury are the steady erosion


of ideals and principles of God and Country end their persistent replacement by the deification of material idols and material 'principals.' We profoundly believe that a rieid adherence by everyone to the established law and order ot this country should instantly replace _the guerilla warfare practiced in the streets and neighborhoods . Whatever we in this country set out to echieve should be accomplished within the ·framework of the laws fashioned torr t~ \

benefit and protection of every citizen and not by any means we think can be employed or the time we fix for ourselves. \


• ·'II,

, "


' , r



We believe there should be a re~toration -of the qualities of good faith, of honesty, ' and a willingness to hear out the other person or the other side without resort to viblence and disorder:, , whether 9 around a bargaining table with capital and labor., or .


grievances among people of -different background or ethnic origin.


We believe in an elevation of moral and ethical standards


and conduct, including those in high places in government and in I

bueiness and in the professions - - n general going over of our· entire pattern of national life and values. What this country and this community need, in the opinion at this Jury of laymen, themselves citizens and parents and in business and professions, is not so much a blood bath but a good cle&nsing spiritual ba~h •


l /.








-~ I


fl)' . ,










.. .

This Jury ~as called into special session and directed by Presiding Judge Thomas J. Parrino of Common Pleas Criminal Court~ to inquire specifically into what now has become known as the


"Hough Area situation." Judge Parrino directive was in two parts: ONE - To establish the immediate c-a use of the fire bombing shooting, pillaging, general lawlessness and disorder. The Judge requested that this Jury learn whether the outbreak of disorder in this · two mile square, ares, housing 60,000 negro paople, was organized, and, if so, by whom. 'IWO

To establish as nearly as possible the be.sic circumstance under which 60,000 humnn beings were living in this relatively restricted area and for whom the life, limb and property of all were placed in jeopardy by the disorders.

The Jury has mAde this appraisal within the time limits and facilities available and herein rep9rts its general findings • • -iii

__________________ NUMBER ,ONE

.......-...-__,;;__ This .Jury finds that the outbreak of lawlessness and disorder was both organized, eresl?.,.~~!..2!~~ed ,!;,U re lati_ve ly sma,l} ..~rqug

~£.. !.E!ined


at this business. They were aided a?~ ~~!~- ~~tti.!1,~:1-!., or o~qer~~S.!,, by misguided people of all ages and colors, many of whom are avowed believers _in violence and extremism; and some of whom also are e¼thet members of or officers in the Communist party • . The majority of people in the Hough Area had no part in either the lawlessness or disorders.

They have been hindered rather than helped by this major tragedy.




, '






This Jury considers it regrettable and unfortunate for the community's sake tha't the legal statutes . of Ohio and Cuyahoga · County are either so outmoded or inadequate in their scope that these "responsible irresponsibles II cannot at this time be reached


by specific indictments for their infamous activities.


By persistent additional investigative effort they may be


reached later on in this fashion.



(This Jl!l'Y later in this report urges new and ~ore


adequate laws in t~is res.pact.) It is likewise observed by this Jury that it did not have the nocessary special investigative resources which could be and should be focused exclusively in tracking down the required immediate and far reaching evid~nce for conclusive legal action against specific individuals. However, in making this observation; the Jury wisbos ·


eapecially and particularly to commend those established arms of


law enforcement which have worked so resource"f,a, effectitlely ·•

and energe,ically in this aggravated situation. By this the Jury means, to be precise and specific, the ,, Clevl:3 land Police Department in all o~ its branches, from the Chief to the newest Rookie, and to Ohio National Guard when invokod by the Governor in this serious community emergency. I

The Jury nevertheless must emphasize that with the I

limitations imposed by the necessity of at all times guarding the community, the established arms of law enforcement are not equipped ·either with the resources or the investigative facilities to make r

such a total all out and ~xtendea inquiry under this situation as is obviously called for.

This Jury, in oon1ideration of the basic and wide public interes~, and exercising the latitude granted it under the laws which empower the ct eation of such a body as ours, nonetheless /, I





1 1


makes reference to individuals and organizations that in varying degrees were contributors to the Hough Area lawlessness and disorder.



It further notes the presence of many of these same individuals and organizations in another instance of lawlessness and disorder, that on

Superior Avenue, which bore many of the striking similarities to the Hough Area disorders. It notes the further significant fact that the Superior Avenue episode preceded the Hough Avenue disorders by less than a month. Some of the same people were observed in both places on several nights of the disorders. This Jury further believes , that, even though what already happened · is both regrettable and tragic in every conceivable human aspect, 1 there is a '

grave potentiality for repetition of these disorders, or others like them, occurring elsewhere in this_comm~nity . Different techniques might be employed;~ ut the resaj!ts would be equally disastrous or even more so •


Therefore , this Jury believes i ts judgment should be made an i mportant


part of t he formal record of what has happened and of whatever may happen i n the r ather unpredict able future t owards which we all , a s citizens of thi s communi t y, are mutual ly moving wherever we may l ive ··"'·

or ~hatever may be our place in life.

Finally ., before making specific r ef er ence to adult l eaders in t his

crises areas, and the events leading up to them , the Jury r espectfully calls attention to the ·effective uses made of impressionable emotionally immature and susceptible ·young minds by those who for one reason or another ha·ve set ·out r


to accomplish the i r designs and objecti ves _in Eur ope , Asis , 9out h America and el sewher e.




�I=4 .1

It is no casual happenstance or coincidence that those throwing fire


bombs, or bricks, or bottles

or pillaging or generally· engaged~ dis~rde~


and lawlessness were in the main young people-obviously assigned, trained and disciplined in the roles t~ey were to play in the pattern of these dual out- · ', I


breaks sepatated by less than one month. Nor, by the same token, is it happenstance, or even just singular coincidence: ---..

1. -

That the overall pattern for firebombing and destruction to both

the Superior and Hough Areas was so highly selective; 2. , ). -

That the targets were plainly agreed upon; That certain places were indentified to be hit, and that certain

other places were similarly spared. On both of these occasions, the Superior and Hough disorders, the presence of teenagers previously referred to was observed by the police, by plaincl?thes officers and underco ver agents who had been assigned for long periods to observe



these youths, With this background firmly established by the Jury's inquiry, and with the notable help of County Prosecutor John T. Corrigan and his staff, particularly Asst. County Prosecutor John T. Patton , this Jury herewith makes ref~rence I

to some of the principal and recurring personalities in the chain of events


which pr€c8ded both the Superior and Hough situations: THE JFK HOUSE


The JFK House , meaning Jama Fr eedom Kenyata House, is located at 8801 Superior Avenue,

The leaders are:

Lewis G. Robinson, and Beth Robinson, his wife , livi,ng at 1242 E. 89th Street; Harlell Jones, 9716 Hough Avenue; Albert D. Ware-Bey, 11611 Castiewood

�1•5 Avenue, and Philip Morris,. 7806 Radell A: venue,


Le.wis Robin~on has been affiliated with the Freedom Fight~s of .9hi~, ~

the Medgar Evers Rifle Club (which he helped to found), The. JFK House, of which he is the ultimate h~ad, The Deacons for Defense , and the Re , olutionary Action Movement. All of these Clubs, t o which Lewis Robinson belongs are black nationalist clubs. Testimony before this Jury discredited Lewis Robinson as a leader concerned with generally altruistic interests in youth but rather points to him as inciting these youths ~to focus their hatreds and as indoctrinating them with his own vigorous philispphy of violence , He exerted a profound influence over the JFK youth and he still doe·s . Harl ell Jones is affiliated with JFK House, the Medgar Evers Rifle Club, the Re volutionary Action Movem€nt; he is vice-pr.esident of the Deacons for Defense i n spite of his publi c di savowals, and had f r equently either presided

• .~

'· '

' 'fr.

over or sponsored meetings for black nationalists, and espous es the ultimate I


revoluti onary ,purpos e for adjusting differences or obtaining desired ends . Along with Lewis G. Robinson , Har lell J ones caus ed 2,000 pieces of '


lit erature t o be pr int ed and circulated, ci~ing alleged ins t ances of "police brutality", and on the eve of t he Hough r iots , circula ted the great est number of these to yout hs of non-voting age under the pl ausible guide of urging thb defeat of a levy at the polls. Special movies of an undi sclosed and volunt ary int erview shown to the Jury presneted Harlell Jones as an outri ght exponent of violence, a black power apostle with a bitter hatred for all whites, a co-foµnder of the Rifle Cl ub, and in commace of at least one Rifle Club.









Albert D, ,Ware-Bey, belonged to the same Clubs as Harlell Jones. declined to testify before the Jury.


Police agencies presented !\viden~e· ~hat




Ware, Robinson and Jones all purchased quantities of rifles, and aLl belonged


to the Rifle Clubs here and in other cities. Ware~Bey expressed no allegiance to this country, professed himself not . to be bound by its laws, and in the opinion of the Jury,by both testimony and his own conduct, was not one who could ,have other than destructive infuluence upon youths either at the JFK House or elsewhere.


