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June 17, 1969

Mr. John T. idmunda
Sesietent Regionzl Administrator

For Renews] Aesistance
Department. of Housing and Urbsn Development
645 Peachtree-Seventh Street Building, H. &.
atlanta, Georgia 30323

Ne: Project Georgis +90
West Pad Sedevelopment sres
Part 1 Amendzent to the Urbden
Heaewsl Plan and the Loan and
Grant Controet

Dear Mr. Edmunds:

In ageordanee with the HUD Hendbook and Regional Office Memorandum No. 6h,
we ere herewith tronemitting five (5) binders of a Pert I Anendatory Application
to the Urban Renews] Plan and the Losn snd Grant Contract for the Weat End


The purpose of thie samenduent is to add to acquisition certain parcels de-
ternited to be infeesible of rehabilitstion, te delete from acquisition certsin
parcels in order to sliow private enterprise maximum opportunity to redevelop
the srez in s ménner consistent with the Urben Ranewsl Plan, and to change the
reuse designetion of certain pareele from commercial to high density resideati«l
in order to provide needed housing in the «res. This amendment cleo incorporates «
a8 5 non-cash grant-in-sid certein street widening setivities being undertaken by
the City of Atlente on Gordon Street.

This Amendment inoreaees the Tote] Federnl Capital Greont by $1,070,120 from
$8,767,650 to $9,837,770 aud increases the: Project Temporary Loon by $764,768
from $11,811,152 to $12,576,220.

We are confident that this Amendetory Application will reeeive your esrliest
consideration to encble the Authority to proceed expeditiously with ite redevelop-
ment efforts in west End.

Very truly youre
oe: Kr, indney Cook = -
Mr, Cherles Devise
— Br, Den Sweet Howard Openshew

ves Coordinator Director of Redevelopment
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