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City 0£ .A tl ~nt ·
Pol icy an
CO. !l)LIL'CE PROG::'-1:,.;_,1
Pr o c edure Guide

'.::.::d::,'c!::: eff orts i1mnediatel y t o sec re µubl ic unders t and i ns o.c

,d benefits of the Housing Co d e Complia nce Program throu gl

L .. ,:
us e

.-a.l s

)c rs ona l contact, pamphlets, pres s releases and other public i r:L, .:-, .. ;:. .::icn
',:;.~x i r:i_,m coo r dination i mmediately \·1 it h all other public a g enci.cs F .:o
';) 1;::
aff2 cted by , and need to assist in , the conduct and results or ::::~-
~:; r ogran1 .
Co n s ervation of those residential structures in g ood conditio n c o ? ~2v2~=
t,, e s p read of blig ht and decay through encouragen:ent of maintenance -~ i:::o:::t s
_,1d p rote ction from those conditions s uch as overcrowd ing and ur:a_, .:: ~·,,:, :,: ized
conver sion whi ch l ead to blight.
~~habilit ation of al l substandard residential structures whi c h
- ....·.

.._ y

,.:i.suit able for humgn habitation but where i mp rovements c an be ma~2
.c·..:asonable cost
o bring them up to standard gnd where such ren.a;~ :. :'.. i.: .::...o.
d es not conflict with other c omr,1unity g oals by 1971.
~ emo : ition within the C~ty limit s of At l anta o f all residenti al s =r~c - ~res
1'. ic h are unfit for human habit a tion and where rehabilitation wc _i u
j _
t1 rohi · it i vely expensive or would otherwise conflict with other c o::n::..:.,.it: y
boab by 1971.
·ievi e:,-; and re - evaluation beg innin g in ·1967 on a continuing basis of t:Dse
�rehab ilitation areas which have been treate<l in previous ye a r s t o
determine their need f or possible f uture systematic re i nitiatio n of
total rehab ilitation effort.
' -:
Ar eas and Pr iorities:
The Hous ing Conditions Map reflecting the survey made in 1963 has been
brought up - to -date.
In this revision, close coo rdination has been
developed between the Planning Department , the Ho using Code Division
and the Direct or of Government a l Liais on.
This has re s ul ted i n an
i~p roved p l an for a city-wide , systematic, comprehens i ve Hous ing Code
Compliance Prog ram.
The basic map o f the revised survey indi c a t es on
a block basis the following c ategories .
Conservat ion (Areas whi ch principally require either no i mprcv e;-;-,ents
or only mino r improveme nts with occas ional rehabilitation).
Intensive Conservatio n (tho se areas which because of certa in £a c to rs
such as age , transition i n occupancy or use, or adverse frin ge
influences, etc., require a g r eate r amount of surveill ance i n o rder
to fores tall blight and decay.
These areas wi ll normally re qu ire
only minor i mproveme nts and spot rehabil it ation).
Rehab ilitat ion (tho e areas in which the majority of struc ure '
requi re rehabilitation wh ich does not excee d 50 per c ent of t he i~
v al ue; some spot c learance is anticipated) .
Clear a nce - Code Enforcement (predominately s maller areas wh~re
t he ma jority of structures should be cleared and the area rede veloped.
It is ant icip ated that the se areas would be cleared
1- 1-67
�through code compl iance wit h emphasis . on demol i tion .
The o n i y
other co rre ctive actions to be take n are t 1ose to allevia te
ha zard s and to protect the hea lth a nd s afe ty of re s idents i ~ t h~
area ).
Clearance - Tit l e I Urban Re newa l (tho se areas in which t he r.,aj ority
of structures should be demolished, with some rehabilitation, and
whe re the size and cost of the cont emplat ed action jus t i f i es ·-he
use of Title I federal funds).
The map als o shows division of the city into halves, for supervi so r
re spo ns ibility ; each of these halves is sub-divided into five Sectors .
Each of these Se ctors is ass i gned to a Hous ing Code Inspector, as his