There was evidence placed before the Jury that Rifle Clubs wer& formed, that ammunition was purchased, and that a range was established and used, tha~ ;,


speeches ~ere made at JFK House advocating the need for Rifle Clubs, and that instructions were given .in the use of Molotov cocktails, and how and when to throw them to obtain rr.a.ximurn effect. Further, irrefutable evidence was shown to the effect that Robinson pledged reciprocal support to and with the Communist Party of Ohio • • .~

t ·.

In addition, Robinson att~nded many meetings at whfch imported Communist . speakers talked and was arrested at one of these. It was established before the Jury that the leaders of the WEB DuBois Club and the Communist Youth Party, with interchangeable officers and virtually indentical concepts, arrived i n Cleveland only a few days before the Hough Area disorders. They took up residence at . 1844 East 81st Street 1 only n short distance 1



from the Central point of origin of the Hough Area troubles.





._ . .





These men, ~ho came from Chicago, New York ,and Brooklyn, .

•• I

were Mike Bayer, otherwise known as Mike Davidow ,i Daniel Mac ~


Ronald Lucas, and Steve Shreefter. They_were seen constantly together.

They mafle swift



. I

contact with t he JFK House leader s hip , and with Phil Bart, of Middlehurst Road, Cl eveland Heights, Ohio, artd his wife, Connie, who, the evidence showed, are the -leaders of the Communist · party


throughout the Ohio Valley District including Cleveland. With specific regard to the WEB DuBois Club, the evidence


further showed that Mike Bayer, Oaniel Mack , Ron Lucas and Steve Shreefter previously living and residing a l arge part of their


time outside of Cleveland, are currently making plans to move their efforts f rom the Hough Area over to the West Side:



they are not empl oyed, are now so far as the Jury knows wi thout any visible means of support but nevertheless are able to carry on 'their _advocacy ?nd to maintain themselves with clothi ng , food • ·iii!• r!. and she l te r f rom some unde t e r mi ned sourceo Finally, ev ~dence wa s presented . ! ha t UJAMA is an or ganizat i on dedicated t o black powe r ., and has be gun i ts e ff ort t o es t ablish itsel f in the Cl e veland a r ea . Their phil os ophy i s ~hat bl a c k people should be gove rned by t hemselve·s in ever y r espe c t and t hat anyth ing pe r t a i ning t o the r ight s of negroes mus t be cleare d t hrough the central organizati on of UJAMA which has flourished in New York, and has spread into other places, and is embraced locally by Lewis Robinson and his Lieutenants at JFK House.

In attendance at one specific me eting at which

plans for UJAMA in Cleveland were discussed were Robinspn, Jones and Ware-Bey.

Also in a·ttendance at this meeting was Cornelius

Freeman from Clevel and and Oserjiman Adefumi, and al s o

known as

Serge King, and Gize ngaga Latunji, representing New York UJ'AMA. I






.. ,.

.I, ! I

. I


It is this Jury's opinion that the investigative authorities have progressed sufficiently to justify the expectatio~ they will ul timately, if either urged or permitted to follow beyond what they have thus far gathered be able to put together all of the pieces to this pattern of lawlessness and disorder. I.

Because of t ,_._ s Jury's strong judgment in this regard it earnestly urges .i t-S successors to pursue the Superior and Hdugh disoiders with the utmost vigor and determination!

__ ,,, · Nothing l ess ·that this should be permitted in the _pµb lic interest . In thi s section of its report to Judge Thoma~ J, Partfno the Jury wishes to reiterate the fact that the ovetall majority


of the· people livini in the Hough area , dist ~

~ed, f rustrated,

beset with problems unimaginable. to those who do not endure them, .had nothing whatever to do with the se disorders and destructions, • ·tF -,/ and the Jury , on the contrary,., e xpresses its wholesome admiration for their g~ od c i tizenship and restraint in these tense and e motional times. In the course of its investigati on , the Grand Jury has

learned that poli ce a nd fi r e me n we re target s f or snipers a nd


individuals throwing rocks .and bricks. Further, fire equipment was damaged, particularly hoses, which were cut or attempted to be cut so as to render them useless· in the protection of persons .and property. These acts were a direct affront to lawful authority a nd of ne~essity would lead ,to justifiab1.e lirmed self- protection, unfortunately resulting in occasional injury and death to the innocent.





These senseless . acts cannot be tolerated and the perpetrators should be s ~b Jecte d to seve re pend ties.


The police and firemen on the other hand should be commended for their efforts to maintain law and order in th~face · of great personal danger. I The general conduct of our police and fire departments , we feel, cormnqnd and receive the highest r e spect of our law abiding citizens from all groups. It is the recomme ndation of this Grand Jury that all decent l aw-abiding citizens proclaim thei r support of law a nd order and their suppqrt of policemen and firemen in carrying out their duties toward tha t end. · ' This , i n t ur n, wil l of ne ce ss i ty command a course of


conduct on the pa r t of police and f ire men a nd particularly of the

.l ' I

police, who have more intimate contact with the public, which wi ll be of the. highe st calibe r of e f ficie ncy a nd decency and pa tie nce a nd will t hus c o{ . ri bute to a grea ter re&Jtorat i on of ~J'r American


-- - - ideal of equal treat ment. .


As ~arlier in this section o f t he J ury's rJport it was indicated, the Jury now requests that t he Cuyahoga County delega~ tion _to the next session· of the Ohio Assembly give se rious cfu~der-




ation to the foll owing suggest ions for new and more inclusive legislation covering such situations as the Superf or and Hough



Area disorders represent.

The Jury suggestions therefore are --(1)

Inciting to riot.


r' ('

No person -with the intent to cause a rio·t shall do any act or engage 'in any conduct whi ch urges a riot, or urges others


cornmit _acts of force or violencev

or the burning or destroy ing of property, and at a time and place and _u nder circumstances which produce a clear




�1-10 nnd present and immediate danger of acts of force or violence or the burning or destroyihg of property. ·,


Whoever violates this section shall be imprisoned not· less than one nor more than t wenty years. (2)

Definition of Riot. Any use of force or violence, disturbing the peace ,

or any threat to use such force or t ioience, if accompanied by i mmediate power of execut ion involving two or more persons carrying on such conduct and without authority of law, is a riot. (3)

En~anced Penalty for Arson or Attempted Arson during a Riot. An amendment to Revised Code section 2907.06 (this

section concerns itself with the attempt to burn or se t on f i re or to do any act prel i mina r y t he r e t o or the burning of buildings ): "Upon the pr oclamat i on of . I


Governor pre c l a i ming


a .st a te of disas t e r or extr eme e mergency because of a ri ot


whoeve r v i ola tes t hi s s e ct i on dur i ng suc h pe ri od

cove red by said proc l amat i on shall be fi ned not le ss


t han $5,000.00 and i mpri soned not le s s t ha n five nor · mor e than t we nty ye ar s or both. " ( 4)

j --


I ..


As sau l t a~ainst a fireman or policeman acting in t he cour se of his duty. No per s on s ha l l a ssau lt a f i r ema n or poli ceman

while s uch f i r eman or policeman is acti ng in the cour se r

of hi s duties :

Whoeve r viol a t es this section shall be

fiQe d not more tha n $5,000.00 or impr i s oned not l ess than one

I\.'" more than twenty ye ars or both .



In addressing itself to the second of Judge Parrino's directives, namely, the conditions of life prevailing in the Ho~gh Area, this Jury finds: ~

Poverty and frustration, crowded by organized agitators: served as the uneasy backdrop for the Cleveland riots. I


Unfortunatelyp it is the overwhelming mass of innocent and law-abiding citizens who pay the greatest penalty in any cross-fire of violence •


The following inequities and practices

contrbuted as

a feeding ground for disorder: a.

The density of population in the Hough Area.


Inadequate and sub-standard housing.


Charging of exorbitant rents . by absentee landlords.


Non-enforcement of the housing code.


Woefully inadequate recreational facilities for children whose uncertain homelife calls for this ~

,o;:t .

kind of wholesome canmunity outl~t 9 and fot ~\he con-

.. structive

guidance and counsel to offset their

regrettable environment. f.

Sub-standard educational facilities. as a consequence of l ong neglect, which _, in substantial. fairneee ·, have been great l y improved in recent years but which still call for fur ther effort on the part of officials and community leaders.




Excessive food prices in most instances accompanied


all too frequently ~ith foodstuffs found to be r

inferior in freshness or. quality. h


The denial of equal economic opportunities.


Diminished _incentives by repressed and neglected people.





______ .

1-12 j~ _The present system of paying women for having children, frequently out of wedlock, or under a relationship loosely described · as "common-law" which enables the father to walk out of his "marital arrangement" to escape his proper responsibilities.


(The current welfare system should be challenged in this respect f or its effect upon the very people who are supposed to benefit.

