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Box 3, Folder 12, Document 72

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August 1, 1968
Mr. Jim Parham
Economic Oppo rtunity Atl anta, Inc .
101 Marietta Street, N. W,
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Jim:
Attached is a newspaper article describing the difficulties which
hav arisen between OEO and the Washington, D. C. CAP agency
ov r a proposed Police .. Community Rel ations Program.
You are ware of the progr ss we have made in Atlanta in breaking
barriers of distrust between the Police and citizens . The Crime
Prev ntion program, whieh was made successful through the cooper tiv
fforta of Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc . i widely recognized for
it triumphs .
Th P olk Community Servk Oflicer pilot progiam underw y this
umm J: has lre dy d mon trated its potential value .
Th ext nsion and expan ion of these programs a well s the develop ..
ment of other m thod of polic --community communic tion are
necea ry for the futur h rmony of Atl nt n igbborhood .
ms tom that if OEO money i
v il bl and Wa hington, D. C.
do n 't w nt it~ we hould mak an £fort to obt in ome of it for
Atl nt • I will be gl d to as i t you in obtaining !unda in thi ar ,
if you. desire.
S hic r ly yoUS' •·
D n Sw at

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