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August 1, 1968

Mr. Jim Parham


Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.
101 Marietta Street, N. W.

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Jim:

Attached is a newspaper article describing the difficulties which
have arisen between OEO and the Washington, D. C. CAP agency
over a proposed Police-Community Relations Program,

You are aware of the progress we have made in Atlanta in breaking
barriers of distrust between the Police and citizens. The Crime
Prevention program, which was made successful through the cooperative
efforts of Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc. is widely recognized for
its triumphs.

The Police Community Service Officer pilot program underway this
summer has already demonstrated its potential value.

The extension and expansion of these programs as well as the develop-
ment of other methods of police-community communication are
necessary for the future harmony of Atlanta neighborhoods,

It seems to me that if OLO money is available and Washington, D. C,
doesn't want it, we should make an effort to obtain some of it for
Atlanta, I will be glad to assist you in obtaining funds in this area,
if you desire.

Sincerely yours,

Dan Sweat

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