Children brought into the world under such callous and

financially expedient circumsta.nces are rarely seen by their father.

This system the Jury believes is anything but h~lpful

either to the mothers, or the fathers, or the children » or the community. I

Surely, this Jury believes, those charged with social


and moral responsibility in this community are capable of devising a much more equitable ~nd effective formula than the prevailing one.)



Regardless of how the very large addit i on of negroes f ormerly ~idely dispersed throughout the deep and • -~


mi d-South have migrated to the large northern cities ., ·•

l~ke Cleveland , the f act i s that t hese men, women and ch i ldren ar e here . (In many i ns t ance~ t he mode of life t hey find i n s uch large cit ies as Cl eveland d if fers substantia lly fr om that which prevailed in the places whence they came.

Freque ntly they fin~ I

themselves bewildered and unable quickly t o adjust themse lves to the demands of their ·new surroundings and thus find themselves .frequently at cross purpos~s with the authorities and the old·e r resident~ of the areas in which they find themselves cu~renfly~) I






. I-13

Impatience _among the negro people for the improvement of their citizenship is understandable but the opinion has been e~pressed they may be attempting to exact too much too fast for


.., ...,,.., .

the community to bear within an arbitrarily fixed time limit. The fact ·, nevertheless, i s that too many human beings,

) however they arrive in our midst, or whence they came, or why, are living under such completely intolerabie conditions in the --:---__,___ . Hough ·Area at ·the present time, that inevitably the consequences must be futility, frustration, bitterness, and exposure1 to the abrasive forces advocating violence. These factors make them prone to the almost immutable by-products of such prevailing conditions; crime, delinquency, looseliving, tragic deterioration of moral behavior, and the brittle; bitter, hyper-sensitiv i ty which emerges therefrom; and in the aggregate these effects represent potential danger not only to themselves but to the community as a whole . There are no longer moats complacent ly situated i n


whi~h any citizen can live under modern conditions safe l y removed .j;l

from the turmoil and anxiety and bitterness of others , 'vLr respec tive of sk in color, or r elig i ous identif i cation of pol_it ica l inc linations or econom i c and s ocia l e nvironment. Whatever ha ppens i n the large cities of Amer,ica, as ln I


the community of Greater Clevelandw eventually affects all citizens in one way . or anothe r.

Now, all these c omple x s ocial evils are used as subtle and inflamatory provocations by resident and non-resident organizers who exploit riots such as both the Superior and Hough Area rints in Cleveland.


Where possible, as earlier indicated, this Jury has diligently sought to pinpoint the causes of these riots .







At this time the return of any additional indictments based upon c~unity vengeance and not upon evidence sufficient to convict in a court of law would not do credit to our democratic society. Realistic and productive goals must now be aet by this community, and that 1 near term emphasis be directed toward: .I


Improvement in Housing Code Enforcement.


Improvement in Police Action and Court Findings against prostitutes, cheat spots, gambling, and the profusion of the numbers of liquor license outlets. Continuing 'd rive for improved garbage and rubbish

(' .

collection; stronger measures against landlords and


J l'

tenants to make this task easier for the City.


Put the Urban Renewal Program back on the track


with the full cooperation of the Federal Government AS

quickly as possible. • ..:i,


Our total reso urces must be marshalled to prevent a recurrence of t his enormous tragedy - - a potentb l'ity ,which this Jury strong l y counsels is still present. Wher e pre jud i ce and in j us tice ere cast aside , lthe wilful r / a nd mal i c i ous ag i tat or finds litt l e support f l r his pr{;ocative and destructive acts . This jury does not att empt in this r e poK while sorely tempted to do so, to fix respons ib lli~y upon e ithe r individual or individuals, or oil pressure gr ou.p s or organizations for the



comr.tunity 9 s failure to mq~e adequately to meet its responsibilities~ It does, however, wish to make unmistakabiy clear that it does not be lie ve this c onmunity has · adequately measured up to its r.e sponsibilitieso





By the same token· it does not believe that the influential


leaders in either the Hough Area or in other areas of this c ommunity have measured up to their r esponsibil i ties •. This Jury does at this tir.le urge upon the Mayor, upon the City Council, upon the business, financial and industrial leaders • upon the educat ors and the civic organizations to act now either individually or in concert to put Cleveland in the forefront in meeting the sociological and moral challenges of our times, as in the past thi s community has so conspicuously risen to meet the challenges of the past. This Jury cannot conclude its report with'o ut paying wholehearted tribute tti those wis~ and long-range leaders of this .


comr:iunity who in their great wisdon saw and recognized a situation which now . rests uneasily: on the conscience of the entire country, I '

and i t applauds t hem for their s~lf l ess work , their patienceP their substance , their c_ooperative e f f orts, and the many tangible res ults of t heir good and wise leadership. ·•


They have set for the r est of us a plateau of good


cit izenship f or Which


s hould all strive.

The time f or total commun ity action is now. W UIS B SELTZER GRANO JURY FOREMAN

Att;. 9 - 1966

Received for filing AOO 9 - 1966 E. J. 11asgay Cl erk




J I f

. I




hi-« . ~~-io..

h?~~ ~ '7" .





~ #-fr~



~ ~ ~~ a.-.~


'Mi_.,_)f ' ~:;





&Gt '













ltJ'O'~/" c-t ii, ec.-)'- /. 1~ ~ d,,, ? ~-e w ~ ~ fl-,<] w...,.,u #CA ,,,, I , , , , , ~ ~ ~-,.t 7V">--I-/ -rltf ~ ;•t ~ __., , . t-7 ~ t " ·,, 1,,,,-




n r





~ />'

~ 7;j" ,6-e~





>t.,,(_, ~



~ Mo(.



tzi"" -?--:I Jl ,,/ 4-;


16:39, 29 December 2017 (EST)








~~ r


,, ,,,, ~ - ·~

71 4

I:( C

.,s t


f' '

, ~ s/- I


�SELBY V . LOVE, M. D . J@ilL&.XiU#§tt &AV'<t)O.mlC

511 Club Lane




tfL&8 iM4-«'

September 11, 1966

The Honorable Ivd.n. Allen, Jr. Mayor of Atlanta Atlanta, Ga. Sir: This ie to congratulate you most heartily for taking a firm stand against the infamous Westtfi~ian, Stokely Carmichael. The freedom that such as/are being al.lowed to wreck our nation is beyond comprehension. However, I am shocked that you favor "even a stronger open housing bill II than it is in its present form. This is unquestionably a measure that will eliminate freedom of choice for all, even you. This also, will NOT stop riots such as have just had. Neither integration, open housing, nor any of the things this movement ostensibly pursues is the real goal behind it all. You IIIllSt know that they are asking for the IMPOSSIBLE, and they are aJ.l intelligent enough to know this. The real goal is REVOLUTION. This should be clear for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Hundreds of thousands of people, white people, live in the same squalor that thousands of Negroes live in.


it has never entered their minds that riots and destra.ction of property was the way to obtain better living conditional After all, PEOPLE MA.XE THEIR OWN ENVIRONMENT. These living conditions did NOT come already equipped with filth, vermin and squalor.


You have made a courageous stand for which people across the nation will admire and applaud you. Please do not now fall into the "liberal" cliches, that after, they really DID have an excuse for their a.narceyl There is NO excuse for this conduct. I know you are a busy mn, but I beg of you to take time to read the enclosed. It will be of help to you.


r~ .L

Mrs. Selby V. Love


September, 1966


A few years ago, when certain politicians iscovered they could attract Northern votes by promisfng to end segregation in · the South, most r)eople thought that -civil rights problems were confined to Dixie. Northern Liberals took up the banner of t1equality for allt1 in the South. It was argued that State laws requiring segregation in certain areas of life were unconstitutional laws. Much was said about the thesis that laws which are "immoral" need not-and should not-be obeyed. (In the flurry righteously to disobey immoral laws, whole mobs of people sat down and blocked rush-hour intersections. Did they decide that traffic laws were immoral?)

