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Box 3, Folder 14, Document 89

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February 16, 1967
Mr. Irving K . Kaler
Kaler, Kare sh and Rubin
1820 Fulton National Bank Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Mr. Kaler:
Enclosed are the minutes of the Community Relations
Commission meeting of January 27, which Miss Yarbrough
has prepared.
1 am enclosing cot"respondence which this office has kept
on file until such time as the Executive Dire ctor of the
Commission was named. I feel that since you have now
appointed a Director and are in the process of establishing
an office that you would want to transfer all responsibilities
for administi-ation to this office .
Please feel fr e to call on us at any time we can be of
fqrther help to you or the Conunission.
Sincerely yours,
Dan Sweat

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