area of individual responsibility.
Th e map als o has on it areas of various sizes outlined showing the
ne i ghb orho od desi gnation with numbers rang ing from
65 to
69 .
a re as indic ate where and when an intensive program of systematic housing
code compl i ance is to be undertaken on a house to house basi s .
target date assigned to a particular area indicates its relative ry riority .
Those with a high priority ha ve an ear ly dat e; those with a lower p r iority,
a later date .
Pr io rit i es f or the areas have been based on:
The numbe r of compl i ance inspections which t he Housing Co de division
c a n undertake in one year, wh ile maint a ining full cit y-wide cove rage.
The relat ionship of rehabilitat i on areas to s ur rounding or i nte rnal
c ommunity a ctivities , communi ty facil i ty development or Title I
Urban Renewal Projects.
1- 1- 6 7
Gene ral conditions in the part icul ar area .
Those with t ie wos c
pre ssing rehabilitation needs will be undertaken first.
The long range goa l of complete housing code ins pection o f subst ~n<lard
dwel lings by 1970 and compliance in all designat ed rehab i litation areas
by 1971.
An add itional consideration in subsequent revisions will be the need
in the future for more treatment in areas previously covered as blight
reoccurs .
This item represents the first step in the changeover fr om
a program with a fixed completion date to one on a continuin g ba sis .
Proposed Community Facility Locations:
A map has been prepared which indicates the location of all proposed
commu nity facilities and highways (exclusive of urban renewal projects)
in the City of Atlanta .
The locations have been indexed and co l o r coded
to identify them and to indicate the agency responsible for their execution .
Or Ganizat ion and Administration
Organiz a tion and Personnel for Housing Code Comp l iance, Department of
Supervisor of Inspection Services
Pe rsonnel, Housing Code Division
Chief Inspector (1)
Field Supervisors (2)
Housing Code Sector Inspectors (10)
Housing Code Insp e ctors General (6)
Hous ing Code Inspect or II (1)
Compliance Office r )
Concentration Area Inspectors (10)
(assigned to Co des
1-1- 6 7
Clerical Personnel
( 8)
Re lQted Personnel
~ehab ilitation Spe ci a list
Codes Comp liance Officer
( 1)
Duties and Resp onsibilitie s:
l .
Supervis or of Inspection Se r vices.
Overall supervision of all
f orms of code enforcement such as plumbing and building uit h
pr i mary emphasis on Housing Code Enforcement, including
c oord ination with other Departments.
Pers o nnel , Housing Code Division:
Chief Insp e ctor
Overall supervision of i nspections,
field work and administration.
(2 )
Coordination of relocation efforts
with Atlanta Housing Authorit y .
Pursuit of resolution o f di ff icult cases.
( 4)
Direct sup e rvision of clerical p er sonnel
Coordination with Codes Comp liance Officer;
R~habi lit eian Sp ei 11st .
Training progra m for new Housing Code Inspectors .
Coordinat ion with other Divisions of Departme nt o f
Building s.
Field Supervisors
Dire c t supervis ion of five inspectors and their sectors
comprising one - half(~) o f the City .
1- 1- 6 7
�·(2 )
Supervision o f intensive program teams and Inspectors
General when operating in their on~-half (\) of t he Ci ty .
In-Service tra ining f or inspectors to include principles
of Housing Code Enforcement, selection and scheduling of
work, and standardization of requirements and acceptances.
General conduct of housing code compliance program within
their one-half(~) of the City.
Assistance in resolution of difficult cases.
Assistance in preparation of court cases when requested
by Code Compliance Officer.
Other special duties as assigned by Chief Inspector.
Housing Code Inspector II