The Northerners pontificated about the evils of the Southern "system. ti Demonstrations in Southern cities were televised to Northern audiences, who shook their heads and wondered how the people of Dixie could be so terrible. And then it boomeranged. Today it is the North-where t1segregationt1 is not legally imposed; where the "immoraltl laws do not exist-it is the North where trouble is taking place. The action center is now in cities like Cleveland and Chicago and Los Angeles , and smaller cities as well. There are "demonstrations"-a gentle word for what has happened in some places-everywhere. The leaders of these incidents would like the public to believe that the outbursts are merely the spontaneous reaction of downtrodden people ~ Yet, reports seep through the propagandar eports of outside agitators who never set eyes on the local t1downtrodden" people before. During the Hough uprising in Cleveland, there was evidence that many of the rioters came from out of town , a nd that they came specifically to create a disturbance. The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to launch a probe into the question of whether a pro-C astr o organization had anything to do with the Cleveland incidents. The House Committee on Un-American Activities may hold hearings to discover the details of the "Revolutionary Armed Movement" (RAM) which is said to hold "Black Powert1 workshops in various cities. By merest coincidence, these workshops precede riots by a week or so. There is suspicion in some quarters that the RAM may be very much connected with Robert Williams, who broadcasts out of Havana in pr ograms designed to a gitate American Negroes into an uprising. A side effe ct of the civil rights demonstrations in Chicago has been an alarming increase in cri me . The police superintendent says this is due to the fact that the polic e force is obliged to protect the civil r i ghts marcher s during their continuous m a rches-and the rest of the city is left with insuffic i ent police protection. The facts support the super intendent's contenti on : During the recent period of daily m a r ches , serious crime increased in the city by thi r ty pe r cent . In other words , the t ime ha s come when a vocal minority can not only cause civil strife by invading private nei ghborhoods, but can deprive all citizens of police pr otection against as sault, rape, robbery , and mu rder. P e r haps it is time for the majority of citizens t o dem onst r ate for their rights .





�" . . . through some 15 FederaLageucies admi nistering E;ome 70 programs, (the Federal Governm ent) ha s invested 96 billioJLdoJlars over the past decade in city and State aid ... We have all thes e programs and yet we keep slipping further and further behind ... We are reaping a whirlwind of violence." -Senator Abraham Ribicoff (D-Conn. ) "The r iot-scarred ghetto of Watts will once again erupt in flames if the militant-and predominantly white-leaders of the Progressive Labor Party have their way . " The PLP was founded several years ago by Milt Rosen and Mort Scheer, self-proclaimed revolutionaries who left the Communist Par ty, U.S. A. , because they were convinced it was lacking in ideological zeal. Scheer, the newer group's vice president, is currently directing West Coast operations. PLP leaders are working closely with black nationalists to keep the Watts cauldron boiling. When a white policeman shot and killed a Negro motorist earlier this year , P LP agents turned out thousands of 'Wanted for Murder' posters that bore his picture. "The handbills were distributed throughout Watts by white-hating Negro m ilitants . These same black nationalists are now circulating a PLP petition entitled 'The Revolt in Watts and the Coming Battle. ' " This particular tome drives home the point that Los Angeles is 'the hub of a mammoth industrial complex ... The greatest fear of the imperialist enemy is that the black people in the s outh Los Angeles ghetto will shut down the factories ... The black people of south Los Angeles posses s a weapon more powerful than 22, 000 guns! And black people can choose their own time and places of batt le. "' - Bill Schulz, King Features Syndicate , as quoted in Human Events "The United States office of education has just r eported to Congress its two-yea r study on equality of educational opportunities in the nation , and it' s about as unsurpr ising as possible. " The study c oncluded , primarily , that predominantly Negr o schools aren't as good as pr edominantly white s chools . Although the report itself contained no r ec ommendations, the public statements of Harold Howe II, the commissioner of education , indicate wh at he wants t o do . He wants to r earrange childr en so that a s many s chools as fe asible will have s ome sort of ' racial balance. ' "That will not be easy for Mr. Howe. The fact is, a lot of Am er icans want their children to go to s chool in thei r own neighborhood-and for r eas ons that have nothing to do with prejudice .. . "But Mr. Howe has a major weapon-spell it Money. The Federal Government is more and more a direct financial supporter of education ; it is l'egally committed to encou rage desegre gation, and its l eaders seem firmly convinced that they have the right and duty to use financial leverage toward that end . .. " There may be something to l ose in breaking up one of the keystones of American education. Such a c ourse could help fracture the society. " -The National Observer "Politics is a curious trade in which at all times it is the constant aim of its practiti oner s to have their cake and eat it too. This is the reason why President Johnson has thrust hims elf into the contr adict ory position of encouraging and discouraging civil str ife at one and the s ame time. During his years in the House and Senate, Johnson voted against every single civil r i ghts message that cam e before Congress . .. When Johnson succeeded to the Pres idency upon Kennedy 's sad and untimely death, he became the str ongest suppor ter of civil r ights in the White House ... The offic ial encouragement c annot be blamed fo r inciting all the civil str ife that has followed, but it did not deter demons trations . " - Walt er Trohan, in the Chicago Tribune '




J u ly 13, 1966


L a t er I will int roduce legislation which em.I wo.s st lll wit h the R esearch Council when would increase t he u nit - cos t limitations· World War II broke out . He Immediately was for family housin g in amounts which it en.J i b ack t o the command of Can adin.n . f lt uld ·ct . d d t forces. ls e . provi e prope r a n a equ a e I By n ow n. mn.Jor general, h e took tho 1st f a c ilities. - \ Ca.nn.dlan Division to Engln.nd . by 1940 he was M r. S pea ker , t he men who wear the ' p romoted to Jieut en n.nt general and placed , u niform of America 's armed services are in comm::md of the 7th c orps of c anadln.n ,/ e xpec ted to assume wh atever risk m a y be· - and English u nits. He devised a fiexiblo ' r equired of them. T hey c a n never enj oy defense system of t an!, traps, r oad b n.rrlers a nor m a l , h appy homelife, s uch a s tha t nnd entrenchments a~ainst a possible Gerwhich is available t o most of u s . The m m, invasion after the fall of Fran ce. . · l t t d Wh en t he 1s t Canadia n Army was created, c a 1ee~ man s1mp Y. c a nno_ pu . own Gen . McNaughton was placed in comman d roots 111 t he c ommumty of his c hoic e. At a n d in constan t m n.neu vers over t h o countr.i.e v e ry lea st, we s hould attempt t o h elp t ryside, whipped it int o a finely drawn fight him to f eel t h a t h e does have a h ome Ing force. He called .his nrmy "a dagger which is p le a san t and attr active and aimed a t Berl!n." But he was not destined comfortable. At too m a n y m ilitar y b ases t o lead i t in t o b attle. this is f a r f rom true. A g o od m a n y s er v In Decem ber , 1943, h e b ecame m and t ho icemen live in W orld War II ba rracks year 1944 fou nd him back in Canada relieved which were inadequ a t e even when t hey of du t y._ T he relinq uishmen~ i': command . . . . was believed due In p art t o disagreement we1e bmlt more t h a 1: 20 ~ea r ~ a go. . with the Nation al Defense Ministr y, which Let us c orr ect this s1t u at1on. It w ill d etached a corps from his a rmy and sent it have a p r of ound effe ct u pon morale and, off t o the war in Sicily and Italy over his I believe, a s ig nificant e ffec t u p on reten- p rot est . The min istry said the m en were tion of d esirab le per s onnel in the a r med eager and impatient for bat tle. services. TERRIDLE MISTAY..E "I st111 t11.!nl, I was right, " h e said later. DEATH OF G I A . G . L . McNAUGH- "It was o. t errible mistake to b realc u p tl1e .. TON a rmy." The n.rmy was reunit ed in tim e for the (M r. R ON CALIO asked a nd was given Normandy invasion In J une, 1944, but the per mission t o a ddress the House for 1 command had passed to Gen . H.D.G. Crerar , m inut e a n d to in clud e a- n ewspaper who led It t hrough t he battles of Fra nce, Belgium, the Netherlan ds and Germany. a r ticle.) Baclc in Canada, Gen. McNaugh ton was M r . RONCALIO . 1 Mr. S peaker, this nnmed Minist er of National Defense and Inter week death c to on e of t he ou tst a n d - b ecame chairman of the Canadl:m -Arnerlin g m·en on this c ont inent and in our a g e . can Joint Defense Board. After the war h e H e was Gen . A. G . L . M cNau ghton, a re- served as Can ad ian r epresentative to t h e t ired g eneral who h a d c omma nded United Nations Atomic Energy Commission , C anadia n Armies in both W orld War I p resid ent of the Atom.le Energy Control Board of Canada an d Can adian chairmn.n of a n d II. Gener a l M cNa u ghton was a r em a r k - the internat ional joint commiss ion that h an dles U.S. and Canadian affairs. able h uman being who achieved r eknown The general, whoso full was An drew a.s an engineer, a statesman , a n inven tor, George Latta McNaughton , was born at Mosand general. He was a man with whom somin , Sask., Feb. 25, 1887. He mm;ied in I was h on or ed to serve as m y c ounter p a rt 1914 t o Mable Weir. They h ad three sons on the International Joint Commiss ion , a nd two d augh ters. One son, squadron leadUnited States a n d C a n a d a , for 2 _years, er I an McNau gh t on of the Royal Canadian Air F orce, was killed in action in June, 1942. 1961 and 1962, u ntil his retir em ent. An obituary p u blis hed in the W a shing - The widow and the other ch ild ren survive. ton Post on July _12 f ollows : GENERAL MCNAUGHTON DEAD; SHAPED CANAREVOLUT I ~ i I DIAN ARMY (M r . w GGONNER ased a nd was MONTEBELLO, QUEBEC, July 11.-Gen. A. G. L. McNau ghton, architect of t h e modern g iven permission to addr ess the H ouse Canadian a.rmy who fou gh t in two World for l m in u te a n d to r evise and extend his Wars, died today at his summer h ome h ere. r emar ks and to include a n editorial.) H e was 79. M r. WAGGONNER. Mr. S peaker, ~ye The m an who commanded the 1st Cnnn.dian Army before the invasion of France llad may well have passed the point of · n o been In apparent good h ealtl1 recent ly. The return in the r evolut10na(y v10le11ceih 'this Nation which masks itself u nder the cause of d eath was not made public. A brigadier at 31 in World War I he was n ame "civil r ights." We may be beyond credited with inventing the box barrage-an the h011r of midnight ; it m ay alr eady be artlllery firing system boJ,.ing ln t he enemy. zero-zero-zero-one. If tha t is true, and He was wounded in the battles of Ypes a n d I pray tha t it is not, every Amer ican will Soissons. A month b efore the end of the w ar he w as placed in command of all Canadian f e el the hot breath of revolution on the n ape of his neck, whether he be c onhea vy artillery. After t he armistice, he returned to Canada servative, liber a l, or radic al, or any sha de and began forming the nucleuc, of the Cana- of philosophy in between. dian army he was t o commnntl for a time in There are few who have even a assing World War II. The milita ry forces were reeorganlzed during his t enure as chief of stall'. rs wno can eny M'GILL GRADUATE a y 1s e deuterag onist An engineering graduate of McGill Univers ity, Gen. McNaughton became chairman or o f the Socialist and the Communist . the National Research Council in 1935. He This is not to say, of cou r se, t hat all came with some credentials as a research Negroes are Socialists or Communists, physicist. He invented the cathode-ray for they definitely are not. This is to compass, an aid to atrplane pilots. - The gen• say that in t oo many c a ses they are the


