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PARENT AND CHILD CENTERS (FCC) are establishe d to pro v ide services for
disadv antaged families who hav e one or mor e children under the a ge of thr~e.
Many of the families will also have seve ral older children, or will be planning or e x pecting to have a bab y .
In many cases, a FCC will be linked with a comprehensive Neighborhood
Service Center, an organization which offers the residents of a spe t i i ied
geographic area access to a wide range of services and processes de s igned
. to help them out of povert y . In others, a FCC may cooperate with a center
which may be or ganized around one certain function, s uch as a Neighborhood
Health Center. Such centers ne ed not necessaril y be f und e d by OEO . Affiliation with a Neighborhood Center facilitates one of the basic objectives of
the FCC, that of bringing the whole famil y into contact with a broad range
of services.
The PCCs are funded by the Office of Economic Opportunity in cooperation
with the Department of Health, Education and Welfare , the Department of Labor,
and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
In general, the PCCs are established to help families to function independentl y and e ffectively and f or their children to develop to their full
potential. In more specific terms, the programs developed by the plannin~
groups should have the objectives of:
Overcoming deficits in health, intellectual, social, and
emotional development and max imizing the child's inherent
talents and potentialities;
Improving the skills, confidenc e , attitudes, and motiv&tions
of the pare nts as citi ze ns, parent s , and indiv iduals;
Str e ng thenin g famil y org ani zation and functioning by involving
the youngest childre n, the pare nts, older childr e n in the
famil y, and r e lativ es ;
Encouraging a gr e ater sense of c ormnunit y and neighborliness
amon g the families s e r ve d by th e center ;
Prov iding training and e x perie nc e f o r both pro fe s s ional s and
non - profe s sional s who may the n be employ e d in wo r k with par ents
and ch ildren;
Serv ing as a lo cus f or r esear ch and eva lu at i on of pr og re s s t oward
the obj ec t ives st ated above .
The Atl ant a Parent and Ch i l d Center is bei ng p l anned in th e Edgewood
Cormnu n i ty.

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