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> staff BULLETIN


66-85 July 15, 1966


Staff Bulletin 66-73 advised you of impending changes in the
Department's Standards of Conduct regulations, and included a
summary of the provisions relating to outside employment and
other outside activity, as well as financial interests. The
regulations became effective June 24, and were distributed

to all employees with Staff Bulletin 66-77.

The following paragraphs provide information concerning
counseling services:

Counseling Services

Ashley Foard, Acting Director, Office of General Counsel, has
been designated Acting Counselor for the Department. In that
capacity he is responsible for coordinating the Department's
counseling services and for assuring that counseling and inter-
pretations on questions of conflict of interest are available
to Deputy Counselors. The Deputy Counselors, in turn, are
available to employees who seek pertinent advice and guidance.

The Department's Deputy Counselors listed below have been
designated so as to provide counseling services in two broad
categories: -

(1) Questions of a legal nature - particularly
those concerned with interpretations or
applicability of conflict of interest laws
and Executive Orders of the President; and

(2) Questions on other matters covered by the
Standards of Conduct regulations - particularly
those concerned with the filing of statements
of financial interests and outside activities,
and ‘prior approval' requests, in addition to
other regulatory provisions.

Employees in office of:


Under Secretary; and

Officers reporting directly to

General Counsel 5

Assistant Secretary for
Metropolitan Development;
Assistant Secretary for
Demonstrations and Intergovern-
mental Relations; and
Assistant Secretary for

Assistant Secretary for
Renewal and Housing Assistance
(Renewal Projects Administration):
(Housing Assistance Administration):

Assistant Secretary for
Mortgage Credit and
Federal Housing Commissioner
ate Housing Administration):

Federal National Mortgage

Employees ins

Regional Office:
FHA Insuring Office (and
other FHA field offices):

HAA Regional Office :

FNMA Agency Office :

* Designated personnel in each FHA field office will assist.

Deputy Counselor

(Legal) is:

Ashley Foard

Paul R. Boesch

S. Leigh Curry, Jr.
Joseph Burstein

Adolphus Prothro

Robert H. Reid

Regional Counsel

Adolphus Prothro

HAA Regional Counsel

Agency Counsel

Deputy Counselor

(Personnel) is:

Douglas E. Chaffin


Charles G. Stern

Joe B. Montgomery

Glendon D. Willey

Regional Director of

Joe B. Montgomery*

Administrative Officer
or Office Services


Assistant Agency
Manager (Administration

Instructions to employees will be issued shortly, by appropriate offices, concerning
employees in positions designated in the Appendix to the regulations, reporting
procedures for other employees, and reporting unterminated prohibited activities.

It is suggested that employees retain their copies of Staff Bulletins 66-73, 66-77,
as well as this issue, for reference purposes.

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