- - - =~- --


No. ui--·u



pawns of the left ; ~be r adical g roup which w ill d is ca rd them as u seless whe n · t h eil· p urpose has been ser ve d . The S h r eveport T imes published on J une 28 a masterful edit orial on t h is s it u ation u nder the tit le " R evolu t ion ? .___;u:_ ther e were a way I c ould r e quire every Am erica n t o r ead it, I wou ld. I m ust, a t least m~ke the effor t t ive i t nationwi de t · n it d eserves by includi n g i t her e in t h e RECORD. I urge every Member t o st u dy it line by line. @~oLUTION? ] The civil r ights movem ent in t h is coun try h as taken a dist!.nctly revolu tionary t u rn .. Dou b ters can look at the m ost recen t d em an ds of righ ts leaders : $50 billion for Negro welfa.r c over the n ext 10 years; a ll local ool!ce power in fe der al h ai s ; federal t rials for civil rig cctses; forced integration to com p el "racial balance." Th e list is longer t han ,ve h nve space.

Much of tile evidence of a n ew revolut ionary outlook In t h e r igh ts drive is visu al-all too visu al. At a crit ical Junctu re in its effort to i;naintn.ln racial accord , Mississippi fi nds itself storm ed by m ::i.rchers shout ing "black p ower" an d flaunt ing slogans that could incit e blaclts or whites---or both- t o bloodshed. What we h ave, in essence, ls a r em arkably cyn ical bid on the p art of rights lead ers for martyrs-martyrs that wlll t ransfuse their· cause wit h somebody's r eal blood. Bu t the revolution ary bell tolls not only in Dixie. F ar to t he west of Mississippi, Cnlifor n in. h as s een t he flam es, r eal flames, of open r ebellion in Watts. Across t h e continent, New Yorlt City sits on a su mmer powderkeg of mob violence nnd so-ca.lied racial "moderates" like Martin Luther King 'are llghtini, the fuse w1t.h ba.relv-concealed tbrnats of "disorder " unless d emands arn met. --in- b etween, r evolutionary sp::i.rks have fa.lien on m idland cities like Chicago n.nd Cleveland where Negroes n.nd ~ r acial minorities h ave taken t heir troubles into t he street, _firin g c:irs, smashin g glass, and shooting at pol!ce. Ot-her pbces are braced 1or t rou ble that Negr o lea ders and .advoc:ites h ave predicted- as a result of this or that "grievn.nce." Federal omc!als, now concern ed over the ,i6fent character of the r evolution, haven't h elped to curb violence with their 'viiifue rm licat1ons thn.t .he on! way for "o presse eo le to e some 1·m 1s or 1em o go out into the streets on a h o n1g t and heave a bnckba.t tlu·ough somebody"s store window. R evolutionary a t titudes, of course, have spread beyond the area of civil r ights and in to the nunds and morals of some elements of our most important commodity-youth. There ls a spirit ,of anarcl'v abroad. of "anything goes," that m asks 1:.c"l f in democrn t ic sloga ns bu_! seems to giorv in dop and dirty ~ Defiance of law, of all authority, is the hallmn.rk of revolu tion and we can see it not only in youthful ca.mpus rebels but in

the r ising tide of crime In tlus na.t!on.

This has been n. country of law and orderthe founding fathers t hought nothing more importn.nt--but the Supreme Comt of this era , u itself in the van ltard o. rnvolu tion and its r,··n~s mns o ten oniv mirror t11e demand5 , , the mii1tants. The Warren Court seems to be-at times---a revolutionary tribunal rather tho..n a constitutional arbiter. All federal office-holders take an oath to uphold the Constitution, but the "liberal" fashion of permiss ven ess and the raw, eKposed power of minority voting blocs have packed more power than Bible-sworn prom-


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ises. Congress h as often y ielded t o the r evolutionary tides ln these c ircumstances. But there are oth er r easons why rad icalism h as r epl::iced common sense and r ealism ln dealing w1th our p roblems , the most important of which ls the fact that this racial rcvolu t lon ls given-as m uch as possibl e-·_;c1011fiage trappings of · Jeg!tim ;,.cy; of cmocr::icy; of doing what i s ri ght; of going with the flow of history. T his lllus!on has b een made n.lmost perfect by three d ecades of l iberal lncl octrin;J,tion . It ls not unusual for r evolutionary ideas to swe.>p up so -called "liberals" or progressives. Short -cuts to some va,gue all-equal soc!a.J!st p n.radlse appeal to many people who hones t ly do not believe in authoritn.r!an governm ent . The shortest short-cut to this " parn.dlse" is a social revol ution in this c ountry. So Martin Luth er King s ays " we c a n 't wai t." Freedom now ! As he professes • nou-v10lence," he shou ts that " we will m ake .the whi te power stru cture s ~· i.·v hen it wants to s a y 'po.' " · Why wait, indeed . The Ru ssian revolu tionaries said · fre ed om was their oa-1, too . may e was. e oppressed worker was the Russian Revolutiona ry ca use Just as the Negro ls advanced as tod ay "s vehicle of total change. Bu t R u ssia no longer ls revolutionary ; radically r eactionary is the phrase f or the Kremlin. What happened to those dreams of freedom? ·what h appe ned to the worlter? The trouble ls that r evolu tionists a re all too human. Once in power they want to stay in power. T he way to stay in power is to es tablish a cl lctatorsh!p. Nothin g ls there to stop them beca u se the wave of revolution · h as d estroyed "the checks and balan ces, the institutions and traditions that could h ave barred the way to tota lita rian ism. T he Rus sian worker was just a p a wn of p ower. This n ation h a s avoid ed such soci al revo lutions and as a r esult fre edom has endured on these shores. Some Inequities prevail, but the b est syste m of Justice yet d evised together with freedoms no other n ation en Joys--provide eventua l out lets for most of our troubl es. Th e .Anlerlca n way of dea ling ·w:lth problems as they arise h as b een one of c alm, lawful evolu tion-not the revolution we now are see:lng. What good will it do the Negro if, In compelling a r evolution ary equ ality for h im, the wider freedoms of all .Anlerican s- or whlte--are lost? Th e Russian worker h ad a i-evolution m ade In his, too , but in the end , onlv a deeper sin.very wa s his rewa rd . It c an hn.ppen here . It is h appenin g h ere.

well as the efforts of emergency boards appointed under this act to resolve labor disp utes in the transportation field . T o repeat what I said on July 11 , the repo1ts of the emergency boards have never in my recollection been totally accepted by the parties to t he dispu te ; indeed these reports, as in the present airline-IAM dispute, h ave served only as a new basis to try t o get substantially m ore concessions from management. The President of the United S tates should promptly exercise his great powers in a n effort to persuade the IAM to settle this strike within the r easonable perimeter of the Emergency Board report which L.B.J . described as " the framework for a just and prompt settle-, ment." The President should _also ask Congress fo r immediate legislation designed to forbid any future strike in the transportation industry under similai· circumstances as exist in the present controvPrsy which cause such a gr eat inconvenience to t he public, including Vietn am veterans trying to get a few frantic minutes' leave at home. I a m today introducing a bill , H.R. 16189 , identical to S. 3587, introduced by S enator FRANK LAUSCHE, of Ohio, pro viding that whenever a labor dispute has o·c cuned in t he vital transpo1tation industry and afte r the Conciliation Service a nd Mediation Boa rd h a ve exercised unsuccessfully its power to bring about a settlement, tLe President sha ll create a Presidential Board that has the power to m ake fina l decisions. For the information of my colleagues I a m attaching copies of the editorials from the New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Evening Star, Was hington Daily News, a nd the Wall S tr eet Journal to be included as a part of my r em arks :