Assigned to Codes Compliance Officer to assist in preparation

of cases for Court.
Housing Code Sector Inspectors:
Conduct of Housing Code Compliance Program in their sector .
Primary responsibility for resolution of all cases and
comp liants in their sectors.
Prepare cases f or presentation before the Better Hous ing
Commission and City Att orney.
Assist in preparing court cases.
Housing Code Inspectors General
Investig ate , document and prepare cases f or present ation
to Court and appear as witness , at time of trial (th ree
inspectors and one Housing Code Inspector II assi gned
f or this purpose)
Preparation of cases for
In Rem11 proceeding s and J,:!r~olit ion
Gra nt Program (three inspectors assigned to these .::u ac t ions .
1- 1-· 6 7
�- - - ------ ---- - - ··-
Intensive Program Housing Code Inspecto,rs
Operate as team me mbers
Conduct housing code comp liance prog ram in rehabilitation
areas according to scheduled priorities.
Clerica l Personne l
Process notices, letters, records and prepare period ic
Receive telephone calls, prepare lists for Better Housing
Commission hearings, City Attorney h earings and Court .
Record minutes of Better Housing Commission meetings.
Related Personnel
Rehabilitation Specialist
Public relations--(promoting good maintenance a nd
Housing Code Enforcement~
Inspection o f apartment developments (30 unit s and up) .
Codes Compliance Officer
Re sponsible for preparation and conduct (including
attendance in Court) o f Housing Code Court c as es with
assistance from Housing Code Ins pect ors and Suporviso~y
Pers onnel.
Advises Housing Code Division on requirements f o r
pro se cution o f cases in c ourt, appropria tene s s of
speci f ic c ase s f o r Court action a nd p r ep a r a t ion o f
charg es.
Prepares Court calendars and reports on result s of
Housing Code Court hea rings.
Not ices and Follow-up Action
Inspectors will use standard methods and prescribed time interv als as
a guide for their processing of cases.
Written procedure is on file
in the Housing Code Division.
Coordina tion
Re loc ation:
Inspectors will fill out slips (on AHA standard form) to be s i gned
and forwarded by the Chief Inspector to the Housing Authority for
relocation assistance to the families threatened with displacement
by Housing Code Enforcement, such as placarding occupied units, when
a dire ctive is issued to reduce the number of occupants and/or units,
when demo lit ion is :imminent, and for other reasons.
Community Facilities
Chief Inspector will consult map s howing location of propos ed and
s ched ule d conmrunity facilities; will determine agency responsible
for execution; and consult and coordinate with that agency to
rmi ne exact extent and st atus of project and th
app r opriate
Housing Code Comp liance Program for the areas at that time.
Publi c Hous ing
No Hous ing Code Inspections required.
(Existing units 8874 ; unde r
construction 650; planned 1140).
Municipal Servi ces
In conduct of the Ho using Code Comp li ance Program, Inspecto rs wil l
1- 1-67
�be alert for needed improvements in municipal servic es and
other such prob l ems .
Need will be re cor"d ed and referred by the
Ch ief Inspector to the appropriate governi.uental agency.
Poss i ble referral agenc i es are:
Sanit ary Department
Construc tion Department
Traffi c & Street Light s Department
Pol i ce Department
Water Department
Fire Department
Parks Department
Board of Education
County Departments of Family and Children Services
County Health Departments
Data Bank
The Housing Code Division will participate continua lly ir.. furnish ing
certain types of information, obtained in conne ction wit h its normal
a ctivities, to be place d in the data bank.
Comp la int s
Al l Housing Code complaints received will be recorded on forms provided
and investigated week and appropriate action initiated i mmediately .
Wr itten procedure i s on file in the Housing Code Divi sion .
Handling Unres olved Cases
At the end of each quarter, Sector Inspectors will thoroughl y review their
unresolved case files and de termine what positive action sho uld be taken.
�Procedu re for handling unresolved cases is on file in the Housing
Code Division.
Area Housing Code Compliance Policies
Ge neral:
Placard promptly vacant substandard units and structures
considered unfit for occupancy and cause utility services
to be discontinued.
Promptly report to the Better Housing Commission and to the
Atlanta Housing Authority Relocation Housing Office (for
relocation of families) those occupied units and structures
considered unfit for occupancy.
In order to keep abreast of changing conditions conducive to
det erioration and blight, ea ch Inspector will endeavor t o
observe his entire Sector and initiate corrective action a s
ne ede d.
I t is a nticipated that e a ch Sector Inspe ct or will pr oce s s a
minimum o f 20 new Housing Code major improvement cases per
ca l enda r month, and comply an e qual number per month out s ide
of r~ bil i t ation areas in which t
ms ar e work ing,
Eff ort
should b e made where feasible to ke ep each Sector Ins pec tor 1 s
workload of uncomp l eted act i ve notice s to approx i mat ely 200 .
All Se ct o r Ins pe ctor s combine d should comp ly at l east 3500
units per year .
Conservation Areas (See Ho us ing Map):
Inspecto r wil l encourage maintenance and conserva tio n
�verbally where early signs of blight appear but no val id
code violation exists.
Housing Code inspection to be made primarily on a compl a::_nt
Intensive Conservation Areas (See Housing Map)
Housing Code inspections to be made based on an apparent need.
Accent to be conservation rather than waiting until reh abi litation
is necessary; Inspector will give more attention to details to
discover any signi f icant changes conducive to blight in t hese
Inspector will encourage maintenance and conservation verbally
where early signs of blight appear but where no valid code
violation exists.
These areas will be closely examined fo~ consideration as possible
future federally assisted code enforcement projects under t he 1964
Housing Act.
Rehabilitation Areas (See Housing Map)
These areas have been designated according to priority of need
and pl aced on a schedule.
(See Map)
The se areas will be intensively covered house by house by
insp e ctors of an intensive program team (2 - 4 men).
Conduct of Compliance Prog ram
All Housing units in rehabilitation are a s will be i ns pe ct e d
and nece ss a ry comp lia nce notices issued or st a tement issued
t ha t p ro pe rty is i n satis f actory condition .
1-1- 67
- · -
· ·
- ·

