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Box 3, Folder 11, Document 24

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Febl"uary 6, 1968
Dr. Tilman C . Cothran, Dire ctor
M ulti-Purpose Training Center
Atlanta University
Atlanta , Georgia 30314
Dear Tilman:
Mayor A llen has asked that I answer your letter 0£ February 3
regarding the establishment of your planning committee to plan
fo'J' a New Ca:reers conference in this area .
As I mentioned to you on the telephone this morning, Johnny
Robinson has been working with the CEP people at EOA on a
New Careers application £or our Model Cities Program. He
is aware of the program and bett r informed than anyone else
in City Hall on its dvantages.
He will be av i1 ble to meet with your planning committ
discuss the items outlined in yolll' letter.
I would ppreciate any specific sujge tions s to your ide s
on th involv ment of the Urban Coalition in conferenc and
I will be gl d to pursue this with the rnemb ra of the Ste ring
of the Atlanta Urb n Co lition.
Sincer . ly your ,
Dan Sw

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