July 13, 1906

litical problem. The highly sk!lled me chanics, in n. strqng bargain ing pos ition be cause they are in short supply, object to being grouped in the same unit with porters , kitchen workers, a nd store personnel. They say the unskilled d epress their and worl,ing standards. .AJ; n. res u lt , I A.M leaders , faced with a revolt by militant mechn.nics and fc n.rful of losing them , app:u·cntly fe el the necessity for be in g mor e m.ilitant ·still . But s urely these politi cal and intang ib le considerat ion s are not sufficient reason fo r shutting clown 60 per cent of the domestic· t runk line industry, for d epriving 150,000 d a ily p assengers of air serv:lce at the s tart of the vacat ion season and for disregarding public opinion and the public interest. Under Presidential prompting both sides h ave agreoo to r esmne negotiations. They could do no l ess. We urge them to settle their d ifferences realistically and speedily. [From the Washington Evening S tar , July 11, 1966]

A STRIKE AGAINST THE PUBLIC The Internationn.l Association o! Machinists seems determined to press !ts strike against five of the nation's mn.jor airlines to the point where r estrictive l abor legislation will become a m a tter of urgent national policy. · The la test manifestation of the unlon 's "Public- be- damned" attitude was the a n nouncement last night that IAM personnel would be forbidden to ser vice a ny aircraft l eased by the struck airlines to those still op eratin g. The leasing plan could, under . no str etch of the imagination , b e con sidered a strike - breaking move. The legitimate eco ~ nomic pressure on the struclc lines would h r emained in full effe ct. T he only re s u lt wou ld have been to alleviate, in some sma ll degree, the crisis ln the n ation's t r n.ns portation system, wn.r effort and economic life. Now, even tha t slender re cd has been snatched away. Even b efor e this latest lll-cons idered n.c t!on, the u nion put i tself on s h aky ground by spurning every attempt by dis_lnterested par - , [From the Washington Daily News, July 9 , tics to head off the stri!ce. Every statutor y 1966 ] means of avoiding the crisis was passed up . AmJ.INE STRlliE In a ddition, t h e union brushed asid e the offer By any standard, the strike of the Interna - of the National Mediation Board for bindtion al Association of Machinisits against five ing arbitration . A presidenti a lly appointed major airllnes ls u nfortunate . As usual, it emergency board headed by Senn.tor WAYNE is the public that suffers most. On that MORSE, probed the Issues in dispute and ca me ground alone the strike ought to be ended- u p w:lth n. recorrunendation for wage Increases averaging 3.3 percent. The carriers accepted and speedily . T he uni on wants a bigger share of the in - the package; the u nion rej ected it. D espite dustry's ·r ecent s u bsta ntial prosperity. It the fact that the proposal exceeded th e adLEGISLATIVE SOLUTION TO T HE "short-sighted " m a n agement for the ministration's economic guideposts , Presi UNCONSCIONABLE" AIRLINE strilrn a n d decla;res its dissatisfied members d ent J ohnson h a iled it as the basis for "a just a ncl , --,m pt settlement. " T he airlines' STRIKE "have a rig-ht to strike." _ The employers, bargaining together for the final offer even more liberal tha n the (Mr. DEVINE asked and was given first proposals of the emer gency board. But the time, point out that th ey acceptedpermission to a ddress the House for 1 while the u nion rejected-as the bas is for union walked out. minute, to revise and extend his remarks, settlement the recent recorrunenda tion s of a The u nion's main con t ention Is that t he and to include several editorials.) Presidentia l Emergency Boa.rd . President a irlines a re prosperous and that th e workers l',fr. DEVINE. Mr. Speaker, t he words J ohnson called the recommendations "the should sh are in that prosperity. l t ls true " w1conscionable strike" are headlined in fram.ework for a j ust and proper sett lement, that the a irlines are prosperou s . It is also t he editorials of the New York Times. which is in the n ationa l interes t." Tile com- true that the union membership already p a nies sa y they h:w e sweeten ed the pot "by sllares ·in tha t prosperity In the f o,-r,1 of hi gh The Washington Da ily News, and S ena - nn n.dditional s u bs t antia l o!Icr above the wages and an ever-increasing number of Jobs tor WAYNE MORSE, of Oregon, Chairman Board's proposal s" tha t would exceed the ava ila ble. But the suggestion that wage disof t he P residential Emergency Board, estima ted $ 76 million cost of the recom- pu te settlements should be b a sed directly on express public concern in the pending mendations. profi ts could be t aken seri ously only if accontroversy bet ween the International These are the facts . Wha t complicates companied by a proposa l for a lower wage Association · of Machinists and United, th!s--a.nd very ne:::ly every Ja bor-n1a nage - p a ckage for the less prosp erous of the carriers T rans World, National, E astern, and · ment relationsll.ip--are the lntan glble, the and a decreased sca le in the event profits Northwc:li ~ Alrlines. Similar edito1ials h u man , the political consider ations . One of should sla ck off . The u nion has made no ls the u nion 's announced determinasuch suggestion. have appeal'ed in other newspapers these t ion to smash the Administration 's 3.2 perThe threat o f a st r ike and the strike Itself across the Nation including the Wash- cont wa;-;e guidelines even tho the Presi- are legitima te weapons in collectlve bargainington Evening Star, Washington Post, d ent!a rBoard's r ecommendations were in ex- ing. But the thou,,. ,10ss, capricious u se of and the Wall Street Journal. cess of that figure . They wa nt to claim that weapon to create •. voe in the nation's This crippling and unnecessary strike cre<lit for it them.selves rather than having economy can only incre ....-_ the demand for has a gain emphasized the sterility of the the boa.rd do it for them. congressional action to cu rt a buses of union Another factor is the u nion's inte1·nal po- power. provisions of_the R ailway Labor Act as







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�Mrs o John Wo Red 1117 Poplar, Apt. 5 Memphis, Tennessee


9-1 1-66

Mayor Ivan Allen, Atlanta, Geor gia o Dear Sir: This is not any condolence -- you got what you had coming to you as mayor of the city that was 11 too busy to hate", implying thereby that every city that opposed the rioting burr-tops and their counterparts among the whites the beatniks and filthy trash really lower than the nigger~ they hobnob with 9 - were spewing hate on the uncivilized black and white trash o You took a different stand when the niggers knocked you to your kneeso

you learned at first hand just how brutal and uncivilized the burr-tops are. Too bad Ralph McGill, that un-Ametican lout, was not on top of the car wit h you - he should have been because that is where he belongs, with you - that he too could have been knocked to his knees by niggers that he seems to love s o much - so much that it seems he vouJ.d welcome the complete mongrelization of this nationo Quite an American - he isl Quite an American you seemed to be until the niggers let you know what they are re~lly likep and gave you a taste ~f what they have been doing in other parts of the country.

The nigger .. no ma.t ter haw educated he clairrs to be - if he belongs to 1"lartin Luther King's gang, or any of the other communist-inspiree gangs~ would revert to savagery of the worst kind, and camabilism were he not held in tow by decent AmericansJ and be assured the bleeding hearts for the burr-tops and thmse who have claimed their cl ty is "too busy to hate• Go not belong in the category of decent Americanso Those who encourage rioting and all of the filthy immoral conduct of the nigger• riu,ing, killing, looting, burning, etco etc. - by playing up to the nigger are not good Americans = they are condoming and in fact encouraging the destruction of this country by the white and blaek trash that should be in the front lines in Vietnam, and soon in Thailand, where our decent young men are being killed, maimed and taken prisoner 9 while the trash is being protected by the bleeding hearts and hypocrites until they probably have some sense and patriotism knooked into their heads by being knocked to their knees as you wereo The MauMaus in Africa are no more savage and uncivilized than the rampaging niggers and white trash in this countryo truly,


