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February 6, 1968

Dr. Tilman CC. Cothran, Director
Multi-Purpose Training Center
Atlanta University

Atlanta, Georgia 30314

Dear Tilman:

Mayor Allen has asked that I answer your letter of February 3
regarding the establishment of your planning committee to plan
for a New Careers conference in this area.

As I mentioned to you on the telephone this morning, Johnny
Robinson has been working with the CEP people at EOA ona
New Careers application for our Model Cities Program. He
is aware of the program and better informed than anyone else
in City Hall on its advantages.

He will be available to meet with your planning committee to
discuss the items outlined in your letter.

I would appreciate any specific sufgestions as to your ideas
on the involvement of the Urban Coalition in a conference and
I will be glad to pursue this with the members of the Steering
Committee of the Atlanta Urban Coalition.

Sincerely yours,

Dan Sweat


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