It is anti c ipated that t hree larg e 3:reas ( appro x i ma · ely
7000 unit~
and t ree s mall areas ( approximately
1900 unit~
will be covere d this year ( approx i reate
t o tal 8900 ).
Any c ases remaining unresolved a t t h e end
o f t h is year will be assigned to Sector Inspector fo r
It is anticipated that each Team Inspector will make
approximately 7 new insp e ctions or 7 first follow-u p
inspections per day .
These areas Hill be closely e xamined for consideration as possible
future federa lly assisted code enforcement projects under t he 19 64
Hous ing Act .
Clearance - Code En f orcement Areas ( See Housing Map )
Enforce Code only to:
Placard where warranted a nd seek demolition.
Co rre ct h azards .
Reduce overcrowd ing.
Vacat e unf it unit s .
Clean up premises .
Discourage rehabi litat i on action in indust rial ly zoned areas ,
especial ly in marginal cases.
Se ek max i mum coordination with other divi s ions of Building
Department to discourag e improvements other than to co r r ec t
hazards of any housing units and structures in areas.
1- 1- 67
Clearance - Title I Urban Renewal
Prop os ed and Planning Stage Projects (See Housjng Map ):
Enforce Code only to:
Placard where warranted and seek demolition.
Correct hazards.
Redu ce overcrowding .
Vacate unf it units.
Clean up premises.
Urban Renewal Projects in Exe cution (See Housing Map):
Issue no notices unless instructed othen,ise by Chief
Ins pe ctor (usually upon request of Atlanta Housing
Authorit y ).
Community Facility Locations, including Public Housing (See
Community Facility Map ):
Scheduled for construction or property being acquired
Chief Inspe ctor will consult map showing location o f
proposed and schedu l ed community fa cilities; will
determine agency responsible for execution; and
consult and coordinate wit h that agency to det ermine
exact extent and status of proj ect and the appropriate
Housing Code Comp li ance Program for the areas at that
time .
Norma lly Inspector will issue no notices unl ess instructed
othen,ise by Chief Inspector.
1-1 - 67
�--- - - - ---· - - - ·- ·-- -··-· .
Planned - construction anti cipated but ~ot scheduled
Ch i ef Inspector will consult map showing location of
proposed and scheduled com..rnunity facilities; will
determine 2.gency responsible for execution; and
consult and coordinate with that agency to determine
exact extent and status of project and the appropria te
Housing Code Comp liance Program for the areas at that
Normal action will be to enforce Code only to :
Placard where warranted and seek demolitio n.
Correct hazards,
Redu ce overcrowd ing.
Vacate unfit units.
Clean up premises.
1- 1-67

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