Bo x 1470

Lovela nd , Ohio


Sept emb er 10 , 1966

Th e Honorable Tayor Al len Jr . M yor of t h e City of Atlanta Atlan t a , Georgi a My dea r Mayor Allen : Aft er reading my news paper t h e other ni gh t , about t h e trouble there i n Atlanta wi t h t h e ni gg ers , I w nt to t ell you wha t I t h ink ab out t hese demonstra tions in c i t ies a ll over t h e U.S. A. Th ey sh ould not re c eive a permit to m r ch in any city . If I we r e a M yor of any city , I would never g ive t hem a p er mit to ma r ch or ha ve any demonstra tions of a ny k ind . Th e ti me to s to p it is a t t he beginnin g . Don ' t a l lo w an y ma r ches a t al l . Also , I would like to suggest t ha t a nyone caugh t being i n , or ha vi ng a ny pa r t in a demons tration of this k ind, if su ch p erson is found to be on t he welfa re roll , a nd re c eiving a welfare ch eck , have the depart ment t o cut a ll relief to t h is p erson forever afterwa rds . \~y? Be cause it ' s just not right for a p erson to pay t ax es to supp or t any person t ha t demonstra tes aga inst a nyone , or the Sta te Government ; a nd t ha t is a ctually wha t t h ey a re doing . In t h ese ma r ch es , t h ere is one man t ha t coul d stop al l marc h es a nd d emons t r a ti ons in t he future ; if he would~ Tha t man is t h e Pre sident of the Uni ted Sta tes . If h e would g o on television one h our and sta te that t h ey have to be stopp ed , a nd now , or he will order tro ops to stop it . He could a lso g ive a ll sta tes t h e power t o put a stop to it a t any pri c e . But , h e will not do t ha t bec ause he is now so obli ga t ed to t h em a nd t h eir Civil Ri ghts Bi ll . Th e ma i n t hi ng we need in 1968 is a comp lete chang e of govern ment heads i n i°tlJ shington. But, c an we white p eop le stand a ll t h ese troub les until t h en? At least it ' s now time for t h e whit e r a ce to fi ght b a ck in every way po ss ible . Just to let you know wh o I a m, I am white, a former residen t of Fit zg era ld, Georg i a , and wa s b orn a t Birmi ngham ,

�May or Allen Pag e 2 Sep t e mber 10, 1966 Al bama . I h ve wr itt en t o Governor Ge o rg e ~ lla c e of Al ab a ma , and re c eived very nice an s rers to e v ery letter I wrote him . I am no w re t ired , a g e 67, an d I do vis it my old h ome st a te of Georg i a ever y year . My vlife is a lso f r om Georg i a . I hope to g o do wn t h ere i n Oc tob e r or November . Per haps I c an stay on t h e ma i n h i ghway s and a voi d having bri cks and bo ttl e s thown t h r ough my c r wi ndows . I h ope it nev er h 8 pp ens , be c a use I judge a bri ck t o b e a de dl y weapo n; therefore , I ' d have to pro te c t my wife an d self ag inst t h ese t a c ti c s . I k n ow t h e p olice and al l other of f icers are g oing to hav e t o l earn h ow, and h a ve t h e ri gh t to shoot , i f a tt a cked wh en mak ing an arr est . o p e rson s h ould hav e t h e ri ght t o interfere with an offi cer wh en mak ing an arr e st . Any p e r son , o r g roup of peop l e do ing so s h ould be g iven p unishm ent to t h e fullest extent of the l a w. We wh ite p eo p le know we a re superior t o t h e Nero r a ce and lets keep it t ha t way . Than k s for taking time to read my letter . Yours truly ,

Alver P . Jone s APJ : ss


tf?/ /4~ ,. -,,, -· ~ · :~ , . ._.. ~/2£-P~ r~~


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~ \ ~1 ' , ~D143.215.248.55 I


1> ~~'






( 9/I2/66 ) THE AMERICAN

MEMBER AMERICAN ACADEMY POLITICAL SOCIAL SCIENCF. aovern,ment is to rule by right of authority , but in all cases that authority~


must spring from the people . For people as a whole cannot rule themselves as a (elected) body.But from such a body springs the selected.. ,who will be vested ,with power such as may be agreed upon constitutionally . rn ancient times powerful citizens seized this power ,through which they set-up Kingdoms .The world has been retarded in civilization·, impoverished , and laid waste by wars of the personal ambitions of its kings.Through the powers of the kings privy council,with its control over its lig~slature . people,of' todays world,are being pushed around



' by its substitute (DElmocracy) a form of congressional-a-overnment,that rules ,.

peo,ple instead of serving them. Today,as each kingdoms are overthrown no new ones are instituted,hence our modern and most important governments remains: pure Republics . A true Republic is one that evolves from agreement or compact, put in vr.riting and ratified . (constitution) .The united states of America, was the most unique , and soley,only one,so situated with its present Fif'ty-states; now so badly misguided through strange : maneuvering .once a constitutionalRepublic has been established,it so becomes susceptible to jealousness,that s

in due time develops a resentful ••• and most envious desire,8.Iilong other Nation too seek destruction of,its uniqueness and prosperousness : as a Republic.such as our, beautiful united states once was ••• but now it has been given back to England and her system of parliamentary government . This now has been so acoo mplished;leaving our people to suffer as the lunatics we have been,still are, for being seduced,by foreign emissaries,to throw away our heritage . :rnto outstretched hands of foreign and domestic bankers.FOr what? security for all Republics,will only be found in the IlIDIVIDU.AL COM1!0N MAN,destroy individua-

lity of character;destruction of such REPUBLICS :follows.Rules and maxims,that

cement to make good governments ••• must follow in paths of its written compact; deviation destroys all.proverbially dovm.-drain,surely we all will converge. As a price we pay for our stupidity. gecurity,can only be retained,through our individ.ual-love;of tranquility of rndependence,and serendipity of three separate branches of government,To live under congressional.-aovernment,is to be RULEn,not governed.v,hat an individual can lawfully do,so only

�q THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE UNITED SI'ATES IS NOT AUTHORIZED?BY LAW CREATING !" .. r "'" -; .w.. r J ... ) . r, • ,. r b , eu ,.( , . ::> U t .F.: ~ Lr. ..., . .... . e 'I V /OF' ,. 0 c • lo AND DEFINING HIS OFFICE?TO GIVE LEGAL-OPINIONS AT THE CALL OF CONGRESS . HIS j· r-, ' I . _rpa e:tl 'IEi.' c + a.:!."\.• •• _./,. .:> • .1 • 2 ,..,_.,.. DUTY TO RENDER SUCH OPINIONS IS LIMIT'ED TO CALLS FROM THE PRESIDENT AND THE • ... e ; Le n_ • Ju J • o · • T •,.:, '-· < t:; .r • -. ... .L · .c:.,

> l

· t "'· HEADS OF DEPARTMENTs ••• nuty of Attorney General , I5 OP •Att o-Gen ., 475,(I878) l I.{ f..., '· l 1 - ' ... ,.. ' 'I , ..., P · .L ·~ " cases; I Kent ,306 R. S . # 58 . HE :MANAGES GOVERNMENT SUITS BEFORE THE SOPREME - ~ • ... r a!Lf " it ·.1 ·· :l 8' . .L!> ill,+.+e t _.rf • • ' -!: .t.: COURI' .. HIS OPINi nl\Ts ARE PRESERVED IN A SERIES OF REPORTS KNOWN AS THE OPINIONS tt



C •


!f 'I


_ .L













OF THE ATTORNEYff General which includes decisions rendered from I79I t o date •



.J ...

JJ •





V f.


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'I O



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(1'! OuL,







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NP ,~-p-ion. :f\m.ct:i;__oning _under a. const-d.t ut i on_a l Government< , ;can remain -certain._ that supp, a gov e~i;mient, willl.lot ·ib~ siip peel-of.t , tl;!a:qugb.: .colle·ctiv;s} s that gain political 12 wef-§.;j;n,·nW11bel'~ ·, to ;put int o off i ce• as .b.~a0::$ o

su byer · v ely 4P,..Q ,• neg.

government who are

1!J. our 9o~tny , in I9I.2...running into ~wzrany :ui ~32,rwhen the wa:y ,vvas fOJ>ened to es--tab:tish


HIT.I,ER in ]:934_. ,LThtm J).o:in-t.s are h is:t.ory, enn is avail ab.l

for researeh-.T-he

el.,e,ct,iAA in rSa1.g:pn , gi_-ves ru> that Btfddllist activ ists,willriot ·take

steps at the slightest .J)~ev ~a..~ion , t"O. tot t ar that settlement,ap.d change it

into something more acc~ptable to Asiatics ••• who has a better right • •

•• ~

. b




�. ...0








.,.. -







1 ,.


can,a group of them do . However , a pol itical association ,formalized in powerful •; . :, ~ ~ .., ~ c:. T ,· ~ ·~· ~ -'- • o r. 1 n T ,.. , numbers can , overthrow any governm.ent, where its people are asleep . rts only true •


.. "


e~ •





T)..J ..

hope , is timely opposition,to frustrate , such unconstitutional thrusts of sub-. · .... . ,, · j • o r"' ir • • • ,., a 'ff ,,.. -, t • , . ,.,, version. Ban.kers ,and loose currency,are tools serving the few that have loads ..Lr.;.;;.


