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Briefing and Bus Tour
Special Committee to Survey
Services to Slum Areas

Wednesday, August 10, 1966 ;
2:00 P.M.
Committee Room No. 4
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

2;00 P.M.
I Call to Order - Mayor Ivan Allen
it Explanation of Resolution - Mayor Allen
Ti introduction of Committee Members - Mayor Allen
Milton Farris, Chairman, Finance Committee
Charles Leftwich, Chairman, Parks Committee
(Aldermanic Richard Freeman, Chairman, Police Commiitee
Members) Jack Summers, Chairman, Public Works No. 1 Committee

G. Everett Millican, Chairman, Public Works No. Il Committee


Rodney Cook, Chairman, Urban Renewal Policy Committee
John Flanigen, Chairman, Zoning Committee

Mrs. Dorothy Bolder Thompson, !

Mr. L. D. Simon , a3 SE,

cbee St. N.W.
pe cas (ux -8-29a2)

(Summit Mr. Benny T. Smith,207 Quckerest Ovue, Napecn eee , Becorg
Members) Mr. Charles Hart, 707 Cam meckaie Jé, C799- L003)


Mrs. Eliza Pascall rake Qt Councie a Nana. Peladine. & Jecute St. 30303
Rev. Sam Williams, Sus dshe'y Boptist Chunchk, $37 Mitehede sh. Sw

Introduction of Earl Landers, Administrative Asst. - Mayor Allen

Department Heads or designated representatives each to give
5-minute briefing on nature and extent of services provided by
their department. Harl Landers to introduce departmental spokesmen.

(1) Jerry Coffel, Planning Department:

Mr. CGoffel will locate areas of immediate concern on map

and explain the Department's progress on preparation of surve
and planning applications, He will also explain handout

materials describing each area, along with individual maps.



Ray Nixon, Construction Department

Bill Wofford, Inspections Department

Jack Delius, Parks Department

Bob Speer, Sanitary Department

(6) 1 Bevins, Traffic Encineering Department

(7) Capt. Morris Redding, Police Department

Mr. Landers introduce Earl Metzger, who will not speak but who
will make the tour to answer questions on Urban Renewal and
Public Housing.

745 ppm. Board bus in front of City Hall.

2:45 - 4:30 p.m. Tour of following areas:

Vine City Cooper-Glenn Summerhill
Blue Heaven Cabbage Town

Mayor Allen will handle mike and answer questions or call on
appropriate department representative for answer.

Jerry Coffel will direct driver along tour route and assist Mayor
Allen by pointing out locations, city parks, playlots and other points of

‘ielen Meyers o. the Planning Department will record suggestions

and recommendations during the course of the tour.

4:30 p.m. - Tour ends at City Hall.

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