- ..,


L... -





8 CJ • . oc, .

· •..,, V



T ....



of it . Resulting in they,getting cream they skim off milk of unsuspecting :Naf")





83: h:- ,

• c.






tions.unrest in any country was never actually lmown,until groups , cabals,and .. J .. -'l . 'I . ., • ·"' L o · • • [ -.r ae cliches and/or what have we,developed from foll owing unscroupulous thinkers, T




,. .




out too steal even the eye-balls , of watchful guards which no nation can pl ace

.a w





complete dependence . coNGRESSIONAL GOVERNMENT,being what it is , a collusion , between our J"Ustice Thiis.::is S

epa.:r.tment our. EXecutive B~aneh,aild J:r;.ifially~ou~ C6n.g:oo~s

trul.y -unameri. cah 1per ~e-,a:nd :p'laces OU; whol

res i tha-t shoullil be iiivest!l:gat dl can only be Imo

by fut~

As Jth~s~ conform.



c gove.rrunent

into- ·sphef...

a. case of ~es il.'.[>sacfl oqu:ktu:u .," Mind of ·~ man

outward manifestations ••• :llful.guag -s.peken,ana -conduct.

rthe"> p::ractice · of the ma j ority ol!

kind ,or man •s soundries s ti

or mind.... if\ldgment ·· · s t_o

ed: 18.S

to his sou:t__, and .his consoiOU'sness..

Anderson,p~6~p,pittsburg P~.,~ ~ ,I,I8~ . Belov1 quotin

c~eation of

t~ . ~en.








The office·of Attorney General of united states is ~ simulate to the



" 3 Bl . COM. 27, 26I : 4 id . 308;l steph . L- :Eng. 499 . :rn the COUNCIL:-


united states the head of the department or- Jt[Stiae in the government of the united stat e s . The chief 1 w-officier in the g overnment o~ each states . The •• .,

f ormer has a deputy in each judicial district known as the


states •••

district attorney "••• t-he latter has a deputy in each county, knmvn as the district or "county attorney "the attorney for the people;comm.onwealth,state, or government . The attorney representing the united states is also often referred to as the Attorney or counsel for the government .


the capacity of accusing

and trying alleged violators of the criminal law,they are severally spoken of as the



prosecution attorney -



Hallet I col.359 (I87I) .The AttorneY-

General of either government may appear by a special deputy attorney general; and t heir subordinates,in district and counties , by assistant district attornays . (OVER)






aE c;


f+u N \ VA 1-J AL LB IV jv\Pr/t>~ of ,4/LkJJ/A- .Jfe1J~,JA


/V)t?v S}DK£


is AJ;f kfJ AMs~,·c,11-N


f\\\ ft


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sfh0l11 H-E-

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fYLLow c-J)

A!\~;· Wt\/

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Lu tJ


Jtt E LA W tLLows ) THE-N j)£r% A N1 N17 ~ e'Rv '-- ~ 1-1- ~ M rz.Mv~ N Jo V'tl \) () \)


~~ y'

/VJ E.-

-0 VJ


c· ,\ ;-z-- c~5 • ~l

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A-\ N,

jt A II e-


G/J v u;/'t-\-

C 1..-


A-s tt'rfv\ o u R,,

J-h, o) l v /,tl.-J;

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L-fl W

J 5 .J. J\,1 P-IIA \) c'l?o s

C L\)_] ,, Ff6,+f,)f<_ . R1=s'pEq-j=uLl-y






,,tB 1-y/tJ')

T1t £ /60

1£ CD Gr< ~ s£c/,

��f 07 North 1a i n St . Poplarvill e , Miss . September IOth,66

Honorable Ivan All en Jr, Mayor Of Atlan t a , Ga . Dea r May or A.l len ; Cong ratula tions on you handling of that C. R. _the other ni ght.Think of the disturb ~nc e a ll this has caused a nd t he loss to the business people,the v ery back bone of of our nation . While our p oli ce cu ffed about ,not a llowed to protect themselves . ~ , probably desi gnated group lin.o-er loot and and destroy the li fe time saving s of the subs tanti a l citizens of our country . Ma rtin Luth r e manages to get thes riots started t hen steps l n as a non violent , g ets it stoped ,gtt s bi E donations and ab out t he ti me thing s cool down gets it started in sime other peaceful city. All this is a 3tate anarchy and shoul d be stopped,before this develops into a war that that might caus e the communis t to come in on the front 1;1hi le -we have the C. R ' s ~ a t our backs .Tfuis is just my opi~ion that might nt be ·worth much, but, I think\ the si t'l:ia tion is danEerous. adm irer of y our

�1604 Richmond Avenu e Portsm out h , Virginia 23 704 Sep tember 9 , 1966

To wh om it may c oncern : Dear Sir: Thi s .:.s an e~pres s ion of my fe eling o f t _e tr o· bl e you are having throughout t he nation , in v.rhich y ou are placins the blame on some l eade r of some group, maki ng yourselves innoc en t of this great t: ansgres sion . But , the way I see it , you that a re sitting on the judgemen t seats and running the states are to bl ame for these race riots and po itical disturbances o \'/hen I l ook back on the dark pa e s of history , and see how that men of your r ac e have entered jails, taking out negroes , beating them , hanging t hem , draggin e; them t hr ou gh t he stre e ts behind automobiles , and shoo tin g them dovm lil.;:e dogs , and buryin g them deep in the marsh , under dams , whil e you that are suppo sed t o administer the l aw sit idly by and doin g nothi ng about it, then, it is you who are to blame , and n o t Mr. Carmi chael. But , to cover up for yotrselves ,nd the di rt that you peopl e have s·::ept under the rug fo r years , you 1 11 always get some outstandinG negro, who v1il l stand u p for hi s ri hts and try to liberate his peopl e ; y ou v:ill take this man and try to impose punishment upon him . But, let me ~'Tarn you , yo u V!ill not get a\'lay v,i th t .is. You may b e able t o take a man , put him in prison , and keep him locked up f or ye r s, but you can not stop the storms of God. They will come and de:::; troy you by the thousands and you v1ill not be able to do anything about it. Bear in mind , it is v1ri tten: " As a man sowth , so shall he also reap . 11 So , you have so,m conru:ption and you are c;oing to reap the same . There i s no " maybe so" about it, no getting around it . You ' re c oin~ to reap what you sow. 0

I am a rJ.iniste r of Chris t, not of men ; therefore, I speak freely the thinc;s that are right and are tru e . I don't believe in violence, neither do I intend to get involved with the political affairs of Lis life, but, knov1 ye this thing, that you have imposed slavery , hardships , cuffering , nnd much afflictions upon : :1e so-called ne cro man or appro:rir.-12.. tely two hundred years. V/hen you broke jail and took h.:.m out, a nd huns t im, i'Iithou t givinG hi:'! a trial, you v1ere taking away his constitutional rights; these ;;rea t crimes have i; one unpunished for appro ximately two hundred years , and you blame ~,1r. Carmichael for

�Pac.:,c 2

Scptei: be r 9 , 19 66 rioting , fo::'.' riot i ,. Geo - ::;i a . e t :··: c s e-y unto ::,· ou l a;,: - ma.rnrs , enf orcer s of th8 law , an d ju~ceG thct ere sittinc on t~c judgo r.ien t sea t s , you have bettcY' ezc.: ·'. ..:._ne •·oursel ves and sec non , aren ' t · ou t he bl o.n1c . •.-. peopl e have served -our c hil dren, ave nursed t _en , for theD , an I' ~ sur e soae bl ack 1an _ as ccrea _or you . They ~~ve even co c: c. •ou: _oo and ~ashed y our cl o thinG , and y ou __ ave even raped m;; nomen an c aused them t o bear children fo_ ~ou . ~hen t.e c i ld i s ,orn , he cones here in ocen , but , e cau se he is born in t.e _2~~ rcc e , even t.~uGh a \7hi te man ' s his :at_1er , .1e h s to suffer sa:1e \'lay . an _ ca~e


~ru:e up an stop beinc a foo l . It - s God that made ~an , an not {a1 , hin self . ~e e~e rnade after the _irencss of Go tl ere f ore , re~·erdl ess to c compl e:~ion or e col or o f t e s dn , a man i .:; stil l a man n _ t __at 1 s a l . e i s . l, .

" n c_ ai , ccl1c . hie' r ife ' s name Eve becc:-.use s. c v.ras t c mother of c l J. ivin 6 . " Genesis 3 : 20 1

1.'/hen yo·: r .,is l etter , I ope you will un erstand r\y e.d knov,l c Ge in the __ yster 0 Chri st vr.1ich i n other o.ges \VD. S not mad e 1:nO\'Jn to t.e sons of men 2S it is IlO\'J revec. e to His holy prophets an apostles y the Spirit .

LookinG to hear fro n you soon .

I reDain. conten er for the faith \'Jhich n s once unto the ts , Bishop£ Bishop


J3_,,~-<~ • ~ro~n


- -

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